this is crappy but i dont care


terrible tiny man/ dinosaur. i hate this. this probably isn’t canon but it is in my heart.


Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

Some Langst for the soul

Shut up Lance.

You’re not funny.

Stop with your stupid pick-up lines. They’re annoying.

Why don’t you go kill yourself? You’re mum did really good at that.

It’s all your fault that she died.

It hurt. The words they blew at me. The scars they left, physical, emotional and mental. Some scars deeper than others, but all painful. The bruises, hand marks, scratches that left little dribbles of blood in their wake, they aching throbs my heart gave as I silently cried myself to sleep every night. The dumb hope that things would change.

It’s all your fault your mother died. You should have died instead of her.

You are nothing more than a waste of space.

I know. But I’m trying. Trying to cover the marks, my self-hatred, my depression. I try to cover it up with humour. Jokes. Cheesy pick-up lines. It makes me happy to make others happy, to make others laugh.

You’re so stupid, nobody would ever love you. Nobody even likes you. They all hate you here.

I know.

So I left. I joined the garrison. Then the whole “Paladins of Voltron” thing happened. It was a fresh start. I trained hard. They found humour in my jokes, my attempts to flirt with Allura and ever pretty girl I met, my dramatic attitude. For the first time, I felt happy, like I had a family.

Shut up already Lance!

No one cares!

Just be quiet!

Why can’t you be like Keith?

Ah yes. Keith. The Red Paladin. The perfect pilot. Always following orders, the best fighter, smart in all militaristic ways. Why can’t I be like him? I try my hardest, to train as hard as him. To act like him. I study him, trying to find what makes him so great.

You will never best him at anything. You are a useless, weak nobody.

I am not!

Yes. That’s why your team hates you.

No! My team loves me!

You know it’s true.

I… I know.

I tried harder than ever. Tried to bring smiles to the other’s faces, to ease the worries of the up-comimg war and the gulra.

Shut up Lance! We dont need your shit right now.

Just be quiet.

Can you be serious for once?

Can’t you see there is a bloody war going on?

I’m sorry. I’ll try harder. I’ll be quiet. Please don’t hate me.

Lance! To your left!

Keith! Watch out! Behind you!

Where? I can’t see them!

Behind you!

Lance! Back to your position! Your going to get us all killed!

Then at least Keith will be safe, if I take the blast for him. You dont care about me.

But that’s okay. I care about you.

I’ll die for you all.

Lance! Get back into position you idio-


Well, I saved them. I saved them all.

Keith and the gang are all important. They are going to win this war and save the universe.

I am unwanted. Replaceable.

Besides. It’s better that I die, right?

(Sorry! Its kinda bad…)

- after everything happened, El and Max started talking more (mostly bc they both hung out with the boys and sometimes they would be left alone, leading to some awkward conversations)

- El realizes Max is pretty cool and also funny, and they slowly start to drift away from the boys to hang out by themselves

- one day they decide to go to the mall right after school. They’ll eat some McDonald’s and look at the shops

- there’s a skateboard shop, and Max rushes in and starts freaking out because everything!! is!! so!! Cool!!!! but she doesn’t have enough money to buy anything, so they just admire stuff

- they see a skate that has this cute flowery pattern on the back, and El falls in love with it. The only problem is she doesn’t know how to ride it

- Max says she can teach her, that it could be fun

- so they go to a nearby park and start right away

- at first is hard, so El uses her powers a little, but Max notices and tells her that’s cheating and she will never truly learn that way

- she’s right so El stops and keeps on trying, but it’s so hard!!

- it’s almost 8pm so they decide to go back home, looking forward to do this again

- so they do it, and start meeting after school for a few weeks until it’s exams time and blablabla

- and Christmas time!!!

