this is clearly something they did themselves

I want to see someone look at sana the way sana looked at noora when she knew something was wrong. I want someone to educate themselves and apologize to sana the way sana did when she found out about isak and even. I want someone to comfort sana the way sana comforted vilde when she was too nervous to speak clearly. I want sana to be loved and understood in the same way she has never failed to make the people she cares for feel loved and understood.

Fat shaming is not about health and it’s total bullshit.

1. You don’t care about random strangers or acquaintances health. If you did, you’d remind them to go to the doctor or to take their vitamin every day.

2. You can’t always tell somebodies health by looking at them. Even if someone is clearly very overweight, they could have a condition. If someone is skinny, they could still be unhealthy. You don’t know.

3. Nobody deserves to be miserable and hate themselves because of some bad health choices. Everybody does stuff that’s probably not great for them. Smokers, drinkers, tanning bed users, even people who take Tylenol too often, are doing something unhealthy. But nobody goes up to smokers on the street or sees someone online whose a smoker, and comments that they’re disgusting and gross and need to quit smoking. Nobody makes smokers feel like they should hate themselves and be miserable. So if this whole thing was really about health and not just hating fat, then you would treat everyone who you think is unhealthy the same way. But you don’t.

Nobody deserves to feel horrible and disgusting because of unhealthy choices. Also, it’s nobody’s damn business what you do with your body. It’s completely about hating fat and it’s not about health at all. Don’t for one second let anybody convince you that it’s about health.

Way Better than Bumble (Spencer Reid x Reader)

Hi loves! Another Unbeta’d fluffy request fill for anon who wanted “request about reader is Garcia’s close friend and she sees the team out for drinks or something and she goes up to Garcia’s and gets introduced to the team & hits it off with Reid.” Hope you enjoy it! xx 

You tousled with your hair one last time before you grabbed your keys, thinking that it was as good as it was going to get (a conclusion you had to make each time you got ready to go out, if you were being honest). Half of you was excited at the prospect of meeting this guy from Bumble, but another half hated this. You and Michael had hit it off well enough on the app, he was good at keeping up conversation without being pushy or getting weird, but there was an awkwardness that you couldn’t shake. You didn’t even tell you best friend Penelope about the date, afraid to look desperate - or that Pen would try and set you up herself.

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a game of truth or dare and a night with the team ends in tony’s bedroom

pairing: tony stark x reader

word count: 3k

request: here

warnings: smut, semi-public teasing/make out session (semi-public being in front of the rest of the team), virgin!reader, probably ill-advised games of truth or dare

a/n: sorry this took so long to get out! good old writer’s block hit me like a freight train and i kind of had to force myself to finish it. hopefully you enjoy it and thanks for sticking with me!

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Happy Anniversary Barney & Robin!

16 Steps in the ever growing relationship of Barney and Robin.

I worked on this all day so sorry about posting this so late I was busy today so I’m posting this now. This is a super long post so sorry if it’s a bit much for tumblr but I wanted to do a long post of all the ranting I’ve done on this site so this is the post.

Friends, Bros, Best Friends, Lovers, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, Exes, Chemistry, Adventurous, Frienemies, Soulmates, Fiances, Roommates, Destiny, Husband and Wife, Family.

1. Friends

It’s a great thing that they started their relationship out on the friendship note because it made their over all relationship strong, they got to know each other through their friendship with each other and I think their friendship made them understand each other better. They, never judged or put each other down in any way they built the foundation of their relationship on their blossoming friendship in the beginning. Eventually, they became best friends, friends who can rely on each other (despite whatever you think they relied heavily on each other’s friendship because they truly are the only ones who truly understand one another on a more deeper level and it was good that their friendship was so strong that they went to each other for support and a good conversation whenever they needed to be pulled back to reality). They, found this amazing connection with each other from the minute they met and had their first interactions, they built up a respect and understanding of each other. I believe that they were the ones in the small group of friends who opened up to only each other without judgment, they truly got each other because they are the same in that way. Their pasts taught them that they can’t really rely on anyone so they rely on themselves to get by in life. They, are independent, that independence is the thing that they old against themselves very protectively that when they met they were both very closed off people and their friendship made them open up and trust each other in a way they never trusted in anyone before. This friendship cemented their over all friendship and relationship through out the series and made their whole relationship stronger and that made their feelings for each other that more true and real later on.

2. Bros

The, amount of fun they had with each other which I will write more about down this thread was such a joy to watch. It was light hearted fun, they never had the kind of relationship where they seemed to just let loose and be free whenever they felt like it. Their, friendship was built on the amount of fun they had together and made their broship that more believable because this showed how much they trusted each other and in each other to be a team. When, they played laser tag they were a team who helped each other win the game and they never failed or lost at the game of life because together they CAN and do anything and everything. I love their friendship because they always seemed so happy being carefree and having fun and that never went away it was always there and it was kind of something they also seemed to rely on in their life and relationship with each other. They, never had this with anyone else and I think it’s great that they were once so closed off to everything and anyone but once they are together having the fun they did together, like played laser tag, running around the museum, or making the bets they used to make challenging each other, that made their relationship stronger because they trusted each other so much that they are happiest when they are themselves, they are only themselves when playing around and having the fun they did and I don’t doubt that’s what they will do for the rest of their lives TOGETHER.

3. Best Friends

I know I talked about this already but I want to dive into their best friend status which seemed to happen quite fast. Not, only is their friendship and broship something they tend to rely on the most but that turned their relationship from just friends to best friends in only a few months of knowing each other. By the end of season 1 they were best friends, and they did refer to each other as that through out the show until maybe later on in the series when they were in love and wanting to spend their lives together. But, their friendship showed me and them how truly they care about someone when you don’t even need to think to be there for your friend, like when she took care of him when he was sick. Barney, was there for all of his friends, I don’t care what people say about him and I will always defend him to the point of protecting him. He cares so deeply and truly about Robin, while Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted does whatever he does. Barney and Robin have each other and their friendship showed me how much they support and are there for each other, that is what their best friend status turned their relationship into. I think the way they support and care about each other made them both grow individually and as a couple later on. Their, friendship is something they depended on in the earlier seasons of the show and you can see that more clearly in season 3. Barney and Robin went to each other for anything, for a conversation, for honesty, for a bit of fun, for a laugh, she was there for him with the whole stalking thing in season 3 and actually wanted to be the person he hits on to find the person who was stalking him. Then, obviously we don’t have to analyze the Sandcastles episode to know just how much they care. Barney, stopped everything he was doing to comfort her when she was just dumped and felt devastated over that. He, was always there for her when it counted and he never ever wanted anything from her in return he did it because he cared and wanted to, not to get anything out of it, to hit on her or to date her. He did it only because he cared and knew she needed the support, kindness and caring he provided for her in that scene. And, their chemistry was empowering, not only as a viewer and a shipper but for them obviously it led to a kiss and them sleeping together which is another issue I’m going to talk about.

4. Lovers

Okay, so they slept together there isn’t anything wrong with that and Barney DID NOT break the bro code despite what he, Ted or anyone might think. He, was there for Robin when she needed some comfort and support and SHE was the one who kissed him. She, invited him over to watch the video, she moved over on the couch while he didn’t move at all, she was looking at him through out that scene, she was laughing and commenting on the video with him and she KISSED him. He never did or would take advantage of her, Robin is his friend first who he cares about the most, more than anyone and he would never invade her like that in any kind of way. She, was the one who made all the moves no matter the amount of alcohol she had. But, that one night led to them falling in love and that has everything to do with their friendship, their very legendary friendship turned into a lifetime of love for them.

