this is crappy but so funny im not sorry

henlo this crappy meme was made as soon as i figured how to add lens flare, it’s not even funny but i’m sending this anyways ~ @noct-your-interest this is wonderful????? a Good Quality meme right here ~mod christine✨


so jack actually got my crappy polaroid joke and read my name correctly! well done, @therealjacksepticeye
(this is a shitpost but for some reason i’m laughing at my own thing and it’s probably because it’s really late)

warriorqueenofsarcasm  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say that I adore your blog, I read it whenever I'm upset and naturally I laugh my guts out. I'm also a huge grisha fan, and I love doodling stupid grisha stuff. You're the funniest grisha blog I know of, so I wanted to know if you had any funny ideas for a grisha doodle I could do? Have a lovely evening!!!

*clutches chest and dies of heart attack* 

@warriorqueenofsarcasm noticed ME???? *dies again* 

AKJSHDKSJFKD here’s my list of crappy ideas! 

  • alina attacking and tickling darkles from behind
  • darkles buying hot pink underwear
  • nikolai opening up a tsarbucks chain (try our new nikolattes!
  • darkles writing furiously in his burn book (’VASILY MADE OUT WITH A HORSE’) 
  • baghra scolds darkles on his repeated uses of unnecessary innuendos
  • that part in s&s where alina considers shoving darkles overboard….AND ACTUALLY DOES LMAO

Chris Evans and Mjölnir on the set of Captain America: Civil War

Big Spoon Hemmings

You’re laying in the hotel waiting for Luke to get out of the bathroom. It has been a long day for the both of you, between his interviews and concerts and your errands, you were very tired. You were fading in and out of consciousness, when you heard the bathroom door open and the sound of feet pattering on the carpet. It all stopped for a split second then you felt Luke jump on the bed you grunted and Luke’s arm snaked around your waist, his head was in the crook of your neck. He is so much taller than you, so he could take in every last inch of you into his grasp. “Hi, Y/N” he cheekily said. “Hi, Luke.” You replied to him. “I like this, we should do this more often.” He said. He adjusted his tall frame to mold to your body more, it was mildly uncomfortable but you dealt with it. “You’re too tall, Luke.” You smiled, “I think i’m going to call you Big Spoon Hemmings.” He giggled at your last remark and he nuzzled his head further into your neck, his hot breath enhancing your nerves, calling them to attention.. “I like that.” You both smiled, drifting off to sleep in each others arms

I’m sorry if this is crappy! I had practically no time to write today and I thought I’d keep you all updated! 

-Bailey :)

anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you but if it's not too much to ask im having a really crappy day would you mind making a list of funny/interesting kpop related videos? ive really loved some of the other lists youve made! please and thank you

as soon as i read this ask i forgot every video i hav ever watched ever so im literally pulling these out of my ass but


Rick [Good Boy] Macy Appreciation Day [x]

Hello everyone! Welcome to my long overdue follow forever!! (This was supposed to be for hitting 1k which happened last year but I’ve been away yikes). So it’s been about 5-6 months since I became a SEVENTEEN blog and since then I’ve reached 1.2k+ followers!! Which I thought I would never reach in a million years because I’m so lazy OTL. Anyway, I’d just like to say that I’m so so grateful for all of you because you’re all so precious and ily okay ( ◜◒◝ )♡

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L-looks like I’m going to do a con report for my first big con ( ´ ▽ ` ) It’s not much though, mostly photos from the KNB meetup! If you see yourself, feel free to have me add your url under the respective pic, or to take down a pic with your face in it!

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