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tobyharriman One of my favorites drives up here in Alaska is the trip from Anchorage to Valdez. It’s a beautiful six-hour drive that you can turn into a full day trip thanks to numerous stops along the way featuring mountains, wildlife and glaciers in just about every direction you look. One notable spot is in Thompson Pass known as the Worthington Glacier. It is a 5,774-acre valley glacier and is definitely worth a stop.
Thanks @avisalaska for helping make this road trip possible! 

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Hello!! I'm officially done with Prime Earth after this week. Which title would you recommend for someone who's only focused on books with Dick as a main character before? Preferably New Earth & Batfam related :)

Yeahhh, it looks like the general consensus is that this week sucked for comics.

But alright. If you want something light, casual, happy, and easy to read, I’d recommend Li’l Gotham. It has a [Vol 1] and [Vol 2]. It’s affordable, very cute, and has a Batfamily focus.

Otherwise, my favorite era of comics is the Dick!Bat era. I think Dick had a solid couple years in the cowl, and his relationship with Damian is one of my favorites due to the dramatic character development Damian undergoes. I made [this trade guide], because it’s honestly pretty confusing figuring out how to collect runs. It’s definitely not intuitive to new readers, but you can purchase those trades in chronological order with some confidence. I already mentioned [The Black Mirror] in that post, but I really feel that it deserves to be mentioned again because it’s probably my favorite comic of all time. The story is so thoughtful and symbolic that I would consider it a literary masterpiece, which is not something I say about most comics.

Next, I’d recommend [The Batman Files], because I’ve actually bought it five times. It’s not a ‘comic book’ so much as it’s a personal scrapbook of Bruce Wayne’s life. I think it offers an invaluable insight into the Bat mythos, and I [ramble about it a lot here].

If you’re interested in Dick as Robin and Babs as Batgirl, we have [Robin: Year One and Batgirl: Year One]. One of my favorite comics of all time is [Teen Titans: Year One]. I’ve read it at least six times, but I definitely recommend it for its emphasis on Dick’s roots with the Titans since they’re like a family to him. We also have [Scarecrow: Year One], which features Dick as Robin. I want to be clear and say that I’m not recommending the Scarecrow story so much as I’m recommending this comic for its insight on Dick and Bruce’s relationship. Most Scarecrow fans that I know aren’t impressed with this origin story in terms of Jonathon Crane, but I feel the rest of the comic makes up for that (minus the womanizer angle) because I’m a biased Dick Grayson fan and it should be illegal for Bruce and Dick to be this cute. 

Let’s see, what can I throw at you next… The Nightwing Dixon run. Here’s [Vol 1] and here’s [Vol 2]. [Vol 3] will be out in January. [Vol 4] comes out in April. I really wish DC would release these faster, but unfortunately we’re stuck waiting. This era is where we see Dick gaining complete independence as Nightwing to protect his own city. It’s a story about his growth as a character, and it’s where you go if you want to see Dick as a police officer. (I said the Dick!Bat era was my favorite, but Officer Grayson actually holds my heart and soul.) This is where you go if you want to read about the DickBabs relationship, because Oracle features in this title frequently. What’s more, Tim Drake drops in every now and then, so you get some exposure to him and Dick being bros. Nightwing trades from the 90′s do exist, and I’d definitely recommend searching for them on Amazon or E-Bay if you’re impatient for the next volume. While you’re waiting for the other trades to get released, you can always check out [Nightwing: The Target]. Another random comic I want to recommend is [Birds of Prey #8] for Dick and Babs. That link goes to the kindle edition because the actual comic sells for over $40+ (which should give you an idea of how good it is).

The 1980′s isn’t for everyone, but I’m fond of New Teen Titans, and I think it’s a great era if you’re open to it. The Titans had a profound impact on Dick’s character growth, and Marv Wolfman is the co-creator of Nightwing. He’s one of the most influential writers of this character, hands down, and spent over a decade shaping Dick’s characterization. [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3] were recently reprinted. [Vol 4] comes out in January. This is where you go if you’re interested in the DickKory relationship. It’s also a title I’d recommend to people who were fans of the Teen Titans animated show, since that show was heavily based off of this era of comics.

