this is chris colfers world


Today, I met Chris Colfer 💜
• I got a special meet and greet
• he was a total sweet heart and cracked the funniest jokes
• he’s so smol
• his laugh is the best thing I’ve ever heard
• he’s got a great ass
• and THIGHS
• the event was so entertaining
• he read to us from his recent book!
• the first thing I smelled when I walked in the meet&greet room WAS HIS AMAZING COLOGNE
• he shook my hand (they’re so soft omfg) and smiled at me and greeted me
• he asked me what was my name and hE KNOWS
• he signed a book specifically for me
• I apologized for my hard name pronunciation but he was like “oh no nono don’t be sorry! It’s so easy to spell!”
• his nose is so so so cute
• I got to ask him a question I’ve wanted to know and he was so so happy to answer
• did I mention his smile???
• he asked if we wanted (my friend and i) a pic taken and yes !!! We got a pic taken !!!
• during the process my friends phone wasn’t working and he had to pause so his face was like an inch away from mine when he asked “do you live far from here???”
• we said no we didn’t, but in that moment he looked down at me and I saw every possible detail on his face
• he’s so beautiful so so beautiful
• his eyes are so pretty
• he was an absolute delight and continuously thanked us for being there
• he shook our hands one last time and we said bye

I don’t think I’m ever gonna get over this.