Having, that first go around with a relationship made that relationship and love grow ten folds and they never stopped loving each other. Their, summer together, I wish we were shown more of that summer but they looked so happy and carefree at the time and clearly having the time of their lives together, just being together, enjoying their time in secret together, they did what they wanted and I think that’s how their relationship should go. They, do what they want, what they feel they want to do and they don’t care, being together for them makes them happy and I’ve never seen them as happy as they are when they’re together, and that is mainly to do with their strong friendship it just turned into something more: a lifetime of love, support, caring and it’s better if they’re together than apart because they are themselves, they make each other happy by just being themselves and they only could do that with each other without being judged or put down because they understand the other one and know when to let the other one be who they are. They, never had that with anyone and when they became lovers/boyfriend and girlfriend they started to change the way they were when they’re just single individuals and become a supporting team, teammates, soulmates, mates that are in love and make each other strong and happy.

5. Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Despite how brief their season 5 was, they were already boyfriend and girlfriend in their secret summer together they just weren’t defining it and they didn’t need to because they got by without labeling their relationship, they clearly did have a great fun time together then and were clearly in love to the point of a brief engagement. More, on that down thread… But, this first go around at a relationship made them both grow, before this or with anyone else they never grew or changed who they are or what they want in life for anyone else. They are lone wolfs who like their freedom but they are lone wolfs who can’t live without each other, I don’t call living for them being apart, they need to be together and this first relationship showed just how much they love each other and want a life together. After, their summer they defined the relationship however forgetting the breakup for a moment. They were pretty committed to each other, she had her things at his place, went to his place most of the time, they seemed to be attached to each other’s hips that whole time so much so that they got engaged despite being on the cusp of breaking up. They, got engaged and I think that was key to the reason they had to get engaged when they got back together because they were/are in love and that’s why they were trying to hold on to their relationship. They, didn’t want to break up but they had some growing to do and learning before getting back together and knowing what they want. But, their first relationship showed just how strong this love really is.

6. Exes

I think it wasn’t necessary to break them up but that is just my opinion however I also think the break up actually was a good thing for their relationship. It saved their relationship from becoming unrepairable. They were miserably unhappy after their breakup and it was clear that they weren’t over each other, how it ended, they regretted the break up as I said in another post. Barney and Robin were complete messes after they broke up and it took years, not just months to get over that, the pain was real and it was heartbreaking to watch. They were dragging their feet getting back together when they still loved each other, both were in pain and went through a lot to get to being engaged again and came out of all that mess in the wake of their breakup better and their relationship was so much stronger because of that heartbreak. The, other relationships they had with other people never did or will compare to each other, they never stopped thinking or loving each other and through their friendship they repaired their relationship through season 6 and it showed just how much they need each other in a lot of many ways. They broke up and were messes but they overcame that and their friendship and relationship was more stronger because of their breakup.

7. Chemistry

Through the show, they built up a relationship with each other but their chemistry was a whole other thing. It’s important that their friendship was built around their chemistry and that never went away or will go away because their chemistry is something that was naturally there from the beginning. Lily, has said they have chemistry that never goes away I believe that is true, it never did or will go away it remains apart of their relationship forever, they never had that type of chemistry with anyone. I think it’s great that Neil and Cobie made something out of nothing just from their chemistry alone both on and off screen and that cemented Barney and Robin’s entire relationship and makes me believe that this chemistry will forever pull them back together IF they ever broke up again. I will not mention the failnale but it’s true their chemistry has always pulled them towards each other and always will that never goes away. They are physically and emotionally connected to each other through their chemistry and it was something that was always there and strong in their relationship from the beginning.

8. Adventurous

As, mentioned above they like to have fun and challenge each other both in life and for fun. They, love the thrills of what life can bring, they like to have fun, play games, they act like children sometimes because they didn’t have a childhood that normal kids have, so they use their lost childhood as adults, they explore life together. Don’t tell me that Barney doesn’t love adventure or traveling because that is so laughable. Just, because you grow doesn’t mean you’re going to lose who you naturally are and always was. He, has lived his life on the edge, likes to have fun, he even has a whole book on the thrill of picking up women. He loves the play in life, the women not so much. But, the thrill he loves and the only woman he likes the thrill of adventure with is Robin. She is the only person in his life who is equally adventurous and likes to have fun and they found that in their relationship. When, he asked her to do crazy stuff on the news when they first met she did it, not because she was afraid of losing her job or would be embarrassed, she did it because she wanted to and maybe a little because Barney wanted her to. But, mostly she does stuff with Barney because she loves to hang out with him and be around his out going personality which she also has and has lost or was taken from her when she was a child. They, never had the kind of childhood that young kids have or the parents who loved and supported them so as adults they found that they can be fun, silly, act like children and be what they weren’t or couldn’t be as children. They, enjoy life and they don’t like being in one place, they don’t like boring and they aren’t going to ever be that apple picking, white picket fence, suburbs, sitting on the front porch type couple. And, I believe they won’t be sitting around bored in hotel rooms or hating traveling because that is not who they are and they will never be the Marshall and Lily kind of couple. They, are who they are and they love who they are, they don’t want to change that or who they are to actually be happy together.

9. Friends/Enemies

Okay, I wanted to find a word that goes along with this relationship but couldn’t think of anything. However, the word enemies was used in Barney and Robin’s wedding invitation on the HIMYM wedsite back at the end of season 8 so I thought this is the right word to use in this post. Frienemies, first of all they are not enemies they are friends who had gone through hard times together who love each other, they had times where they weren’t talking to each other like season 7 and times when they were mad at each other but they are not enemies who hate each other so that word is so odd to me even now, like 5 years after that post on the website was posted. Anyway, they are friends first and foremost but I wanted to talk mostly about what they had gone through to get to the point of getting engaged and actually wanting a life together.

They, went through so much before they met, after they met, before they got together both times and in between but they came out of all of that unscathed and more aware of who they are and what they want. They, found an amazing connection since they met and formed a great union together as a team who are always there for each other and love to be around each other, they care and support one another and have their unforgiving and forgiving moments but over all they aren’t programmed to hate each other and they never will. Not counting any failnale stuff, they aren’t those people at all however they aren’t perfect and they have their moments but as a couple they’ll get through it as long as they don’t hate each other, that won’t happen but we as shippers we do love some angst and boy did these two have their share of it. It was both fun and sad but they made it and were better because of it it shows how strong this love is.

10. Soulmates

Barney & Robin are the very rare definition of the word soulmate, or words soul mates. They are friends, they are partners, they are in love and they are apart of each other. “They, are your best friend, and your soulmate, you can’t wait to spend your life with them.” And, it was true for them, they couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together however they took their sweet time realizing that they want to be together because both were terrified that it wouldn’t work out again and it will end like the last time. Robin, never had doubts about her love for him or his love for her but she did have doubts about if they could really make it, if they can go the distance that was her main issue. I also think she thought he would never really be ready to make that commitment to her that she wanted from him, and that’s why she took so long to realize that she actually wants to be with him but is scared that she could lose him and for her she doesn’t want that to ever happen, they are both so lost and don’t know what to do with themselves when they’re apart or aren’t around each other. They are anchors, book ends, they can’t live without the other one there by their side in whatever situation and I think that’s a really real life thing, living without that other half of you gets you nowhere in life and makes life less fun, it stalls life, it makes them miserable. They are happiest when together, they aren’t happy being apart and the amount of time they spent debating, thinking, being confused, unsure and unaware made them both miserable for along time. They, are true soulmates who always find their way back to each other and that chemistry will always forever pull/push them together in every situation no matter the situation. They, are in love and always will be and that kind of love should never be tested, discarded, forgotten, destroyed or not taken seriously, because even if life moves fast, your life can stall and for a while they stalled on getting back together because of the fear of losing each other, they almost did a few times but in the end they got it right getting back together when they did or they would have still been fighting their feelings and pretending they aren’t in love at that time so The Robin made sense for a push to get them to come to their senses. The, real sad thing isn’t that tragic failnale it’s the fact that these two found each other and lost each other in that horrible universe and were miserable. The, point of being soulmates is you can’t actually have a life with anyone else or be truly single because you will always be connected to that person who is your soulmate, for them it’s each other and always will be.