I often talk about how Donna’s death had one of the greatest impacts on Dick’s life, and I do recommend this era for anyone who wants to see this play out. I think it’s nice if you read some NTT first in order to get exposure to Dick and Donna’s relationship as friends, but this isn’t required. You can start with [Graduation Day] and then move onto Outsiders [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], and [Vol 4], which are written by Judd Winick. Some highlights of this era are Dick and Roy’s relationship (definitely go here if you’re interested in that). This title is also strong in terms of LGBT and PoC representation. Anissa Pierce is a black, lesbian woman. Grace Choi is bisexual, a bad ass, and Asian-American. They end up living together, and I really think this title is underrated in terms of how progressive it is. Be aware that this title explores a lot of dark themes (tw for sex trafficking).

I’m going to move away from Dick Grayson now to highlight some other Batfamily members. [Lost Days] and [Under the Red Hood] offer a quick and easy introduction to Jason Todd, written by Judd Winick. Unfortunately, it’s harder finding the trades for Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. Cass is getting her trade reprinted in January, starting with [Vol 1], but it’s a ways away. Until then, I’d recommend No Man’s Land, which is really the way to go for Cass anyway since it covers her first appearance. You can find [Vol 1], [Vol 2], [Vol 3], [Vol 4], and [Vol 5] here along with a nice introduction to Helena Bertinelli (For more Huntress, you can try [Huntress: Cry for Blood] and [Huntress: Year One]. Cry for Blood is more highly recommended for being in character, but it’s also more expensive). Oracle is another major focus in NML, as well as Bruce. Dick and Tim both make appearances too. If you find that collecting No Man’s Land in print form is too expensive or too much to read, then I’d like to direct your attention to Graphic Audio, where you can listen to the novelization of this story with voice actors for over 11 hours. [Part 1] is here and [Part 2] is here. I honestly cannot recommend this enough, because it’s an amazing experience to listen to. The voice actors are spot on (you will melt at Dick Grayson’s voice just because), and the music and sound effects are seamlessly integrated as well. If you have to spend your money on one thing on this list, I’d say this is your best investment, particularly if you’re looking for a story that involves the entire Batfamily. Moving on, I’d love to offer some Tim Drake stuff, but DC is lagging here. [Vol 1] of his Robin solo goes into reprint this November, and [Vol 2] comes out in March. This is also where you’d go to see Steph as Spoiler. Finaaaally, to draw this to a close, I want to offer another Bruce Wayne focused story. [Bruce Wayne – Murderer?] comes first, followed by Fugitive [Vol 1], [Vol 2], and [Vol 3]. Dick, Tim, Cass, Steph, and Babs all feature here.

-deep breath- Okay. So this definitely isn’t everything New Earth has to offer, but I feel like I hit a lot of the major stuff, especially from a Dick Grayson / Batfam centric viewpoint. I did my best to focus on stories that are affordable, well-written and easy to collect. <: I hope these characters devour your soul.

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Favorite cs fanfics?

I’ve written two rec lists before: [LINK] and [LINK]. They definitely qualify as some of my favorite fics. Give those read. However, I do have a lot of favorite fics outside of those and those deserve some attention.

(Though, please note that my actual favorite fic of all time is actually not on this list, it’s not even published yet. One of the coolest people alive is my internet best friend and she’s a part of CSBB. (I’m pretty sure you can guess who) Because I begged and pleaded with her, she was kind enough to let me read it in advance. It is without a doubt the most wonderful and epic fics I have ever read in my entire life. Legit. I mean that with my whole person. I flail about it constantly and I’m gnawing at the bit while waiting for CSBB to start because I love it so much and want to share my love for it with the world. I’ve already made an absurd amount of aesthetics and graphics that are just waiting to be posted. So yeah, get fucking excited for CSBB guys.

