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Hey so idk if ur still do su theories, and if not that's cool, but there's this one amythest in the zoo who has a very rose quartz esque curl in her hair, its a really specific thing to put in a character design, and to me it implies that 1) there still sympathetic sentiment on homeworld for rose quartz(es) and maybe her cause, at least among this group of quartz soldiers, and 2) this sentiment isn't being actively stamped out even by holly blue agate aka worst boss ever, idk thoughts?

So I did notice that and I do find it interesting, though my take is much less the idea it’s a deliberate style, much less a look of resistance. I think if it was, it would be much more popularized throughout the Famethyst, and honestly…

I think if there was any movement of sympathy towards the bubbled Roses, Jasper would absolutely be on it. She seems to have crowned herself the avenging champion of everything Rose ruined- Earth, the plight of Famethyst, Pink Diamond. If there was any whisper that the other Roses were blameless, Jasper would take up that banner. It fits her attitude and worldview perfectly, would drive her even further.

Rather- my take on that particular ringlet is there’s something very interesting going on, I think, with Gems and the Diamond they follow.

There seem to be hereditary, genetic similarities between Gems of a color category. I’m not… totally sure what to make of it so far yet but I feel like there’s a kind of common genetics to all the purple-pink-red-orange spectrum Gems.


Our Q&A - lyrics

so tony and dean are a year old this month….wow that went quickly!! but it also feels like ive had these fools for forever now

a year ago i hated my art and the direction it was going in and was floundering until i drew this shitty poodle and donkey and suddenly everything got so much better. for the first time in??Ever? i like where i am,,and the love everyones given me has been so impactful 

thanku for supporting me and thanku for enjoying tony&dean
sappy post over!!!!!

shit the signs prob do/say

*from my experience*

Aries: bad bad texters, make everything obvious, *randomly curses at u* (not a surprise if u find them talking to themselves), crazy drivers vroom vroom, *screams but cools down after 3 min*, laughs manically when angry, looks focused about everything,  jokes about things that’ll make you widen your eyes (rly personal shit)

Taurus: asks when and where they’ll be able to eat, make literally 0 sense sometimes, lazy bean always saying they’re tired, virgo #2, will fight u, takes their fights seriously, MI X ED SIGNALS!!?!!?!?

Gemini: “idk I like them but I don’t, you get me?”, hates it when u repeat music but they do the same shit, acts smart but can’t backup their arguments, rly loud laughers, *screenshots everything*, repeats their jokes until someone laughs at it

Cancer: adds everything w daddy, “im not emotional wtf”, likes to be derpy, either babies u or likes being babied, becomes victim if u dont return affection, has atleast accidentally called their teacher mom/dad once, “send that to me!”

Leo: actually leaves yelp reviews, s/o > frnds/u, dramatically cries when hungry, “lets take an uber”, turn to preachers at random times, #triggered, goes to places just for the pictures

Virgo: judged u atleast once, involves themselves in drama & accidentally becomes a victim, not scared of u, independent woman who dont need no man (unless u got some leo in u), my opinion > urs

Libra: literally wild af, talks really loud, says shit without even thinking twice omg??, wings everything, air head #2, s a ssy, “idc if they don’t like me……but why tho”, leo #2, have dank memes to back up their argument, most likely to send u a nude/ or have u call them daddy/mami, suggest i v e

Scorpio: text them at 4 am and they’ll reply, actually really hate spooky shit, could pull off as Geminis if they weren’t so mysterious, also looks rly hot, thinks about every bad scenario, the worriers, staring at you either means they hate u or they like u pick one

Sagittarius: *freedomly flirts*, so harsh like ouch?, the type to ask u to dinner and say they forgot their wallet, says no but does it anyways,  *shows u a song then reminds u they showed u it everytime u listen to it*, mimics everything, most likely to wear something that’ll grab someone’s attention

Capricorn: *looks rlly powerful but likes a dominant person*, lets you copy their hw #realOG, looks rly confused, depended on 167% of the time, looks rly hot, looks so serious but is really singing in their heads, ride or die

Aquarius: air head #1, say the weirdest shit sometimes omg?, leo #3, won’t apologize for none, probably already found out the secret to life, doesn’t hide anything, “im n o t we a  k”, makes a joke bout everything

Pisces: more sensitive than cancer like wyd astrology, says “what” after you just explained yourself, “dude what if like…”, oblivious , person: look at that cute person pisces: where?! *looks everywhere but the cute person*, no one knows what they’re thinking

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BTS Reaction to when you're at their concert they see you in the crowd and do aegyo or whatever and you answer them with aegyo back ?.Thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~

BTS when they see you on the crowd at a concert for the first time!