11. Fiances

I said above that they were engaged before, and it counts as a brief detour back to each other by getting engaged by getting back together. I don’t know if getting engaged first was a good idea however I loved their engagement and the meaning of The Robin because it showed just how very keen Barney is about the real Robin and I think that is the real meaning of naming this play The Robin. He, knows the real Robin, every move, everything she says and does he knows who she really is and the fact that he knew that she was fighting her feelings for him shows how he really knows her. He, planned this play for only two months however, I think as a head canon he was planning it since he met her and I never doubted that Barney is very aware of how she works. Who needs Robin 101 when you have The Robin as proof that he knows her better than anyone. He knew that she was in love with him but was scared to make a move and tell him how she felt so he had to push her to make her realize just how much she was killing herself by not being with him when she wanted to for at least two years. It truly amazes me as a shipper to watch Robin come undone through The Robin play but end up being really completely happy, and happiest when Barney was down on one knee proposing to her. He was committing in the biggest way possible in a relationship, it’s something she always wanted and doubted that he would actually want from her. The fact that he was trying and committed to her in season 5, the first time they were together can be kind of a test for the relationship however he was very committed and in love with her so he committed and once he proposed all worries stopped and she said yes because she couldn’t waste anymore time being apart from him and fighting her feelings because it really was destroying her, and made her run and be in denial for along time not in just two months but since they met.

They, fell in love through their friendship and it opened their eyes and hearts to only each other and I think it’s the whole point of that scene in “Ring Up” at the end when she realizes that Barney is all she really needs to be happy. He, gets her drinks, he opens the doors and holds them for her, he is there always for her, is aware of who this woman truly is and that’s all Robin needs to be fulfilled and completed in life.

12. Roommates

Even when they were dating Robin was practically living with him as I mentioned above she had her stuff at his place and he never minded or cared that she had her things in the Fortress. It shows the commitment he was making even then and it also showed that she was making a commitment to him by just being with him, being his girlfriend and not just sleeping with him and having her fun. They, made this commitment to each other very surprisingly quickly without even defining the relationship and it worked for them. They, never complained or changed each other to suit whatever the other wanted and don’t want and it’s really important to their character development which I believed started with Barney falling in love with Robin after they slept together and her feelings just became so powerless and emotional for her, she truly was scared of losing him and that says a lot about how much she needs him in her life and as her partner, they care so much that even something as simple as bringing personal belongings to the other ones place says how committed they are. I’m considering this the first of many character developments of their relationship and as individuals since they had already been growing individually for sometime but neither had a relationship that they really committed to. I mean, they just seemed to come together way before they actually got engaged (this S5 engagement not counting) but the real one and the one that matters to both of them. They, grew up so much after they dated and it helped them settle into their engagement very easily and know what works and doesn’t work for them. They, did things differently than season 5 and that was good for their lifetime commitment to each other later on.

13. Destiny

Neither believed in destiny, they laughed at things that are couply they hated being attached in a relationship, they didn’t like exposing themselves to others mostly those they didn’t trust but with each other they found each other without trying. They, found each other through their friendship and the moment they met was the moment their destiny to each other started and just meeting each other changed each other in a way they never changed for other relationships. They are true soulmates, they’re destiny, they met, become friends and just seem to find this ease with each other that they never had or will have with anyone else. They fell in love, I mean they could have remained best friends without the romance but with the chemistry they have, how deep they care and the love they have for each other it was bound to happen no matter what and at many times during the series including season 1, yes season 1 when they just met. But, the moment they brod out together was the moment their destiny started and it was even part of their soulmate montage, it’s so beautiful that they bonded early on however they could have had a relationship that was more than friendship at that point and “Zip, Zip, Zip” proofed that they have a very strong connection and that chemistry was just out standing and fun to watch.

14. Husband and Wife

They, are truly married. Truthfully, I’ve never seen them happier than they were when they were up at that alter getting married, it was like nobody was there around them, it was just them gazing lovingly at each other and knowing they want to spend their lives together. They went through hell and came out of it better and happier than ever I believe that the couple up on that alter was destined for happiness together, they were even a little giddy with her jumping up and down beaming happily as they were pronounced man and wife, his smile was very real and not faked for public show, he was truly happy and was beaming as well, they laughed and smiled the entire ceremony and never took their eyes off each other. That, is a showing of a truly happy, settled, committed, legendary couple getting married and those smiles never left their faces after the ceremony and I truly think these two will have fun, crazy,  adventurous times together and that will never end it will get only better as a married couple. They, are just getting started when they got married, sure life has downs but it also has ups but together, as long as they have each other they can make a lifetime of happiness and new memories. No matter what happens in their lives, they have each other and I will never believe these two people who can’t live without the other one there by their side would want to lose that and lose it all by losing each other. Barney IS not the guy in that failnale and that was NOT Robin Scherbatsky, maybe lesbian Robin or some other weird chick but that was not Robin Scherbatsky, the cool, fun scotch drinking, laser tag playing, gun using, independent, awesome, caring, supportive, loving Robin who was always there for Barney and cared about his happiness ahead of her own. This love shall never stop, fade or end not forever anyway, they will go on in life happy and committed to only each other without losing themselves because losing themselves means losing who they truly are and those two people in the failnale, those were not the awesome, fun, loving couple we’ve seen in the show it wasn’t them. They’re in love and that’s never going away, it only grows and finds new ways of how much they love and need each other.

15. Family

As, this post ends finally lol I wanted to talk about them as a family and not just friends or a couple. While, Marshall and Lily have each other and Ted has Tracy eventually, they are the only ones left if they never got married so they would somehow end up together in any situation. But, the moment they got engaged is the moment they aren’t just a couple they are a family who support and love each other. Barney is Robin’s family because he’s not only her husband but her best friend and she already thought of him as her family being part of the group, the gang’s friendship was the thing that kept her in NY and it was Barney who she wanted as her husband so he’s automatically her family. Her friends are her extended family and the family who were always there for her unlike her own family her friends are her family and she will never leave that no matter what and she would never leave Barney and he would never leave her, he wanted to marry her for a reason and that reason was to be with her for the rest of his life and Robin wanted to spend her life with him and never really wavered on wanting a life with him and would never want to be apart from him, if she had to travel for work he wouldn’t always go with her but it would never be a problem for them, they both love adventure, they love to explore new things because new is always better and they hate being apart, that’s the point of wanting to spend forever together. They, married so they could no longer be without each other and it’s clear that’s what they wanted for along time, they wanted to be together forever and the love they have would never just let them give up and he would never complain about her job. He, fell in love with the independent Robin Scherbatsky, he fell for the whole package not just an image so in a way he would follow her anywhere and every where as long as he’s with her he’s happy. In, any other relationship Robin would easily give up her marriage but not with Barney the only person she actually cares about on a more deeper and real level and can’t live without. They, literally seem to really be lost with themselves without each other there by their side in life and that’s the reason they wanted to get married and wanted a life together. Their, happiness is important and not something that should be tested or given up on they should live their lives the way they want to, with love, support and as a team which they have been since they met.

