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I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time that some of the things Yuuri says, especially in the first couple episodes, are not exactly the truth and should be looked into farther. Honestly, we knew Yuuri was unreliable the moment the show opened–he referred to himself as “dime-a-dozen,” when he is literally the only male skater certified by the JSF within canonverse. 

And he made it to the GPF, you know? He’s one of the top 6 skaters in the world, right off the bat! It took us a few episodes to understand Yuuri’s character to realize the context of these statements, but we figured out pretty early on that Yuuri is the embodiment of Unreliable Narrator™. Especially after ep10, jfc. 

Anyway, why I’m bringing this up is because Kubo seemed to confirm a little theory of mine I’ve had stewing for a while and I wanted to share it with you.

So. Episode 1. The commemorative photo scene. 

I wanna first establish that this scene took place before the banquet. During the series run, sometime just afterwards, and occasionally even now there’s debate over when that scene took place. It wouldn’t make sense to happen after the banquet because they’re not only still wearing the team jackets, but they’re also wearing passes

The outside sign has information about the competition 

and Victor is talking to Yuri about his routines

which he probably wouldn’t do if it was up to a day later. 

We know how the rest of the scene goes. Victor seems to not recognize Yuuri at all, mistakes him for a fan, asks if he wants a photo, and then Yuuri leaves, thoroughly humiliated. Or, at least, that’s Yuuri’s version of what happened. I think generally everything that was said got said, all the movements and series of events were the same, but the implications of the offer were different. 

I have multiple anxiety disorders. When I remember something that I felt was a misstep or caused embarrassment, I always remember it slightly off. A person’s tone is more mocking or condescending, my reaction is worse than it was. There’s a lot of shame when it comes to anxiety and your mind immediately assumes you’re viewed to be–and are–on a lower pedestal than everyone else. Yuuri, clearly, has severe anxiety, so I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to think that, since this is from his perspective, maybe reality is a bit different than what he is able to give us. 

Anyway, my thoughts had no basis, so I’ve kept them to myself, but then Kubo came out and said this:

and then the fanbase lit up in flames because Victor know Yuuri was a fan before the banquet. But this also implies one thing I got super excited about: Victor has seen him skate, before the commemorative photo scene. 

meaning that everyone’s preconception that Victor mistook Yuuri for a fan has been completely blown out of the water. 

So, why would Victor ask him about a photo then? 

I think it’s important to keep in mind that Victor likes to make people feel good about their abilities. He likes teaching others, and he likes motivating them too. He gets pleasure out of seeing people rise to their potential. 

Although he’s flighty and kind of an airhead, and tends to ignore what he doesn’t find interesting, I don’t think Victor would ignore the scorings or the competitors landing below 3rd place. Victor clearly knew that Yuuri fell to last place, hard. This is just speculation, but maybe Yuri mentioned to Victor the incident with Yuuri crying in the bathroom. Or, perhaps Victor had already seen the press about Yuuri: he’s notorious for losing his nerve during competitions and failing to meet his potential. When Yuuri goes down, he tends to crash and burn. 

(also honda’s words imply yuuri usually performs very well)

Victor likes making people happy and better versions of themselves. Now he’s faced with the competitor who fell to last place, staring at him a few feet away. A competitor who is known for his anxiety and tendency to shy away from others. A competitor who just so happens to be a fan. So, what is Victor to do to help Yuuri feel better, or even open up a bit?

Initiate conversation. Try to reel him in to interacting with an open, non-threatening question and a tried-and-true welcoming smile. 

“Commemorative Photo?”

Victor didn’t mistake Yuuri for a non-competing fan, he knew who Yuuri was and was just trying his best to make Yuuri feel better. Victor, as we’ve seen throughout the series, resorts to giving comfort through action rather than words first and foremost. Unfortunately for him, this is not what Yuuri needs. 

It backfired. But I think Victor had good intentions. They were strangers so it’s not like Victor could just walk up and start a motivating speech. He tried to invite Yuuri to talk to him, someone Yuuri looked up to, and maybe they could talk and Victor could brighten his day? 

Victor wasn’t very tactile, and Yuuri didn’t stand his ground and identify himself, so they got nowhere with that. 

I’m so glad Kubo said this. This face looks like a combination of surprise and disappointment, perhaps not only in Yuuri rejecting him but also in himself for not being able to help.

and this face 

looks more concerned and surprised that Yuuri showed rather than like “oh shit, he’s a competitor.”

Poor Yuuri. Poor Victor. They really need to communicate better. 

Since I’ve been traipsing around a different continent for the past three months, I haven’t even seen the rest of the season and the finale… but let me tell you what happens anyway after last night’s Apparent Clusterfuck:

As Dean Winchester stands next to his prone angel, morbidly fascinated by the ash wings burned into the ground around his feet, he feels completely and utterly numb. He’s only had the presence of mind not to step on them, an easy thing given the fact that they’re so bare of feathers.

Carefully, and still without thinking, the hunter lowers himself to his knees, brow furrowed and lip trembling as he attempts to process what is clearly right before him.

Castiel is dead.

Still, Dean can’t help extending a shaking hand. His fingers gently trace the curve of Cas’s cheekbone in a way he never would have allowed himself if the other was still breathing, and despite the fact that his mouth feels like sandpaper and he can feel Castiel’s skin turning cold he asks the question anyway:


Dean can feel Sam staring holes through his back, but that’s the extent of any response to his query.

“Cas, wake up.”

His voice is a broken croak, but Dean keeps speaking anyway, turning bolder and more desperate with every second that reality sinks in.

“Cas? Castiel, wake up. Wake up, Cas! Cas!”

He’s pawing at his angel now, vision blurring until he has to blink to clear it. He all but throws himself across Castiel’s torso to uselessly slap at his cheeks in an attempt to rouse him.

“You stupid son of a bitch, wake up! Wake up, Castiel! Don’t you dare leave me, don’t…”

Castiel is still motionless when Dean collapses against him. “Don’t go,” the hunter whispers pitifully into his angel’s neck. He squeezes his eyes shut and swallows a sob. “Please. I… Cas, I…” His heart is in his throat as he turns his head to press a light kiss behind the other’s ear, moving to put his lips against Castiel’s own for the first and last time. “…I love you, you dumb angel,” he murmurs. “So you gotta wake up. Cas. Cas, I love you, so you hafta…”

When nothing happens, Dean curls himself over his angel and cries.

Sam joins him after a time, crouching to put a hand to his shoulder and blinking back tears himself. Soon, though, they have to go. “Dean. Dean, we have to get out of here.”

“Sammy, I–”

“I know. It’ll be okay.”

But when they both turn away from Cas for the first time, God isn’t who they’re expecting to find. In all honesty, they’re not expecting to find anyone… and yet, there he is: Chuck, dressed in a robe and stained pj pants.

“You love my son?” Is all he asks, piercing gaze boring into Dean. Dean takes a step back as if to protect Castiel’s form from his own father, and that apparently is good enough. Chuck nods sagely. “I don’t play favourites, you know,” he says. “I did that once with Lucifer and it didn’t end well… but Castiel is, different. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted angels to be. He makes mistakes. He learns. And yet every time I bring him back, he ends up risking his life for you.”

Dean holds his breath. Chuck sighs. “I love my son, I would give him the world if I could.” There’s a beat, and Chuck tilts his head to the side. “But we’ve both seen what happens when he has unlimited power. Besides, at the end of the day… I think he really just wants you.”

And then God is gone.

Dean is confused for only a moment before there’s a gasping breath from behind him and a hacking cough, Castiel sitting upright and flushed and so very alive that Dean can do nothing but throw himself to the ground. He tackles Cas in a kiss before the other has time to say a word, pressing him to the floor and putting everything he is into the contact.

When he pulls away, Cas is bright red and smiling with the approximate wattage of the sun. “Dean,” he murmurs, awed. “I’m… I mean, I…”

Dean presses a finger to the other’s plump lips. “I love you,” he says simply.

And Castiel moves to kiss him again.


it’s insane that there are people who don’t think Gideon is the embodiment of white. He believes 100% in that which is greater than him- his irregulars, the gatewatch, the boros army, the allies on zendikar, the gods- and fully believes that without the unity and structure of the whole there is no path forward. Gids has been adrift since losing his faith in Theros and getting his spark, and everything he’s done in the story since then has been towards the end of finding and rebuilding that belief in the greater. He’s maybe the perfect essence of White.

