this is completely normal behavior


I particularly like this idea cause if most alien life has never been exposed to peanuts I suspect it’s highly likely it would be a common intergalactic allergy. So Stan just has emergency peanut butter on him to feed Rick- but in a pinch when the raygun needs to recharge and they’re in hot water, it also can be used for defense against hostile aliens.


               “Are you at it, again?“ Eunha scowled behind you while you quickly shut your MacBook so she couldn’t have access to invade your secret.

               Geez, this sneaky head! 

               You cursed her inwardly, feeling embarrassed for caught stalking your ex-boyfriend.

               Stalking Kwon Hyuk.
               Yes, it’s the famous R&B singer which known as his popular name; Dean. Your ex-boyfriend who made you stuck in forever couldn’t move on phase, the passionate Hyuk. 

               "What?” you turned your head to face her, giving your innocent look as if stalking your ex was completely normal behavior. Well, it was normal and understandable when you had broken up with him one month ago, but the fact was you had been doing this for three years, three years five months three weeks two days in exact number. 

               "You will only hurt yourself.“ Eunha said, but her voice sounded sad. She was the one who knew how hard you tried to let him go, but until now you never did.

               "I know, can’t help.” You shrugged then looked out at the window, sighing. 

               You can’t stop thinking about him. 

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Why do y’all hate Taro?

I like Taro Yamada. I don’t see why so many people hate him? 

Calling him a “wimp” or a “pussy” for getting scared at the sight of death? Anyone sane would do that. In fact, I’m sure 90-100% of people who say that Taro is a “coward” would run away if they saw a murderer, as well. 

Why are we getting mad at Taro for falling for all of the rivals so quickly? There are some people who fall in love easily. Is it really that bad to easily fall in love?

And can we just address the people who hate him because he’s “rude” to Ayano? I can speak from experience: HAVING A YANDERE LIKE YOU SUCKS. It’s scary. It’s scaring. Taro’s reaction to murder, Ayano’s odd behavior and stalking are completely normal. And yeah, it is pretty disgusting to take shots of a girl’s underwear without their consent. I agree with Taro on that. (Though I have no problem with doing so in-game because it’s not harming any real people.) I feel like a lot of you would be perfectly fine with Senpai acting like this if Senpai were a girl. Yes, I am aware that you can set Taro to be Taeko instead.

I’ve seen people calling Taro “whiny”. Again, you wouldn’t be happy if someone was stalking you and killed someone in front of you, would you?

Um, is there really anything wrong with enjoying reading? Maybe I’m a little biased because I enjoy reading, but there’s nothing wrong with being the shy, quite type who enjoys books and nature.

Can we all stop hating on Taro’s design? You can customize Taro to look different. That’s just his default design, and default designs are never super cool. Just customize him to look different. And besides, Taro was created to fit the archetype of the plain, boring, normal main protagonist in harem anime that for some reason all the girls love.  

All the reasons I’ve seen for hating Taro are so stupid. None of those are actually good reasons to hate Taro. Seriously, I’m sure someone can come up with better reasons. Now, I’m not saying that all of the fandom hates Taro, I’m just saying that I’ve barely seen him getting any love from the fans. Don’t you think that he deserves some respect, after all he’s been through? 

Also, he’s much better at rapping than Budo. We all have to admit that.

(This by no means shows that I ship Ayano with Taro. I don’t ship them.)

What is Interesting to me so far about Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun

Honestly, I didn’t expect much from this anime beyond a good laugh.  I figured that it would be a comedy series that maybe would joke about tropes common to sports anime, which is my favorite anime genre at the moment.  And I did see that in episode 1 when I watched it today.  The absurdity of what was happening throughout the episode had me laughing and enjoying myself.

But after I finished watching and stepped away for a while, Aoyama-kun managed to stay on my mind all day.  Its absurdity manages to do something besides create a situation that makes the audience laugh.  It has also created universe where perception of character types and mental illness seem to be the opposite of what they are in our world.

(There’s a lot of pictures, so I’m leaving the rest of this under a cut.  Apologies, mobile users.)

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the white crib (saints row IV)

hey, it’s me, DJ, your local overanalyzer and video game environment enthusiast. if you follow my twitter you’ve probably seen me gush about the environment design in saints row 2 a whole bunch, but i think some of the unique environments in saints row iv - i.e., the ones that weren’t just recycled wholesale from saints row: the third - are pretty interesting, too! unfortunately you only get to see some of them briefly or in specific contexts, so through the magic of game mods i wanted to revisit some of them for a closer look.

first up: the white house crib from the beginning of the game. for most of the time you’re here you’re either stuck on a single track or fighting off aliens, so there’s not a lot of time to look around. using mods or plain ol’ glitching, you can also get outside the white house and have a look around the game’s rendition of washington, dc. here we go (image heavy under the cut!):

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yrvaeder  asked:

13. Klaroline, canon and smutty if possible 💕 These prompts are amazing!

Okay so I haven’t written smut in ages, and a drabble feels too short to do it properly but this is my sorry attempt! This drabble happens in the future with established Klaroline. All TVD/TO canon happened which yes includes the children.

Smut under the read more.