16. Forever

In, the end however they are happy and in love they came so far why would they ever want to go back to that. Barney, has said he was miserable and unhappy with the single lifestyle he was living for along time and Robin was always so focused on her career to care about a relationship but Barney was the exception, she created a life with him that she seemed to not want to end and she was so sad and lost for along time, after they broke up she was in so much pain that she couldn’t even date anyone and usually that isn’t her, but with Barney. She, truly fell in love with him so much so that nobody else made her commit, she had other relationships and she seemed to commit but she was never really in love with those other men. It was always Barney and will always be Barney, she would never give that up for misery and loneliness. Barney doesn’t either, losing each other isn’t an option, if they get to a bad time in their marriage/relationship they should never give up, they would go to counseling and try more harder and realistically to keep their relationship and marriage from collapsing. Giving up is what they did in season 5 but season 8 and 9 they were totally different people who weren’t going to just up and give up on their relationship, this love will always be in tact despite all the problems they might face along the line, they never would give that up for the life they used to live, the life they both felt lost and unfulfilled with. They, made this commitment and that’s something both never wanted at one time but they just couldn’t live without each other. It says a lot about two very independent people who will always be independent especially Robin. This relationship can always be repaired and this love will never end or be forgotten it’s forever remembered as their box of feels from their relationship had said. She used to not care about photos or things from other relationship, she even said she never kept anything minus her dogs from past relationships but I don’t doubt she kept pictures and items from their first relationship and that’s the reason she brought that up to him, it shows that she’s not only still in love with him, she can’t give up things from the relationship and never will this includes the man himself. Losing, him or discarding him would never happen because that is just not who Robin is at least not with Barney.

This, love is forever and just gets more and more interesting and real as they spend a lifetime together never giving up on the relationship again because that worked out so well the first time they broke up. Their, marriage will last and I believe with character/personal growth it will only get better and they would be there when they need each other and go through life together that’s part of the reason I love this relationship it’s a very real, interesting relationship one that isn’t normal in TV but should be used as an example to other relationships on TV as a couple who grew and overcame so much in their lives to end up with a happy ending in a very real, realistic way and neither wanted to give up on each other it’s why they always remembered their first go in a relationship.

counterpunches  asked:

I would like to hear the story of how you slept under the christmas tree

so i immigrated to the US at age 9, right, and one of the first things my family did was join the local Chinese church. as far as the whole “figuring out how to do things so we no longer have to live in the back shed of Uncle Joe’s* Magic Emporium” thing goes, it’s a pretty sound strategy! now we had people to teach my dad how to drive and give us old furniture and say “hey, Seattle is pretty rainy maybe you should rent an apartment-like space before either a) the shed roof caves in b) your daughter with the famously delicate constitution falls dramatically ill from a strain of black mold or possibly herpes”

*is not my uncle, that’s what his store was called. he sold magic gadgets and my dad knew him because???? possibly in a past life they ran a meth empire in Albuquerque, who knows

ANYWAY. thanks to the church i did not fall dramatically ill from black mold or possibly herpes, but there was an unforeseen factor in joining a Christian church, which was that they? were pretty hardcore? about Jesus?**

**in a nice “we build houses for the homeless” way, not in…the other way

given that we’d just immigrated and that China’s religious policy is worshiping Mao’s preserved corpse ehhhhh…let’s call it “freedom of atheism,” my family was decidedly not hardcore about Jesus. my parents mostly took the bemused “i guess Jesus is okay since he indirectly led to us living in a place suited for human habitation” route, but i



i was the first kid in my class to get her red scarf, okay, and when we sang the national anthem and saluted the flag every morning i fucking meant what i was singing. we almost didn’t come to America; my dad had more lucrative job offers in Germany and Belgium, but i put my foot down because everyone knows Europe is full of gross imperialists Dad, GOSH, and the Americans helped us fight off the Japanese.

so seeing all these fellow Chinese believing in THE CAPITALIST GOD was basically the worst thing to ever happen to my delicate psyche. my parents’ tacit approval was even worse: DID PATRIOTISM AND COMMUNISM MEAN NOTHING TO THEM? DIDN’T THEY KNOW THAT DOING NOTHING AGAINST OPPRESSION MADE THEM OPPRESSORS THEMSELVES??

clearly something needed to be done.

so because the church was pretty hardcore about Jesus, it was understandably also hardcore about Christmas. big party, massive intricately decorated REAL TREE, sleepover for the kids with presents in the morning—you name it. everyone was going to be there.


my plan:

  1. sleep UNDER the giant real Christmas tree: y’know, the one with real pointy needles reaching all the way down to the base? that sheds? with lots of pokey tinsel?
  2. catch Jesus in the act of depositing presents***: look. i’d seen like, ALL of Scooby Doo by this point. i knew Jesus was probably a real person, just not the Son of God.
  3. subdue Jesus so he’s still around when everyone else wakes up: CLEARLY VERY FEASIBLE, given that Jesus was a heavyset white dude who used superhuman agility and strength to deliver presents around the world overnight and possibly had reindeer minions and i weighed 70 pounds at most while sopping wet.
  4. (who is Santa Claus?? who cares)
  5. ????

***even if i didn’t believe in him, why was i slavishly devoted stopping a highly altruistic man who gave? people? presents? did i hate joy????

sure enough, at around 3 in the morning i heard soft boots approaching the tree. i reached out and snatched one of the Ankles of Jesus

—whereupon Youth Pastor Liao screamed “OH MY LORD” and kicked me in the face.

and THAT, dear friends, is how i spent my first Christmas in America with a concussion.

Bonding Time

Here, have the first part of a James Bond/Tony Stark xover. Because I want an xover of those two and because today is my birthday, so I get what I want even if I have to write it myself.


Summary: Double-O Agent James Bond meets Tony Stark. It goes exactly as well as Fury feared it would go.

Or Five Times Tony accidentally gets involved in a secret mission, and the one time he does it entirely on purpose.


Part I Bond

Tony wasn’t pouting. He was not.

“Quit your pouting and move your fucking ass!” The guy behind him snarled (very impolitely), and pressed the gun harder into Tony’s back.

While uncomfortable, the loudly implied threat did not keep Tony from dragging his feet. For one Guy-With-Terrible-Breath hadn’t immediately shot him, which implied he had an interest in keeping Tony alive. For the time being at least. For another Tony was too busy mentally ranting to pay the guy much attention.

Because seriously, this entire situation was ridiculous. He was on vacation, for fuck’s sake. That in itself was rare enough an occurrence—no matter how often Obadiah insisted that he was young still, only twenty-three, and should be out, enjoying himself, Tony had never been very good at staying out of his own business.

It had taken Obadiah five months to convince Tony that Stark Industries wasn’t going to fall apart if he took a break on some tiny island near Spain. Too much like his father, Obadiah had grumbled, which had of course been the deciding factor in Tony agreeing to take his long put-off mandatory leave.

(He doesn’t mind vacations, just to clarify. He enjoys the partying and drinks just fine, thank you very much. It’s the lying in the sand all day sleeping and chilling that gets to him. Tony isn’t very good at turning his mind off and living in the moment. He needs puzzles to solve, patterns to predict, explosives to make boom. He needs to calculate and built, needs to keep his mind buzzing, and vacations—complete with being banned from disappearing into the workshop or talking business with his favourite engineers—don’t offer that.)