- now El and Max are bff and literally would die for each other

- El has learnt more and now rides sometimes, but it’s still kinda sloppy

- and of course she and Max made gifts for each other

- El got Max some cool stickers for the skate (idea of Lucas) and a bouquet of flowers

- Max said that was super cheesy (but still loved it)

- she got El that skateboard they saw months ago

- El got so excited she kissed Max

- Max was weirded out at first cause El is her best friend but at the same time it felt,, good

- awkward moments but then they just roll with it

- & now they are dating

My point is: butchy gfs riding their skates into the sunset

forbidden love chapter seven {demi lovato fanfiction}

“welcome to US history!!” the teacher shouts scratching her name on the white board. making sure to press extra hard so the marker makes that annoying squeaking sound. she passes papers down each row most likely questions to get to know us like every class will be doing today. “when your done please bring them to me!” she smiles walking towards her colorful desk. “this is going to be an interesting year.” jace comments passing papers to the girl behind him. i nod agreeing grabbing the papers from the boy in front of me. “what do you think demi is up to?” he asks beginning to write his name on the top of the page. “probably pulling her hair out.” i smile thinking about how she is right across the hall from me. “your probably right.” he laughs. 

a hour and a half passes when we fill into the halls. i rush towards the demis class but when i get there all the students including demi are already gone. its not like we planned to meet but it wouldve been nice to see her to get me though this hellish day. “do you want me to show you your next class?” jace asks standing on the opposite side of the hall. students for second period have already started piling in. i nod following him towards my physics class. 

physics passes in a blur i dont even remember what the name of the teacher was or when our first lesson in the book was due. oops. lunch is next finally. i head towards the crowd meeting in the main hall going into the cafeteria. the school in general is huge. but the cafeteria is just too big to be in a school. i skim the large room as much as i can before pulling out my phone and texting her.i wait a few minutes … no answer. is she ignoring me on purpose? is our fling just a fling for the summer? what if she…. “do you want to go outside?” jace asks from behind me shaking me from my overthinking thoughts. looking over the peoples faces and checking my phone i nod. “how do you like the school?” he asks while he holds the door for me going into the garden type lunch area. “its different from what iam used to.” i say finding a table in front of a couple rose bushes. “what are you used to?” he asks finding a place in front of me. “teachers not really giving a shit, just giving us worksheets, not bothering with homework because they know the majority of the class wont bring it back.” i say watching students gather sitting together on the grass. “physics is a pain.” i go on trying to lighten the mood from my old crappy school. “i could come over later and help if you want…” “who takes care of the flowers?” i ask before jace could say anything else. “gardening club.” he says taking a sip of his soup. “of course.” i smirk, “this school has a club for everything.” i laugh. he nods laughing. 

after lunch jace points me in the direction of my english class. hoping to have at least one class with demi iam disappointed as he calls out names from the roaster. demis names is no where to be found. the last class is gym, which is a good thing because i dont have to be sweaty all day long. for the first time all day i dont see jace so finding the gym is going to be hard. heading back inside the school i see my history teacher. “hey miss…” i begin then soon realize i forgot her name. “hey ! how are you?” she smiles looking down to my schedule in my hand. “good i just … umm iam lost.”  i reply . “ what class do you have next?” she asks smiling showing both rows of teeth. “gym.”  “oh thats an easy one!” she kind of shouts and grabs me by my wrist. after going down many halls and a large staircase we make it to the gym although iam already late. stepping in the coach pointing me to the bleachers where everyone is sitting waiting to be assigned a locker. i scan the girls hoping to see demi but again no demi. the coach hands out locker numbers along with school tees and shorts to switch into. i make it to my assigned locker first before anyone. i wait until the girls change out and leave the room before i even think about stripping. my shirt is off and jeans. i place them into my locker then go for the tee and shorts. i feel hands on my bare stomach i jump swinging around to see demi smiling at me. “you look sexy baby.” she smiles. i hug her as if i hadnt seen her in years. “miss me?” she smiles. i playfully hit her on her shoulder. “where were you!?” i say keeping my hands around her waist. “the first period was a joke, they fucked up my schedule it was a freshman class, then my actual first period the bitch took my phone for texting.” she pulls me closer. “i was trying to text you to meet me in the restrooms.” she whispers. i laugh. “then i got lost in the maze trying to look for you during lunch and yeah here we are.”  her hands slide on my ass underneath my undies. “not here.” i smile looking around. “why not?” she teases squeezes my ass. “we can take a shower.” she says pulling me towards the shower area. “what about class?” i say, not actually caring. “okay fine lets go run a mile in the heat outside.” she says pulling away from me. i let her get near the door before running after her. “fine.” i give in. “ my baby.”  she smiles. every time she is near i cant help but smile. she makes me happy. i follow her into the showers. demi is naked in a record time as usual. i unclip my bra hanging them on the hook they give us inside the shower. i begin to pull my undies off until she stops me. “let me.” she says getting on her knees she hooks her fingers on each side of my hips. she kisses down my stomach. she sucks at my skin leaving small marks down. my hand runs through her hair. pulling my undies down to my thigh she exposes my pussy. red marks stop just above my lips. her tongue dips into me playing with my clit. at this point my knees are weak i just want to be back at home so i can be as loud as i want. “fuckk.” i whimper reaching for the water knob. a colder water comes out first which neither of us seem to mind then it turns warmer. “i love this pussy y/n.” she smiles sliding two fingers into me. “i love your tongue.” i moan pushing her face back into me. she hums digging her face into my pussy. “shit!!” i moan covering my mouth. the bell ringings scares us both. girl voices come echoing in from the locker area. we reach for our clothes hurrying as much as we can. we hold both side of the curtain as the girls pass going into neighboring showers. the showers are completely private so the curtain is our main blanket to hide us. we wait 15 minutes for everyone to rush out then we make a run for my things.  