And really, i’m tired of listening to folks disparage the idea of being lawful good paladin protector or whatever. it’s tough to give of yourself so much, to put yourself out for little to no reward, simply for the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else. Gids resonates with me because of his legit selflessness and desire to be the best support structure there is. He’s extroverted, vulnerable (emotionally, not physically), and willing to go to any length in order to make sure the group is happy.

This leads into yesterday’s magic story and a little personal context.

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A note regarding costume designs

I added a note to the translation itself too, but I wanted to write something to clear up a few things on costume design, since I’ve seen a few extreme interpretations of Yuuri’s SP costume being inspired by underwear and bondage.

Please remember that one thing is “what the designer had in mind when they created the costume” and one thing is “what the costume is meant to represent within the show”. They are not necessarily the same.

Most costumes where originally designed by Chacott’s Yuiko Sagiri, and they were later modified to an extent by the anime’s costume designer Kayoko Ishikawa to transform the designs into something that could be easily animated. 

This is an excerpt of what Sagiri said about Yuuri’s “Eros” costume:

Since the song is performed from the point of view of a woman, I designed it with the concept of “a femme fatale who seduces men”.
The sensual parts are the body half made with net to be see-through and the lace-up part in the middle, plus the skirt part on only half of the waist that I added to express movement.
It’s a design that shows off the skater’s body line.
In the anime setting they apparently changed the cutting of the skirt’s hem and added tucks from the seams. They also added large shiny decorations on the shoulder and waist.

You can find the full translated interview here. From the picture in the translation you can also see the difference between the original and the anime design, that has glass pieces instead of small rhinestones and more net patterns on the chest, waist and left leg.

Victor stated in the anime that the costume was meant to represent both male and female genders, but we do not have detailed information on his performance using the costume. However, the “femme fatale” image is what the designer took inspiration from because in the anime it was going to be used for Yuuri’s “Eros” program, it does not mean that the costume originally had that concept when Victor used it. Similarly, when Ishikawa says that she designed it “with bondage and underwear in mind”, it means that it’s what she took visual inspiration from to modify it, not that within the series the costume was created based on bondage. Actually, the same exact costume would probably look much less provoking if, for example, Yurio used it to skate Agape, because it would give a completely different image than in Eros.

What I mean to say is, of course you can argue that Yuuri has a sexual image of that costume since it’s what he chose to skate Eros (though he finally decides to use it after hearing Victor say that it was meant to represent both male & female, so that was probably a reason too), but nowhere it’s stated that Victor really had it made based on bondage. Just please keep in mind that the references used by designers for costumes do not always match what the characters themselves thought when choosing/designing them.

(By the way, another clear example is Victor’s FS costume: Ishikawa says she used a prince-like image, Sagiri said it expresses the dignity of a king, but we don’t know what Victor actually had in mind when he ordered the costume. Sagiri even adds that in her opinion Victor might not even pay too much attention to his own costumes anymore and “probably leaves the job to a designer he trusts”, though of course this is her idea and no one has confirmed so far how the costume was created within the series.)

Lastly, this is a larger version of the anime costume design where it mentions bondage. It says “Bondage image. Insert the highlights wide. Shadows in some points”. So basically it would seem one of the inspirations they took from bondage is how to make the colors/highlights of the costume. It does kind of look similar to the coloring you’d use on a bondage costume indeed. But it’s just a visual reference for the creators.

BTS | Reaction to playing Cards Against Humanity for the first time *NSFW*

Now if you haven’t played the game (which I highly recommend you do), it’s a card game that let’s you release your sickest sense of humor possible ever. A black card is read by one person and the other people choose a white card(s) from their hand to finish the black card and the person who read the black card chooses the winner of that round and you do that until all the cards are gone or you’re just done playing if you’re like me and have a shit ton of expansions. <— I really hope that all made sense.

Let’s just say you didn’t fully explain the entirety on the game. You knew Jin wouldn’t have played with you if you had explained everything to him. He’s not dumb, the first hand he could tell something was up with this game but of course you eased him into the game before you starting hitting him with the hard stuff.

“Really? A windmill full of corpses?” *judging*

“But if you think about it……” 

Originally posted by jungkookiescookies

Yoongs might enjoy this game a little too much at times. When you had told him what the game was about and showed him the cards he was a little skeptical at first and wondered where in the world you found something like this, but as the game progressed he found he enjoyed it.

“Y/N…that card combo is pretty relatable, don’t cha think?” he questioned, winking at you.

“That won’t help you win…” you replied.

“Should I leave you two alone?” Namjoon asked.

He would judge you the whole time playing. This ball of sunshine, though he has his own moments, would not believe that you…his adorable girlfriend would play such a game.

“Who are you and what have you done with Y/N?” he questioned.

Rap Monster/Namjoon:
Namjoon always saw you a serious person. He knew you had a side of you that could be a little on the sick minded side and you were never afraid to make a dirty joke should the joke a rise. But playing this game took things to a completely different level.

“Oh my god, Y/N….I knew you could be sick minded but this is a new level,” he said as he laughed.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Change his name to giggles. This squish would in a fit of laughter the whole time. He knew you weren’t afraid to pull dirty jokes and neither was he and this was one way to get your sick/horrible sense of humor and chance to run free.

“A moment of silence for a mime,” he said going into a fit of laughter, “This is the best game ever.”

“That is disgusting!!!” Tae said, seeing your card selection, “I love you so much.”

There would be no shortage of laughter when it comes to this game. He never knew that you could be as disgustingly funny as you were. He was always careful about the dirty jokes around you cause he never wanted to upset you, but now he knew he would never have to worry about that again.

The game never even took place. Mama Jin knew about the game and when you asked Kookie if he wanted to play with you a stop was put to that immediately.

“I’m not letting you corrupt him just yet, Y/N!” Jin declared.

The game may have not happened but Jungkook was curious as to why he was told he couldn’t play the game so he took a look at the cards later and let’s just say, Jungshook understood after that.



Summary: After playing Dan’s Hello Internet video, Phil has to make sure Dan isn’t upset with him before proposing.

Genre: Fluff, Proposal, Pouty!Dan A bit of angst (wow look I actually branched out for once) 

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 2, 237


“My name is… Dan.”

Phil heard about five loud stomps until his boyfriend was standing in the doorway. Phil’s legs tensed up.

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Fanfiction - He Who Loves Him (College AU)

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He Who Loves Him

Claire was brushing her teeth, silently going over every possible therapeutic scheme for a pneumonia – she had a pharmacology test later that week -, when her phone buzzed inside her pocket.

“Going for an early session with JG, need to train our plays. Meet me there later, Snch? Love u. XO”

The image of John Grey the previous night, his unshielded emotions pouring out, came to her mind with the impact of a slap. Could she be wrong? She didn’t thought so. In that fraction of time John had laid down his guard, totally exposed as his heart called out for Jamie’s. She knew that look – had surprised it enough times while looking into the mirror or gazing at Jamie’s eyes since that first night, months ago.

Was Jamie aware of his affections? That issue was even more complicated. He was a sensitive and wise man – Claire highly doubted he would proposedly seek John’s company so often, knowing that it might encourage him somehow. Knowing that, deep down, every time they stood close he was teasing John. No – she was fairly sure Jamie had no clue. Besides, she was confident he would have shared any thoughts of that nature with her.

It was like holding a grenade – a weapon of destruction had been bestowed into her care and now she had to decide what to do with it – she could almost feel it, throbbing dangerously in her hand with each passing second. Should she share her suspicions with Jamie? The repercussions of that discovery floated in front of her eyes, as ripples of a disturbance in the water. Perhaps she ought to remain silent and wait for things to unfold as they would? Perchance knowing his feelings unreciprocated, Grey would slowly forget Jamie?

Slowly she typed her answer and hit send, her chest heavy as a quarry. “See you then. XX”

She went to the library in search of some articles, needed to complete her essay on the benefits of breast cancer screening. All the time, while she perused the books and medical publications in search of helpful materials, a permanent weight was trapped inside her, like a vine around her trachea and lungs, threatening to suffocate her – the burden of secrets kept and the clairvoyance of pain to come.