The second reason why Tony was in such a foul mood was that he had been responsible. He’d carefully chosen his destination, run some pretty background checks on his hotel, other residents, the usual. He’d complied with all of Obadiah’s pointless, overboard security precautions. Just once in his life Tony had taken things serious—like everyone seemed to insist he should—and he had gotten kidnapped for his troubles.

That settled it then. He was never going to listen to Obadiah ever again.

[more under the cut]

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Alrighty, I’d say that’s looking much better!

So, like the last post stated oh-so-clearly, when I was a young bot, I used to read the Sonic comics. I got sad when Amy wasn’t included in the 25 Years Later arc, so I had this idea - What if she went off and just did her own thing?

Amy grows up and realizes that there are lots of little girls out there who, just like her at one point, can’t really protect themselves. She managed to get lucky and have Sonic there to rescue her, but these girls aren’t so fortunate. If something were to happen to them, they might be out of luck. So, she takes it upon herself to start taking in orphaned children to become both their mentor and mother. Under her guidance and love, these girls learn how to fend for themselves and look super cute while doing it! And thus, the Rose Petal Platoon is born! 

(Above members shown, from left to right - Nina, Malin, and Hanna.)

Theory on Fall Out Boy’s new purple album concept and its trailer.

I’ll just share it here because I’m currently watching the video on a loop and these insane theories keep poppin’ in my head, so I need to share one of them, the one it makes the most sense to me.

The video starts with a logo from a company called “Mania”. We already saw this name on the first cryptic video FOB posted along with movie theater addresses. Here we see “Mania Beach Resorts”, while we saw “Mania Entertainment Group” on the other one.
You can look it up on Google, and you’ll see that this company does not exist, thus, it’s fictional, created for concept purposes. I imagine this just like MCR created the Better Living Industries for Danger Days’ concept. But we’ll get to that.
Then, we can hear a whistling happy song while the video shows a happy couple on a beach, with a marriage proposal and three kids running towards the water on a pier. Everything seems perfect so far. Then, the image closes to a striking thunder lightning and a tidal wave hitting a rock really hard while the image turns purple. Then, “Fall Out Boy 27-4-2017” shows up and the image is shut down after some people running from or towards something on the beach with a really strong noise.

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of the color purple, so the theory can make a little bit more sense:
“The color purple is connected to the mystical world and it means spirituality, magic and mystery. The purple brings the sadness and introspection feeling. Stimulates the contact with the spiritual side, proportioning the purification of the body and mind, and being released by fears and other disturbances.”

Mania is an entertainment group that own, as far as we know, a beach resort where people have fun, enjoy their vacations and etc. They are evil. They control and possess the entertainment environment. Just like Better Living Industries did, in a worldwide mode, of course.
The company harms the hell out of the natural environment.  And, even not being showed on the video, it harms people’s lives. Mania has so much control that they are even displayed on the beginning of the trailer, like they possess it.  
They make it all seem okay, while it’s not. That’s the point of the video showing happy people at their installments, and then…

It’s a metaphor for the Noah’s Ark, on the Bible.  God created the humanity and was not glad with the path it was being taken, so he created a flood so all the humanity was extinguished.

As the color purple is connected to the mystical side, it gets revolted with the way this company has made the world become. Then, it turns against the men’s will and destroys everything. How? By colossal tidal waves. What does waves and water reminds you? Purification, which is one of the meanings of the color purple. The role of FOB on it, what the company did and how the nature acts is yet to be shown on the video, or as I believe, a series of videos, telling this story, just like The Young Blood Chronicles did.
In the end, we can see a group of people running towards or from something. They are running from the nature’s revolt.

Besides the album concept matter, we can relate this to Fall Out Boy’s story, while the fans are always pointing that they changed, they sold themselves out, and this album will be like “Hey guys! It’s not like that. We can do something different than what the industry wants. We are a fucking tidal wave and we will crush this shit down”. I can hear Pete saying that clearly in my mind.

Well guys, you can share your opinions, I’ll be glad to hear it. Thanks for reading it!


anonymous asked:

Let me just say thankyou for your posts talking about the mental health in BnHA. For me its obvious but so many its not and like the manga points out, so many make a villian out of Bakugo. Which I cannot stand. The kid is smart, loyal, strong, and determined. He does not have the same personality as Deku that can get through to people so I felt for him when Shoto clearly still wasnt ready to use his fire power and froze up because of it. I love Bakugo, so thankyou for protecting the sweet child.

You’re welcome, Anon. Thank you for this ask; there is one thing that I felt I needed to be clear on, but never found the opportunity to do so. The thing is, I don’t think Bakugou is ‘a sweet child’. I think Bakugou has a problematic attitude and mental health issues that need to be taken care of, seriously and with benevolence. What I’m defending is Bakugou being seriously taken care of, not Bakugou being an adorable but misunderstood child. If you do that, you’re deliberately putting aside all the bad things he did and idealizing him, and that’s not being fair to him and issues he’s illustrating. That’s not what I’m defending.

We have to take Bakugou for what he truly is; he’s smart, strong-willed and passionate, but he has mental health issues AND his behavior has been violent and abusive towards Midoriya. One doesn’t erase or excuse the other. He doesn’t really regret anything he did. He’s improving, but he never apologized to Midoriya for bullying him, and for telling him to go kill himself. I’m not telling Bakugou is a good or bad person. Nobody is totally good or bad; we’re all bound to do bad and good things, because our behaviors are influenced by a lot of settings depending on the situation, and sometimes, we mess up (I’m putting aside talks about systemic oppression and violent behaviors towards oppressed people). What’s important is improving, realizing our mistakes, fixing it if we can and moving forward. We’re not perfect, nobody is, so at least what we can do is prevent, fix and help each other when we’ve taken wrong paths. It won’t help Bakugou, whether we demonize or idealize him, because we won’t confront what he did and won’t improve the situation. When you care for someone, and I care for Bakugou, you want them to be at peace, happy and satisfied with themselves; something Bakugou clearly isn’t. And to do that, you need to be honest and fair. 

Bakugou’s behavior has been wrong on a lot of aspects, and it’s not correctly addressed by others and especially adults in charge. It won’t help him to demonize him, it’s just a convenient way to silence him and ignore his medical and emotional care. I saw people telling that if Bakugou wasn’t restrained, he would’ve trashed the stadium and fought Todoroki. Let’s say he would have (even if I stated he probably wouldn’t have because he was frustrated for not winning fairly); then, wouldn’t it had been smarter to disqualify him to prove they were condemning his attitude and protect everyone? Wouldn’t it had been more efficient to keep him in a room, talk to him and wait for him to calm down, than to expose and humiliate him the way they did? What were they really trying to protect when they chained, cuffed and muzzled Bakugou? Bakugou and Todoroki, or the entertainment of the crowd and UA’s public image? Please, just think honestly about this. The answer is just evident. Bakugou still wants to be a hero to be the best, kick villains’ butt and win. Not to save others and be kind to people that need help. He failed his provisional licence exam because he just didn’t care about saving people, and endangered them when he told them to help themselves. I have my idea on what will eventually trigger his urge to save, because it’s not easy to awake to a feeling you never felt before, unless you’re in a situation that pushes you to do so. It’s not something I’m making up, just look at these panels. 

They perfectly resume dynamics between Bakugou and Midoriya ; they both incarnate one of those two urges ‘to save’ and ‘to win’, and while Midoriya is being driven by Bakugou to improve his urge to win and surpass himself, Bakugou is still far for awakening to the urge to save. However, we can see he’s slowly opening up to the possibility by befriending Kirishima; he tried, in his own way, to care for him, and that’s a good beginning. Bakugou began to open up to more positive feelings such as caring for others and accepting to be cared for; because it doesn’t mean you’re weak when people want to help. It’s something Midoriya never made him feel, and Kirishima did.