nearly a hour passes before we get home. “stupid buses dont they know i have to finish eating out my baby.” she smiles as we walk into the house. “mom!” i shout. no answer. “dad!?” demi shouts louder. no answer. “all ours.” she smiles grabbing my hand. i head towards her bed shutting the door behind us. “you know what to do with these.” she whispers tugging at my shirt. she walks towards her closet getting our favorite toy. my clothes are thrown in different spots on her floor including my bra and undies. i sit up on the bed spreading my legs wide. my fingers rub my pussy lips, dipping in only fingertips. “demiiii” i moan rocking my hips on my own hand. my juice already leaking out of me ready to be fucked. “please hurryyyy!!” i moan laying back rubbing my clit. demi pokes her head out with her wide smile. she is in the door way with the fake cock standing high from her hips. she slower makes her way towards me focusing on me only me. “rub yourself faster.” she whispers looking down at my pussy. i do as told starting to feel my build up. “harder slide your fingers inside.” she says dragging my hand down slipping three fingers inside myself. “make yourself cum baby.” she whimpers as she moves the toy that is inside her around. “fuckkkk your so hot!!!” she moans grabbing my thighs. “i f-feel it!” i nearly scream. she pulls my hand away pushing the toy inside. “baby!!” i scream wrapping myself around her. “faster!!” i moan. the bed frame knocks against the wall multiple times. she grabs my breast as they match her pounding. “you like it so fucking deep!!” she whimpers closing my legs pushing the toy deep inside me. “yesss fuckkkk!!!! please keep going baby keep fucking me demi!!!!” i moan begging for my high. demi looks towards the door for a second then focuses back on me. iam too focused on cumming to ask. her fingers play with my clit making this feeling so much more amazing. “ride me.” she whispers flipping up over i bounce off the toy nearly sliding off of it from how my juice are all over it. she pushes upward meeting me sending me over. “demii fuckkkk yesssss baby!!” i moan out sliding back and forth on the toy. demi pulls the toy off laying it beside us laying me down. “i need to clean my mess up.” she says licking around my lips then diving into me. “just like that.” i whimper grabbing her hair. “mmmmm.” she hums, while i rock onto her tongue. she looks up to me smiling. “demi you are the sexiest.” i smile letting her finish. we keep our eye contact as i watch her go to work. “you like that?” she asks making small circles inside me. i nod laying back onto the bed. “yess.” i reply looking back down to her to see jace standing in the door way in front of us. 

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HOW HAVE YALL BEEN!?!?! iam soooo sorry its been such a long time!! please forgive me!! alot as happened. iam not sure how many times a wk i will post but iam going to try at least once a wk. !! love you guys !! missed you!! let me know if you want to see a chapter 8!!!! thanks for reading!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

July Soundtrack for the Signs

Okay so I thought this would be kinda cool? Doing monthly readings for you guys but in the form of a song. 

Check you rising sign for outward influences, your sun sign for your personal energies, and your moon sign for your emotional energies. If you arent sure how to interpret all the energies together shoot me an ask and I will explain it for you.

Aries • Vance Joy - My Kind of Man

I think its important for you guys be who you wanna be. Don’t let anyone tell you how it is unless you agree with them. Go with the flow. Leave everything you know about love, happiness, and friendship at the door because some new energy is coming into your life. You wont want to embrace it at first because you know, new beginnings are scary but try and accept it and let it take you away. Do the things that you love and that you’ve always wanted to do. Just enjoy life this month and you will be rewarded with positive energy. 