“Claire!” Ian called her with urgency, hurriedly walking along the corridor of bookcases. He was almost breathless and he had a deep crease on his forehead. “A Dhia! I’ve been searching everywhere for ye. Something happened.”

“Jamie.” She whispered, dropping a pile of books on the floor, her lips numb. “What is it, Ian? What happened?”

“He is alright.” Ian comforted her, but his lips were twisted in apprehension. “But he punched John Grey – hit him pretty badly.”

“What?!” Claire asked, astonished. She grabbed Ian by the shoulders and shook him slightly, as if panning gold from a river. “But they are friends.”

“Well…” Ian swallowed hard and blushed like a lobster under the influence of the cooker. “Apparently Grey kissed him in front of the whole team.”


Claire found him sitting – of rather collapsed - on the lawn of the nearby park – usually a perfect hiding place, if not for the gossip that followed him and made him as easy to trace as a fugitive kangaroo.

“Have you come here to yell at me?” John asked, his eyes caught in the distant flock of birds, raiding the top of the trees like a heavenly army, flaunting their freedom with a stroke of wings. “God I wish they’d stop doing that.” He grumbled, as a couple of girls blatantly pointed in his direction from afar, their laughs clear as seagulls’ cries calling for a storm at sea.

“You kissed my boyfriend.” Claire said in a conversational tone while she sat next to him on the grass, folding her legs in a meditation position. “The thought of giving a shout or two has crossed my mind. Don’t you think I’m entitled to it? Or being a boy is supposed to offer you some privileges?”

“I was thinking you’d find it ridiculous enough to pity me.” He snorted, brushing his knuckles. He was sporting an impressive black eye, as if something had started to rot from the inside out, hidden truths closer to the surface of the skin. “I’m not your rival, Claire – never will be.”

“There’s nothing ridiculous about your feelings, John.” She said softly, brushing away a stubborn curl waving like a flag on the breeze. “I hope you know that.”

“Jamie didn’t seem to agree.” John closed his eyes and grimaced. “I didn’t mean to disrespect you in any way, Claire. I know what you are – who you are – to him.”

“So what did you mean?” She waited patiently as his fingers played with a solitary dandelion, an outcast amongst the green blades of grass, akin to himself.

“I’m in love with him.” He whispered, his ears acquiring a faint pinkish tone – his light blue eyes serious and tormented. Was it the first time he admitted it out loud? “I had promised myself I would never act upon it – would never sought nothing more than his friendship. I was decided to cherish whatever he chose to give me as my most precious gift.”

“What changed, then?” Claire nodded, observing as an ant made its way across her finger, tickling her with its infinitesimal steps – unbelievingly strong by nature’s standards and yet so fragile had she chosen to crush it.  

“He was so happy after practice today – so hopeful for the Championships next week.” John explained in a choked voice, shrugging. “For a moment I lost track of reality – I was entangled in the fantasy that I could be part of his elation. I kissed him because I forgot myself.”

“I understand.” She gently placed the ant on the ground beside her, contemplating as it continued its previous path, undisturbed. “I do.” She repeated, noticing his sideways glance of doubt. “I know how easy it is to love him. I could never reproach you for that.”

“Yes.” John bit his lip, until a drop of blood was formed underneath his teeth – as if he had been kissed by an angry deity, marking him for the ultimate sacrifice. His voice was low and almost angry – not with her but with himself; with the temptations of loving a man beyond his reach. “And how hard is it to laugh with him and not touch him? To hear him talk and not kiss him to drink down his words – ever thirsty, ever wanting? This mark,” He brushed the bruise on his face with moving tenderness, as a caress of a lover. “It’s the closest thing I’ll ever have of his touch on me.”

“You took him by surprise.” Claire watched as he finally crushed the dandelion bellow his trembling fingers, annihilating the part of himself that stood out from the crowd. “I’m sure that’s why he hit you.”

“Perhaps.” The young man laughed – a short and forced sound, like thousands of cries trapped bellow his ribs, cracking every vessel, every organ, wide open. “But now I lost him forever. I won’t have him in any capacity – and I don’t think I can live with that notion. He demanded that I never speak to him again – or even call him Jamie. I feel small and pathetic as only loveless beings can be.”

They sat in silence for a while, strange companions linked by the shared love of a single man – one heart sure and complete reaching out to glue the shards of one irredeemably broken. Claire felt a million different emotions, battling inside her mind like opposing armies, until she was ready to surrender to a numbing conclusion – part of her mourning for John’s uncorresponded love; another screaming in blasphemy at him, who had dared to steal a kiss promised only to her.  

“I’m sorry I told you these things.” John whispered, as shadows grew around them, finally making him invisible to unwelcome eyes. “It can’t be easy hearing another soul lusting after what is rightfully yours. How do you feel about all this?”

“Sad.” Claire said in a soft tone and then, looking to him with sincerity written all over her face. “Avenged.”


She knew where to find him – there was only one place on campus that could ease his troubled soul, where he would go to release his consuming thoughts.

Claire entered the locker room without knocking on the door – it was late and any practice had surely ended hours ago. He was there, sitting on the bench, a towel draped around his shoulders – he looked worn out and battered. His fast breathing was the only audible sound besides her own steps – he had been working out, probably repeating the dynamics she had witnessed the day she first saw him. Once upon a time he had been consumed with the desire of being better, of overcoming himself – now he was using the same tactics to run away from things that awaited on the inside, dreary and haunting.

“I’ve been looking for you.” She said softly, coming closer to him. “I thought you would come to me after what happened.”

“I needed to think.” Jamie looked at her with troubled eyes. “Besides, I dinna know what ye’d feel - and think - about all of this.”

“I think you’re hurt.” She whispered, her thumb touching her silver ring for strength – it seemed like a lifetime ago, the night he had given it to her, the fountain singing around them. “And you shouldn’t be alone.” Jamie glared at her and his lips contorted in agony.

“Ye knew.” He affirmed – almost accused – in a raw voice, his eyes drifting away from her face. “Didn’t ye?”

“I did.” Claire admitted, leaning against the lockers behind her.

“Why didn’t ye tell me?” Jamie asked, cleaning the sweat of his brow with a towel. “I thought we had honesty between us, Claire.”

“We do.” She inhaled deeply. “Between us. This had nothing to do with me, Jamie – it was not my place to tell you of those suspicions. What if I had been wrong?”

Ifrinn! I would have been prepared.” He hissed, throwing the towel on the floor. “I wouldna have been caught unaware like a blind fool.”

“I am sorry.” She breathed, sitting on the bench – keeping a respectful distance from him. “I didn’t want to torture you with things that might never come to pass. And John, he…”

“Dinna say his name to me!” Jamie spat out, closing his fists over his knees. “I should have killed the man.”

“I know you didn’t punch him because he likes men.” Claire said evenly. “I know you Jamie. You’re better than any of those prejudices.”

“He touched me against my will!” He snickered. “And you think I’m not entitled to be outraged?”

“I’m sure you are.” She conceded, leaning over to search for his eyes. “But that is not all of it, is it?”

“I hurt him because he betrayed me, Claire.” He said between his teeth, sounding as broken and ruined as John had sounded earlier. “I opened up with him. Told him personal things, allowed him inside – and he used it to get close to me. He abused my trust.”

“That’s not all of it either, is it?” Claire demanded, sliding from her seat and kneeling in front of him – she held his hands on hers, battered and swollen knuckles as medals of sorrow, and felt the tremor in his body. “Tell me, Jamie. Why are you like this?”

“I’m angry because he got hurt!” He yelled, his fist releasing form her grip and hitting the locker next to him with a bang. “He left me no other choice! And now we canna go back and pretend this never happened, Claire.”

“You lost him too.” She realized, licking her lips, watching his blue eyes moist and fierce. “But you can still amend things.”

“He robbed me of something.” He shook his head, his hands finding their way to her face, as he held on to her. “I’m yers, Claire. I dinna want to belong to anyone else, ever again – he had no right to endanger that. If ye had suspected me or heard what people are saying…I canna breathe thinking I could lose ye.”

