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Fandom: One Punch Man

Pairing: Saigenos/Genosai

Summary:  It isn’t like the yukata is anything special or fancy- it’s a plain dark blue piece with a light blue belt, and it hugs the cyborg’s metal frame in all the right ways. His hair is its usual mop of messy blonde, and his earrings contrast against his pale skin beautifully. The smile on his face is practically icing on the cake, and Saitama can’t explain the pang in his chest, can’t explain why this whole situation feels so right and wonderful. He sincerely hopes that no monsters attack tonight. For once, he wants to spend an evening undisturbed with his lover.

A/N: so @sai-pop mentioned fics with them in yukatas and I just???couldnt resist??? also this ( @cinensis ) and this ( @florbe-triz ). Just… yes

EDIT: so apparently @eldinkind made a list of hc’s and her ideas are pretty similar to the ones I used in the fic (tho I actually read them after writing the fic) but I wanna mention them cause they’re hella cute :3 

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{Requested by the lovely the-life-of-bambiiii :3}

Your boyfriend Andy was attacking you non stop with kisses on your neck and cheek. You couldnt resist when his lips caressed and danced on your neck, it was the biggest turn on for you. “Andy come on thats enough!” You yelled giggling at the tingly and ticklish feeling that was going up and down your body. “I dont think so.” He said in a very seductive tone. Soon he gave you an evil grin and started tickling you all over. You started laughing even harder than before, your face turn more and more red. “Andy!!” Was all you could shout. He wasnt gonna stop until he saw how red you were becomming. “Oh shit!! Youre dying! Okay I’ll stop!” He yelled a little frightend letting you go.

You caught your breath before you spoke to him. “Dam what were you planning on doing? Tickling me until I exploded?!” You questioned. “Trust me babe I just wanted to make you laugh not kill you!” He assured you.
“Im sorry.” He added with the most adorable puppy pout ever. You couldnt resist his cuteness when he did that.
“Why must you do that to me?! Im supposed to be mad at you!” You said.
“Because you like it and because it works.” He replied in a cute tone. You giggled and lean in kissing his oh so sexy lips. The taste of his lucious lips upon yours was delicious and another great turn on to you. His lips literally got your body heated.

The two of you kept kissing and kissing, your lips connected with each other not wanting to part for even one second. You didnt even realize that you were on top of him feeling his awesome chest. You both quickly leaned away from each other when you heard the doorbell ringing. “Fuck…” Andy muttered dissapointed and annoyed. “Who could that be?” You asked getting off of him. You opened the front door became shocked when you saw who it was. “(Y/N)!!” Jason, your childhood friend exclaimed. “Oh my gosh!! No fucking way! Jason!! I cant believe it!” You happily shouted jumping into his arms. He carried you and swung you around side to side.

Andy was NOT liking what he was seeing at all. He quickly got up from the couch and goes over to you guys. “Hey!! Whats up! Who are you?” He asked with a stern expression. Jason put you down, “Oh Im sorry (Y/N) I didnt know you had company.”
“Company?…” Andy muttered a little irritated. You grabbed his arm and pecked his cheek, “Andy, this is my best friend Jason, Ive known him since I was 8, and Jason this is Andy, my boyfriend!” You happily introduced. Jason extended his hand to him, “Hey man its nice to meet you.”
Andy hesitated for a moment but shook his hand, he only did it because of you. “I still cant believe youre right in front of me, I havent seen you since high school dude!”
“Yeah, it was a shame that I had to move away huh? Well anyways now that Im here how about we go and catch up, I have so much to tell you.” Said your best friend. Jason glanced at Andy and saw that he was giving him the most deadliest stare ever.

“Well…thats if its okay with you Andy..” he muttered. You held his hand and smiled, “I promise I wont take long love.”
Andy smiled at you and kissed your lips passionately in front of Jason. Making things pretty awkward for him. “Dont come home too late.” He tells you.
“Promise, I’ll be back,come on Jason.” You said as you left out the door. Hours had passed but you didnt even feel the time pass by, you didnt even realize how much text messages and phone calls Andy was giving you. It was way passed midnight but you and your best friend were talking to each other non stop. You were sharing old memories, Jason was talking about his life back home, and you were telling him about what you were doing with your life now. Pretty much the conversation became deeper and deeper as time went by. And it didnt even stop there.

Each day your boyfriend became more and more irritated with Jason. You were spending most of your time with him, not even making any time for Andy anymore. Even if he wanted to take you out you already had made plans with Jason. It was becomming a huge disaster and you didnt even know it. As you came home from spending yet another day with Jason, Andy didnt even bother to look at you as you pecked his cheek. “Hey babe!” You greeted. He was silent though, not even a whisper came out of him. “Uh helloooo? I believe I said hi.”
“Yeah I heard you.” He replied.
You rolled your eyes and sighed, “Whats wrong?” You asked.

“You know thats the most stupidest question you could ever ask me.”
You became a little annoyed now,
“I dont care if its stupid Andy you better answer me.” You demanded.
He stood up from the couch and faced you, “You really wanna know? Okay then, I fucking hate that youre hanging out with Jason!! Youre spending all of your fucking time with him and it annoys me!! The way he looks at you! The way he hugs you! The next time I see him Im going to beat his ass and youre not gonna stop me!” He yelled. You just stood there, serious at first, but then you snorted and began to giggle. “The hell are you laughing at?!!”
“Im not laughing at anything! I just think its adorable that youre jealous.” You tell him.
“What? Je…you think Im jea..I am not fucking Jealous (Y/N)!!”
“Oh? So you DONT think that hes trying to take me away from you?”
“Hell no!!”

You shrugged, “Fine.” Was all you said as you headed out the door. “Where are you going?!” He demanded. “To see Jason, since youre not jealous or anything I figure its okay to go back and hang with him, later.” You say.
Andy immediately grabbed your hand, “(Y/N)…” he sighed. “Dont go…” he begged. You stood there and crossed your arms. “Okay…maybe I was a little jealous..”
“A little?”
“Okay! I was jealous of fuck okay?!”
You smiled and cuffed his sweet face with your gentle hands. “Andy, honey you have absolutely nothing to worry about, I would never leave you for anybody in this world, okay I love you waaay too dam much to even think about dating someone else.” You assure him. “Youre too important to me..” you added. He couldnt help but smile and have his face light up at your sweet filled words. “Really?” He asked gently caressing your hands. You nodded, “Of course, and I gave you my heart Andy, thats something that I will never ever give to anyone else…youre so cute when you get jealous you know that? I love you” You said.

“I love you too baby..” He said smiling. His lips quickly locked together with yours again like before. His arms wrapped around your waist as his kiss became deeper and deeper on you. It was more intense and heavier than before, the both of your bodies heating a little as your lips became more and more wet. The next thing you knew you were on top of him again like before. The doorbell rang again, “Aw man!” Andy groaned annoyed. You smiled, “Dont worry..nothing will stop me tonight.” You assure him kissing his wet lips again. Meanwhile outside, Jason was standing by the door knocking, “(Y/N) I know youre home missy come on open up!” He called out. Jason flinched at the rough and loud voice of Andy shouting two words…

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