Taurus • Asta - Dynamite 

You will be walking on air this month. You will be filled with confidence and just happiness. Things will be clicking together as if by magic. You’ve been stuck in some crappy situations but now its empowering you, making you look up at the stars and realise everything is for a reason. You will be shining your light in every area of your life. You will be having so much fun this month. Just be careful not to let people bring you down, don’t give them the power. If they’re trying to pull you down they’re already below you, remember that. 

Gemini • Colin and Caroline - Maps 

Its time for you guys to move on from that bad situation you’ve been stuck in. Its just bringing you down. I know you dont want to but you must because theres no point being stuck in something you dont enjoy. You need love and you just aren’t getting it at the moment. Nurture yourself and worry about everyone else later. It may hurt them but its the best thing for you. Don’t let your fears control you. If you leave that situation better energy will be coming into your life to fill that hole. Keep faith my lil Geminis.

Cancer • The Daydream Club - Saltwater

This month is going to be magical for you guys. The stuff that you’ve been dreaming of will be coming into your life. Everything will fall into place. You will be going with the flow of the ocean and you will let it take you to where you need to go. You trust that everything is how its meant to be. It just seems like you guys are in a trance of happiness. I have an image of you sitting on a donut floatie being carried away from the shore and taken to the most beautiful island. At last you’re getting what you want. If you guys are Cancer suns I hope you have/had a lovely Birthday! 

Leo • Janet Devlin - Friday Im in Love

I feel like there is some shit going on for you guys but its okay because this month you will realise that the little things outweigh the big. Even if only a moment is good for you this month it doesn’t matter because it fills you with hope. You’ll be throwing caution to the wind and will be doing things that make you happy. Also know that its okay to fall apart sometimes but don’t let it consume you.

Virgo • Dresses - Drift away

I feel like you guys are giving up this month. You just feel so alone. You’ve had enough of feeling like shit and you’re out of touch with the people that used to mean so much to you. You hate that you cant control everyone and your own emotions. I think you guys just need to let go a bit. You cant control everything so why even bother trying, ya know? Its just making you unhappy. Just tell the truth to yourself and others. If it hurts them, it hurts them. 

Libra • A New Normal - I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 

You’re going to be full of passion this month. Theres a fire behind your eyes that is pushing you towards your goal. You’re so sick of people trying to tell you who to be and how to act. You are telling them all to stick it up their asses. The clouds are clearing and the stars a showing themselves. You can feel the oneness of the world beating below the surface. You will just be very powerful this month. Just watch that your words aren’t too harsh otherwise you could have some negative consequences.

 Scorpio • Walk Off the Earth - Speeches 

I feel like you’re sick of having to hide who you really are for other people. You want to show people your fire and I would say go for it! You have been feeling bound lately and you just need to break the chains that surround your heart. Theres a light up in your future and you’re moving at high speed towards it. No one can see it expect you but you know its coming. Trust your intuition because you know better then anyone else what you want you receive. Keep faith my loves because its coming soon.

Sagittarius •  Ed Sheeran - Shape of You

You’ve been waiting so long for what you want and you’re getting sick of waiting. You need to take the reins and control it. Theres no point doting over something if you dont take action. You’ll go crazy soon enough. Sag is the sign of action so take it! Those bad guys aren’t gonna die unless you shoot your arrows. Stop letting people control you and just go for it! You’ll discover something knew about yourself if you do. 

Capricorn • Clean Bandit - Extraordinary 

You’re starting to become more aware of the gears at work in your life. You are seeing the big picture now. Everything is moving around you and you’re just enjoying the ride. You realise that there isnt any point in feeling lonely when theres so much going around you. You need to step out of your comfort zone and see what the world has to offer. Everything that is wrong will all be fine so dont go trying to avoid situations. Not everything is going to go wrong, I promise. Now step up and keep going!

Aquarius • Secret Nation - Tonight

You’re kinda scared of time right now. Everything is going so fast and everytime you try and stop it it doesn’t work. I think you just need to enjoy it instead of trying to control it. Go out and have a good time, everything will work out soon enough. You’re the one whos put your heart in bounds so if you only stop for a second you could un do it. Stop trying to blame other people for the way you’re hurting when its your own damn fault. Honestly you just needa chill this month. You guys should try meditating and watch time slow down.

