this is creepily accurate

Old old old character from my old old DA account that is long since deleted.
He’s getting a rename/design for Noboru’s setting, where he was originally from.

Kenjiro is a blind man who doesn’t have very good awareness of his surroundings so to keep a cool appearance he sits around smoking all day, sometimes he’ll stretch himself and lean against a wall while smoking all day.
When he’s not doing that he’s sleeping or giving life advice to people who happen to pass by or ask him.

He lives beneath the roots of a big ass tree and his home is a series of tunnels that smaller demons dug. They share residence but he often trips over the junk they bring in from the outside.

He’s better at reading people than he is reading his surroundings. His assessments of the people he talks to are usually incredibly, almost creepily accurate, he’s been known to make people uncomfortable by somehow knowing a little too much about them.