KC + “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

Klaus stares at the door like he can magically glare it open. The remains of a broken chair lie next to him, while Caroline sits on the sofa, looking entirely too entertained at his tantrum.

“Well it looks like we’re going to be stuck here for a while,” Caroline announces while she jumps up and pours herself a glass of wine.

“This is amusing to you?” Klaus turns to her and throws his hands in the air, “My daughter just locked us in my house so she can go who knows where!” he exclaims.

“She’s a teenager,” Caroline shrugs. “You told her that she wasn’t allowed to go to the party, so she snuck out. It’s completely normal teenager behavior. She just had to be a little more creative because she knows you would have made a spectacle and dragged her back home if she didn’t stop you.”

“So you would be okay if the twins do the same when they’re old enough?” Klaus challenges her while he sits back. He knew he should have just let Hayley and Elijah take care of Hope for the weekend. They had already argued a bunch of times over that stupid party and now… now she was going anyway and he couldn’t leave and get her.

“Oh I doubt they would,” Caroline laughs, “I mean not the sneaking out part, I did that all the time as a kid as well. But I assume they know I would be mad that they snuck out, but I wouldn’t embarrass them and show up at the party to drag them home like you would.”

“So you’re saying this is my fault?”

“Kinda,” she shrugs. “Besides I don’t know what you’re worried about. I already texted Josh and he’s keeping an eye on her.” She turned towards Klaus and hoped he would see reason. “She just wants to be normal, Klaus. Parties other teenagers go to? They are a big part of that.”

“So you’re saying I overreacted?” he moves towards Caroline, who is finishing her wine on the sofa. He knows he tends to react strongly when it concerns the safety of those he loves, but he just wants them in one piece.

“Massively,” Caroline agrees, gesturing to the broken furniture around them.

“So I should just let her do this and walk away scot-free?” Klaus asks for clarification. He might be Hope’s parent, but Caroline is a lot more familiar with parenting in modern times than he is.

“Definitely not,” Caroline laughs, “She deserves some type of punishment, especially since she used her magic on us, but it can wait till tomorrow. Let her have one night of fun before she’s grounded for the next couple of weeks.”

“You’re way too reasonable about this,” Klaus argues and pauses before her. He reaches out and hoists her from the sofa.

“Well someone has to,” she winks at him and smiles, “So… what are we going to do now that we have the whole place to ourselves?”

“I have some ideas,” Klaus murmurs and he flashes forward.

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anonymous asked:

What do you mean "pretending that the dislike of Mon-El is just a simple ship war"? Isn't that all this is?

Absolutely not and let me explain this to you in a far longer post than is necessary. 

This dislike of Mon-El has been “fandom-ified” for lack of a better term. People on both of the main sides (Supercorp vs Karamel) have devolved this into a ship war, which now in hindsight but it is no less true, has devalued real criticisms of Mon-El’s character. And has grossly made the Supergirl fandom an extremely toxic place. 

This is not a simple ship war. And it never should have been made into one. And now, at this point in time, some people are trying to drag it back to where it should be, criticisms of the writers for writing Mon-El the way they have. And in addition, exposed some arguably very problematic people on both sides of the fence. 

I encourage everyone to read under the cut, but as this gets extremely long, I decided to not muck up the tags with this post. 

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Beauty and the Beast - LeFou and Gaston

So Gaston bit LeFou while wrestling.  Now either he did it earlier and hard enough to scar. He did it recently. Or he’s done it repeatedly.
Either way he bites people.
That’s completely normal human behavior there Gaston.

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For those who don’t want to read, and want a short-short version, here’s some of the main claims:

1. Of the 8 trainers shown, one had zero experience with killer whales, the one included the most had only one year’s experience, and the most experienced trainer is pro-SeaWorld but made to look like an idiot. Several were either fired because of reckless behavior, violence towards animals or demoted from Shamu Stadium.
2. Becoming a trainer is not as easy as they make it seem.
3. SeaWorld had nothing to do with the Penn Cove capture that was talked about.
4. There is nothing proving that whales can be under a “psychosis”, and even less, that Tilikum was.
5. Tilikum was not the instigator/leader in killing Keltie.
6. Killer whales have attacked and injured people in the wild.
7. They do not live “50-100 years or more” on average. They do not live “similar to human lifespans”.
8. Whales do not have higher intelligence or higher ability to feel emotions than humans.
9. Tilikum was not isolated.
10. Kalina and Takara were not the tiny newborns shown in the clips, when they were moved.
11. Katina and Kasatka were not “screaming” (whales can’t even scream) when their daughters were moved. The whole scene with “a scientist brought in to analyze the vocals” was completely made up by a man who didn’t even work there at the time.
12. Dorsal collapse does not happen at “less than 1%” in the wild.
13. SeaWorld’s whales are not a “random collection of whales” that have been “thrown together and don’t understand each other”.
14. Rakes are not a sign of “hyper-aggression”. It is completely normal behavior in all toothed whales.
15. There has never been “a lot of killing” - not a single whale has been killed by another whale in captivity.
16. They do not swim “100 miles every day” in the wild.
17. Tilikum is not used as a “breeding machine”, and artificial insemination is not used to “get his sperm into as many females as possible across their parks” - he only ever sired two calves through AI.
18. SeaWorld did not blame Dawn - Blackfish however, clearly did.
19. Tilikum was not killing because he’s “frustrated and psychotic” - he killed because he’s a top predator who, unlike all the other whales, wasn’t trained to have humans in the water with him at an early age.
20. Blackfish doesn’t know themselves what image they’re trying to portray. First they say killer whales are naturally “incredibly friendly and intuitively want to be your companion”, showing the clip of a lost calf who only had humans for company (and thus acted like no wild whale would naturally), then they say SeaWorld is lying and trying to make money off of this “image of killer whales as cute and cuddly”.
21. And also, A) they say Tilikum is “nuts” because of his treatment at Sealand and SeaWorld, then B) they say it’s his genes, he should never be bred from, then C) they say it’s not all Tilikum, all killer whales are ticking time bombs!
22. Tilikum was not “floating lifeless in a pool”, and he was not lonely or isolated. He wa not confined to a “little jail cell”.
23. The whales are not “really bored”, they’re not “forced to perform” in “a circus environment”, and a seapen wouldn’t solve a thing, it’s a romantic idea that in reality would only create problems.