“I’d sooner doubt my heart than yours, Jamie.” She assured him, cradling his head between her hands.  “Trust me in this – as I’ve trusted you. I will only believe that I don’t hold your heart the day you tell me so, yourself. Nothing else on this earth can part me from you.”

“Claire.” Jamie whispered, tugging her closer. “Claire, I need ye so.”

She allowed him to claim her body there and then – pressing her against him in an urgency that was a coronation of his fears. And while he sought reassurance of his rightful place, she prayed for those who would never know such love, alone in the darkness outside of a healing heart.

BTS react to you wanting sex early

A/N: sorry if this is rather late but this is my first smutty request so i hope you enjoy~ 

Please feel free to send me any more requests as I am trying to reply to most as soon as i can!


Originally posted by mrspreadinglegsjungkook

At first, he would slightly be taken aback by your sudden confession but that surprised look will quickly fade into Jungkook’s signature cocky look and he’d do all he could to try to turn you on as much as possible… his voice becoming deeper, lip biting, staring at you daringly until he knew he had successfully turned you on.

“Are you really up for it?”


Originally posted by myjaebutt

Taehyung would give you a little square smile and nod his head “okay” before going back to whatever he was doing. From time to time, Taehyung would give you a knowing look and teasingly wink at you as a way to make fun of (as well as) initiating sex with you.

“I’m only ready when you are”


Originally posted by amsimaria

Jimin would be rather confused at first, he would ask again to make sure that you were completely serious so that you wouldn’t regret it when you both end up having sex. He would be so sweet and caring about your feelings but having sex with Jimin, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

“What made you change your mind so soon? do i look that good?” He would tease playfully.


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

my textposts make me look like a namjoon bias and stan

His mood and aura would immediately change as soon as you had mentioned it to him, he would stop whatever he was doing and just look you dead in the eyes with lust in his. Namjoon would probably inch closer to you, trying to either intimidate or turn you on, maybe even both, initiating this was his way of challenging you to repeat the words you had said to him.

“Are you sure you’re ready baby girl?”


Originally posted by hoseokxx

Hoseok would most likely react awkwardly to this at first, not knowing how to react to your sudden confession but of course he would make sure that you were genuine about what you had said before initiating anything beyond making out. He would be very caring and careful when you both had sex, making sure that your needs were fulfilled before his. 

“Wow, so sudden…”


Originally posted by yoongight

Believe it or not, Min Yoongi would most likely be flustered when it came to the topic of sex (though, he’s completely different when actually doing it…) after you had told him this, he would simply give you a simple nod but smile at himself when you weren’t looking as an dirty scene unfolded in his head. He’ll remind himself to apply his imagination into reality for the next time.


Originally posted by jhopefluxo

At first, Seokjin wouldn’t have realised that you were being serious and teased you with an equally flirtatious reply, but when he saw that you were genuine about it, he would most likely take it seriously and tell you to wait patiently for the right mood and moment.

“I knew you couldn’t resist this face for too long”

                                                   -bangtan angels-

Thoughts on Kiran

dude you know what makes me sad about Kiran, the behind the scenes tactician/summoner in fire emblem heroes? the fact that they are some random person who was randomly summoned by Anna using breidablik. They could have been anyone, a college student going to school, a high school student studying quietly in their room, a mother out shopping- really you could give Kiran any backstory as long as it was a modern day one. It’s cool and all that they team up with Anna, Alfonse, and Sharena, but if I were in their shoes the first question I’d have after settling in is “when would I go back home?” The Askrians don’t have the liberty to open up gateways to our modern day world since there’s no telling when the Emblians will agree to closing the gateways without conquering the worlds inside them. That sounds like a scary situation for Kiran to be in. All of a sudden they were taken from their ordinary lifestyle to serve as a summoner/tactician for an army of a completely different world than the one they live in without guarantee of when they were going home. What if Kiran had something important to do or loved ones they needed to be with? How much time will pass until Kiran goes home?

Every Me And Every You - Two

Spencer reid x reader

You’d spent the whole of last night thinking about your conversation with Spencer. You couldn’t quite get your head around the fact that he’d told you that he liked dominating people.

Nor could you believe that you’d blurted out, “I trust you,” and asked if he’d show you.

It wasn’t that you were a shy person. Most of the time you were outgoing and loud and said what was on your mind. It was just….. well, this wasn’t a topic you’d ever really seriously talked about with anyone. Sure you’d made jokes about it with friends and stuff, but to have a full blown conversation with your friend and work colleague….one you found attractive too, well that was a completely different thing.

You’d been out for a run this morning and had spent the afternoon running errands and generally being a boring adult. Now you were relaxing in a bubble bath, thinking and contemplating the things he’d told you last night.

True to his word he’d sent you some links, you clicking and scanning through them before you passed out last night. Some of the heavier stuff scared you a little. You definitely didn’t think you would find people in full latex body suits and face hoods attractive or something you’d want to experience. But the thought of acting out certain scenarios that he’d mentioned, or being tied up and blindfolded, that did excite you somewhat.

But how much?

Lying in the tub you surveyed your body through the bubbles. Spencer had said there was a thin line between pain and pleasure. Hmmmm.

You couldn’t really spank yourself to see if you liked that. You’d never really be able to test your own limits. But you’d always enjoyed sex when it was a bit rough. Someone biting or scratching you, pulling or pinching your nipples hard. Did that mean you wanted to be whipped and spanked though?

You thought back to the links he’d sent you, and remembered that he’d said that if you wanted to explore this, you needed to be sure and you needed to find someone you trusted.

You trusted him.

Would he really be up for this?

Were you really up for this?

Only one way to find out. You grabbed your phone from where it was resting on the side of the bath and dialled. 

An hour later you were sat inside of Spencer Reid’s apartment, sitting across from him nervously.

“Are you certain this is something you want to try?” Your colleague asked you, watching for your reaction. You nodded, knowing that if you spoke, your voice would shake.

“And you know that you cannot let this effect our working relationship right? Normally if I’m doing this, it’s with someone from outside of my normal circle of friends. If this effects work, one of us will have to leave the BAU and it won’t be me offering to leave.”

You nodded again, knowing he was right.

You’d slept with coworkers before and had managed to keep the relationship in the office strictly professional. This wasn’t just sex though. But you could do it. You were sure.

“Did you read the information I sent you last night?”

“Yes.” You could definitely hear the nerves shaking your voice. You’d been much more confident over the phone. Now you were you actually here though….

“Are there certain aspects in particular you want to try? And things you don’t want to try? Talking about this is paramount to it working Y/N.” He took a sip of his coffee and you mirrored him. You’d asked if he had anything stronger but he refused, saying that you needed to be completely sober and aware of what was happening if you were being serious.

“Is this where we draw up some kind of contract or something?”

Spencer laughed, his eyes crinkling. “No. Whilst some people do actually do that, I prefer not to. I prefer to think that my partner will trust me enough without having a document to back it up. But you do need to tell me what you’re looking for here. And be completely honest.”

You took a deep breath, “Spencer, I honestly don’t know. The blindfold and restraint thing you told me about, I know I’d want to try that. The role play….. I think I’d like to try. But the whole ‘spank me and tell me I’m dirty’, that’s what I’m not sure about. I like sex a bit rough, but I’ve never been smacked or whipped or anything. But I think I like the idea of relinquishing all control. I just don’t know why.”

He smiled at you again. “Y/N, there’s ways for me to Dominate you without verbally insulting or physically hurting you, although I think you’ll be surprised. When the mood is right the endorphins in your body will take over and you may not feel as much pain as you’re expecting to. Everyone’s different. But there’s other ways.”

“How?” you breathed out, the nerves completely wiping the things you’d read last night from your mind.

“I could have you strip naked and spend the whole day waiting on me hand and foot, not allowing you to speak or get dressed. I could take you out for dinner and have you wear a remote controlled clitoral stimulator, which I’d have the control to. Or I could have you naked on my bed, spread eagled and instruct you to touch yourself whilst I watch, having you stop when I say stop and following my instructions only.”

Fuck…. All three of those options sounded ridiculously hot to you right now. You adjusted yourself on his couch, realising you felt wet between your thighs.

