this is canon you can't convince me otherwise

  • Fanon:
  • Beka: I made these bracelets for us...
  • Yuri: That's really weird???
  • Beka: Oh that's okay you don't have to wear it-
  • Canon:
  • Yuuri: Okay so everyone has to wear these bracelets. Yes Yurio even you!
  • Yuri: Okay FINE but me and Beka will wear them on our ankles!
  • Yuuri: Oh uhhh Yurio that means you guys are-
  • Beka: *thumbs up*
  • Yuuri: *red faced* uhhh I guess...
  • Shinoa: That's a great uniform Mika-san but i bet it would look even better on Yuu-san's floor
  • Yuu: Did you just hit on him for me?
  • Shinoa: well i'm sorry cherry boy but someone had to since you can't do shit
Over-protective Dean

Written for the prompt: Who is more protective? From @1856errorhasoccured‘s lovely prompts list! Please be kind. It’s my first attempt.


Castiel loves Dean, but he’s a bit…overdramatic at times. Like the time he threatened to rip a guy’s arm out of its’ socket for shoving past Cas in a crowded subway station. Or the time he almost started a fist fight with an old man that called Cas a fag.
Cas wouldn’t really describe Dean as a hot-head. Nothing really phases him, and he usually just responds to rude remarks or minor inconveniences with sarcasm and eye rolls.
But with Cas, it’s different. Every little thing makes him tick. He was pretty sure Dean would knock down a brick wall if Cas accidentally walked into it. Today he’s yelling at an old lady for giving them a dirty look while they hold hands in the park.
“Dean! Stop it,” Cas hisses. “You’re making a scene.”
“She was glaring,” he protests.
“That doesn’t mean you have to scream at her.”
Dean huffs and rolls his eyes, giving Cas’ hand a tiny squeeze. “Sorry.”
“Why do you get so angry? Sam says you didn’t use to let that kind of stuff bother you. What changed?”
“You. I don’t care if people insult me, or push me around. But when they do it to the people I love… That’s where I draw the line.
Cas smiles at the ground as they walk. It may be obnoxious and embarrassing, but it’s also incredibly sweet. “Well, Dean. I’m not bothered by that kind of stuff either. So, maybe tone it down a bit? I can handle rude people.”
Dean grins sheepishly and rubs the back of his neck with his free hand. “Yeah. I guess I’ll try.”


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Given how tiny Arya is and how big Gendry is, Gendry totally cuddles her like she is his personal teddy bear

just imagine...
  • sasuke talking to sakura’s belly ever since he found out she was pregnant
  • sasuke holding sarada for the first time after she is born and shedding happy tears
  • sasuke getting up when sarada cries at night — every single time, without exception
  • sasuke telling sarada sweet things, like how much he loves her, how happy he is to have a new family, how beautiful she is thanks to her mother, until she stops crying 
  • sasuke holding sarada to his bare chest and both falling back to sleep like this
  • sasuke insisting on changing sarada’s diapers, bathing her, and feeding her himself because, “sakura, you already carried her nine months inside you. it’s my turn to take care of her.”
  • sasuke walking around the village with sarada wrapped behind his back, holding sakura’s hand, and rolling his eyes at the villagers staring at him in awe
  • sasuke coming back from a long trip and then spending all day with sakura, teaching sarada to walk and to speak, and smiling and laughing and feeling whole

So I was browsing the internet and reading an article titled, “Signs someone likes you as more than just a friend.” I saw these and the first thing that popped to mind was “Shit, these are all Destiel.” In case you’re skeptical, I’ll lay it all out for you, right now.

#3 “They don’t refer to you as a friend” Anyone remember the episode “The End?” Past Dean angrily says to Future Dean, “You mean you’re gonna feed your friends into a meat grinder? Cas too?” He sets Cas apart from the others, not labeling him as a friend, but something else. Cas is too special to be called just a friend.

#4 “They touch you in certain places” God, if this ain’t Dean and Cas… Those two idiots find so many excuses to touch each other, be it the manly grasp of the shoulder or the devastated face-grab or the tight, encompassing embraces. I mean, come on.

#6 “Their eye contact with you is unusual” OKAY. This is a huge one. They stare at each other. All the fucking time. Misha’s even joked about the constant"eye-fucking,“ as he likes to call it. The tension is thick and crackling and their wide-eyed, passionate staring is only escalating it.

#10 “They get angry when someone else tries to make a move” When Dean kisses Anna in season 5, there’s a CLEARLY disappointed and frustrated reaction from Cas. His whole face just drops. Also in season 9, when Cas has sex with April, Dean is visible startled and tries to cover his emotions with fake “you go, buddy” encouragement, while Sam literally STARES at Dean with this knowing expression on his face. And when Cas goes on a date for the first time, Dean stays in the car, literally watching him through the window. And I’m not even getting into that look Dean gives his “platonic friend” when Cas unbuttons his shirt.

#13 “Their body language says it” Dean and Cas are always standing very close together. While it’s explained in the show as Cas’s social awkwardness, it isn’t explained why Dean doesn’t move away. I’m gonna use another example from “The End.” When Cas stands super close to him, Dean LITERALLY looks at his fucking lips and back to his eyes before remembering his heterosexuality and stepping away, reprimanding Cas for encroaching on his personal space. Come on, Dean. You wanted to kiss him. Also Dean totally gets a boner for Cas in season 8 after Cas cleans himself up after Purgatory and you can’t convince me otherwise.

#23 “They expect a lot from you” Dean and Cas are extremely codependent, making it hard for them NOT to expect a lot from each other. Dean almost seems to expect more from Cas than he does from Sam, his own brother. He needs Cas to always be on call, always have his back. In turn, Cas expects Dean to fight for him, to help him navigate the human world. They need each other, and that’s why I think Destiel is so, so beautiful.

In short, Cas and Dean are very much more than friends, even if they don’t realize it. Sam totally knows about his brother’s repression. And I fuckin hope the writers finally come to their senses and make it canon.

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okay but real question


is he trying to teach genos how to jerk off in the tub
like idk what else we’re supposed to think

…and then of course Genos fucking cockblocks himself and corrects Saitama’s pitch like WHAT A FUCKING NERD

I just…. [lays on face]

Okay, so Matt’s cassette tape is already all over the place right now

But I would like to direct the internet’s attention to another ceratin detail in his room. Or lack thereof …

Do you see it? … Yes. Matt is the only one in the HQ that doesn’t have his own bed. So exactly where do you think he sleeps? (¬‿¬)

  • Nick Fury formed the Avengers because Melinda May refused to come back to field work and he respected it.
  • Natasha and Clint’s first recommendations for the hypothetical discussion of the program they had with Fury were a paper that said “Melinda May” underlined in red.
  • Maria and Phil had all their reports on potential candidates (super or not) littered with passive aggressive notes and side comments that translate too:
    • because we can’t have May, this person should be adequate
    • strongly recommend May instead of this person
    • Melinda doesn’t need a damn suit or chemicals to be a hero
    • Okay fine we can keep Cap. But he and Melinda would surely be enough.
  • Nick would personally read out all said comments to Melinda during their weekly tea meet. She’d smile behind her mug of tea, and pat his back and give him more of the cake her mother sent.