Pisces • Bear’s Den - Elysium 

I feel like you’re letting go but in the good way. You’re throwing caution to the wind and stepping into the unknown hoping the world will catch you. You’re starting a new chapter. You might feel alone on this journey but trust that its the right path for you to take. Don’t listen to those voices in your head that are telling you to give up because they aren’t whats best for you. Trust in your intuition and let life embrace you. Hold on my lil fishes for the darkness will come but with it the stars will shine and the morning light will be here soon. Don’t become bitter but instead keep hope in your heart.


y’all,, i made a crappy discord server um yeah if you’d like the invite please feel free to message me, i won’t bite!!


sorry these are so badly drawn..

i’m tired, and stressed. The city that I live in is in threat of fire (i live 20 mins away from napa) so my family and i have been strssing and preparing, just in case, and it doesn’y really help that i get a panic attack evey time i hear sirens.

but dan’s new video really did help me, and i am so sorry that is art is so crappy, iknow i would be able to execute it better if i had more time.

but yeah, stay safe evrybody, and remember to take care of yourself, depression isn’t fun ^_^ 💛💙🖤

Four days away !

My friends, i am very sorry to say this but i will be gone for the next four days as you well know, i am a Larper, but i also organize and make larps for people of interest !

And this weekend i am doing a NARUTO based Larp for people here in Czech Republic. Its one of the reasons i have been so uterly busy in the last days and weeks and i wasnt ablet o post properly. 

Yeeeeah, sorry for that dudes.

Covering this, wanna share with you some of the nukenin (evil ninja) drawings for posters i did. Its pretty crappy, did it like suepr fast with a pen, but its enough to print the noodles on a paper and make it into a wanting poster.

Its horrible i know :D And cringe as hell, but meh. Never been a good guy for faces :D There wil always be some bad ones.

Anyways, i gotta finally add a bit too my break otherwise i will literally break in half…dont care about the pun.

So see you soon guys !

I am a Flame.

I’m a fire, a flame.

Don’t think you can tame

This drive I have inside.

I am more powerful than the tide,

More dangerous than your gun.

I will burn until I’m done.

Words cannot stop this motivation.

You have joined a line of frustrations

That will stay in line as told

Because you couldn’t handle how bold

My fire can become

When YOU tell ME where I am from.

I know myself and my feelings;

You are one of many dealings.

Watch me as I dance,

Watch a beautifully missed chance

To learn what keeps me going.

You weren’t one worth showing.

I refuse to take all the blame.

I am fire. I am a flame.

Damn tired of this…

So today I received an anon message that… well it made me feel sick. It was written under the guise of “concern” but it wasn’t… it was filled with assumptions, accusations and just being ugly about Charlie Heaton.

And well, I’m really fucking tired of it.

I’m sick and tired of people thinking it’s okay to call Charlie “ugly” to assume he has some sort of issues bc of the way he looks. I am sick and damn tired of people thinking their bullshit opinions are relevant or mean shit.

They don’t.

You don’t have to be a fan of Charlie’s, you don’t have to find him attractive, that’s irrelevant, I don’t care about your lack of taste. What does matter is acting like an asshole when it comes to Charlie. That does matter.

There are facts and there are opinions and I would appreciate it if people would simply shut the fuck up with their crappy opinions.

Leave Charlie alone, this goes to everyone on social media and in life. Stop being little demons.

Anyway… Charlie’s a sweetie pie….


SOME ART TIPS FOR YOU LITTLE ADVENTURERS (aka my wonderful followers and anyone else who cares to take a gander) BASICALLY THE BRUSHES I USE, SOME ADVICE/TIPS, AND A LITTLE STEP BY STEP TO SHOW HOW I PAINT THE SKIN. Also threw in some crappy lighting for faces, i think its accurate but idk IM STILL LEARNING MYSELF. Im bad at explaining so please forgive my lack of slimey text. HOPE THIS IS SOMEWHAT HELPFUL WOW YES.

A quick sketch of my OC Marie interacting with @askcupandmugsy’s cup-bro’s after they get into trouble with bullies or something. She’d definitely go into full panicking protective mother mode and would probably end up taking them up to the apartment for hot cocoa to make them feel better, before asking them for details so she could find a way to help. (And if Lucas happened to overhear the conversation, he’d probably take care of it himself)

I also wanted to play around with the designs for her and the kids a little bit since they looked kinda bland and rushed in the crappy reference sheet I sent XD so I’ll probably remake one and take more time and care with it.