“You’ve flushed. And you’re wriggling.” He’d noticed, oh course he had.


“Why are you apologising? It’s good that this is turning you on. If it didn’t, I’d be worried about why you were here.”

“I just…. I wonder if I’m too ‘Vanilla’ for you. Whether my tastes won’t be the same as yours.” You’d come across that term last night.

“Yet I bet up until yesterday, you thought I was as ‘Vanilla’ as they came right?“ He air quoted with his hands, an amused look on his face.

You couldn’t not smile because it was true.

“Everyone starts somewhere Y/N. We can start slowly, maybe some restraints and sensory deprivation, see where your limits lie. And go from there?”

“Okay. Can I ask something first? Why are you wiling to do this with me Reid?”

He shrugged. “You asked. Everyone needs someone to show them the way if they’re new to the scene. It helps that I find you attractive, and if I’m being completely honest, seeing you handling some of the gear that had been collected as evidence this week, did give me ideas. So…. Do you want to try?”

Now or never Y/N.

“Yes…. Tonight?”

“If you like. I’ve not long showered and given the splashing I heard when you called, I presumed you’ve bathed.”

You nodded at him again.

“Okay. First things. I’m clean. I haven’t had a partner since my last STD test seven weeks ago. If you’d prefer to use protection though that’s 100 percent fine with me. I have a selection.”

Wow. You wondered what else he had a selection of, although you imagined you’d be finding out fairly soon.

“Erm, I’m clean too. I had a pap smear and tests done fourteen weeks ago and I haven’t been with any once since. I’m on the depo injection too. Condoms sometimes irritate me.”

“Good. My preference is without, but safe sex is important. Next point, safe words. And does your 'no’ actually mean 'no’. Because I need to be sure. Which is why the safe word is important.”

You’d read about safe words before. Some of the thrill came from hearing someone seemingly in pain and asking you to stop, but carrying on. Or saying no, but having someone continue. NOT in a rape scenario, that was something you’d never do, although you couldn’t quite bring yourself to ask Spencer whether that was a scenario he’d played out.

“Safe word……can it just be a colour?” Your mind was drawing a blank.

“It can indeed. Some partners operate with a few colours actually. Yellow meaning stop doing that particular thing but don’t end the scene, and red meaning to stop completely, scene over.”

“Can we do that?” you asked, now starting to feel slightly less nervous. He was making it easy to talk to him about this and you were thankful for that.

“We can if that’s what you want. If you say yellow, I’ll ease off initially and if you say it again, I’ll try something different. Say red, and we just stop completely okay, end of play, no judgement. Does this mean that 'no’ or 'stop’ means I can continue.”

“Yes. Although I’m not sure I’ll actually say no or stop. But who knows. What about…. What about if I’m gagged?”

“We won’t go that far tonight, but if that’s the case, we’ll make sure you can snap your fingers. I’ve seen you do it enough times at work before so I know you’re capable of it.”

Won’t go that far tonight. Oh jeez.

“Are you ready? Is there anything else you want to ask? Don’t be scared Y/N. And don’t be frightened to ask me what I’m doing or to use the safe words okay.”

“Okay. And… Yes. I’m ready.” Your heart was pounding and you felt slightly light headed, but you were ready.

“Alright then. Let’s move into my bedroom. Don’t worry, it’s not like the red room or anything. It’s just a normal room. I keep my toys locked away in a chest, just in case.”

Toys. Oh christ.

But you wanted this. As nervous as you were, you definitely wanted this. The feeling between your legs was a clear indicator of that.

Spencer stood and held out his hand to you.

Taking yet another deep breath, you took it.

Finding You - Chanyeol (Part 1)

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(Admin: WWT & Babyboiii)

➢ CEO/Heir!Chanyeol x cafe/bakery owner!Reader
➢ Best friend!Jongbin, co-worker!Kyungsoo, & secretary!Baekhyun

Chanyeol rested his arms against the counter at the front of your cafe.

“Can I get two americanos, and for you to sit with me,” he smiled cheekily up at you, you rolled your eyes.

“It’ll be ready soon, take your seat Mr. future CEO,” you returned his smile looking down, he tried to hand you the amount for the coffee, but you shook your head pushing it back at him.

He stumbled off to a table by the window, you probably had the biggest smile on your face while you went to fix the coffees. Once they were done you rushed over to his table careful not to spill the coffee, you sat them down sitting across from him.

“So what do you think,” you asked leaning over the table, Chanyeol glanced around the small cafe.

“Don’t you think you should’ve gotten a bigger place, do you want me to ask my dad to get you better building,” he asked pointing towards his father’s company which was right across the street.

“I got this place because of that,” you pointed in the same direction, “I get to see you more,” Chanyeol smiled to himself picking up his coffee.

“You just can’t be away from me,” he said giddily, leaning back in his seat with a smug smile tugging at his lips.

“You remember what happened when you moved,” you held your cup in your hands.

“I heard you cried every day until I came to stay with you,” he teased, you nodded, “let me tell you secret,” he leaned closer to you, “I cried too,” he leaned back in the seat crossing his arms over his chest, you finally took a drink of your coffee still giddy.

“I don’t think I could be without you either,” he said softly, “you help me when I’m stressed when I want to give up, you give me a place to run to,” he admitted, he sighed, “I don’t want to go back, I could stay here all day,” he paused, “and keep you from work,” you chuckled.

“I’d have to close down the cafe if you stayed here all day,” you leaned onto the table closer to him, he huffed.

“I could always pay your building rent,” he said in a matter-of-factly tone, you hit his head the best you could.

“I’m gonna make it on my own, I told you that,” you said confidently, Chanyeol smiled fondly at you, before letting out a frustrated sigh.

“I’m going to head back now,” he stood up walking to your side of the table, he leaned down pressing his lips to your forehead, “don’t miss me too much, okay,” you tried to contain your smile to no avail, nodding.

“Oh hello Mr. Park,” you greeted Chanyeol’s father, he had a stern expression on his face that instantly made your smile drop, “is something wrong,” you questioned.

“Y’N could we talk for awhile,” he asked his tone monotone which was something you weren’t used to from him, as long as you’d known him he’d always been kind and nice to you and your father.

“Yes of course,” you quickly wiped your hands on your apron taking it off, he followed you to a table at the back of your cafe.

“I need to talk with you about Chanyeol,” he said with a heavy sigh his eyes held a faint look of pity once he mentioned Chanyeol’s name.

“Is something wrong with him,” you paused, “he seemed fine when he came by earlier,” you quickly added on, concern dripping off of your every word.

“That’s exactly what it’s about,” he said in an unfamiliar tone that almost sounded like a growl.

You looked around the back of the cafe trying to process, or think of what could come next from him, your mind automatically jumping to the worst conclusion.

“You’re distracting Chanyeol from what’s important in his life,” your throat suddenly felt dry, Mr. Park had never spoken to you like this before, “you’re keeping him from the company, I’ve let the two of you be together for too long, and I think it’s time you go,” your heart shattered.

“You two aren’t meant to be together, you’re on completely different levels,” he paused, “you’re not worth the dirt under his feet,” you tried your hardest to contain your tears, “I’ll buy you another building, but you can’t speak with Chanyeol again, this isn’t a choice,” he sighed, “I’ll have you moved by next week.

His words replayed again and again in your mind, when Chanyeol stepped inside your cafe, just like he did every day since you had opened two years ago. Chanyeol smiled widely at you, you motioned for him to go sit down already knowing what he’d order. You let out a shaky breath trying to compose yourself, you still had a week to be with him, but after that, you’d lose the one thing that kept you going up until now.

“How’s your day been,” he asked sweetly, you rolled your lips under, “did you have a rude customer, what’s wrong,” Chanyeol asked reaching over to grab your hands rubbing his thumb along your knuckles in a comforting manner.

“Do you think you could stay with me this week,” you asked afraid that he’d decline.

“Yeah, of course, but what’s wrong,” he asked once more, you tried to force a smile, to try and ease his worried expression.

“I just want to spend time with you, I’m tired that’s all,” you tried your hardest to not break down while he was still here, “I’m thinking of closing early today, I’m so tired,” you were starting to break, Mr. Park’s words replaying.