I think Jin would have two reactions when he saw you for the first time ever at a concert-

1- Silly goofy Jin who’s trying to do aegyo your way and trips because he is so shy (lol)

2- But It’s Jin  … he would fast recover in a blink and would go back to his cool stage persona in no time


He would see you on the crowd and start sending finger hearts your direction trying to be cute lil motherf.
You would answer by flipping a finger to him; provoking a cute lil smile~.

Idk, is it just me who would do this?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jhope strikes me as a pretty intense guy on stage, so when he exchanged gazes with you he’d go “oh you came to see me?, watch this…” smug kind of attitude. 
He’d give his 110% to impress you

And boi he would deliver

Rap Monster

smoothmon here to slay your life!

Rapmon would keep his cool while performing and wouldn’t get distracted, but he’d send a cheeky wink your way if he catched your eye staring at him.


He very not smooth at all would get closer to where you were on the crowd, singing directly your way.
Probably, same as Namjoon, would wink and or smile cutely depends on the intenseness of the song  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Showing you all his skills 


You and me both know this boy…knows no chill...
V would see you and he turn on the smexy on and keep it on for the rest of the evening, stealing glances your way making sure you are watching him.
bodyroll game slick


Intense dab mode: ON 

lol jk

I think Jungkook is not likely to change when he saw you in the crowd.
He would get a little closer to you to say hi, and even maybe a little shy because its the first time you came to see him perform.

A/N: Thanks for requesting Nonnie :3

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THERE IS HOPE! Okay, so this is going to be a long post, but if you read it YOU WILL LIKE WHAT YOU SEE HERE. This post is pretty much based on the headcanon that Budo’s mystery crush is Ayano, which I honestly sometimes forget isn’t canon. I really believe it is, because of the characters-who-like-each-other-have-the-same-hair-color thing (Ayano & Senpai, Riku & Kokona). The only other character who has the same hair color as Yan-Chan and Senpai is Budo… I wonder why? Also, if Budo knew how badass and strong Ayano is, why wouldn’t he like her? BUT ANYWAY, ONTO THE REAL STUFF.

Okay, so the way I see it, the ship Ayando (which I am trash for btw) can become possible in three different ways.

#1). This idea has been thrown around by a lot of people already; Budo being considered a rival that Ayano needs to eliminate to get to Senpai. I think it would be great if Ayano’s reputation got high enough, someone might have a crush on HER, and she would need to get rid of them before they threatened her relationship with Taro. Who BETTER to serve this purpose than Budo? For some reason (maybe the myth about the cherry tree prevents Ayano from saying no, because she so desperately wanted the myth to work with Senpai, or something else, idk, maybe Ayano is too awkward to say no), if Budo confessed under the cherry tree to Ayano on a Friday, it would cause a game over. The ideal of rival that likes AYANO is (in my opinion) a really cool idea.

2). Another possible canon Ayando scenario is once again something that’s been thrown around a lot; Ayano dating Budo while she eliminates rivals to get Senpai. Just think; something happens to every girl who likes this one boy, yet nothing happens to Ayano? A little suspicious, if you ask me. What if she dated Budo until the tenth week to keep the blame off of her? Megami wouldn’t assume that the Yandere girl she knows is in the school would date anyone but her Senpai, right? It’s the perfect alibi. I feel like this is less likely than the other one, because this game isn’t a dating simulator. But honestly, they could just eat lunch together or something, not go on actual dates. I can’t see Ayano wanting to do that with anyone but Senpai, anyway. Still, I think this would be a really cool way for Ayano to get rid of suspicion.

3). As far as I know, no one else has thought of this, but I COULD BE WRONG SO DO NOT HOLD ME TO IT. YanDev said a while ago that there might be DLC rivals for the game; Midori, a succubus, twins, the phantom girl, a rookie police woman, or another yandere to name a few. The one that interests me most is the other yandere. She would potentially take all Ayano’s weapons, and try to eliminate Yan-Chan the way she eliminated her own rivals. If this is true, then would the other yandere be able to eliminate Ayano via matchmaking? Do you see where I’m going with this? What if the other yandere girl could matchmake Ayano with Budo to get rid of her? That would be pretty cool.

