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tuesday trot


the road to new york

An easy 7 miler on a cool comfortable cloudy fall-like day, would have been great for tomorrow’s 5k but it’s supposed to warm up again by race time.  Feeling more recovered than the past few days, looking forward to a restful evening and sleep before tomorrow - another road race party in the neighborhood.  

what gets me is that every time i mention i’m not a fan of country music i get bombarded with “oh but if you just have it a chance!” or “it’s more diverse than you think” or even “it’s not all about tractors it’s beautiful and meaningful” like ok sure do u think i didn’t actually try listening to it, didn’t let my friends play their picks in the car?? like no courtney i’m not a fan because it’s just not my thing go write a song with your guitar about it

yukihiyato  asked:

HEY I JUST BINGED UR BMC FICS I LOVE U AND UR WRITING! u write both comedy and emotion so well? ur phrasing is brilliant and just. really evokes stuff perfectly! all ur descriptions are so raw and in-character its just so lovely to read. also structure! is brilliant! i love the cyclical nature of ur fics like the little callbacks? its hard to explain but all ur fics end so PERFECTLY. i just get that sense of peace after finishing each one. IMRUNNINOUTOFWORDSFUCKIHADMORETOSAYBUTJUSTTYSMFORWRITING


im so so glad you liked the filipino aspect!! i didnt really put much effort into that bit because i was just kinda writing my own tiny filipino experiences into fanfic, and it kinda just boggled me that ive never done that before in a fandom space, so it’s just really fun and freeing to do that with michael. 

im always blown away when people say this piece makes them want to connect more with their own culture because it’s always one of the most moving things i get told. i never know what to say in reply, but im just happy that this fic was able to do that for you because never in my wildest fuckin dreams would i expect my silly writings to do. That.

concerning immigrant culture, ive….actually been going in blind. i live in the philippines and ive only ever been outside the country twice for a handful of days, so ive really got no idea what im doing really. im well aware that culture and the experience of it varies so so much when youre in your homeland or when youre elsewhere or if youre a kid of immigrants or a bunch more possibilities. im sure im not doing this aspect the justice it deserves, only having my own experiences to draw from, but im relieved that from your perspective, it seems be done okay omg.

anyway WEW sorry for the rambling. these messages really made my morning. thank you so so much for all your kind words (*≧▽≦)

“When it comes to OC’s, the only OC’s I’ll treat almost as real as the actual canon characters themselves are the Yugotalia OC’s created by Tix. They’re so well done, and there’s actually some pretty good fan art!“

Art: Tix91 (obtained from the wiki site)