And here’s everything that’s true in Blackfish (but I strongly urge EVERYONE to read the circumstances of these points below, rather than just grabbing and running with it):

1. The captures happened (duh).
2. Tilikum came from the North Atlantic in 1983.
3. Tilikum went to Sealand of the Pacific in Canada.
4. The module was real, and as far as I know (I’ve seen nothing contradicting this), the food deprivation (at Sealand) and females bullying him was as well.
5. The whales killed trainer Keltie Byrne.
6. Killer whales have a “matriarchal society”.
7. Sealand closed after that incident, and Tilikum and the other whales (Haida 2, Nootka 4 and Kyuquot) were sold to SeaWorld.
8. Kalina was moved from her mother at the age of 4.
9. Takara was moved from her mother (but she was nowhere near a calf).
10. 100% of adult males (so far) have had collapsed dorsal fins.
11. Kandu 5 broke her upper jaw and bled to death.
12. John Sillick was crushed under Orky 2 (whose name is not mentioned).
13. Orkid and Splash pulled Tamarie in and broke her arm.
14. Kasatka pulled Ken Peters under - I shouldn’t even have to write this, the footage is right there.
15. Daniel Dukes was found dead in Tilikum’s pool one morning, with bite marks all over him and genitals eaten.
16. Four young orcas were sent over (not sold, as some like to say) to Loro Parque.
17. Keto (whose name is not mentioned) killed Alexis Martinez at Loro Parque.
Tilikum pulled Dawn in and caused her death.
SeaWorld declined participating in the film (if you were SeaWorld, would you have said yes?).


1. Opening scene

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au where the cure is having sex with an inmune so page 250 is just thomas and newt having angry sex 

I didn’t do angry sex but I did decide to kill myself with feels. Oh btw i don’t have the book with me so it’s all from memory and thank you those who helped me with names and facts that i had forgotten. 


Thomas’s thoughts were scattered as he helped Brenda and Lawrence get the van ready for the trip. No matter what he thought though, he always went back to thinking about what one of the guards had said back in Denver. What he had said about the only cure that seemed to work, but people were too scared and uncomfortable with doing it. Not many people knew of this cure because it was risky and plus it sounded crazy to do so wicked has stopped telling people and continued to find an actual medical cure.

“Kid you have no idea about a lot of stuff." 

"Like what?” The man laughed cruelly.

“There is a dumb cure for those who want to take a risk,” the man spat out and Thomas furrowed his eyebrows. Cure? Why are people not getting better then? The man laughed at his expression.

“Sex. Can you believe it?” the man laughs coldly like he thought the idea was offensive. “Sex with those monsters is a cure." 

"Wha-What how? How does that even work?” Thomas asked seriously but with a laugh to make it sound like he thought it was funny. The man laughs.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t exactly listening to the crap. Though I did hear that it had something to do with pheromones and hormones? I think something happens to the bloodstream. It apparently gets the thing to concentrate and the new molecules fight off the disease. Isn’t it hilarious?" 

Thomas had thought it didn’t make sense. He also thought it was odd how no one tested this theory all over. No one had taken the risk to get a friend or a loved one back. 

He didn’t understand until he had gone to the crank palace. When he had seen how completely gone and insane the people had been. How psychotic and crazed the people had looked and acted. It was like they didn’t have any control over themselves. 

He understood why this dumb cure was such a risk. By the time one would know someone was not immune, they looked absolutely crazy and violent. The need to get away from them would overtake you. 

Then he saw Newt. 

It was clear now that he was not immune and had fallen into the disease. His normal calm and settled behavior had completely vanquished. His sense of direction and ability to think clearly was barely there. 

When Newt had said those awful words to him and how he pretty much hated him, it had crushed him. He looked at the note Newt left him and it felt like he needed to vomit. He wanted him to kill him? How could he do that? Did Newt not know how much he liked him? How much he cared for him? Newt had been his first friend in the glade and he’s been there for him this whole time. 

He would rather die himself.

Now the cure was going through his mind as he thinks about Newt. His face reddens thinking about doing that with him. Scenarios of what the blonde would do after hearing Thomas saying what the cure is ran through his mind. 