As Ayando trash, I take it upon myself to find every piece of hope possible. If I think of more possible ways Ayando happens, I’ll post them.

Bonus). Ayano realizes that Senpai is a stereotypical little bitch, and gets over him. She then begins going out with Budo because he’s actually decent. I mean, seriously, what if all ten of these girls DIE? Senpai is perfectly happy to be drooling over some new girl in a week at the most. I don’t know if you can tell, but I REALLY hate Taro Yamada.

omg i just remembered in my first year of uni in like 2012 i was in a group assignment with 2 girls and one had a crush on me but i didnt find out for ages and anyway she would sometimes be nice to me and sometimes be mean and i was like wtf so confused bc i was this kid that started 6 months later than everyone else so everyone already had their clique and i was like wtf i dont know where i fit in anyway these girls were nerds which i was cool with cause it meant we would get work done but id be stuck hanging with them and they were really quiet and weird but also rude idk i still dont really understand them anyway so one day i literally just wanted to know if anywhere on campus sold mushroom sauce bc i wanted mushroom sauce for my hot chips and the girls were like idk and i was like ok and the next day one of the girls was like ‘nowhere here sells mushroom sauce i checked’ and i was like rip that sucks mushroom sauce is so good but didnt think anything of it and then the other girl got up me for not appreciating what the other girl did and i was like ???? and she was like she went around to every cafe and asked if they sold mushroom sauce for you and i wa slike wtf really???? and so apparently she literally asked every cafe if somewhere sold muchroom sauce and i didnt thank her enough because i had no idea she did that and also i…..didnt ask??? i mean i asked but it was a passing comment type ask like anyway for the rest of the semester they were really secretive n stuff n rude but once she picked me up from my house and i was like thx so much anyway the other girl was like i cant believe ur friendzoning her and i was like what???? and shes like shes done so much for you and you dont seem to care or show her like feelings back and i was like i literally have no idea what ur talking about and she was like she gave you a lift to uni and she walked around the whole campus asking around for your sauce isnt it obvious she has a crush on you and mind you this was literally over the course of 3 months and anyway idk where i was going with this but like ????? idk it was such a weird time of my life and i felt like sharing that

ok now that my meltdown is somewhat over i’m gonna analyze shots in the last jedi teaser, as well as stills and info they released

probably rey coming out of a vision

if you look in the background she still has the lightsaber. i’m trying to figure out what else is going on in the background though, what is the patterned thing on the right? the sole of her boot? if so what position in she in lmao

i really like this shot, the map is similar to holograms in the prequels and it’s good to see the resistance in a location that isn’t inexplicably overrun with vines

i really hope this is the result of a tantrum and not an undeserved redemption arc. there’s broken glass around it so idk… also it’s smoking

ok lmao did i not CALL the tree of time force tree having ancient secrets that rey would unlock. has there ever even been a physical book in star wars before

the jedi symbol presumably in one of the books although it could easily be from somewhere else and they’re just tricking us into thinking it’s from one of the books

whoever is perusing it is wearing gloves for some reason. i really wanna know what lore is going on here

this is PRESUMABLY rey with anakin’s lightsaber and luke watching… but some people have commented that the rock next to her looks like yoda is sitting on it

which would make no sense lmao like if it is him i feel like he should be translucent and glowing… that does call into question the person watching though

because that’s definitely not the outfit we’ve seen luke in. like obviously he can change clothes but we haven’t really seen anyone with that length of coat yet