Without further ado, favorite fics that I HAVEN’T recc’d yet:

Alternate Realities:

  • Out of the Frying Pan by @welllpthisishappening (Laura is my platonic soul mate, you all know this. She has a habit of making me care about things I don’t normally care about. I don’t care about cooking, but SHE MAKES ME THAT, BITCH. Anyway read it.)
  • The Price by @alchemistc (Words cannot describe how fascinated I am with this story. Magicial!Killian, Dark Swan and all sorts of highjinks with so much sexual tension underneath the surface.)
  • Fragile Design by @xerxesrises (The fake married fic of all fake married fics in my book. I cannot wait to read more of it especially where it ended, which has me on the edge of my seat. Wish I could tell you more, but spoilers. Go read it.)

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some words on what's happening...

no jen = no show

I can’t put it any other way. This story started with Emma Swan, it should end with Emma Swan. No use going and making a whole new plot without the main character.

That said, I’m so thankful for Jen and all the work she’s put into this show for the past six years of her life. It’s been amazing having such a brilliant, dedicated, and incredibly sweet woman playing our favorite character. I’ll definitely miss seeing her face on my screen every Sunday, but I’ll be happy knowing that this is the start of Jen’s happy beginning as well.

Universe Next Door

Summary:  A certain evil device malfunctions disastrously, forcing Megamind, Roxanne, and Metro Man to work together in a world that doesn’t feel exactly…right. (AU, adventure/romance, MegaRox) 

Rated T


You’re going to read the first chapter and think you know what’s going on… 

(  >:D~

Mwahaha! Don’t get too attached. It’s definitely not what you think!

I came to this most wonderful of fandoms back in February, just in time for Set’s hobbit-style birthday celebration week and so I’m celebrating mine the same way!

Every day I’ll be updating this story with a new chapter, to be completed on August 2nd. Chapter Six is my favorite, so I’m scheduling things this way to post that one on my birthday, July 30th! Once the final chapter goes up, I’ll add a link to the Tumblr post that gave me the idea for this.

I am much excite! I hope you all enjoy this, my friends! :D

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Hi. This may be really weird but I've just spent the past two days reading everything you've written for reylo and I wanted to tell you that you're my favorite author. Like maybe ever. Definitely of the past six months. There is just something about your writing that absolutely floors me, you're so talented, and you're telling these stories that are so genuine and emotional and brilliant that I literally can't stop reading them. So this is me saying thanks for being so amazing. - Kam

I WANT TO PRINT THIS ASK AND FRAME IT ON MY WALL SO I CAN STARE LOVINGLY AT IT ALWAYS. Thank you so much for reading my fics and for taking the time to send such kind words, @kamlo-ren!


natgeotravel Video by @tobyharriman// One of my favorites drives up here in Alaska is the trip from Anchorage to Valdez. It’s a beautiful six-hour drive that you can turn into a full day trip thanks to numerous stops along the way featuring mountains, wildlife and glaciers in just about every direction you look. One notable spot is in Thompson Pass known as the Worthington Glacier. It is a 5,774-acre valley glacier and is definitely worth a stop. 

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Hi, can you point me in the direction of some Spider-man titles are really excellent? Also ones that include lots of lovely MJ/Peter romance? I don't know a lot about Marvel, I thought you could help, thank you!

Sure thing, anon! 

Just to clarify, my Spider-man obsession is relatively contained to the 80s-00s stuff before Marvel: Civil War. If you like PeterMJ, I suggest that you don’t read anything past Civil War either, because *spoiler* their marriage gets ripped apart in one of the worst comic arcs of all time. 

Here we go! 

