this is crappy sorry :(


ummm?? So i was sick all last week so i havent been caught up with @miraculousfluffmonth…. So heres a sick marinette!!!

Day 23: Sick day


you know you’re too far gone when you bolt upright at 4am screaming the world needs more stupid mm comics. apparently my pen disagrees because pen pressure isnt working and im too tired to fix it. anyway, idea is based on one of zen’s spaceship thoughts

bonus zen


Hey guys! It’s my studyblr’s one year anniversary today and I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. This community has inspired me a lot and has helped me in countless ways. I have also met so many wonderful people here and reading all your sweet messages and replies on my posts always makes me so happy. So I made these studyblr icons as a little gift for you guys! Just please credit me if you use them. Thank you once again!! 💕