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“We can win this.”

“Ha! If we’re together, you mean?”

After almost two weeks of work, I have finally completed my experiment. I had never redrawn anything before and of course I couldn’t resist changing some things here and there (Noè’s clothes, the entire frame…), but I’m actually pretty proud of this. I hope you’ll like it too!


“S-someone stole my pants…” 😶

Inspired by late night chat session with @bettrdays and @hilow. Leaving it ship free for your own heart’s content (though there was one I had in mind ❤) Bottom images are close ups~ 

Anyone want to share their transgender/nb/genderqueer OCs with me tonight? I have a need to fill my blog with positive stuff and that means your fantastic DA OCs. If you don’t see this tonight, no worries, I’ll keep posting them tomorrow!

While everyone’s welcome, this is a special invite to creators who are transgender/nb/genderqueer themselves.

Feel free to submit, dm me with a link, or tag me in a post. :D 

shit is hitting the fan so i’m just gonna add this, they deadass sang a 2 minute season recap and forgot to even mention the best ship on she show… sanvers…i’m done with the straights. i can’t even recall alex being mentioned and she’s the heart of the show lollllllll good luck getting a season four hunnies x

me today at work: I wonder what will Lana wear today at the SDCC… Some really hot dress, something iconic…? Hm, I really don’t know, let’s wait and see. 





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SRSLY, how can she be so fucking GORGEOUS????



So I did some commissions from these two wonderful artists and turns out, I really love it! Since there’s like less fanart content on Nightshade so I just went “Hey, why not I commission on that!” and seeing these two made me wanna frame it. Tho I only have one frame from the motivated Sorey but oh well. And yeah, some of these people have their own Tumblr blogs so go on and check it out!


Chojiro fanart from @katsudonno
Sorey fanart from @zeearts
Promptis and 9S badges from @hisapyon
Voltron sticker (big) from @wizn-art
The rest they might dont have Tumblrs or I just forgot to take their cards LOL


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉

So there’s a Harry Potter AU Victuuri + Durmstrang student Victor Nikiforov trend going on twitter and I hopped onto that bandwagon as soon as I could CUZ I AM TRASH FOR HARRY POTTER AU


You with me? 

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100 ways to say I love you?

1. “Everything is gonna be okay”

2. “We can go outside if your having anxiety”

3. “i’m here if you need to talk”

4. “your really something aren’t you”

5. “I like you just the way you are”

6. “i worry about you”

7. “your my favorite”

8. “I believe in you”

9. “your important to me”

10. “i care”

11. “I was just thinking about you”

12. “i noticed

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Colour Palette Challenge 11/? >> Oikawa Tooru requested by @oikvw​ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)