Also that he was willing to do it. He really liked Newt. He couldn’t let him die after him telling how much he hated him. How much he let him down. 

"Thomas we have to get going!" 

Thomas is taken out of his thoughts by Brenda shaking him. Thomas focuses on her worried face and he gives a small smile to assure her that he was okay. He grabs the gun on the table and heads to the van with Brenda behind him. 


Thomas was catching his breath looking at the damage to the van. His heart races thinking that if they were to get attacked again, they wouldn’t make it. The windows were broken and the van was barely running. Lawrence had struck a bit of luck getting the van started again and they got out of the mob of cranks. They didn’t have any ammo left in the big guns so they were screwed if there was another attack. They were going through alleys and roads that were empty. Thomas looks to the left to make sure Brenda was okay. She had scratches in various places and her lip was bleeding but she was alive. Shaking, but alive. 

Thomas looks outside just in time to see a figure standing on the sidewalk. His heart skips a beat and his stomach flips. He knows who it is. He knows that figure and hair from miles away. He knew it was Newt and the need to get to him clouds his mind and he doesn’t realize he’s yelling until the car stops. 

He opens the door but someone stops him from getting out. He whips his head back and he glares at Brenda. 

"Let go,” he hisses and he’s shocked with himself. Brenda was shocked too and was clearly taken back cause she lets go with wide eyes. 

“Thomas..Newt is a crank now. There’s nothing you can do.” Thomas hears pleading in her voice and if he wasn’t obsessed with the need to help Newt, he wouldn’t have got out of the van. 

“Just give me a second,” he mutters before heading towards Newt. Newt watches him as he walks up to him with a stern and confused look. 

“Tommy…what are you doing here?” Newt asks him lowly and Thomas tries to ignore the blood on the blonde’s shirt and shorts. Newt had dirt all over him and his eyes were glassy. Thomas wasn’t sure if he was too late or not. If he wasn’t, then how insane was Newt now? 

“I came here to take you with us. To somewhere safe,” Thomas states trying to sound sure of himself. He watches as Newt tenses and his jaw tics. 

“I’m not sure if I’m the one crazy or you are cause you sure aren’t talking sane.” Thomas closes his eyes tight and opens them after taking a breath.

“Newt..I know something you don’t. You’ll be okay if you come with us-”

“I’m a crank,” Newt hisses out making Thomas freeze. 

“You have a lot of nerve asking me to go with you. After ignoring my note. You couldn’t even do one thing for me!" 


“No! I was your friend in that glade. I did so much for you but you can’t do this one little thing to do for me,” Newt growls out starting to walk towards the brunet. Thomas stays where he is though even when Newt gets so close he can feel his breath on his face. Newt looked even worse up close. There were black veins showing in his neck and arms. There was a red circle around the brown in his eyes making him look crazy. The scowl on the blonde’s face made his stomach flip. Thomas gasps when Newt grabs his shirt bringing their faces close.

“You wanna know why I have this limp, Tommy? Did I ever tell you? No, I don’t think I did.”

“What happened?” Thomas asked, stalling for time. He had a plan, but he had a plan B. He slipped his fingers around the weapon he had brought with him. 

“I tried to kill myself in the Maze. Climbed halfway up one of those bloody walls and jumped right off. Alby found me and dragged me back to the Glade right before the Doors closed. I hated the place, Tommy. I hated every second of every day. And it was all…your…fault!” 

Newt then grabs for the weapon too and brings it to in between their bodies. Thomas didn’t have the strength to keep him from doing so. Newt’s words stung him like an actual bullet. He holds the gun with Newt’s fingers underneath his own. It was like time had frozen when he sees how angry Newt looked. How defeated he looked.

"Do it before I become one of them!” Newt yells, but somehow Thomas didn’t hear actual anger in his words. He heard plea. That only made him feel so much worse. He brings his other hand behind him feeling the other thing he had. If Newt doesn’t do it himself, then he might have a chance. 

It was a syringe. A syringe full of ketamine. 


“KILL ME!” And then Newt’s eyes cleared, as if he’d gained one last trembling gasp of sanity, and his voice softened. “Please, Tommy. Please.”

With his heart falling into a black abyss, Thomas threw the gun far away from them both and plunged the syringe into Newt’s arm. 

Newt fell to the ground within seconds.


“You are insane." 

"Shut up Lawrence and just open the door." 

Lawrence huffs and gets out of the car and goes around to open the door to let Thomas out. 

"Do you even know if that the man wasn’t just pulling your leg? Cause that is one stupid cure for something so horrible." 

"I haven’t been sure about anything since I woke up in a box in a middle of a maze,” Thomas grunts out as he picks up Newt bridal style. He’s been answering questions ever since he brought Newt to the car and he was getting very irritated. Lawrence was annoyed just because of the time they’re going to lose. Brenda wasn’t even annoyed. She’s just been quiet ever since she asked him what he was doing. 


“Don’t call me kid if you’re willing to take me to hell on earth to take down the biggest company in the whole fricking world,” Thomas spits out. He walks toward one of the abandoned buildings when Lawrence rolls his eyes and walks back to the drivers seat. Brenda quickly got out and chased after him. Thomas tries not to show annoyance. 