Anyway, my post on mental health came from the urge to stop seeing people make fun of how Bakugou is handled and to clear issues about mental health that aren’t obvious for most people, because we’re either not even aware they exist, or because we’re not used to see them treated in popular representation. What Bakugou did was wrong; but the way he is treated is also wrong. We seriously need to be honest about Bakugou; I see a lot of people either demonizing or idealizing him, and that’s not positive. I’m sorry if this answer comes out as a little harsh, it’s not personal Anon, it’s not you being good or bad, it’s just questioning our perspectives and ways to appropriate contents. It’s about an attitude on that character that I find not really honest because whether you’re demonizing or overprotecting Bakugou, you’re not taking him for what he truly is but more for what you want him to be, and that’s not being fair to him, what he’s representing, and others characters.

anonymous asked:

I just saw your shalnark was a kurta answer and didn't the spiders leave a note saying "we accept everything so take nothing from us" at the leader's corpse. Why would they do that?

Heyo! :D 

huuuh this is hard to exactly say. 

“We accept everything, so take nothing from us” is a saying from Meteor City. According to what we know, we know that, people can dump anything they want to Meteor City, even living people, but people shouldn’t steal from them, or kill Meteor City’s people. Last time someone killed an habitant of Meteor City, the killer was killed with the note “We accept everything so take nothing from us.”

On a surface level, for sure, we know it’s therefore a saying that is close to the heart of the Troupe members, since most of them grew up in Meteor City (Chrollo, Pakunoda, Machi, Feitan, Uvogin, Nobunaga, Phinks are the main ones I can think about). 

As it is, the page we have about the note is everything Kurapika had heard over the massacre - which I think is therefore more of a way to sign the massacre as being from the Troupe. It’s the only way Kurapika might have realized it was the Troupe who did those murder, by linking the saying back to Meteor City and therefore, to the group orginitating from it.

Now then as for why…. It’s up to theories. 

The simplest theory would be just that it was left there as a way to sign their murders, nothing more.

The more conspiration theories would tell you the Kurta did something to the Troupe, stole something maybe, and that was a payback.

I… honestly hate this version of the theory. As far as we know, the Kurta were killed because of their eyes. It’s also to notice they were killed 6 weeks after the incident in which Kurapika showed his red eyes to the townpeople, and therefore confirmed that the legend of the “red-eyes monsters” wasn’t a legend. The timing is rather tight, it could be the reason the troupe learnt about the village and planned their robberies.

I personally have another theory, that we discussed in private with @killua-no once. 

We think it’s also possible that it’s the book Sheila brought with her and gave Kurapika and Pairo that might be the cause and may have been stolen from the troupe. 

Now this is a theory, don’t take my words too seriously, but i suppose it has as much weight as thinking the Kurta did something to the Troupe (after all, why people who had been closed of for over a century, would now get the wrath of the Troupe? What could have happened now to get the Troupe’s attention?)

in Kurapika’s past we see an aspiring Hunter, Sheila, who got hurt nearby their village. Kurapika and Pairo took care of her until she was back to health, and to thank them, Sheila gave them the book she had of D-Hunter. From this book, Kurapika and Pairo learnt a lot about the outside world, until the Elder of the village took it away from them to “not give them foolish dreams”. As far as we know, Kurapika and Pario never saw this book again.

The interesting thing is that, we heard of this book in Kurapika’s chapter, only a few chapters before we learn that there are two really important books regarding the Dark Continent, written by Don Freecss. We know one of the book had been found, but the second one seems to have disappeared. 

From the descriptions we have of D-Hunter, it could be that it is a book about the Dark Continant, therefore, a much more important book that it would look like. 

The thing would be that, even if it’s not the book by Don Freecss, if Sheila (accidentally or not) took this book from Meteor City, or from the Troupe, it could be that the Troupe would just be seeking back what was theirs, and the Kurta just happened to be in the way and their eyes bring their attentions. (also the fact the note was found next the leader’s corpse could also be since he was the one who was in possession of said book. But since he was the Elder, this might be a reach and it was just because he was the most important guy of the village.)

It would explain also why the Troupe don’t remember much about the Kurta’s massacre aside from the fact they thought the eyes were pretty. If they came to the village with other motives than to steal the eyes, and realized on the way that the eyes were interesting, it could go in that direction. As something they didn’t plan when they arrived in the village.

Now, one last detail, take it or not, if the book is from Don Freecss and considering Ging has access to the other book or its knowledge, it would make it a fun coincidence if Chrollo and Ging both had access to said book, since they are the two people we see using books as a way to collect powers to use later (Chrollo’s ability and the Books from Greed Island - Even more considering Ging seems to be able to understand Nen technique and reuse them later (which would be the theory of how Greed Island’s cards work anyway)). It was a similitudes that had been bothering Killua-no and I for a while until we started to talk about the Don Freecss’s books and the possibility of the Troupe being linked to one of those books.

When it comes to Shalnark being a Kurta or not, the theories would be that he either asked to be spared in the massacre, or joined the troupe beforehand, and if that later, could have given them information on the village. But I don’t know what it would imply exactly, and we don’t have nearly enough information for it to be well dug in. Besides, with Shalnark’s current situation, I don’t think the story will explore much about it.

And from writting all of this, it does seems like I’m trying to find any reason to not incriminate the Kurta themselves. Ngl, I would be kinda disappointed if it turned out that the Kurta did something actively against the troupe and “got back what they did” kind of way. I find it far more tragic that the Kurta were attacked seemingly for shallow reasons as such as just aesthetics.  I don’t want a “actually the Kurta were really gray” explaination, but I might be too biased and involved in this storyline to think clearly about it.)

This Book theory might be far fetched, and asks a lot of “if”, but considering also how Kurapika’s past chapters are right before the begining of the information about the Dark Continent, the importance of the Don Freecss’s books, and the fact the Troupe gets involved in the search for the Dark Continent, I dare to hope maybe we’re not completely wrong. 

Therefore, the Meteor City’s saying would be used like its original purpose, as the way Meteor City’s citizens use says words. As in “Someone took something from us and we took it back. You are punished for taking it away from us.”

Otherwise, I would believe it’s just a way to sign their massacre as being from them. Coming from Meteor City and in a way, still going by its logic (not to mention that it was at least 4 years before the begining of the manga, so who knows for how long the Troupe had been active at this point. Maybe it was still during the time they were making a name for themselves and therefore would sign their crimes which they wouldn’t later.)

So, I can’t say for sure, I have my theories about it - do what you will with it!

Take care nonny! I wish you well!

Evgeni Malkin- Just jealous

Request:  Can I get a Evgeni Malkin imagine where he’s jealous of you and another guy on the team and he gets all touchy with you and it gets kinda steamy, idk if you do smut and if you do can it be smut but if you don’t then that’s fine. Please and thank you!

Author’s note: I apologize this is so late but thank you for understanding I needed the break.

Warnings: swear words and slight steam

Up next: Alex Nylander

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In KHIII, I think Kairi should apologize for joking about leaving Riku behind. When you think about it, a lot of his downward spiral only got worse when he thought his friends abandoned him. He was doing everything he could to get her heart back, even at the cost of succumbing to darkness. Now whenever I see that part it always rubs me the wrong way lol. Like, okay maybe he has changed. He’s clearly going through something, but that doesn’t mean leave him behind. Even if she did play it off as a joke.