“Go rest, I’ll close up for you then be on my way,” he laced his fingers with yours, “and I’ll come back when I get done with work, how’s that sound,” you nodded still fighting with your emotions.

You stood up stumbling towards the backroom where the stairs were, Chanyeol watched you the whole time. He waited until you were upstairs to start cleaning up, he turned the open sign around to closed, wiping down the tables the way he had watched you do. Picking up the two styrofoam cups that yours and his coffee had been in throwing yours away and keeping his. He gave the cafe one last look letting out a loud sigh before he started towards the crosswalk.

“I hope she’s okay,” he muttered to himself waiting for the sign to change, he turned back once more, the cafe looked so gloomy today.

“Y’N,” Chanyeol said softly once he entered the upstairs of your cafe, he paused hearing what he thought to be muffled crying, “Y’N,” he said once more, you tried to stifle your crying pulling yourself up.

“I’m in my room,” you called out, still wiping your eyes, Chanyeol pushed into your room his shoulders dropping while he watched you rub your eyes, “I’m okay,” you lied, your voice soft and sleepy, Chanyeol climbed into your bed next to you, “I just had a bad day, that’s all,” you tried to smile at him, but you could tell he saw straight through it.

“If I hold you will it make things a little bit better,” he asked quietly, you nodded shifting closer to him, “do you want to tell me what’s wrong,” you shook your head burying it into his chest, he sighed putting his hand on the back of your head, “that’s okay, try to go to sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning,” you held onto him tightly, like he’d disappear at any moment.

You woke up the next morning, feeling Chanyeol’s arms still tightly wrapped around you, holding you protectively into his chest. You let a few tears slip down your cheeks, you’d miss this so much next week. The thought of being without him felt suffocating, you’d known him your whole life, he was your best friend, your love, your soulmate, he was your everything.

You tried your best to pull yourself from his grasp so you could lay back on the pillow and look at him, you never wanted to forget his features. You never wanted to forget his caring eyes, warm lips, soft skin, his voice, laugh, his hair, you never wanted to forget him. Chanyeol’s eyes fluttered open not long after you’d moved back.

“I thought you left,” he let out a quiet sigh seeing you next to him, he smiled reaching his hand out to grab your own, “you can’t scare me like that,” he pulled your hand towards his lips pressing light kisses to the back of your hand, before he pressed it to his cheek, pressing himself into your hand.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” you said softly, he smiled.

“We should get up, but maybe we should just skip working and spend the day together,” he rolled over, his face inches from your own.

“Can we do that,” you asked softly, “that sounds nice,” Chanyeol was taken aback.

“You never close the cafe, not even for my birthday,” he moved so his weight was over yours, “what’s wrong Y’N, you’re really scaring me,” he said genuinely.

“Are you sick,” he put his hand to your forehead, you moved his hand away sighing.

“I’m just so tired,” you looked away from him, your eyes watering, “I don’t want to open the cafe,” he brushed your hair to the side.

“Take off as long as you need to, I’ll be here as much as I can,” he lightly kissed your forehead moving off of you, “but my dad would kill me if I didn’t go to work,” you nodded understanding.

“Is the cafe closed today too,” Chanyeol asked, the man who was stood out front knitted his eyebrows together.

“This building’s vacant,” he said pointing towards the cafe, Chanyeol hoped he heard him wrong, he prayed that he heard wrong.

“What,” Chanyeol asked his heart pounding against his chest.

“This building’s vacant, I was thinking of renting it.”

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We Can’t Have A Story

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: request from @fillthevoid-stilinski ) –  Just wanted to say I love your writing, you’re fab! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and Stiles are at a party drinking with the gang and the reader gets very drunk and admits their feelings for Stiles, but Stiles pushes it aside pretending he didn’t hear it but the reader remembers it the next morning and confronts him about it and it turns out he doesn’t feel the same… i need to read sad stiles fics at the minute lol thank you so much <3
Warning: party, alcohol use, angst, & i think that’s it !!
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: yo !! you are such a gem for the compliment and let me tell ya, you were the first person to follow me on here so like i basically screamed when i saw you sent this request in and i loved the prompt idea so much. so much thanks to you and i hope you enjoy it !!
Words: 2,241

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Himchan - Day In The Office

For the first time in a long time, I present to you a scenario! I hope you all enjoy this since it was a bit challenging to get back into writing this way. Request was for a smutty Teacher!Himchan with a student. That said, I made you a college student so it’s legal.

Please enjoy and thank you for the continued support after all this time.

-Admin Em

Rated M for smut and a few swear words

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Open Your Mind To The Unknown.

Request from anon:Can I request an avengers x reader where she’s very young like 18-20 physically but she’s actually a few 100 years old and a vampire? Fury assigns her as added protection for Barton’s family but he’s unsure of her because of what she is. He finds his family actually adores her and she’s very loving and gentle with his kids. She only drinks animal blood and rarely human unless they are deemed a threat to the family.

Note: I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you all like reading it just as much. It was a completely different kind of idea and so the way I wrote it is, fingers crossed, hopefully how anon had it in their mind :)

Clint Barton x Vampire!Reader

Words: 1,986

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Sorry could you just repeat what you said….” The expression on Clint’s face as he sat in the briefing room with the rest of The Avengers was one of sheer astonishment as he turned his attention to Tony. “…I must have been concussed in the last mission because I could have sworn you just said that there was going to be a goddamn vampire looking after my family.”

“I checked you over in the infirmary…’re not concussed.”

Bruce’s voice was like that of a nervous child as he put this out into the open – he was fidgeting with the ends of his sleeves, the tension that was slowly beginning to build up inside the room making him a little more nervous than usual. Clint shot him a glare before throwing his chair backwards and standing himself up straight.

“Then obviously you have given me some kind of hallucinogenic drug because I am hearing insane things coming out of Stark’s mouth here.”

The doctor shook his head but refused to speak out this time, unsure of how Clint would react if he did.

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The Book Worm and the Beast- Isaac Lahey

Originally posted by silly-australian-little-men

Originally posted by thetimelordsofbaskerville

Request// Would you mind doing an imagine with Isaac or Liam (from Teen Wolf) and them having a crush on the book nerd and such. Like the girl is obsessed with books and fandoms like we are. - @omaha-wolf

*So pumped for another request! This is a super busy week, but writing definitely helps the stress. xoxox*

“You know if Y/N ever lifts her head from that book, she’s gonna think you’re a total creep.” Isaac fell from his ignorant bliss of staring at you from across the library and glared at the less appealing Stiles.

“Remind me again, why I’m here with you,” Isaac grumbled out.

“Dude!” Stiles retorted louder than expected. The shout gained attention from most visitors and a shush from the librarian. You glanced over quickly before going back to you reading. After regaining his calm, Stiles continued. “You’re supposed to be here helping me with Chemistry. Not drooling over some hot girl.”

“She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?” Stiles sighed out in frustration as Isaac fell in his daydream of being with you, but in all honesty, he couldn’t say for sure if you even knew he existed. He had liked you since the 7th grade, and even then, you always were reading. The two of you had English together once or twice since then and whenever you opened your mouth to speak, it was like pure poetry to his ears.

The problem was that Isaac had never been brave enough to talk to you, much less ask you out. Even after being turned and evolving into almost a completely different guy, that scared quiet part of him had yet to fade when it came to you.

“Look Isaac, I don’t get why you don’t just go up to her,” Stiles stated. “I mean you’re good at lacrosse, you’re tall… I guess you’re not terribly bad looking.”

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When Saeyoung Isn't Home (Saeran/MC)

It had been four days since Saeyoung Choi left his house. It wasn’t easy. To say goodbye to the love of his life, who he might or might not be seeing ever again. He still remembered her tearful face when she let him go.

How? How could he forget it?

And then there was him. A guy who looked almost exactly like him, only that he didn’t wear glasses and he had mint green eyes. Unlike her, nothing changed on his face. He just stared at him, saying nothing like he always did.

“I’ll be gone for only a week. Please take care of her for me.”


“Thank you so much. I know I can count on you. Well then, I guess I should be going now…”

Having a job where you had to devote yourself to your country was never easy.


