this is chapter 14 btw

“ I have always wanted to be kind to you. Ever since that morning I first saw you, I wanted to be kind to you. I wanted to be the one person you could depend on to be kind. It hasn’t been that way between us and for that I’m sorry. But I would rather fall on my sword than cause you any pain. ” - The Inheritance of The Resistance by @waterlilyrose

I’ve been reading this fic recently and am so in love w/ it ~
I had to draw a bit of fanart for the work - the reylo is strong in this one!

slytherindramaqueen  asked:

So, I just finished this fic and I loved every single part of it: the plot, the characters development, the writing. But there was a tiny thing that bothered me. THERE WAS NO FREAKING KISS. And. I live for d and h kissing. So, I was wondering what have you been your favorite Dramione kisses moments in fics? And I mean a good, well written kiss that makes your skin crawl of excitement! I love your blog, guys! ❤❤❤

What are your fav kissing scenes? Any suggestions?

Edit: Thanks!

stllrmno: The kiss in Broken. That story is slow-fucking-burn. Like you’re already toasted, but they’re not together yet. But it’s all fucking worth it. I promise. I just one kiss, by the way. But it’s absolutely satisfying. It’s by inadaze22, btw. :)

thevoxnihil: The one in chapter 14 of Finders by everythursday. It’s described with excruciatingly satisfying detail.