And yes, I already know there’s been several moments where they both redeem themselves as characters, which makes an apology irrelevant, but it would make a cute sappy moment between the two of them, which we don’t see very often. Sort of similar to how Riku and Sora admitted they were jealous of each other at the end of KHII.

Come on, Square. Stop playing around and give old girl some growth.

Werewolves and $500 Heels || Kol M.

2. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

Requested by @sleepy-stilinski-24

“Why are we going through tunnels?” I asked Kol, trying not to step in sewer water. This was not what I imagined when my boyfriend told me we were going out.

“Because we’re going to terrorize some wolves.” He stated.

“Well there isn’t much to terrorize, seeing as they live in a sewer, they already torture themselves.” I said, disgusted by my surroundings. “What are we going to do anyways? And what’s the point of this?”

“They have something of mine.”

“And that is?” I questioned.

“A dark object I created and they plan on using it.” Kol said, clearly pissed.

“What does it do?”

“You can control the mind with it, all you need is a witch.”

“Wait, why did you create that if you can already control anyone you’d like with compulsion?” I asked, instantly confused.

“Because, I still wouldn’t be able to compel anyone with vervain in their system. With this, nothing can protect you from its control.” He admitted, chills went down my spine, I knew Kol had created quite a few dark objects, but this dark?

“Do you know what the wolves are planning to use it on?” I asked, the possibilities running rampant in my mind.

“No idea, but it can’t be good.” We finally came up to what looked like a pallet, blood spatter here and there.

“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” I said, getting a bad feeling about this as we went deeper into the tunnel, signs of wild wolves getting more clear the further we got.

“Don’t worry princess, I won’t let the big, bad doggies get to you.” He said, teasing me. “And if you were to die, at least I’d still get to see your beautiful face.”

“Flattery won’t get you far, Kol.” I said as I avoided stepping on a dead rat. “I don’t mean any offense in this, but how can people live like this. I mean, I get it if you’re on the streets, but I’d still try to make my surroundings as pleasant as possible.”

“You’re just upset about your heels.” He said as if any of this didn’t bother him, and if it did he wasn’t showing it.

“Five hundred dollar heels, fuck yeah I’m upset.”

“Then why are you wearing them if you knew we were going out.” He stopped, disbelief on his face.

“Oh I don’t know, because I thought when you asked if I wanted to go out, you met a dinner or a party, not going after dogs in sewers, and lets not forget the object you created, can control anyone’s mind.” Before I could continue with my rant, a low growl ripped through the tunnels.

“Y/N!” Kol yelled, I turned around, and a werewolf was speeding at me, but Kol was quicker at reaching me. He pulled me behind him, grabbing the wolf by his snot, and elbowing him in the head. I looked around for a possible weapon as Kol fought with the wolf. I found a broken, wooden chair turned on its side, I run over to it, and kick a leg off.

I grabbed the broken leg, and sped over to the two, I jumped on top of the wolf, and shoved the leg in the side of it’s neck, knowing no bone or cartilage would get in the way there. The wolf lets out a howl, letting the others know something was wrong, as he falls.

Kol held out his hand, I took it. “Are you okay princess?” He asked as I fall into him.

“Yeah, you?”

“Yeah. Ready to kill some more werewolves, love?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. And if I’m not dead by the end of this, you own me new heels, and a date.” I said, sadden that we didn’t go out for dinner or did couple like things, but mainly sad about my poor heels.

“Oh, don’t worry love, I’ll take you on the greatest date you’ve ever been too, and get you even better heels.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Why thank you, now just don’t let me die.”

“Wouldn’t even think about it.” He smiled. “Now let’s go, before we’re controlled by a bunch of wolves.”

I’m sorry that this is bad

Masterlist || Prompt List

JuminZen week

Day 3: First Kiss // Discoveries

This is once again a continuation of day 1 and 2, both of which you can find here:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

(3237 words)

Jumin didn’t know what had happened. Two days ago, the two had been sharing a caring discussion over lunch which Jumin had invited Zen on and now Zen would always excuse himself whenever Jumin came into a chat on the RFA messenger and replied to his texts so briefly it was impossible that he was actually as busy every time the director tried to message him. Was it something Jumin had said? It certainly hadn’t seemed to be- Zen had acted uncharacteristically kind throughout the entirety of lunch.

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anonymous asked:

Lets get down to business to defeat THE HUNS

Lumiere held the door open just a shade longer than he had to, and tried to scrape his jaw off the floor. The matter of a Chinese army amassed in front of the castle was a bit of a shocker.

“Ehh….may I help you?” He can feel Plumette peeping from just behind his shoulder. Matter of fact, he can feel the entire castle peeping out behind his shoulder.

“Is Mongolia that way?” said the leader of the party, gesturing.

“We got lost,” explained a skinny soldier.

You got lost,” said another one. “We got you, who said he could read a map.”

“I smell food,” moaned a soldier, who seemed to form a trio with the other two. 

“All right, all right,” said Lumiere, and he tried to pick out somebody from the, again, absolutely massive Chinese army in front of him who didn’t look like they would kill you if you pulled a nifty ball change at the wrong time. His eyes settled on a lad near the front, who was scratching at his shirt. “We can, ehm, we can fix this. How much time do you have to get to….Mongolia?”

“We were supposed to be there yesterday,” said the lad. His low voice was surprising. “We need the fastest solution possible.”

“Bien,” said Lumiere, though he secretly didn’t feel there was anything particularly great about the situation. “Plumette, would you go fetch the book?”

He doesn’t need to speak twice. What a glory Plumette is—can practically read his mind. She is back in a second with a large, clearly magical book.

“You have no idea how this works,” she hissed.

“Très vrai, but I have seen the master use it. You just think of where you want to go, oui? The Enchantress would not have left something clearly hazardous.”

She set you on fire,” whispers Plumette, but Lumiere has already handed the book to the lad with the deep voice.

“Mongolia! Picture it. Its….its…fields! or its trees. The sands! Do they have jungles?” Lumiere has never traveled beyond Europe, but he figures that if he keeps talking he’ll land on the right mental image.

There is a deep whoosh and the army is gone. The castle breathes a sigh of relief. Far across the world, the Chinese army find themselves exactly where they meant to be.

“Ah, well, I did not exactly intend to visit Mongolia today,” says Lumiere, shivering in the snow, “though of course I am delighted you thought to include me in your trip.”

“We will drop you, your friend, and your magical scroll at the next travel post,” says the leader of the party, and turns back to assembling his troops into some semblance of order. In the middle of Mongolia, Plumette looks at Lumiere with a stare that is half annoyance and half an affection that spans the globe.

“I know, amour, I know. Don’t mess with magic.”

“No,” says Plumette. “Mess with magic all you wish, mon coeur. Just pack a coat next time.”

Lumiere grins and holds his darling close, and the snow of Mongolia can’t touch them through their laughter.

Making a Moment (Part 2)

Summary: Dipper finds out he and Mabel might have FEELINGS for each other, so tries to set up a situation where a relationship could develop naturally. Problems arise.

[Part 1]

[AO3 Link]

Operation Mentor

Summary: One of them will ask the other to teach them something, and during the teaching process the instructor in question will assist the learner by taking their hands and demonstrating proper technique, and the contact combined with the sharing of an important passion will lead to a ‘Moment,’ finally.

Step 1: Figure out a skill to be taught

Dipper hadn’t always had the most confidence in himself and the things he’d defined himself by, and while he’d gotten better about it, code-breaking, physics problems, and biological anomalies weren’t skills you taught by sidling up behind someone and grabbing their hands. Even if they were, if Mabel had asked to know more about those things he’d likely start a full on lesson plan and forget the romance entirely.