The rain was falling. She sighed. The house was as quiet as graveyard if she didn’t count the rough sound of raindrops hitting the ground outside. There were only him and her, staying together inside a house like they had been forced to do that.

Saeyoung had the ability to turn a graveyard into a nightclub in no time. Sadly, he wasn’t there.

Saeran was sitting on the sofa with his legs meeting his chest as he played the gaming device his brother had given him a couple of weeks ago. His face never changed. Whether he had lost or won, nobody could really tell.

“Do you want something to eat?”



It was always like that. A one-way conversation. She asked him something, he replied with one word, she responded, and their conversation ended. Living alone or together with him made no difference.

She went on with what she was doing–cooking something for herself. Everything went smoothly until she was chopping some onions… and suddenly the house blacked out.


He said nothing. Maybe he had gotten used to it. The darkness. Maybe it was one thing he fancied so much.

“S-Saeran… I… I think I just cut my finger a bit… if you don’t mind, would you help me find some light?”

Still nothing. It was almost completely black. She stared at the sofa where he had been sitting, trying to track him. He had put his device on the sofa as she could see the bright light off its screen.

But where was he? Did he walk away? Did he leave her alone?


She felt a presence besides her. Quickly, she turned her head to her right. There was a flick, and a lighter was turned on. Behind that small source of light, there was his face. Still emotionless as usual, but in the dark surrounded by light.

She couldn’t help but to stare at him. They had never gotten this close before. And she couldn’t help but to notice just how beautiful those mint green eyes were. She didn’t feel like blinking. She kept staring at those eyes, slowly losing her awareness.


Only then was she taken aback. “Oh… I’m… I’m sorry.”

It was his turn to stare at her. A few seconds passed, which felt like an eternity to her.

“You’re strange.”

She had no idea what to say to that. It seemed like her brain had stopped working. After that he turned and started walking. She followed him in instant, didn’t want to be left alone in the dark. He sat back on the sofa while still holding his lighter. She stood besides him.

“Can I… sit with you?”


That meant yes. He had his own dictionary.

She sat on the sofa and they both fell into silence. Silence in darkness. She would appreciate it if someone wanted to make a horror movie out of that situation. It wasn’t a surprise to see him like that but she couldn’t stand the awkwardness.

How she wished the blackout never happened.

She glanced at him. He stared straight to the front. To the blackness. What was he thinking inside of that red head? And to see his face up close from the side… it was even better. She made herself a mental note on how precise the point of the tip of his nose was, how sharp his jawline, how defined his whole face…

“What is it?”

He glared at her. His eyebrows furrowed a little bit. Even so, she couldn’t stop staring. In fact, a stronger force inside of her was able to drive her to do something she had never imagined in a million years.

She kissed him on his lips.

The kiss lasted for five seconds, before she pulled away. It was obvious from the look on his face that he did not expect it at all. His eyes widened and his cheeks flushed.

“W-what are you doing? Are you an imbecile? Do you want me to burn this whole house down?”

“I-I… I… uh… I’m…”

The lights went back on. He did not waste any second. He turned off his lighter, took his gaming device, stood up from his seat, and walked away into his room.


He tossed and turned. No matter how hard he tried to sleep, he couldn’t. The thing that had happened to his lips… it bothered him like a bug in his favorite software. He didn’t like it. But he wasn’t sure which part of it that he disliked.

The fact that it happened to him, or the fact that it bothered him.

“Stupid girl. Why did she do that?”

He tossed and turned again. He could do that all night long if necessary. But he just wanted to sleep.

“I can’t sleep because of that stupid girl. I should talk to her and give her a lesson.”


When he tried to open her door, it was unlocked. That was another proof of her stupidity. She was sleeping. And he didn’t like it. How could she ruin his sleep and got away with it? He wouldn’t let her. She had to pay for what she had done to him.

He was about to yell at her to wake her up when he heard her sobbing. At first, he wasn’t so sure, but when he stood right in front of her, it was confirmed. She was indeed sobbing.

“Sae… Saeyoung…”

She must have been dreaming. He sighed. Even while sleeping, she was still stupid.

“Wake up.”

He shook her body by her shoulder. It didn’t take long for her to open her eyes and see him. She wiped her tears and sat up on her bed.

“Saeran? What are you doing here?” Her voice cracked.

“Why did you cry in your sleep?” He asked her instead of answering.

“Oh… that,” she attempted to breathe properly, “I don’t know. I’m not sure. I… I think I dreamed of Saeyoung. I thought he was going to leave me forever. I’m so afraid. I guess I just miss him a little bit too much…”

He folded his arms and looked away. “I know how that feels.”


“Never mind.”

She rubbed her eyes. “What are you doing in my room? You should be sleeping.”

“That idiot just doesn’t know how to respect people, does he?” Once again, he did not answer her question.

She sighed. “I won’t put it that way but… yeah he doesn’t.”

He didn’t know what kind of spirit that took control over his body, but something about her swollen and red eyes made him want to sit beside her. They fell into silence for the second time that day.

They spent almost a minute sitting side by side while busy thinking about something in their own heads. It was like being alone together. And then, all of a sudden, they stared at each other. In the silence, they were talking. Talking with their eyes, where everything in their hearts had been written.

Their hearts, their feelings, their thoughts… they were reading as well as conversing with each other without saying a word. Then it happened again. It just happened. Just like that. Naturally. Without force. Without hesitation.

She kissed his lips. But not just once. Twice, thrice, four times, five times, six times… and it went longer, deeper, more intense and passionate. The clueless boy did nothing. He let her do whatever she wanted. Even when she put her lips on his neck and when her hands began grabbing his clothes.


He stared at the wall. He couldn’t sleep. It turned out that his theory was wrong. Talking to her didn’t send him to sleep, it created even more bugs in his brain’s program. He felt her tiny finger tracing his tattoo on his bare right arm.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked.

He could feel her breath tickling his earlobe. It sent shivers down his spine. “Do I really need to answer that…?”

Her voice was deep, and rough. Just like the thing that they had done with each other. He hadn’t done processing her voice inside his head, but he already felt another thing. Her tiny pair of lips sucking his neck, planting sweet and lovely kisses on it.

“Saeran… don’t leave.”

Her hands found their way around his waist. And he could feel her bare skin pressing against his. Her head resting on his shoulder. She hugged him from behind, holding him tight, keeping him close, not letting go. Body to body. Skin to skin. Something so absurd, yet it happened to him.

“Don’t ever leave me…”

His eyes felt heavy. His vision became blurry. It was like someone had injected a poison into him. He was familiar with this feeling. When you felt so light, so weightless, and you just wanted to close your eyes, leave the world behind, and enter your own world.

A drug. An ecstasy. A paradise.

It was faint, but he could hear himself whispering.

“I won’t…”


Three days later, Saeyoung was back safe and sound. She ran into him, jumped as she hugged him. They turned around, swirling like an ice cream on top of its cone. She cried her tears of joy while hugging him. He couldn’t see her face, or the person she was staring at behind his back.

Those mint green eyes again.


“Saeran, thank you so much. You really did take good care of her.”

The younger twin stared at the older one. “No need to thank me. It’s nothing.”

He stood up and was about to walk away when Saeyoung grabbed his wrist. “No, Saeran. Thank you. I really mean it.”

Saeran turned his head and they stared at each other once again. This time it was much longer than the first. “You’re being weird.”

The older twin let go of his brother’s wrist and then the latter just walked away.


“Hey Saeran! Do you know why twins are more special than regular siblings?”

“No, Saeyoung. Why is that?”

“It’s because their souls are connected. Just like us. Our souls are connected!”

“I still don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Saeran, our souls are connected in such way that I can look into your eyes and know everything you’re hiding behind them.”

The End

P.S: My first ever fan fiction here after all this time! So, how is it? Tell me what you think about it on the comment section! I’ll look forward to it! 😃

anonymous asked:

I really love Sai and SaiIno. From your blog, I don't think you care about it that much, but in the future, if you're in the mood and have time, do ypu have any headcanons for who confessed to who and how the other reacted, and their first kiss? (Sorry if this was harshly worded or too much to ask foe)

I’m a huge fan of all the canon ships Anon, that includes Sai and Ino. But I tend to just answer what I’m asked about. If people don’t ask about SaiIno, then I’m probably not gonna talk about them that often.