“You’re actually going to do this?" 

Thomas could see she was uncomfortable asking this question. All he responded with was a nod. Since he met her, she’s been wanting to hold his hand, saying she liked him, and she even kissed him. She was probably shocked. 

"Wow I would never have thought you would cheat on me and that other girl with a boy." 

Thomas widens his eyes at the comment, but then he looks at her and finds her laughing and he snorts. He bites his lip when he feels Newt unconsciously grab hold of his shirt and then lean his head against his arm. Newt was slowly waking up. 

"You love him." 

Thomas whips his head to look at Brenda who was now leaning against the wall of the building in front of them. 


“You were just now staring at him for a whole minute. I expected you to kiss his forehead,” she laughs and rubs the back of her neck not sure what to say. Thomas could see that her feelings were hurt but he’ll have to think about that later. He needed to cure Newt and get them to the paradise place. He uses his foot to open the door and starts to walk in. He stops in the doorway and looks at Brenda. 

“I’m sorry..I’m sorry if I-”

“Forget about it,” Brenda waves him off. “Maybe Teresa likes girls." 

Thomas widens his eyes and his eyebrows shoot up in shock. 


Brenda laughs and reaches up and playfully rubs his hair making it dirtier than it was. 

“Just go in and have sex with your boyfriend so we can get the heck out of here." 

Thomas stunningly watches as Brenda walks to the van and gets in. Only Newt’s grasp getting tighter on his shirt gets him moving again and he goes in. He looks into one of the rooms in the hall and finds a bed. He lays Newt onto the bed before going into the bathroom and getting a washcloth to wash his face and then Newt’s. He was rubbing some dirt off the blonde’s face when Newt starts to open his eyes. Thomas sees the red in the boy’s eyes and wonders if Newt was going to cooperate. Hopefully he wasn’t gone.

"You bloody knocked me out…” Newt mutters under his breath as he awakens. Thomas finishes cleaning his neck and face and tosses the cloth away. Newt was shaking his head trying to wake up totally. He didn’t sound mad. He just sounded disappointed, and Thomas tries not to think that Newt was disappointed that he wasn’t dead. 

“I asked you for one thing and you didn’t-”

“Shhh,” Thomas shushes and he doesn’t know if it was for Newt or himself. “You gotta stop saying that Newt. There is a cure I was told about that not many people know-”

“You don’t understand!” Newt yells at him but his body wasn’t awake to push Thomas away. He was left to just gripping his hair wanting to rip it out. “I don’t want to live! I hate living! Tommy you don’t understand, I hate myself!" 

Brenda’s words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. His heart ached as he listens to Newt say how much he hated living and how he hated himself. He grabs hold of Newt’s hands and holds them to the pillows on the bed. Newt was watching him with wide, shocked eyes, but his breathing was loud and fast. His glassy eyes looked at Thomas like he had two heads. Thomas is confused when he sees Newt shake his head.

"No no no Tommy you don’t love me. There’s nothing to love. Don’t lie to me,” Newt cries. “I’m pathetic. I bloody tried to kill myself because I’m so weak. Just kill me!" 

Thomas was on top of Newt before he knew it and then he was kissing the boy underneath him. His lips were on Newt’s chapped and bitten up ones, but he didn’t care about that. He was finally kissing Newt and he now knows that yes Brenda is right. 

He loves Newt.

The kiss was crazy. Thomas could sense Newt changing his mind repeatedly. Newt would kiss back but then the next second he would be weakly trying to get Thomas off of him. Thomas was just thankful that Newt was kissing him back most of the time. He slips his fingers through the slots between Newt’s, and he feels Newt do the same. He starts to kiss Newt’s jaw to down his neck. He really didn’t want to rush this, but Lawrence had told him throughout the car ride that they needed to get going before any cranks came.

He reaches down and slides Newt’s bloodied shirt off. He spreads Newt’s legs to where he lays between them as he kisses down his chest. Newt was shaking his head and tightening his legs around Thomas and the brunet knew Newt just couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. The disease was eating away at his brain and that urged Thomas to remove Newt’s pants.

That apparently stirred up Newt because then Newt’s hands were on his back trying to take off his shirt too. Thomas kisses Newt’s lips before leaning back to take his shirt off. He looks back and sees that Newt was looking to the side with tears forming in his eyes and he was looking like he was going to ball himself up. Thomas swoops in and kisses him.

"I love you,” he breathes against Newt’s lips. He reaches down and palms Newt through his briefs and he slides his tongue in when Newt moans. He takes his pants off as he kisses down Newt’s neck with a few bites here and there. 

“I have loved you ever since you made me a runner,” Thomas says on Newt’s hot neck. He takes Newt’s briefs off when he sees the black veins showing in his neck. He hears Newt moan into his ear when he wraps a hand around Newt’s cock and slowly starts to move his hand up and down. 

“You believed in me..” Thomas whispers into Newt’s ear. Newt’s hands were in his hair now and he can feel his legs slowly wrap around his waist. 