So he had to learn from Mabel, and luckily most of Mabel’s proficiencies were craft related. He figured pottery was too on the nose, and she probably didn’t have a clay wheel in her dorm room anyway, but he had an in with his earlier agreement. Since he had promised to ‘help’ her with her clothing design, there was plenty opportunity to ask to learn some beginner knitting techniques. Frankly, it was a bit embarrassing that he was completely clueless about the practice when he had a sister who’d been making her own clothing since she was 8.

So, all he had to do was ask her how to knit, and then learn. Sounded simple enough.

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Pairing: Suga/You
Genre: Fluff, Slight angst (?)
Warning: Profanities
Word Count: 1151 words
A/N: Wrote this a while back but never have the courage to post it, eventho it’s just a stupid drabble

Min Yoongi might be one of few savage or straightforward men you have encountered in your whole life but that, that was quite harsh.

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A Rainy Day in South Korea  (Hanbin Scenario)

It had been raining for three days straight and the roads were practically flooded but Hanbin’s puffy coat was so huge and heavy, it felt like a duvet draped over your shoulders, so the weather wasn’t any bother. The train on the way to his apartment had been pretty packed and sometimes you catch people giving you odd little looks, but since foreigners stand out in Korea you’re kinda used to it, and anyway, you look cute today so you don’t blame them for looking. Pushing your chin into the coat you breath in the familiar smell.

When you reach the stop you nudge your way off the carriage, pulling your bag closer and smiling at the people staring. The FamilyMart isn’t so busy when you slip inside, the cashier greets you the same way they always do and you walk straight over to the section, knowing already exactly where to go. Thankfully they are fully stocked, so you grab two pots of rice pudding, the ones you know Hanbin likes, along with some pringles and two onigiri, a tuna one for him. When you make your way back outside after paying it’s just started to spit with rain, and people already have their umbrellas up. Obviously, you forgot yours, so you pull the hood up over your head and revel in the way it practically covers your eyes, making it hard to see where you’re even going.

So by the time you reach his apartment in one piece, without wandering if into the main road, and ring the doorbell, you can’t even tell when he’s opened the door, all you can hear is rain and cars behind you and all you can see is the hood hanging over your eyes, water dripping down, and then you hear his laugh and suddenly there’s a hand on your arm, pulling you inside. It’s warm and kind of dark, but immediately you feel comfortable inside. Just as you’re about to kick your shoes off and pull off the coat the hood is being lifted up and then Hanbin plants a light, brief kiss on your lips, before immediately disappearing down the hall into the kitchen. It was kind of incredible how he still got shy and embarrassed afterwards.

“I got you rice pudding.” You say, following him into the kitchen, rustling the plastic bag in your hand.

“Gimme, gimme.” Hanbin does grabby hands, looking painfully adorable, so you just give in immediately and hand him the bag. The living room is a mess, there is paper everywhere, along with multiple notepads and magazines. Obviously he had been writing again this morning, and when you glance at the notes closer you see it’s a mixture of Korean and English. You make a mental note to go over it with him later, just to make sure it all makes sense….

Hanbin is already tucking into one rice pudding, eating with his mouth open. How he makes even that look endearing was beyond you but whatever. You lean against the counter opposite him and bite you lip.

“What do you want to do today?” He asks, in between chews.

“It’s still raining.” You pout and he glances down to stare at your lips.  “Why don’t we go get coffee or something?” Hanbin nods, finishing his pudding.


There’s a cute coffee shop just round the corner from his apartment, and when you walk there, arms brushing with each step, the shared umbrella high above your head because he’s the one holding it, you catch a look at the both of you in the reflection of a window. It’s a hilarious sight, the two of you are wearing brightly coloured puffy coats, but it’s also kind of adorable and makes you feel horribly warm inside with the butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling. Hanbin is talking about how he can’t seem to finish this one song he’s been working on and might scrap the whole thing all together, and you can hear he’s frustrated with it, so you do the only thing you can and reach out for his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. Like always, he completely envelopes your own hand with his long fingers, but he sighs a little in contentment and you notice his shoulders relax and suddenly he’s talking about something funny Junehoe did the other day instead.

The coffee shop is busy, clearly everyone wanted to get in out of the rain and warm themselves with hot drinks, but fortunately you manage to spot a free place to sit, and pull him over towards it. There is light jazz playing, and the abundance of plants hanging about the place make it look kind of like a garden centre, but in a good way. Hanbin practically collapses into his seat opposite you and reaches his arms across the table, and although he isn’t touching you, his hands are only centimeters from where you are sitting. A lady appears by the table and asks if she can take your order, but before you can even speak Hanbin lifts his head and asks for two of the luxury hot chocolates, both with lots of cream. She nods and scuttles away.

“Why did you assume that’s what I wanted?” You ask, trying to sound accusing, but the goofy smile he gives you forces your resolve to crumble.

“I wanted us to get the same thing.” He grins then, mouth open, teeth showing. He looks dumb.

“You’re annoying.” You tell him, but it sounds like you just gave him a compliment. His hands are still reaching over the table and so he easily reaches his fingers out,  pulling onto the fabric of your shirt and holding on.

“I missed you.” He says, and it’s quiet, so only you could hear it. It makes your heart flutter.

“You saw me two days ago.” You say, smiling at him.

“I nearly called you last night at 1am.” He confesses, tugging on your sleeves a little. He’s glancing around the coffee shop, but sometimes he peeks back to look at you. Only now and then, for a second.

“A 1am booty call, just for me?” He looks embarrassed, so that’s a yes then. “Well, you won’t have to call me tonight.” His face lights up and you want to reach over and playfully smack his head, but the lady is back and placing two ridiculously huge hot chocolates down onto the table, forcing him to sit up straight. Once she’s gone he makes a second confession.

“I don’t like sleeping alone, the futon is too cold.” You’re not too sure your heart can take anymore of this so you spoon some of the cream into your mouth and focus on the taste. Of course when you make the mistake of looking back at him, he’s staring right at your lips again.

“I think it’s going to storm tonight.” You purposely lick you lips, watching his eyes follow the movement. After a beat of silence, the both of you just staring, you add, “I missed you too.” and suddenly he can’t look at you, and his hot chocolate must be very interesting because he’s glaring at it.

A group of school kids are laughing in the corner on the other side of the room, and the song playing changes to something even jazzier, while a group of salary men stumble in from the rain and talk loudly about mundane things. The hot chocolate is almost too good to be true but when Hanbin snakes his hand back over the table and finds yours, lacing your fingers together again without a word, you conclude that nothing will beat that feeling, not even a luxury hot chocolate.

Maggie Sawyer is a Little Shit

Part 8, Eliza’s chapter, finally done.

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Eliza has made a lot of mistakes. It’s time she made up for some of them.


Alex was five the first time she nearly gave Eliza a heart attack. One moment she was there beside the cart, the next she was gone, lost somewhere between the grapes and the potatoes. How one small child could evade a store full of employees and her frantic mother, she’d never know. But the reunion, when it came, was full of tearful apologies on both sides.

The first time Alex won a surfing competition, she was twelve, and so, so excited. While Eliza would have preferred safer pursuits, surfing was something Alex could share with Jeremiah, something they could bond over. So when she came running up to her mother, still dripping saltwater, so excited and proud, Eliza was thrilled for her.

She’s not sure when she stopped sharing the blame when things went wrong. Or when she stopped telling Alex how proud she was of her.

After Jeremiah, certainly.

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