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Thundercat: Tiny Desk Concert

Thundercat, born Stephen Bruner, is willing and able to shape-shift to fit into just about any box you show him — he just won’t stay in there for long. Whether fusing his talent for jazz while a bassist with punk legacy act Suicidal Tendencies or as a member of Snoop Dogg’s band — maybe running a little too far with a solo here and there — the focus seems to eventually drift his way.



“I’m hearin’ you loud and clear!”


So do you guys remember that yaomomo+wardrobe malfunction post? I…decided to look through the tags and tally the votes for each team and

these are roughly the results as of this time the breakdown of the votes are:

  • Team A (Cover Momo) : 127
  • Team B (Destroy Camera) : 149
  • Team C (Costume Mod): 143
  • Team D (!) (Scold the Camera Men aka Team Iida): 2

I…wasn’t able to count the total number of people who reblogged + commented their teams bc I simply tallied even if some voted for 2 or all teams…. I was able to take note, however, that about ~50.6% of people voted team ABC, which is pretty cool!

Anyway I wanted to share this bc I found it pretty fascinating, haha also bc apparently i have a lot of time in my hands. Also I think it tells a lot about the temperament of the people who voted! As I was tallying there was a close fight between DestroyCamera VS, Costume Mod but the former claimed victory… haha. Very fascinating and interesting truly!

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And we were thinking this would be a chill episode lol

lol i love how everyone was like “…a fair rly” upon seeing the trailer and then miko of the chi made that Post and we just gradually became more and more terrified until the ep finally got released

anyway im never saying that an episode is “probably” gonna be chill ever again. it’s never gonna be chill ever again

I noticed something.
You see, this summer i made a research on creativity. And while i was looking for information i came across an experiment.
Three people got a positive, neutral and negative feedback about their work. Then they had to paint something. The person that heard negative opinion made the most creative painting. But why did the experiment happen? You see, some scientists believed that creative people tend to be more likely to have depression (because of their ideas not being understood) or other mental illnesses/discorders (i’m not sure if those are the same thing or not). This experiment focused on depression (because scientists believed that depression might be the cause of depression). My point is, this Virgil respresents Social Anxiety Discorder. He sad he was working hard when Thomas’ was a teenager. Basically, without Virgil Thomas might not develop the creativity trait. MIGHT, because the “what was first: creativity or mental instability” question has no certain answer.


when you have to stop your dog to force some hydration 

when your dog is distracted by another dog so you’re just spraying her in the face

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You want something catastrophic? You make Ford the Doctor's companion. The insanity would be unstoppable.



Do we go Classic or 9-13?

I think I could see a younger portal Ford bungling around with the Second Doctor… and I could sense an interesting dynamic with potentially the Fifth Doctor and an older Ford, bc ol’ Fivey tended to be “the kindly uncle” type to his companions which would be hiLARIOUS outwardly because Ford physically looks much older than Five, even though in reality this Doctor is already a few hundred years old.

I might imagine Nine and Ford getting along… although depending on how early in Nine’s timestream they met, their sacrificial-hardened-hero shtick might clash so who knows…

I get the sense that Ten and Ford in particular would both be so headstrong that they’d knock heads often. Not sure if that’d be a good match up. Although they’d definitely make the universe explode by both being the “pretty boy” type.

I have utterly no idea if Ford and Eleven would get along. Although- Ford might appreciate his sense of wonder about the universe, so there’s that.

Honestly, I can most imagine Twelve and Ford getting on well, Ford being near his 2012 age at this point. The reasons why are honestly… all for traits every Doctor has in some amount but I think Twelve has a balance of them that would most compliment Ford’s? Just the right mix of sarcastic humor, intelligence, fierce protectiveness, and wonder. I’m sure they’d both go off on some sort of crazy excited tangent on some alien creature they’d both encountered and Clara would roll her eyes.

that one long ass post where the boy asks out the other boy by sticking a note to his backpack and people keep adding on to it with their own art is really cute until that one part where the girls are obsessing over their relationship in the background really fucking ruins it