;___________; i’m guessing this is from the VERY beginning of the movie. all i’m saying is they better have something really cool they’re hiding

ok at first i was gonna ignore this generic falcon flying/fighting shot completely but i realized… the fact that it’s in action at all tells us something. because it came to ahch-to with rey and chewie and now it looks like it’s… not there… i mean i guess that could be ahch-to on a nice day but idk. wherever it is it seems to confirm they’ll be leaving ahch-to which is great imo

i love this shot. aggressive and athletic. and is it just me or is she also not on ahch-to here? it seems like flat landscape… again assuming it’s anakin’s lightsaber. speaking of which his lightsaber has only featured in two movies in each trilogy so i’m assuming it’ll be removed from the picture in this one

another shot i like. definitely another flashback to the destruction of luke’s academy or whatever it was supposed to be

let’s lighten this one up first

in the tree, rey’s staff propped up against the wall. this also brings me to the AUDIO of the teaser

kyle: i only know one truth

luke: it’s time for

from a different scene, luke OR maybe someone else: the jedi

from another different scene, luke: to end

as dramatic and mysterious they’re trying to make this i’m not that interested because you know disney won’t end them so

ONTO the stuff we learned OUTSIDE the crappy trailer

first of all i just wanna remind you of this interview from a year ago

And besides, Ridley already knows who Rey’s parents are – and she doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal. “I think the amazing thing about [Episode VII] is that Finn and Rey don’t come from anywhere, and they find a place,” Ridley, who’s currently filming Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, said. “So to me, it’s funny that people think it’s so important because I don’t really think it is.”

then during the panel yesterday they asked her “are you and luke related by blood” and she shook her head and the interviewer’s straight up like “ok no to that one”

THEN during this interview she says

and rey, i thi– obviously he doesn’t even know who she is when she turns up, like, with this frickin’ lightsaber that he’s not seen in however long

and during THIS interview she first of all said she thought it was already answered in tfa (which she has also said multiple times before), AND there was this from rian

interviewer: are we going to find out who her parents are?

rian: uhhh [high pitch] mmmmmm it’s

interviewer: you don’t have to tell me

rian: it’s, it’s something that is absolutely going to be addressed in the movie

interviewer: it will be addressed but there won’t be clarification?

rian [talking at the same time as the interviewer]: um there won’t be

rian: it depends on… i’m, i can’t say, i was about to say something, you almost got me!

like LITERALLY idk what else proof you need that she’s not related to anyone. the question was already answered in tfa. “[your family] are never coming back”. like rian is specifically saying it’s ADDRESSED, not that we’ll find out who her parents are, because we’ll never find out who her parents are. this is honestly becoming so annoying

moving on


<3333 rose! ok so she’s a resistance mechanic… interesting… but there were rumors she did screen tests with mark hamill and when he came on stage the two of them seemed really close so i think those rumors are true! which is great because i’m so glad they’re leaving that damn island lmao. (if you don’t know my prediction is rey runs off on her own at the end of the first act so luke joins up with the resistance). another thing is how close mark and john seem so it would honestly make sense to me if he’s with rey for act one and then with finn, rose, and the resistance for act 2 and 3. i can dream…

anyway the same source that said she did tests with mark also said her role was “juicy” and it’s “subversive” for her to be not white so that’s interesting… obviously she wasn’t in the teaser and finn pretty much wasn’t either so idk their part could be really cool, hopefully i mean.

my prediction is that she’s a first order spy meant to bring finn back, but then she turns good while on the missions with him. because i’m not quite sure how her character could be so big and important if there isn’t something more to her

john filming with gwendoline adds more credence to the rumors finn will infiltrate the first order (with rose?)

daisy filming on a green screen set PROBABLY just means they did action stuff indoors for safety and secrecy but i also hope it means they go to cool cgi locations lol

i’m not even gonna do the poster cuz it sucks.

ANYWAY overall none of this contradicts my predictions but obviously finn was very absent from this all vs in my predictions he has a big role. so hopefully they’re just hiding it for now idk, i just need them to respect his position as the MALE LEAD who is equally main characters with rey. and for him to be a jedi k bye

well poop. i’ve been going through a crappy situation for the past few days, and honestly, it’s draining me. i hate it. it’s blocking me from doing the things i want to do. i don’t think i can conquer it completely rn, but what i can do is prevent it from living my life!!! so here is my guide 2 how i am gna do dis:

simple things

  • i’m kind of at that point where i don’t wna do anything bc i am just so down but this is sO dumb literally 0/10 would recommend
  • take a shower!! it is so calming and metaphorical like u rinse dirt off ur body n u rinse dirt off ur mind yk
  • get out of ur bed
  • make sure ur body is in tip top physical shape aka
    • eat
    • drink
    • make sure ur temp is right (esp bc summer!!! my lord it is hot)
  • stop playing dat sad music i recommend music that u looOooOoOove (4 me it is kpop idk sm of it is trash ik but like it just gets me feeling pumped~~)
  • pls get out of ur bed. ik it is warm. ik it is comfy. ik u feel invincible there. ik u say to urself that u can get out of bed later. bc u could. but just get out and then stay out of it just to prove to me that u can, ok. bc if u stay there 2 long u do nothing and nothing happens