To start yourself off:

  • Ultimate Spider-man series: This is a long series, with about 30 or so story arcs to collect, so I’d recommend skipping around to the ones with the best reviews. But the first arc, Power and Responsibility, is considered one of the best Spider-man comics ever, so definitely pick that up. Given, this series is NOT CANON in the 616 (aka the main Marvel Universe) and centers around a teenaged Peter Parker, whose story reads more like a teen drama on the CW (with lots of angsty romance between Peter and Mary Jane). Nonetheless, it’s easy reading, and really introduces you to a lot of characters in a very palatable format. My favorite arcs are: Power and Responsibility, Legacy, Venom, Cats and Kings, Ultimate Six, Carnage, Hobgobln, Clone Saga, and Death of a Goblin.
  • I’m usually not the type of person to recommend a tv show or movie first, but check out Spider-man: The Animated Series (1990s). It makes so many villain origins very understandable. That way, when you jump into the comic series, you’re a little less lost. I watched this show as a kid all the time, and it really helped me when I was introduced to the comics.

The overarching stuff (aka the comics, which are MOSTLY MODERN, so I’ll probably skip a lot of chronology):

  • Amazing Spider-man #1: Read it just for history’s sake. 
  • Amazing Spider-Man #42: MJ is introduced. 
  • The Night Gwen Stacy Died: I’m not a big fan of vintage comics, because they tend to be a bit ridiculous, but this one is an exception. Reading it will give you footing in the rich nature of Peter and MJ’s relationship during the epilogue. Gwen is not the amazing character tasm made her out to be, so if you’re like me, you won’t be too broken up about it. 
  • Spider-man Parallel Lives: Exploring MJ and Peter’s connection. 
  • The Wedding!: When Peter and MJ finally tie the knot! 
  • Spider-man: Birth of Venom - Whether or not you read the “alien costume” arc before this to get background is up to you. Personally, I think the alien symbiote thing is pretty self-explanatory once you read the wikipedia article on it. But this one has PeterMJ in it, so I’m including it. 
  • Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt - Arguably one of the best Spidey comics (I disagree). But the strength of Peter and MJ’s relationship really shines in this story, as does Peter’s incredible will and character. 
  • Spider-man: Cosmic Adventures - How does Peter Parker deal with godlike abilities on top of his regular powers? Read this to find out! (Yes, and there’s PeterMJ inside). 
  • Spider-man: Maximum Carnage: Just a really famous and well-written storyline that involves a lot of MJ in it. I know I haven’t recommended the Carnage origin, but once again, read a wikipedia article on this villain, and you should be just fine. 
  • (I will only reluctantly say to read the Clone Saga, but it’s such a long event, over many issues, that it may be hard to buy them all, but you can always try. I’m not fitting it into my chronology here, though, if my chronology is even accurate time-wise, which it probably isn’t)

MY FAVORITES (that people probably don’t agree with):

  • SPIDER-MAN: REVENGE OF THE GREEN GOBLIN - my absolute favorite Spider-Man comic, which is a little on the obscure side. It really explores the Spider-man vs Green Goblin dynamic, and Peter’s heroic side. Unfortunately, Mary Jane is believed dead during this point in comic continuity, but by God is this comic great.
  • Spider-Man: Coming Home - I didn’t like Spider-Verse, but I did love Morlun and Ezekiel’s initial introductions in this book. Still no MJ, unfortunately! 
  • Spider-man: the Hunger - Interesting take on Venom. (No Mj)
  • Spider-Man: JMS Collection Vol 2 - Lemme just say that J. Michael Stracynski was actually a great Spider-man writer before he released the garbage that was One More Day, which I will never recommend to anyone. The stories contained in this collection, however, are absolutely fantastic, and Peter and MJ’s reunion is heartwarming. 
  • Spider-Man: Book of Ezekiel -  Continues from Coming Home and the previously mentioned comic, once again dealing with mystical spider-totem stuff, but still good. Also has a great story involving Loki. 
  • Marvel Knights: Spider-man: The art in this series is really gorgeous, and lots of PeterMJ, if that’s what you’re after! 
  • Spider-Man: the Other - This story is weird, but still oddly good. It once again involves all the mystical stuff from the other comics, so here ya go.

