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There seems to be no pattern, no purpose to her life. She swings from one emotion to another, but she gains nothing, stores up nothing for the future. She lives entirely in the present, not even for today, but in the moment. Clara is the total nonconformist. What she wants she gets, if she can. What she desires to do she does. She has a big heart, a remarkable brain, and the most utter contempt for the world in general. Time doesn’t exist for her, except that she thinks it will stop tomorrow. She has real courage, because she lives boldly. Who are we, after all, to say she is wrong? 

Clara Bow, 1932.



I really like my first post where I did this and felt like I missed a bunch of blondies who have gone back to their roots. 

(None of the pictures are mine, the link to where I got them is the caption to each picture so just click on it and it will take you to where I got the picture.)

Pt. 1 

Just saying...

Jason Schneidman is James Corden’s hairstylist and does his hair for big events and before his shows. He is U.S.-based and lives in Venice Beach.

He posted a video of Liam getting his hair cut yesterday (22 February 2016).

He posted a picture of Harry in London yesterday (22 February 2016) saying he gave Harry a trim sometime when he was in the States.

Louis was at CBS Studios for a random reason on 18 February 2016, and I’m wondering if it was to get a trim. His hair appeared a bit shorter between his selfie on the morning of the 18th and the 21st at Bristol Farms.

So basically, I think they all got their hair cut by the same guy, who is a friend of James Corden, and that’s very cute. Thank you.