this is cheesy and dumb isn't it

last night I had a dream that yoongi was a painter and he bought a blank puzzle set and painted a picture of hoseok on there and gave it to him as a present and when hoseok finished putting together the puzzle yoongi said “you complete me” or some cheesy dumb shit like that and wow i’m so glad that even when i’m sleeping i ship yoonseok

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imagine Alex getting a job at monets and everytime Justin goes in there and orders Alex gets him his drink with a napkin that he wrote a really cheesy pickup line on but Justins dumb "geez they should really get different napkins these are bad" and Alexs like "...." one day justin and his bros go in and Justin asks what their napkins say and he's really confused because their napkins are blank but his isn't and it takes him a whole five minutes before he slaps his forehead because he's an IDIOT

How cute I love this