Other things to check out with my stamp of approval: 

  • Mary Jane, Mary Jane: Homecoming, and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: These are Manga-styled teenage-romance comics centered around, you guessed it, Mary Jane and Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I don’t think these are canon. 
  • Spider-Man: Blue: Famous for characterizing both Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy in depth. In fact, it saves Gwen’s character a bit, and makes MJ even better than she already is. I’m not sure where this fits into chronology. 
  • Spider-man: Big Time: One of the only post-One More Day stories I enjoyed. 
  • Spider-Man: Spider-Island:  The only other post-One More Day Spider-Man comic that I actually enjoyed, in all honesty. It’s got lots of PeterMJ hints. Here’s the catch though – you may have to read Spider-man: Disassembled to understand it fully, and have a wikipedia-induced background in the One More Day continuity. Disassembled is so, so weird, it’s inexplicable. Read it at your own risk. 
  • Spectacular Spider-man TV Series: It’s amazing. End of story. Josh Keaton will probably come to define Spider-man’s voice as you read. 

Phew! That was a lot! Hope I helped! Feel free to skip around this list, especially if you get enough background via online encyclopedias and such. 


here are some rough doodles focusing a bit on expressions and desaturated palettes. this was inspired by mtjester’s wonderful fic, Caffeine High! particularly chapter six, which is currently my favorite!

this fic is currently on-going, and i definitely recommend you all to give it a read! I’m a huge sucker for any strider x tavros ship and i’m so content with the chemistry and writing style of this one. 

i think this is my first ever fic  fan art? :O there are tons of fics out there that deserve art so hopefully my busy schedule will lighten up enough for me to pump out much better quality fic art. 

especially this one. gosh, so many parts of this story i want to draw! but you guys are gonna have to deal with boring doodles. sorry :(


The Tenderness of Thieves is the book you need when you want to take your beach reading to an intense, sexy, obsessively page-turning level. A psychological thriller with secrets and a steaming romance about a girl falling for the town bad boy the summer after she’s held at knifepoint, the first page tempts you and you’re instantly hooked. Today, Penguin Teen Author Spotlight invites Donna Freitas to let us get to know the writer behind this gorgeous read!  

Name: Donna Freitas 

Novel: The Tenderness of Thieves 

Available: May 26th Who’s your favorite author, living or dead? That’s such a difficult question! There are so many. One of them—still living-is Philip Pullman. His trilogy, His Dark Materials is one of the great reads of my life. I’ve probably read those books five or six times. 

What’s your favorite thing about your book? Well, I love that it’s set on the beach in Rhode Island. I grew up on the beach in Narragansett, and it’s one of my favorite places in the entire universe. The other thing I love is the romance—I love writing romance and reading it, too, and at the heart of this story is definitely star-crossed love. 

If you could spend one year on a deserted island with one character from literature, who would you choose? Ooh! What a fun question. I think it’s probably a toss-up between Eugenides from Megan Whalen Turner’s books, The Thief, The Queen of Attolia, and The King of Attolia, and Po from Graceling by Kristin Cashore. But if I had to pick between them, I think I’d probably go with Eugenides. He’s smart, funny, and very swoon-worthy.

Where do you write? I write in the mornings on a chaise lounge. I joke that it’s my office. I like having my feet up when I write and when it’s cold, a pile of blankets on my lap. 

Who is your favorite hero or heroine of history? Another difficult question… I was a philosophy major in college and then for grad school I studied philosophy of religion, so I’ve always been very partial to the great philosophers in history. One of my favorites is Kierkegaard. I love him because he is a great writer and thinker, but also because he’s one of history’s great romantics. Kierkegaard was a fool for love, and I respect him for that. 

Do you tweet? What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever tweeted? I don’t tweet.

What is your favorite season? I love summer because I love the beach. I’m never more at home than when I’m by the water. But I do love a good blizzard in winter-though only if I’m stuck inside at home.

If you could teleport anywhere in the known universe right now, where would you go? When I was a kid I was obsessed with the stars and the planets, so back then I probably would have said that I’d love to see the Big Dipper up close or Saturn’s rings. But at the moment, I’d love to teleport to Paris to go to this really amazing restaurant that my friend Marie and I love, because one of my favorite things in the world to do is eat good food! 

