this is cuteeeeeee

Ft ch 528

Chapter is out, bright early morning

It was a good chapter all around. I liked seeing Wendy’s resolve and bravery despite facing Acnologia. She’s so cuteeeeeee

So bored of Jerza. Jellal is easily the only gary stu in this manga.

Dragon Acnologia was fierce, and badass, but he could’ve easily taken down Jellal in his human form tho. Whatevs, Dragon Acnologia is badass.

Blue Pegasus and Ichiya are back! Woot!
Also, I feel like that lady is Anna Heartfilia, a descendant of Lucy

but we’ll see. I guess Anna x Acnologia fanarts influenced Mashima haha

Now If there was some Gruvia, this would’ve been an excellent chapter.

For now it’s passable, mainly for Wendy, Acnologia and Ichiya.



O~M~G!!! (^O  [  ]O)^ when i saw @askyuuriandviktor ‘s comic >HERE< which had Yuri dressed in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER - i saw the version colored by @mermaidstrandedonland >HERE< and ohhhh dear oh dear oh dear it was SO CUTE!!! SO GAWD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE!!!! (> ///3///<) so… (=   w =) i had to draw it myself… cuz… oh dear… he looks way too darling in this outfit! EEP! so thank you to both of you for the inspiration and i hope you like my version <3