“I believe in you,” Thomas whispers. Newt arches his back as he runs kisses down his chest. Thomas reaches for his pants on the bed and pulls out the lube he had gotten a few days ago. He remembers how weird he felt when he had gotten it. He hadn’t been 100 percent sure if this was actually going to happen. 

He smiles when Newt follows him up to kiss his neck when he has to let him go to lube his fingers up. He only does two and lightly pushes Newt down. He holds Newt by his hair and kisses him when he reaches down looking for his hole. Newt moans when he pushes a finger in and now the kiss consisted of mostly teeth and tongue. Thomas thrusts the finger in and out when he hears Newt’s moans get louder. He slips in the other finger when he thinks Newt is ready. 

He hears Newt hiss at the added finger, and he slows his fingers down and kisses his neck instead. He takes a chance and leans down to lick his right nipple, and he could laugh when Newt gasps knowing it’s in a pleasurable way. He feels Newt’s hands guide his face back to his to kiss him hard. He can now scissor his fingers inside Newt and he loves the moans the blonde lets out. 

“I’m r-ready Tommy,” Newt moans as Thomas widens his fingers inside him. They were hitting so many nerves and pleasure ran through his body. 

Thomas takes his fingers out and releases Newt’s hair in order to take his briefs off. He goes down and kisses Newt as he holds the blonde’s legs to widen them just a little more. He groans when he grabs his own hard cock and guides himself to Newt’s hole. Newt’s hands were both on his back and Newt was biting his lip nervously. Thomas looks at the boy’s body and sees all the bruises and scratches on his body. His body looked so pale and sickly and it made Thomas pray to whatever is out there that this would work. The brown in Newt’s eyes was hardly even there. Pupils took over and the red circle looked brighter. Thomas saw that this was the first time in a very time that Newt actually was completely focused on something. 

He pushes in slowly and he leans down to place his face in the crook of Newt’s neck. Newt groans at the pain and he digs his nails in Thomas’s back. Thomas peppers kisses on him whenever he can control himself to do so. His body ached to just thrust in and take Newt, but he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t going to hurt Newt. 

It took a minute to finally bottom out. Thomas starts to pull out and he feels a little better when he hears Newt whimper because at least he’s making noises and not just digging his nails into his back. Going back in went much better because Newt was slowly relaxing his legs by widening them. By the fourth time going in, Newt was moaning. The glorious heat around his cock was suffocating and he was glad that he could finally give Newt pleasure. 


Thomas does as he’s told and goes in deeper. He was slowly going faster and the moans coming from Newt was getting hotter. Nails were no longer in his skin, but now fingers were pressing against his skin so it wasn’t hurting. It had been a delicious kind of pain though.


Thomas hears Newt shout out in pleasure and he knew he had found the spot inside him. He aims for that spot going faster and deeper. Feet were wrapping around his lower legs and hands were now in his hair. He could feel his climax coming and he moans as he feels Newt clench around him. Newt was close and he knew it. He reaches between them and it only took one pump to set Newt off.


Thomas moans as Newt clenches tightly around as he comes. He comes right afterwards and he listens to them both breathe loud and quick trying to catch a breath. Thomas pulls out making Newt hiss at the over sensitivity. Thomas was going to pull Newt in to cuddle for a few minutes before they had to clean up and get going, but then Newt had other plans. 

Newt jumps out of the bed and runs to the bathroom. Thomas hurriedly puts on his briefs and grabs for Newt’s before running in after him. 

The sight almost makes him vomit. 

Newt was throwing up into the toilet, but it wasn’t the normal looking vomit that was green, yellow, and sometimes brown. It was black. Newt was vomiting black liquid and his body looked so much worse than it did a few minutes ago. Thomas runs over to the sink and gets a cloth wet and starts to place it in various places over Newt’s body from his forehead to his upper back. The wrenching noises Newt was making shook Thomas up, and he hopes that this was a good sign. That the disease was leaving his body. 

It was only after a minute or two of vomiting that Newt’s body was slowly going back to normal. Normal normal, not the pale and black veins normal. He was dry heaving now and Thomas goes to get a cup of water. Newt takes it and cleans his mouth out with it. Thomas gasps when he sees Newt’s beautiful brown eyes. They were no longer glassy nor were there red circles around them. He still looked pale, but everything that made him look like a crank was gone. No more veins showed. 

Thomas couldn’t be more happy. 

He grabs for another cloth and starts to clean Newt’s face with it. Thomas sees Newt close his eyes and his body was slowly going limp. He guides Newt to the wall and starts to put on his briefs for him. Then he takes Newt’s limp body into his arms and kisses the boy’s blonde hair. 

“Everything is going to be okay." 


hope this was good (: 


“Today I got yelled at by a preteen girl because I didn’t have her stupid sugary coffee drink ready in the thirty seconds it took her to walk from the register to the handoff plane. All the while her mother stood there watching like this was completely normal behavior.” Rylee ran her hand through her red hair and rolled her eyes. “And then the little brat threw the drink at me and demanded a refund because it wasn’t ‘extra caramel.’ Do you think these coffee stains will come out? Also do you by chance have a sweater” She motioned to the front of her coffee soaked shirt which was quickly becoming see-through

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I once heard that demisexuality is actually a made-up term created by dudebros in reddit as a parody. "willing to have sexual relationship with someone once you got to know them well" actually sounds like a normal thing most ppl do. Otherwise, if you dont identify as demi (or automatically assumed straight), it implies you'll just f*ck everyone else you met out of physical appearance. If you're not demi, then it means you're a one-night-stander. That's what i get from this invention of label

I heard that it was made up in a fanfic. But it describes completely normal human behavior. There are so many ways we experience attraction, and there’s a significant amount of people who do in this way.

