this is depressing okay

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Yeah, but the movie Pocahontas is a historically inaccurate piece of shit, so

okay Depressing McKillJoy the song colors of the wind is still beautiful so please stick a giant sock in it Thanks

“It started in my teen years. I had a hard time growing up with strict parents, and got teased at school. Now when I fall asleep, I just think about how to make my next day better than the last. When the mood hits, it’s random. I’ll be okay and then bam, I’m feeling terrible. Depression is like a very low funk. Like trying to crawl out of a very deep, never-ending hole. No matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to get out, as if a weight is attached to your waist. I try to cope by working out, watching comedy, reading, getting out of the house. I enjoy working out because it briefly allows me to forget my problems. That’s all you can do. Just try and keep your head up and keep moving forward. Tomorrow will be a better day.”

-Felicity @cneuniverse
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Sims of San Myshuno

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name: Will

ancestry: Assorted White

zodiac: Taurus

where do you live: Upstate New York

how are you feeling today? okay I guess but I also have Depression™

favourite song right now: Who the fuck knows man

play any instruments? I used to play the cello…. and the tin whistle

are you craving anything? Happiness, to have been born a cis man, and also something sweet to eat

signature drink? Root Beer Soda

what’s your signature scent? Irish Spring

favourite colour: royal blue

sound you love: My cat  

sounds you hate: Someone knocking on my door

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