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omg wait, is that still that Roberto just tweeted a NEW Bughead kiss? And we're already expecting the hand-hold kiss at the baby shower, right? They are totally spoiling us! The other ships have had like one kiss each, and Bughead are doing a hundred cute things in the canon and deleted scenes. I love this show and these people.

It IS! He’s our King of Bugheads, and this show outta be called “Betty and Jughead solving crimes and falling in love” in my honest opinion!

Halcyon Days

For @tmntflashfic’s wonderful Spring prompt, a fic that is sort of a sequel to my ‘April-joins-the-Foot-clan-post-season-4′ fic, but can be read as a standalone.

Have some soft family fluff and mutual grieving between the murder lady trifecta and the four chaos brothers + Casey. Main focus is on Karai and Leo, enjoy them being adults and (mostly) stable individuals together.


Karai leans her head back against her seat, idly watching the country side rush past her window. She blinks slowly, eyes feeling tired from the abrupt time change she’s experienced coming back to America. The sounds of April and Shinigami in the front seats chatting quietly further soothes her nerves, because their familiar voices have long since become staples in her life, and she can always depend on them to anchor her.

Karai feels their car turn, and shifts her weight as they begin the journey up the farm house driveway. April’s voice picks up a note of excitement, and Karai smiles to herself at the red head’s eagerness to see the other half of their family.

As they keep driving, Karai sees the car following them suddenly stop and then park in the middle of the road. It’s one of four in the area, with three or two Foot soldiers in each. Extra protection, just to ensure they aren’t interrupted during the celebration.

Karai’s men and women are good soldiers, now that they’ve served a solid ten years under her reign as clan leader. She made sure that none of them were anything less than perfect, and knows she can trust her chosen subordinates to guard the perimeter. She can let go of her constant vigilance, at least for tonight.

Karai eases the last of her leaderly stress from her mind, and finds herself grinning as the farm house comes into view at last. Just a fourteen hour flight from Japan, and then four hour drive from New York, and they’re finally here.

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Lol you do know it's kinda racist to assume Keith and shiro are related just because they're supposedly both Asian? Wtf like we don't even know if Keith is Asian or white but people are already head canoning him as shiro as brothers or whatever cause their last names are similar

…I’m not assuming they’re related because they’re both asian????

Literally just taking theories and small facts from the original Voltron and applying them to the show now since it’s pretty much a reboot??

And whenever I see a hc of them as brothers it’s usually adoptive siblings at most???

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(salt) let's be real the only reason bi lan//ce is a thing is because he's obviously attracted to girls in canon so he can't be gay but a lot of people ship him w/ keith so he can't be straight.... then they pat themselves on the back bc they're soooo inclusive of bi people omg!

MHMMMM but once somebody says that they like “all//urance or ny//ma x la//nce” they start whining and telling ppl that they cant ship it bc it isnt how THEY represent bi la//nce :/

seriously though, does anyone actually know how that “fusion math” theory started and why it only applies to stevonnie’s age, ever, in any argument that i see with it

(and why people are treating it as canon)

because like

a. there’s no canon evidence to suggest that somehow fusing would make steven and connie a mentally mature adult, especially considering that they speak to themself as connie and steven speaking to each other, like a fusion about to fall apart. like garnet did during keystone motel. (even smoky quartz, a ½ steven fusion, spoke as a singular being from the beginning, not as two minds fighting to use one mouth the way stevonnie does frequently)

b. it just doesn’t make any logical sense? they might be physically bigger, but they wouldn’t be mentally 10+ years older than steven and connie. that’s just ridiculous.

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b-but my fanon is my cannon... thats why its called fanon..

But it isn’t ACTUALLY canon. People who try to argue with others that have different headcanons, or argue with people that actually go off of canon facts are the actual issue here.

You can’t argue with canon, because it’s canon. If I tell you that Joseph Joestar is a real estate agent, you can’t disagree with me, because it’s something that Araki himself made canon, but if you tell me that Kakyoin had a bad/abusive relationship with his parents, I can argue your fanon, because it’s never explicitly stated that he does (in fact, it’s quite the opposite, because he says a few things that contradict that).

I’m not saying that headcanons are bad, but you should never confuse that with actual canon. There’s a reason for fandom coining the term “out of character”.

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Excuse the personal question but how do you feel about long OC bios? Im working on mine but I can't help but feel like its... well.. a lot, and that it might turn away people due to this. Any tips on how to write a good summary (its kinda hard for me cuz theres a lot to kind of cover?)


I think any kind of bio - OC or canon that is too long can end up repulsing people. Pictures or not it doesn’t matter.

I definitely recommend you to do a summary becaue when people look at your page first to know what your OC is about, they will try to fish for easy information. I’ve had such an experience when once an OC sent me a prompt in which Yasuo was supposed to criticize her somehow and I don’t interact with them… so I went to look for her info and the lore page was just massive. And while I do appreciate the effort and the passion, I think without something to snag the reader’s interest first, very few will stop by and read a wall of text ‘just because’.

For a summary, I would honestly focus on questions. Questions such as:

1. Who is your OC? What’s their name? Where are they from?

2. What is it they do?

3. Whats their goal?

4. What are the things that hold them in place or impose a challenge for them to reach their goal or pursue their dreams?

Example: “David is a Shuriman baker who would like to share his sweets with the entirety of Runeterra but his knack for unconventional techniques cause his cooking to get a bit out of hand, and thus he struggles to find a way to have people appreciate his cooking without letting go of his passion for walking donuts.”

Its simple, easy to read and it gets people hooked up on your character’s dilema and later on, they might ask themselves ‘oh hey I read about this character but I would like to know how this works exactly’ - and THATS when indepth lore comes. The person will read that because they are curious and thats what you want.