As for your other question, let me recite to you an excerpt from Sakura Hiden, Chapter 1 Section 6, which recounts a conversation between Sakura and Ino regarding their love lives:

“Aside from that, how are things going for you, Ino? Nowadays… what’s happening in your love life?”

Since childhood, Sakura and Ino were frankly both rivals at heart over Sasuke. However, as they matured together, it felt as though Ino had stepped down from that race.

For now, who was Ino thinking about? Or who was she even not thinking about? (Sakura) wanted to know.

“Mmm…..Well, there is someone (whom I’m interested in)”.

Ino replied in an embarrassed and shy manner.

“Err…No, I don’t. It’s because I think of him well, so there is someone (whom I’m interested in).”


Unintentionally, Sakura approached beside Ino.

“I didn’t know at all. What? Who is it?”

“You’re really sinking your teeth into this, aren’t you, Sakura?“

“But it’s on my mind. I want a hint. A hint!”

“ A hint, eh?”

Ino thought about it for a little bit. Her face was slightly flushed.

“….it’s someone who’s skilled at drawing”

“No, that’s still not an answer!”

Sakura then retorted.

“Humph, I see….so it’s Sai?”

“But it’s not surprising, right?”

“Well…(not really)”

Sai was Sasuke’s replacement within Team 7. When Sai was first incorporated into their team, Ino had an interest in him. She showed (that sort of ) attitude towards him. Ino had said that he resembled Sasuke-kun a little bit with his attractiveness.

“At first, wasn’t he a rather good-looking guy at least? But I don’t know how to explain the feeling. Now, I’m completely (into him)…Eh, what is this!? Didn’t I just…. say so many dreadfully embarrassing things? Wha–!, Hi—!“

“Calm down, calm down….”

Sakura then asked while soothing Ino:

“Well, by the way… did you confess your love?”

“About that….well, I still…”

Ino’s voice became small. That reaction was surprising to Sakura.

In relationships with another person, it’s a relatively straightforward situation: If you make up your mind (to do something), you could immediately carry out your plans. Ino had an image (of what she intended to do). But now in Ino’s case, it somehow seemed to be a different scenario.

“(Should I give him) lavender? Or a flowering dogwood?…..I’m indecisive.“

Ino had said.

“Lavender? Flowering dogwood?”

”Yup…..In the language of flowers, lavender means ‘I will be waiting for you’. As for the flowering dogwood, it means ‘accept my feelings’ in the language of flowers. When should I show Sai the atmosphere of my feelings?…Am I supposed to be waiting on him? Or maybe like this…. Should I do my confession with a ‘bashii’(/sudden whack) ?……..It’s worrisome right now (for me).“

“(Oh, I see what you mean)”

Ino was indeed the daughter of a florist, since she was giving the explanations for the language of flowers.

“But Ino…. I think that your image is (more like the) flowering dogwood.“

Sakura was trying to say it. Ino then also nodded.

“Isn’t it?…. It’s like my personality, right?….”

Well….she said that she was worried. Ino had put her hand against her (her own) forehead. Somehow, it seemed a little sweet (to see her acting like this).

‘As for my situation’….Sakura was suddenly thinking:

It’s lavender, I suppose…Of course it is…..

‘Accept my feelings’….No matter (how much) she tried to say it, Sasuke was away from home.

As for Sakura, she could only wait for now.

However, she was then thinking:

How long will I be waiting…?

From that passage, it appears that Ino was planning on confessing to Sai relatively soon, so I think this pretty much confirms that Ino confessed first, and she did so by offering Sai a Flowering Dogwood, as a means of asking him to accept her feelings. And judging by how close they appeared to be with each other during Naruto and Hinata’s wedding:

I can only assume that Ino’s confession yielded positive results rather quickly :) I imagine that when Ino eventually did confess, Sai drew a replica of the flower that she had just given him using his ninjutsu, and said something like, 

“Please take care of me, Miss Beautiful”.

Because just how fitting and awesome would that be? ^_^

Breaking stereotypes about inferior Fe

There are two opposed ideas people seem to have of inferior Fe: I’m a cold hermit who hates everyone and doesn’t want to socialize ever because people are gross or I’m uncomfortable with feelings but actually really care about people, I just don’t know how to convey it and come off as cold. Usually, neither of these are true. 

Here is what it mostly means to have Fe as your inferior function: 

  1. The more unhealthy, the more you seek for approval. I don’t know where this usual stereotype of IxTPs not caring about what others think of us comes from, but it’s ridiculous. You totally can get there, but many of us do care about how people perceive us. The thing is that we mostly don’t care in an emotional way, it’s more of a need to fit in and feel like a part of something rather than wanting to be accepted and loved. 
  2. Ergo, we are not hermits. If we have very toxic Fe, we may believe we are better off alone, push people away or just think there’s no way we could fit in anywhere. Funnily enough and contrary to popular belief, a lot of the time we don’t do it on purpose. Sometimes we don’t realize that we have marginalized our own selves until it becomes obvious to us.
  3. Our emotions are more present than our feelings. When we are aware or it becomes clear that we are ‘feeling’ something it’s mostly an emotion. They are short lived experiences. Our feelings aren’t really intense at all. We do have a much stronger ability to think than we do to feel. Our emotions, though, can be very intense. That’s why we can get really mad or upset but get over it soon. Our problems are solved quickly because they exist according to our emotions, not our feelings.
  4. Our Fe makes us feel lonely at times. Regardless of how many times an IxTP says they are completely okay with being isolated 24/7 (if they are), only someone who is seriously mentally ill would be okay with it. We can feel very alone sometimes or wish we had stronger Fe to be able to feel a part of something. 
  5. The thing is sometimes we don’t push people away because our feelings are unconvenient or because we’d rather be alone. Sometimes it feels impossible for us to create real, strong bonds with other people and, as I said earlier, we end up isolating ourselves to an extent without realizing it. If the Fe is unhealthy, it’s not that we avoid human connections, it’s that we feel unable to create them.
  6. We suck at externalizing our feelings because of our weak Fe, that bit is true. But it’s not only in public. It’s not only being unable to show certain signs of affection because it’s not in our nature. It’s not only becoming aggresive because we are overcome with negative emotions. We also have trouble externalizing our feelings when we are alone. Some of us may sometimes fake cry when we are alone because we feel the need to match up our exterior with how upset we feel. Most of the times I have cried, it has been forced. This is just an example of the ridiculous coping mechanisms some of us have. 
  7. While we have times when we have a lot of emotions, we also have times when we feel completely emotionally detached. Yes, we have times when even we feel like cold robots unable to correctly interact with people. This is unhealthy, but many of us have been there. I think (almost) every IxTP has gone through a period of their life where they just approached everything super rationally and didn’t even acknowledge that they had any sort of feeling or emotion.
  8. Whether we want to or not, we experience feelings in a completely different way than most people and sometimes what seems like a small amount of affection for others may seem like a big deal to us. I think this really relies on the amount of life/emotional experience you have had.
  9. Something nice on our side: We can mold and control how we feel most if not all of the time! When I’m sad or when I’m happy, all I need to switch my mood is to set in my mind that I could change my mood by listening to a different song or getting my mind off a certain topic. I think we mostly choose to be sad or happy depending on what resonates with us better at that moment. We have a huge capacity to manipulate how we feel. More than how we feel, how aware we are of it. We can disconnect ourselves from a certain feeling or our awareness to it easily. 
  10. Last but not least: We do care. Differently, but we do. Maybe I just haven’t met the right crowd of people, but with most human beings, I’m not aware 24/7 of what they mean to me or how much I appreciate them constantly. You probably have heard that IxTPs will show they care by spending time with you or doing nice things for you rather than verbalizing how we feel. That’s true, basically because we can manipulate our words, but we mostly do what we want to do, so if we hang out with someone or do something nice for them, it’s because it pleases us to do so, and therefore, wether we are aware or not, we care.

I have read a lot of posts on inferior Fe but there are many areas that I hadn’t seen covered, so I decided to just do it myself! Maybe they don’t all apply to every single IxTP, but you can get a general idea of what is truly going on within us.