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Got any fics (Sterek) where Derek is a superhero and Stiles is the villain? (More like viewed as the villain but he isn't actually like 'I'm going to kill everyone" evil")

I found two! - Anastasia

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Kill Your Heroes by WonderWolf

(1/1 I 2,362 I Teen)

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Stiles says.

It’s a complete and utter lie, it’s exactly what it looks like, but it’s all he can come up with at this point. Chris Argent is floating, bumping up against the warehouse ceiling in a way that can only be explained by Stiles’ use of magic. He’s tied up and unconscious, and there’s really no way Stiles can talk his way out of this one, especially since Derek is glaring at him from only a few feet away.

The World’s a Mess and I Just Need to Rule It by LessonsFromMoths

(1/1 I 6,398 I Teen)

Stiles is Dr. Horrible, the city’s most notorious (and least scariest) supervillain. Derek is Alpha Man, the city’s bravest hero, and Horrible’s arch nemesis.
However, the two must work together to overthrow the reign of Gerard Argent and his villain daughter, Kate.
Join them on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Die House page 10
If you guys haven’t gotten the joke yet let me explain it! Every time I watch someone play the game and when they come across the Die House EVERY SINGLE TIME when they go in inside they seem to think it’s a boss fight and unleash and complete utter barrage of bullets on King Dice until they realized it isn’t a boss fight. Idk about you guys but I found that utterly hilarious!
Page 9:

Page 11:

I’m so frustrated.

The complete and utter dishonesty in regards to controversial issues was so much less taxing on my state of mind when it was coming from ‘one side’ only.

Eventually I had to realize that some issues are so deeply ingrained into human nature that there are no ‘enemies’, but only people.

I long for the days when I could bask in my disdain for those of conservative conviction, when it took no effort to identify ideologies I opposed. I could point the finger and confidently claim ‘you’re the problem’.

I can’t, anymore. I shouldn’t.

At most, individuals are ‘part of the problem’. To me, an uncomfortable truth is that humanity is intricately flawed, and the same flaws present themselves differently in everyone.

Yet, I still remain the idealist I used to be when I was a teenager, with a coating of several layers of anger and sadness. If I don’t hold on to my belief that we can all try to be better and do better, what else is there to believe in? Compassion is the hill I’ve chosen to die on.

Hate breaks me, but love connects all my pieces and fills the cracks with gold.

To most of you, I’m just a URL and an icon, and words that resonate with you or infuriate you, or something in between.

At my core, I’m an artist. I observe, and I create. I have a calling. It has always been my intention to present sex and sexuality in a respectful, appreciative, healing and loving light. I’m used to people misunderstanding the message in my works, even though more often than not people find meaning in it, despite (or because of) the often graphic nature. I’m reaching out, and telling you that what makes you feel good is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s nothing to be afraid of. Sex is good. You’re okay. I want to emancipate you and elevate you above the notion that sex is a tool of repression, oppression and control. I want to liberate you. I want you to find comfort and peace.

I could have picked so many other messages, so many other subjects. Controversy is plentiful, no matter how unnecessary. I could have picked something I wouldn’t be shamed or attacked for. Sometimes I wish I had, or did. I’m always too close to giving up, and denying what means so much to me. And yet I refuse. No matter what you call me, no matter how offensive you find what I do - I’m not going to stop.

I’ve been rendered incapable of experiencing romantic and sexual attraction. Expressing my thoughts and what moves me through my art is what remains. It’s less of a reflection of my own wants and desires than it is a mirror that I hold up for others to find themselves in.

Still, I’m so frustrated.

The level of hostility toward my craft that is prevalent among certain groups is confusing, destructive, and instilling a shame and fear inside of me that I’ve not felt in a long time. Truths that I’ve held undeniable are being questioned. The walls I’ve built to separate my art from myself are shattered. The nuanced distinctions I’ve always made are being rejected. Labels are being attached to me that I’ve never before even considered anyone could possibly think apply to me. My intentions are being questioned perpetually. Utter malice and predatory notion is being ascribed to me. I’ve had every part of my identity erased, denied, rejected and destroyed - by the people who I once believed to be the ‘good guys’, the people I aligned myself with, the people I thought shared my ideals and goals.

I have to remember what heals me when I’m so thoroughly broken. It’s always been love and understanding, and that’s always what it’s going to be. I have to accept that even on ‘my side’, there’s always going to be individuals (or even groups) who thoroughly reject me - simply for what they see in the mirror I hold up to them.
As an artist, I can’t allow myself to be afraid. As a human, I can’t allow fear to sand away at my edges until I fit into the mold.

I’ll have to make an effort to be less angry, and be more compassionate. I’ve failed so many times running this blog to be who I need to be. I’ve let anger, disappointment and frustration get the better of me - and while it might have only shown in sarcasm or harsh words, I still have to be better than that. I can be better than that. And so should you.


I… really don’t know what I can do about this net neutrality issue. Yes, I know that it’s horrible. No, I don’t want to pay my ISP for stuff I use for free on a daily basis. And yes, I know that Trump is a complete and utter moron who can’t tell the difference between his brain and his own goddamn ass.

But here’s the thing: I don’t feel confident enough to help.