Demisexuality and the like are often branded as “alternative” sexualities. But they aren’t sexualities or alternative.

There’s been a word for the phenomenon of being attracted to someone when you get to know them: it’s called social attraction (or if you look on AVEN it’s similar to “secondary sexual attraction”).

We’ve studied it because it’s a common interpersonal occurrence in society. I’ve had boyfriends who I was socially attracted to before being physically attracted to.

It’s unnecessary. It describes, at most, a quirk in one’s sexual life. If we call every quirk and preference a new sexual orientation then everyone is LGB and these identities basically become useless because the sheer amount of them diminishes their use as categories. Anything incredibly individualized and specific is impractical.

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hum now I'm skeptical, no one with a stronger political belief can follow you? I'm a socialist/leftist... still a person with autism though... shouldnt everyone who needs stim resources be capable of following people??

You’ve got a point, anon. I’ll try to explain. I’m just not comfortable with certain people following. Like, I’m a minor so having NSFW/ blogs interacting makes me uncomfortable. And, I don’t want CGL/kink blogs following because they take stimming, a completely normal, natural behavior and sexualize it. I’m not going to start gatekeeping, I trust people interacting with my blog enough to follow DNI banners and not follow me if they fall into one of the categories I listed in my description. I just don’t want to draw in the wrong crowd. My thoughts are that if I let radfems interact, then maybe terf’s will start to, too. Additionally, most of the content on my blog is reblogged. Other stim blogs don’t want radfem interaction, some might not mind. But it’s not up to me to decide, and I’d rather just forgo any interaction than have to police who reblogs/ likes a post on my blog to make sure they’re complying with ant DANI banners or messages. Anyone can message me if you don’t quite get it.

▏Miss Right ▏Suga ▏♡ ▏

Request: YES THE ASK BOX IS OPEN❤️ okay can u make a scenario with our yoongi based on the song “Miss Right"by BTS? Thank youuuu<3 good luck and i love your work<3

Comments: One of my favorite BTS songs. Don’t we all want to be Suga’s Miss Right? I know I do. A lot.

Listen to Miss Right by BTS  

“Yes you’re my only girl, you’re the best one for me.”

            “You’re so perfect.”

            You couldn’t help but let out a laugh at Yoongi’s words, despite how serious he sounded. You turned your attention to him as the two of you walked down the street and furrowed your eyebrows. “I’m not perfect,” you argued.

            “Yes you are,” he fought back.

            “Stop lying.”

            “I actually consider myself a very honest man, jagi.”

            “Yoongi-ah, are you blind? I’m not even wearing makeup today and I didn’t bother looking nice for our date.”

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I need advice on writing a character as spoiled, but not straight up bratty. How do you think I could write in being spoiled in a sudtle way?

Spoiled: ‘I am usually given things that I want.’ 
Bratty: ‘I have a right to everything that I want.’ 

Characters who are spoiled might react to things not going their way with confusion. They could be somewhat naive about unfairness, and have high self esteem if they have always been treated as someone lovable and deserving. The necessity of hard work to live, and the sometimes futility of hard work may be concepts that they haven’t experienced themselves. They might have a poor grasp on sharing, but they could also be quite generous if they’re used to living with a surplus of what they need– especially if they think that it’s completely normal behavior to give people whatever they want. While characters that were born with a silver spoon in their mouths might be quite aware that not everyone is as well-off as they are, they haven’t lived it, and details about how the other half lives might surprise them. 

Straight up bratty characters are spoiled characters that react very poorly when their world views are challenged. For example, a situation where this character is not the center of attention would clearly be Wrong and they might get angry or pitch a fit. They believe that they deserve everything that they are given because they are simply Better Than Other People.
Children can often behave in bratty ways, because it takes a while for human children to understand empathy and be able to relate to others– a lot of kids go through a phase where they assume that the world revolves around them and have an inflated sense of self importance. They throw tantrums whenever things don’t go their way, and can be manipulative ( ‘if you don’t give me that, I’m going to scream for an hour’ ). 

I think the most important thing to note is how your character would respond to things not going their way compared to a very bratty person– a spoiled person would be confused or frustrated, because things not working for them goes against their worldview. A bratty person would respond very negatively, and get very angry, throw a fit, or blame others for their difficulties. 

I hope that helps!


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Since it's June, Midorima, Imayoshi, Nijimura and Himuro proposing to his s/o?

Imayoshi: Curled up in bed with you, his arm loosely slung around your naked form, Imayoshi tried to count all the blessings he’d acquired in his life. The more he thought about it, the more he realized you made up most of that list. Had it not been for you, he probably wouldn’t have grown into the decent man he was today.

“Something on your mind?” Your question was punctuated with a stifled yawn as you turned in his grasp, eyes searching for his blearily. “You’re doing that humming thing you do when you’re thinking.”

