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Dead, AA just killed me. Now we need AA!Stiles with Chris or Peter or Derek (or all of the above) (not pushing you to take prompt, just putting out to the world this needs to be a thing soon) <3

It totally needs to be a thing, Nonnie!!!! AA!Stiles with all the people, lbr. Chris or Peter as the mentor type who trains him. Derek as a fellow assassin. Or canon where Stiles is at college with plans for FBI but something happens & he becomes this well-trained assassin, and he returns to Beacon Hills at some point, and shippy character of your choice is there & yeah. I could get behind all those & the ones I’m already seeing all over my dash. I am just feeling a ton of Dylan flailing right now, as well as BAMF!Stiles feels! I’m hoping these definitely inspire @exhuastedpigeon to finish her Boxer!Stiles Sterek fic cause I am so looking forward to that one! 

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My countdown continues with… Chris Pratt!!!!

YES!!!! Chris Pratt!!! Now my closest friends know how much I love men who are funny and complete goofballs (hence the reason I am with my current boyfriend - he is such a funny dork!)… Therefore I have always enjoyed this side of Chris… I remember seeing him in movies like “10 years” or “Wanted” or “What’s Your Number” and just enjoying his screen presence… And then came “Guardians of the Galaxy” and his new look and… yep! He can definitely compete with the other dashing leading men that is for sure!!! Now, I have got to see “Jurassic World” and “Zero Dark Thirty”… 

And seriously Hollywood, he has to be the next Indiana Jones!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! HE TOTALLY IS THE RIGHT PERSON FOR IT!!!! 

P.S. Who agrees with that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris is one of the hottest celebrity couples right now!! I would love to hang out with them!! I would have a blast!!! :-D

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