Trust me, I REALLY want to contribute to this. But given how I have trouble speaking to people anyway, telling my Congressman that I want them to stop the FCC from doing this would be near IMPOSSIBLE for me to do.

I just… I don’t know what to do. If we end up losing this thing by one vote…

you can blame it all on me and my cowardice.

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dude there's a new fujo in town legit clattering TG tag with anti/tou/ka+tou/ken essays each fucking day all of a sudden, openly referring to Touka solely as a 'hoe', writing complete and utter bull and people are actually giving them tons of notes. this fandom gets fucking worse each day! it's people like them that make me wish Ishida would drop another bomb like 125 on their heads for another major wave of asshurt.

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What tag and send their url so I can block them? Sigh. Sometimes it sucks that we don’t mess with antis anymore.

Millionth thought about “Burn” I’ve had this month: Eliza goes for Hamilton’s jugular – but not by repeating the insults we’ve heard before, (arrogant, loud mouthed, obnoxious, son of a whore, bastard, etc…) She rips Hamilton up on the thing he’s most known for, what he’s most proud of – his WRITING. His SENSELESS sentences, his SELF OBSESSED and PARANOID tone. She’s tearing him up about not just the CONTENT of the Reynolds Pamphlet, but the way in which he wrote it. She takes the time in the middle of her rage to mock his style, which is such a rap battle move. 

And what is she going to do with all of the beautiful writing he gave her over the years, his letters? 

Burn them. 

This is your daily reminder that this is not normal. Donald Trump is unqualified, racist, misogynistic, ill-tempered, unintelligent; he has no grasp of how our government is supposed to work; he has conflicts of interest so numerous that two presidential ethics lawyers have bi-partisanly teamed up to combat them; he’s been sued so many times I can’t list them all here; he’s still being sued by a multitude of people, and will continue to be long into his presidency.

The Russian government blatantly interfered with his election through email hacks and wikileaks: this has been confirmed by multiple national intelligence agencies; he has no regard for the truth, or facts, or scientific data; he gets into fights with people on twitter at  3am.

He called Mexicans rapists and criminals; he wanted to create a registry for Muslim Americans; he doesn’t take no for an answer, whether its coming from a woman or the President of Mexico; he refuses to attend security briefings; he’s costing the government millions by refusing to leave his office in Trump Tower; his cabinet is as unqualified and uninformed as he is.

He lost the popular vote by over three million (3,000,000) people.  The American people did not elect him.  Donald Trump should not be President of the United States.

This is not normal. Don’t ever forget it.


things are gonna get better for you. ha! have they gotten better for you? for me? look, i’m alone. i’ve – i’ve – i’ve been alone so long, i … i like it. you know, i – i hide in it. one thing i know is that … the only way out … is to find something that you care about. those kids, they might drive you crazy, they might … they might make you completely bat shit, but … they’re the reason you’re gonna get through this. … have you found something to do that for you? … uh … maybe … yeah, maybe.

#every single detail of this ladies and gents. #karen looking at his mouth the whole time in the first gif. #the way he pushes in and she tilts her head to the right like she thinks they’re going to kiss. #the way he pushes in and to the left before pausing and glancing down to her lips like they’re going to kiss. #the way they only then halt and only then karen pulls back and they rest their foreheads against one another. #they just breathe together for a beat before he opens his eyes and glances at her lips once more. #and when he does that she tilts her head /again/. #and her lips part just a little bit. #and i’m over here watching in complete and utter pain. #let’s be honest karen is no stranger to the dramatic moment of silence after a batch of chaos. #but this. it’s just so organic. and the fact that it doesn’t happen makes it all the better. #this is the pair of them literally … living together. #just resting on each other and breathing the other in. because they know they’re parting for now. #and then the look in his eyes as she tells him to go. #the look of a man who just got shot up on mission that becomes specifically entitled ‘save karen page’. #and now has to leave her battered up in an elevator. #and of course it only gets worse after this moment. the tears in their eyes. because they’ve got no clue if they’re going to see each other again. gosh.


The official video to “You’re Welcome” with Jordan Fisher and Lin-Manuel Miranda

The answers we received for WKM really truly amazing, funny and as well as incredibly heartbreaking.

The fact that The Colonel was so remorseful about killing us wasn’t a big shocker, as we fall we can see it on his face, the shock, the regret. See that’s not what gets me— what fucking gets me is that I completely forgot this was taking place at night and I didn’t realize that William had been sitting on that chair the entire night. Like during that time he probably took off his coat and his red scarf and in an act of kindness in an act of remorse he drapes his coat over your body, puts his scarf under your head as a makeshift pillow and just sits there. 

FOR TEN FUCKING HOURS he sits there and holds Damien’s cane, his best friend, his brother in every sense but blood itself. The Colonel sits there and just mourns for everything he has lost. And the regret for killing you, Us, someone he knew that Damien had been fond of, that saw us as his friend too. Probably thinking ““What have I done!?”

And then the KICKER— That wasn’t what drove him over the edge. But Us, the viewer standing up after ten hours of complete and utter stillness. The Colonel’s world shatters and his psyche breaks, thinking that “no this wasn’t my fault, it was all an accident, no ones dead, not really, my friends are still alive. It was all a joke.” 

and that right fucking there is what gets me.