Do you have any writing rituals? Yes. Every single day I get up really early, make my coffee, sit down in my writing chair with the novel I’m reading, and wait for inspiration to strike and then write for as long as I possibly can. I try not to miss a day. But it’s always in the morning that I write. 

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Being with the people I love. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to? Ages ago I saw Elvis Costello, solo acoustic, in a really small venue and it was amazing. I love him. 

What are you currently working on? I just finished a novel about a former ballerina, and at the heart of it is first love. I love writing about people falling in love, so I really enjoyed writing this story.


Thank you so much for answering our questions, Donna! We can’t wait to hear more about your next book!

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Top 5 Reasons you should read Embassy

#1: The protagonist is an emotionally-broken 20-year-old male who lives 2000 years in the future.

“In a genre filled with heroines, it was refreshing to have a sci-fi novel with a young male protaganist.”

“Arman has cut himself off from almost every tie to his home planet, including relationships, experiences, and friendships.”

“[Arman] is both the Protagonist and Antagonist of his own story.”

“[Arman] was real: coping with the unexpected loss of his father, burdened to provide for his mother and sisters, driven to find the girl he loved, and anxious to get away from home. A typical young man. I haven’t read many books told from the male perspective, but I thought Arman’s character and voice were accurate to real life.”

#2: Glacia Haverns is a well-rounded, strong female character – and not a girl who only kicks ass in a gun fight.

“She’s eager, ambitious, and excited to start what she loves, but she’s also knocked down by her superiors. And Glacia cries—but it doesn’t make her weaker or girly. That would be the loudest clap within my applause for Embassy; Martin writes about Glacia’s emotional duress without undermining her character.”

“Adrenaline-fueled Glacia Haverns…seems determined to drag the unwilling Arman back into the world.”

#3: There’s no post-apocalyptic, war-torn history. It’s a fresh outlook on humanity as a space-faring civilization.

“The world that Martin builds so carefully here is drawn with beautiful, spare precision that lets you picture the desert planet’s triangular city, the uncomfortable routine of shipboard travel, the imposed beauty and rampaging assault of the terraformed Belvun.”

“The worlds of Undil and Belvun weren’t forced on you. They were simply shown instead of explained in great detail and that made me happy.”

“The story has a very strong sci-fi setting, but the introduction to this future comes at a good pace, and never leaves you overwhelmed as you learn more about it. The descriptions were very vivid and really helps to create a clear image of the worlds and the technology, and more importantly the characters.”

#4: It has the sport of the future - HOLOGIS - and you’re going to want to play it yourself.

“Hologis is a very creative game that is like a mixture of dodge ball and laser tag in a maze arena. It was really cool! I kind of wish it was a real thing.”

“I love the Hologis game Martin created for the characters to play. This was one of my favorite scenes! The scenery was written perfectly and I felt like I was actually in the audience myself anxious to see who would be the last man or woman standing!”

“I’ve seen a few sci-fi stories create new sports for their settings, but usually don’t turn out very well. Hologis was very well explained and thought out…it’s almost like a futuristic fusion of dodgeball and paintball - complete with holograms - with a very dynamic playing environment: I’d definitely like to play it!”

“I’m going to sound like a broken record here (following the path of all the other reviewers for this book), but the Hologis tournament was my favorite scene in the book. The whole thing was incredibly cool and well thought out.”

#5: The sequel - Resonance - comes out in less than six months, on January 1, 2016.

From S. Alex Martin: Resonance takes the world of Embassy and blows it up. Instead of a linear plot like Embassy had, where you saw only what Arman wanted to see, now it’s massive. There are ‘side quests’ that Arman and Co go on that let you experience a larger portion of the story’s universe, delving deeper into the history, culture, and politics, as well as more planets, sports, and unique locations readers won’t want to forget.”

Bonus Reason: The author is 22 years old.


Buy Embassy HERE.

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Add the sequel, Resonance, HERE.

After NanfuBattery compared the 1 VS 6 lawyer as their product, a 'fight' started among many enterprises on WB.

After NanfuBattery compared the 1 VS 6 lawyer as their product, a ‘fight’ started among many enterprises on Weibo.  

