this is cuteeeeeee

To be honest, i don’t care what people are saying about larries.
I’m gonna be on the board of this ship until the day I HEAR Harry and Louis themselves telling us to stop shipping Larry because it is not real.
Until then consider me the strongest Larry alive ❤
P.S: Louis’ face when he learned that the girl is only 9 😝😂

P.p.s: Liam is so cuteeeeeee

eunji on scene stealer ep. 08


BANGTAN REACTION: To while they're sleeping they wake up to their girlfriend playing with their hair and kissing their head softly while singing not realizing they woke up

Rap Monster: *in a sleepy voice*“jagi you didn’t tell me you could sing like that… I want more”

Jin: Would love it and want more, more and more.

“I could hear you singing for the rest of my life”

Suga: “woah this is so good…”

He would love when you do this kind of thing, but would be shy to ask for more.



Inside “omg so cuteeeeeee”

Jimin: “waaaaa you’re so cute jagiya~~”

Couldn’t help but smile and freak out.

V: “I saw you girls…”

Jungkook: Would really freak out, but would still stopped to hear more of you.

~ADM Cherry~

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