this is comedy gold shut your face

Harold’s Curls

     Harold’s hair isn’t naturally curly, just long, so it goes straight whenever he takes a bath, and he stole curlers from his mom to give it that special curl effect in the morning. He also doesn’t know how to put on lotion, he thinks you just sort of, smear it on and then go to sleep. 

    So you can imagine how funny George thought it was, when after tossing pebbles at Harold’s window, he saw Harold, in his blue pajamas, hair in curlers, and face caked with lotion, whisper-yell “Do you have any idea how late it is?!,”. 

“Dude… your hair…*snrk* I… I can’t Harold that’s comedy gold”

“SHUT UP! These majestic curls just don’t hold by magic, you know!”


Syndisparklez Fluff Fic

1600+ words

No Warnings

To say that this Q&A session was embarrassing would be the understatement of the year. He figured a Q&A with his mom would lead to the inevitable embarrassing childhood stories and secrets, but he never expected that he’d have to explain ‘shipping’ as a concept. Nor did he expect to ask if his mom would like to see him and a very much male friend together.

He didn’t have to read Tom’s question either, he could’ve just skipped over it like the many other intrusive questions. But, here they were.

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Moony Eyed

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Remus Lupin x werewolf!reader

Summary: Based on two anon requests where the reader is a werewolf, and she starts to like Remus and the marauders tease them.

A/N: Hope you two didn’t mind me combining your requests, they were practically identical. Enjoy!

“Hey (Y/L/N),” came the voice of Sirius Black from in front of you. You weren’t sure how he did it, but every time he spoke he sounded like he was plotting something.

“No thank you,” you said immediately. He raised his eyebrows.

“I didn’t say anything yet!”

“You were going to try and set me up with one of your friends. I am not interested, Sirius,” you told him firmly. He waggled his eyebrows ridiculously, snatching your book from your hands.

“What would you say if this one had shared life experience?”

You raised your eyebrows. “No, Sirius. Don’t you dare try and set me up with Remus. Just because he’s a wolf doesn’t mean he’d like me,” you hissed, your voice no more than a whisper. You hated discussing yours and Remus’ “furry little problem”, as James and Sirius had so thoughtfully christened it.

“That, my dear (Y/N), is where you are wrong,” he announced dramatically. “I have it on good authority that he likes you. And I know for certain that you like him,” he added, trying to whisper and failing drastically.

“Will you keep your voice down?” you asked desperately, hitting him with a book.

“Just admit that you like him! Everyone can tell you two are head over heels for each other!” He gasped dramatically. “You two look all moony eyed at each other!”

“That is not even remotely funny, Sirius.”

“Shut up, that was comedy gold.”

“What was comedy gold?” asked James, sitting down beside Sirius. Sirius smirked.

“Prongsie, darling, you’ll appreciate my humour! So get this, (Y/N) and Remus look all- wait for itmoony eyed at each other!” He watched James expectantly, the proud smile slowly fading from his face.

“That was terrible, Padfoot.”

“Shut up, it was comedy gold! Peter will laugh, hey Pete!” Sirius yelled across the common room. You groaned, holding your head in your hands as the chubby boy scurried over at Sirius’ call.

“Where are you all coming from?” you mumbled into the palms of your hands.
“Right, Pete, listen. If you don’t laugh at this, I’ll hex you into next week. You know how Remus and (Y/N) are going to get married and have little werewolf children?”

“Um, yes?”

“Well, get this…”

You zoned out as Sirius tried again to explain his joke, distracted by the sound of the common room door open and a familiar face appearing. A smile tugged at the corners of your mouth as you locked eyes with Remus, a smile he returned brightly as he crossed the room slowly towards where you sat with the other Marauders.

“I don’t get it,” you heard Peter say, a note of fear in his voice. Looking at the murderous expression on Sirius’ face, you couldn’t blame him.

“Shut up, that was-“

“-comedy gold,” you and James said in unison, boredom seeping into your voices now.

“Hey guys,” said Remus, sitting down beside you. “Hey (Y/N),” he added with a smile. You could feel your cheeks reddening, and you bit your lip.

Hey (Y/N),” repeated Sirius, fluttering his eyelashes while James made kissing noises behind him. You rolled your eyes.

“Hi Remus,” you replied, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

Hi Remus,” mimicked James, trying to flip his hair seductively and looking like he had developed a nervous tic. You kicked him under the table, effectively shutting him up.

“What’s up with you two?” asked Remus, looking at his two best friends in confusion.

“They were talking about you and (Y/N) looking all moony eyed at each other,” piped up Peter. You glared at him, and he hurried away to his dorm in fear.

“Well, we’ll leave you two to talk,” smirked James, pulling Sirius to his feet.

“But I want to watch!” he protested. You cracked your knuckles innocently, and he gulped, running away after James.

“I’m gonna kill them,” you said eventually. Remus chuckled, clearing his throat nervously.

“I’m sorry they were teasing you,” he said quietly. “I’ll tell them to stop.”

“It’s okay,” you told him, smiling slightly. “Full moon in a couple of days,” you said sadly. He sighed.

“I know. Are you nervous?” he asked, looking at you with concern. You smiled slightly; he’d been a werewolf for a lot longer than you had, and he always looked after you as best he could on a full moon. It was just one of the things that made you love him.

“A little,” you admitted quietly. Remus wrapped an arm around your shoulders, resting his cheek on top of your head. You closed your eyes, leaning into his hug.

“We’ll be alright,” he promised. “Don’t worry about it.”

“What about you?” you asked suddenly, pulling away reluctantly. “Are you nervous?”

He shrugged. “I’m kind of past getting nervous about it now, I guess. It doesn’t make it any easier though.”

You nodded understandingly, resting your head on his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around your waist without thinking, and blushed.

“Um, (Y/N/N)?” he asked, sounding nervous.


“Would you like to go into Hogsmeade with me, once we’re out of the hospital wing?”

You smiled brightly at him. “I’d love to.”

cupcake wars - liam dunbar

a/n: y/l/n = your last name
requested: no :)
word count: 1,163
rating: idk, it’s cute and fluffy but also includes some hot and heavy makin’ out
things: baking with liam. well, trying to, at least.

“where are the sprinkles, babe?”

you turn your head at the sound of liam’s voice and roll your eyes, stifling the giggle that you almost let out.

“they should be on the counter with the rest of the toppings,” you call out, furiously mixing your chocolate batter by hand. “did you misplace them again?”

you two had earlier agreed to spend the entire saturday night at home, mostly in the kitchen, baking whatever you found possible in the house.

so far, you’ve made five batches of cookies - two peanut butter, one chocolate chip, and the others, sugar - and twenty-four confetti cupcakes. but you weren’t prepared to stop there.

“no,” liam blushes, “i just wanted to make sure you remembered where they were.”

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