He didn’t want to say he was thinking about how lucky he was to have you by his side — it would sound way too cheesy and probably a little artificial — especially since the two of you had just finished fucking in nearly every room in your shared apartment. Knowing you, if he had said it, you’d probably tease him by saying he was only in it for the sex. Instead, he tried a different approach.

“I was thinking we should get married,” he said, his tone so conversational that you almost missed the point of his words.

There was a beat of silence as what he said sunk in then, as he’d predicted, you scoffed before saying, “You just want me for my body.”

“Maybe,” he agreed, his grin teasing.

There was another moment of silence between the two of you. When you started shifting in place, sitting up in your spot, Imayoshi wondered if he’d finally went a bit too far with his teasing. But then you turned to look at him, a calm smile on your face.

“Honestly, I don’t think I would mind being with you for the rest of my life.”

Midorima: He’d had everything planned right down to the most insignificant details. He’d take you out to a restaurant, but not just any restaurant; it had to be the one where the two of your had your first date. He’d ask for a table close to the windows, but near the back; it had a spectacular view and was one of the more private areas. He’d get down on one knee at the perfect time; not while you were eating, but definitely not long after you were done. Everything was supposed to be perfect.

So why — dear Kami, why — was it that you were the one to ruin his plans.

“Shintarou, is this an engagement ring?”

The small velvet box, which he had remembered putting in the pockets of his slacks, was held delicately in your hands, opened to reveal the sparkling diamond. How had you found it? You couldn’t possibly have known about — and then he remembered, it was your turn to do the laundry this week. He felt stupid for forgetting.

“Were you going to…” You trailed off, but your voice brought him back out of his self-scolding. When his eyes met yours, he could see the unasked question on your face.

“Yes,” he sighed out. “I was going to do it at dinner. It was supposed to be perfect, but—”

There was a noise akin to a broken sob and you tried to muffle it with your hand as your moved to hug Midorima tight. Nearly dropping the velvet box, you tightened your grip on it, a laugh bubbling up from your throat.

“Oh Shintarou,” you started behind your laughter. “I don’t even care about dinner now. Yes, yes, a million times, yes.”

Himuro: This couldn’t be happening right now. He’d made sure he had it in his pocket before the two of you left for the evening. He made sure it was still there once the two of you exited his vehicle. He’d even been checking on it every ten minutes for the past two hours to make sure it stayed in place. So, damn it, why couldn’t he find the engagement ring?!

After scouring the men’s bathroom for nearly thirty minutes — and almost getting a bit too friendly with the other patrons in there — he’d given up. The night was completely ruined and so was his mood.

“Dinner already getting to you that quickly?” Your teasing grin faded when Himuro answered you with a sigh. It was replaced by a full on frown when he slumped into his chair, looking worse for wear. “What’s wrong Tatsuya? Are you okay?”

Looking up to see your face, Himuro knew subconsciously that he couldn’t just brush off his behavior. It wasn’t normal to go from being completely fine one minute, to sheer panic in the next, and then ending it with depression. He couldn’t smooth talk his way out of this one, so the truth would have to suffice.

“I lost something I was meaning to give you tonight,” he murmured. Sitting up, he reached out to hold your hands because he often found comfort in them when he was feeling down. His thumb stroked the ring finger on your left hand absently as he spoke more. “I’m so sorry. I really wanted everything to be perfect for us tonight.”

The simple gesture was enough of a clue for you to figure out what he meant to do, but you still took a minute to let the news sink in.

“I’m surprised at you Tatsuya,” you started, willing your voice not to quiver with nerves. When he fully looked at you again, you met his gaze with a smile. “You know I would say yes no matter what. Ring or no ring. Of course I’ll marry you.”

Nijimura: Gently combing your fingers through the young girl’s hair, you continue to twist the locks together into a long braid. Nijimura’s younger sister hums as you do so and you can practically hear her purring every time your fingers brush against her scalp. It makes you smile to see her so relaxed and carefree.

“You know,” she starts suddenly, “I can’t wait until you’re my sibling too.”

The comment catches you off guard and you nearly tug on a lock of her hair in shock. “S-Sibling?” Stuttering, you try to get her to repeat herself.

“Yeah, you know,” she continues, “When you get married to my—”

There’s a cough from the doorway and the both of you look up in time to see a fuming Nijimura. His cheeks are flushed red as he glares heavily at his sister. Stepping into the room, he points a single hand back toward where he’d come from.

“Get out.”

“But my hair isn’t done—”


With a huff, Nijimura’s sister scuttles out of her spot in front of you, leaving an open space on the couch. He soon fills that spot, refusing to look in your direction as he mutters about never letting his siblings visit his home again. He only stops when your hand gently brushing up against his arm. When he looks at you, there’s a question in your eyes that you’re too afraid to ask and he’s too nervous to answer.

Finally, after a long moment, he pulls something out of his pocket. “That brat found it in my pocket yesterday.” As he talks, he shows you the sparkling ring he’d been carrying around for the past month. “It’s yours. If you’ll take me, that is.”

He barely hears your whispered ‘yes’ and you pull him close for a hug, your emotions getting the best of you.