cheering up

  • do something u RLLY like n that makes u smile a lot. 4 me this is reading chick lit like holy crap sophie kinsella gives me warm n fuzzy feels (i rec all her books bc they r just warm fuzzies ok)
  • (if ur crappy situation is a RL situation that u need 2 fix): ignore it for a bit. just a bit. idk how long is good for u. but u need to cool down, get ur spirits back up b4 u can deal w/it properly, ok? ok.
  • go 4 a walk. i find that even if ur in a crappy mood at the beginning of a walk being in nature can help. i mean smtimes i get super annoyed bc mosquitos bugs heat whtvr but yk just get sm fresh air
  • hey do smthing productive!! ik it is summer n no schoolwork but maybe u have sm schoolwork n just take a tiny step towards doing it or update ur resume or do smthing productive it can distract u + make u feel accomplished = win win 

actually fixing ur crappy situation

  • b sure that u r calm now and u can think things through logically and reasonably
  • ok. brainstorm possible solutions. write down what u r willing 2 compromise on, and what u r not, aka rule out sm solutions
  • find a solution, now do it!
  • important: rlly forgive. rlly move on. don’t slap band aid. if u r in crappy mood, U r the loser!!! u want to win. u want to go on w/ur life bc u r a star.
  • do not be mean. u hv right 2 feel crappy!!! but find strength in urself 2 forgive, 2 be generous, 2 be kind. 
  • later on reflect on what u hv learned in a lil journal or talking to a friend or smthing :) :) :)

lil reminder things (seem contradictory; r not)

  • taking the time to mope n b sad n dwell on it is beneficial bc u need that time to accept n move on BUT my friend u cannot linger 4 too long bc then it starts eating u
  • smtimes u need sm time to sort of mull a crappy situation over in ur mind and get on w/ur life b4 u do anything abt it just to hv that distance so u can b more calm n logical
  • u can bounce back frm ANYTHING literally u r such a star i know things r hard 4 u rn but u can do it my lil star
  • i am a rlly low-energy lazy person n my trick 4 forcing myself to do things smtimes is i imagine i am pikachu like in the anime abt to do a thundershock and i imagine myself getting all this energy and abt to go pikaaCHUUUUU and then i make myself do it it’s like my pep talk ya
  • ily ur a star
  • my inbox is always open for ranting help and pep talks
  • <3 kai

Thank you for 700 followers!!! I remade my blog only 2 months ago and I remember being devastated because I had lost seemingly one of the most important things in my life lmao but that gave me a chance to start over and make an effort to actually talk to people!! yay!! socialising!! ok here are some people that are really cool (ps the idea for the meme edit is someone else’s i just can’t remember wHO pls help me)

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I think the reason you don't like astrology is because you've been exposed way too much to "the signs as" posts and all that other shit this heel site throws around for notes. Real astrology is fascinating and beautiful, it's a whole science in it self. Although I get if if you strictly don't BELIEVE in it. Just thought maybe you could give it a try? :)

Fun fact anon, I actually studied astrology on my own for like a year!! I do find it really interesting and no shade to people who like it. But I never understood the “since they do x then they MUST be a Aquarius!!” And then turns out they’re a Capricorn. Also the whole being born on the same week thing=you have the same personality as many other people is iffy to me idk. I’m more of a science kind of person

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Howdy!! I wanted to know your opinion on Miles Edgeworth Investigate 2,,, if you played it or seen it, who's your favorite character? Mines debeste around!! (if you don't mind,, could you draw him ;w; ))

Anon I hope you don’t think I have forgotten about you haha 
Uhmm tbh I haven’t played yet but I have seen a lil of the vid ! Sebastian is cute but in a way he’s so sad too ! Courtney is just gorgeous but Raymond is .. well he’s cool ! It seems like a really good game but the first game killed me inside it was difficult ahaha 

Here’s Sebastian for you ♪