Official Weibo accounts of enterprises are fighting for Fanfan!

Weibo topic #Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan# started by @泸州老窖养生酒业 (official Weibo account of a famous liquor business in China) recently became a hot topic! Let’s see how this story began.

@LuZhouLaoJiao Liquor: #Fight for Wu Yifan#//@天天被吴亦凡秒杀:The blessed girl in energy sector @ Nanfu, the beloved princess in liquor business @Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Liquor, and the female boss in telecom industry @ China Telecom, which one would he pick? Please follow “Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan” Episode 3.//@Hhhx03: The daughter of a financial might @ UnionPay (the Visa Inc. in China), the daughter of a budding media business @Meipai (a popular video-shooting app), and the daughter of an intellectual family @Stories (Fanfan’s favorite magazine), which one is he heading? Welcome to “Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan”.

@ Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Liquor: #Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan# I became soooo beautiful after drinking our Rose Liquor! Tonight someone was fighting against me. [Mad] I am Fanfan’s only empress, because Fanfan made me more beautiful! [Shy] #Wu Yifan#


@ Nanfu: Wu Yifan’s lawyer fought alone in the enemy camp, and crushed six lawyers on the opposite site. This is the spirit of Nanfu, and the classic case of 1 vs. 6 will be passed along…

This lawyer is just like Nanfu battery. (Nanfu battery has an advertising slogan: one is stronger than six. Here this fan is teasing that during the mediation on July 8, Wu Yifan had only one lawyer while SM sent a group of six, but SM claimed they were flustered before.)


@ Nanfu: Nanfu is definitely Fanfan’s “empress”, because Nanfu has a ring.  (There is a ring to conserve energy in Nanfu battery.)

@Stories (Fanfan’s favorite magazine): I really want to repost this…//
@Daily Life of Me and My Husband: From anonymous: I am so mad! My wife is a K-pop fan. I don’t blame her for that and I respect her since everyone seeks for his/her own belief. However, she went way too far tonight. My wife printed her favorite star Wu Yifan’s photo, putting it right on my face, and asked me to ML with her!! I can’t bear it!! I won’t fuck her any more. Any man can bear that!!!??

@Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Liquor: #Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan# (event) Fighting to become Fanfan’s “empress”, now I am giving out a huge gift. ①Follow me @ Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Liquor ②Repost this weibo and say “Wu Yifan, I love you”. Also, @ three friends, then you will have the chance to win one bottle of “Lu Zhou Lao Jiao Rose Liquor”, which has the value of over one thousand yuan.


@ UnionPay (the bank card organization in China): Guys, you want it? [Wink]//@孟大C: #Wu Yifan# Please make me a UnionPay card high-end like this! (pic cr logo) (On the top right corner there is a UnionPay logo, which makes this picture look like a credit card with UnionPay.)


@Meitu (a popular photo edit app in China): Fanfan, ! Please take more photos Director Xu!//@ Xu Jinglei (director): #Somewhere Only We Know# One prince knows not only eating…//@ Xu Jinglei (director): The fact shows that no hard work has been wasted. During the rest, Mature Gege showed off a little bit. The trend of becoming prince of piano… (Made with #Meipai#)


@Meipai (a popular video-shooting app): Haven’t seen a moving Fanfan for so long! So touched! [cry] Come on, new movie!


@Oriental Pearl (a famous place of interest, CN tower of Shanghai, one of the tallest buildings in Shanghai): “Empresses in the Palace fighting for Fanfan” Skimming through weibo and seeing this topic, I can’t help muscling in on this fight! Fanfan, you haven’t been to Oriental Pearl right? Your future will be full of sunshine, but if you stand higher you can see farther, and you could choose a better future path. [Smile] A little bit intoxicated [shy]. [Posting photos means true love! cr: logo]//@李嘉恒阿恒: Oriental Pearl… Gege may have not been there…If he goes, will the entrance fee be waived?//@Oriental Pearl: If my company doesn’t allow, I (who is in charge of the account) will pay for it! [Cry] Gege, quickly come!