this is crazy i

I NEED HIM. We haven’t saw him since chapter 90 that’s waaaaay too long. I need to know did he also turns in daddy levi ???? I mean he’s near 40 now ! Or does he still looks like a magnificent 20 years old ? Did he also let his hair grown ? I NEED TO KNOW

i doodled this whilst listening to ghost quartet for the first time and it doesn’t even bEgin to explain what a trip that show is

It’s not fair.

Lee moods should not have the power to possess a life like so. If it does, then it should not be able to last SO LONG without fecking ending. 

… Someone needs to just t-word all of this lee mood out of me. COMPLETELY out of me. Like don’t stop until I feel like I never wanna be t-worded again. Just make this gosh darned lee mood stoooop. 

That will be all 😅