Break the character down and try to ‘sell it’ the best way you can. Put yourself on a viewer’s shoes and think how you would react if you were the one reading.

And of course, if you can afford it, some pictures to make it pretty but honest, just have a good grasp of what you want and you’ll do fine bud :)

Character Profiles!

Hello everyone. Now that the new wiki is all settled in, I’m gearing up to start filling in character profiles, specifically from people in canon.

Other than Naruto and Sakura themselves, what characters do you feel are important to their characters and our ship? Of course, I’ll eventually have a blurb and information for every character, but let’s start with the basics

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How would you react if Blizzard makes Junkrat and Symmetra interact?

mmmm, I don’t know honestly? like I’m perfectly fine with them having no ‘canon’ interactions because I enjoy imagining what might be. it’s more fun that way.

I guess I’d be excited and apprehensive because blizzard is word of god so whatever interaction they’d have would be set in stone for their appraisal of each other, but at the same time it would be really great to have a cemented something to shove at people claiming they canonically hate each other when as of now there is zero basis for that kind of bullshit but wHATEVER YA KNOW

desenrrollado replied to your post “Hi again! I had another question as well, is this the last season of…”

Isn’t there a comic book series that continues where it left off? Right after season 4 it doesn’t fully end it and it gives it open ties. It had help from Genndy as wellm

Due to the new season, the comic has been rendered non-canon. It was supposed to be canon, up until the new season was confirmed, after that they decided they won’t keep it. But I guess people could still see it as canon since nothing really contradicts it at this point. 

This is a setting for some WOY RPs I did that was inspired by the Myst series (more particularly, Revelation). As such, I named it Mysteria B, and its description runs like this:

Once a place shrouded in mystery and myth, Mysteria has been rebranded as a resort. The planet itself is mostly water. A small cluster of islands stand above the ocean, and the parts that haven’t been abandoned – machinery and buildings left to rust – have been converted into places of fun, leisure, and relaxation. Above is a pic of the visual style, the setting itself is malleable and can be or house whatever you’d like. It’s mostly there just so people aren’t wandering in a void.

It’s very open to allow for adventure, exploration, puzzles (ofc), etc. that I would provide, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing in it with canon characters and fan OCs and people who’ve never heard of the show but got curious.

I’d love to see more canon settings, @disneyxd, if we manage to @savewoy and get it a @woyseason3. (Petition for a third season here)

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I am really wondering about the people who want joliver to become a couple for long term what do they see on them beside "cute"? i mean all we know about this couple that they like each other but what do they really like about each other if they don't know anything about each other? just there look! plus we don't know what Oliver reaction will be if he finds out about jane past +

here’s the thing. just yesterday I was reading a post about the shipping culture, and what it means to ship two people together, and how that has nothing to do with what is canon and what makes sense, and how you cannot really tell people who to ship and who not to ship.

A person can come up to me and say that they ship Patterson from Blindspot with Sheldon from TBBT and that’s fine. That person is free to write all the fanfic they want for them, make all the vids, and the arts, etc… because that person genuinely believes that those two would work together, but they do know that there is no way those two would ever get to gather in canon.

Ok, I am not saying Joliver is the same as that obviously, but what I am saying is that I cannot judge a person for shipping what they’re shipping (for the most part because I do believe sometimes you have to draw a line somewhere). With that said, there is a difference between that and between not seeing that the only reason Joliver even exists is as an obstacle or at least a plot device for Jeller. Look, this show has never shied away from being a little too obvious with regards to who the main ship is. Season 1 was like a treasure trove of shippiness it is almost embarrassing. Jane has Kurt’s name tattooed on her back. Both Martin and Jaimie have all but said that the only reason Olive exists is to make Kurt jealous and to make those two realize their true feelings for each other.

So yeah. I don’t know where I was going with this.

Oh, I know, another chance to say this: STOP WRITING USELESS TRIANGLES BECAUSE THEY SUCK. Even if you do not want Jeller together just yet there are a hundred different ways to keep them apart, we do not need any more geometric shapes thrown in our faces.

GOD I’m just so annoyed by this. Am I the only one? I can’t be, because this is ridiculous.

Everyone in that thread is like “Oh, of course the in game interactions aren’t canon. Nothing in the game is canon.”

Like yeah, okay, Reaper working with Lúcio and Junkrat and Roadhog wouldn’t be canon, sure.

But you’re telling me that now I have to go through and guess which voicelines are canon and which ones aren’t? Voicelines are the only insight we get into these characters. Some of these characters don’t have a comic or a short, so voicelines are what we go to. Everyone plays the game and hears those, so why wouldn’t they think they’re canon? Why wouldn’t they think that Reinhardt knows that Reaper is Gabriel? I thought everyone knew and it wasn’t some hypothetical thing.

Basically, it’s picking and choosing what’s canon and that’s super confusing to people who actually care about the story. I’d much rather there just be canon interactions and then like a monthly comic that fleshes out the characters and gives us insight into what’s going on because what the hell even IS going on???

Mercy and Reinhardt and McCree don’t know that Reaper is Gabriel? Despite the voice lines that sprouted theories and everything?? We thought those lines were canon, hence the theories. Those theories give way to fanart and fanfiction, it’s a domino effect.

But now, Mercy doesn’t know, McCree doesn’t know, (Despite the lines!!!) and we have to guess!! Like I know the line that plays when Tracer kills an enemy Tracer isn’t canon, bc obviously that wouldn’t happen, but everything else??

And if there are non canon voice lines, why don’t we have more? There should be a voice line for every character talking to every character then if we’re going to throw canon to the wind. And why wasn’t this been planned out from the start?? Why is it so HARD to come up with a story and develop it with all these characters involved? To know where it’s going ahead of time? To already know what’s going to happen two years from now in the Overwatch universe?

Blizzard why