this is canon as far as i'm concerned

I feel this may have gone over people’s heads earlier: Sully from Monsters Inc is gay and in a relationship with Mike wazowski. They stuck together even when they were both kicked out of university, when they had no reason to, in order to support each other into getting their dream jobs. Sully always wanted to adopt a child; Mike never wants children: hence their disagreement over Boo in Monsters Inc. The majority of their story we are shown displays the endearing closeness of their friendship in environments that are traditionally hostile to gay men: you’re not going to kiss in the workplace and you’re sure as hell not going to admit romantic interest in some dweeb when you’re a fuckin frat boy.

Tl:Dr; Mike and Sully are gay and the central conflict of Monsters Inc is them disagreeing over adoption

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Just... WHY. Do. People. Just. Not accept. Things. As. Being. Just another. Part. Of. Your. Animations. As far as I'm concerned, your AU, your rules. You want your Frisk to be able to do something canon Frisk can't? Go right ahead. You want someone to live or die? Go right ahead. I personally respect you and your decisions, even if I don't personally agree with them. And you're SO amazingly talented! I know you might not see this, but I really hope you do!!!

Wow thanks.

Yah it was getting on my nerves. I do try to make this like, as close as possible to the canon but there are a few things I have to see my own way and give it a different interpretation. I try to make them not too farfetched or try to make it have sense within the world’s rules since I want this to be an AT, but people will still whine like “cameeh das nut in gaem”.

But then 5 seconds later they send me a message like “but pls add desbelef papaya”

And I’m like… nig plz

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But what about pining!courfeyrac with happy marisette?

Oh yes, definitely! I can see Courfeyrac and Éponine bonding about that!

BUT: pining!Courfeyrac and (still) unhappy Marisette. If Les Amis have to put up with Marius’ moaning in the meetings when he loses sight of Cosette, imagine what his poor roommate has to go through every single day. And he pretends it’s great for him to be in love and supports him in any way he can… maybe it’s his idea to take him to the ball at Sceaux to look for Cosette there. Because he’ll be damned if Marius stays unhappy.

One thing that always makes me laugh in the brick is that when Marius goes back to Courfeyrac’s home and says “I have come to sleep with you”, Courfeyrac dragged a mattress off his bed, which was furnished with two, spread it out on the floor, and said: “There.” Why does Hugo specify that unless it’s something that didn’t normally happen? Did Marius and Courfeyrac use to sleep in the same bed before? And why don’t they now? Is it because Courfeyrac’s new bed isn’t big enough for both of them or because he just can’t stand having him so close anymore?

But if Ranger’s Apprentice or Brotherband Chronicles ever became a movie or TV series (I personally think TV series would fit better but w/e) -

think of the reaction gifs. We would become the monarchs of the Done reaction gifs. Halt would have the best deadpan expressions. Hal would be the master of eyerolls.

Think of the crack vids (and if you don’t know what those are, pick a popular show or tv series and Youtube “___ crack”). Alyss would be constantly subjected to having ‘Girl on Fire’ played whenever they were on screen. There would be endless loops of “SAIL” playing any time one of the wolfships turned up. And of course ALL the lampshades hung over ALL the UST.

Btw, this chapter all but confirmed SasuNaru for me. No matter it’s just subtext, no matter who they will marry and have kids with in canon, nothing will EVER come close to the bond Sasuke and Naruto have. It transcends friends, it transcends brothers, it transcends lovers.

They are fucking soul mates, whether it is explicitly stated or not.

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As far as I'm concerned this interview never happen lol ! No but seriously people are making it a drama when there is actually nothing! Even if they're just friends. I ship this, them. To trust someone like they apparently trust each other is beautiful. I definitely think there is something between thwem. They are so young. You can definitely see that Cole doesn't act the same way around Lili and when he is with Camila for example. And at least we have Bughead, this ship is canon and popular.

“If we don’t have one, we have the other” – that’s the beauty of being in the bughead/sprousehart fam, we always have something to fall back on 😂


Like yeah, some fanart and fans of hers get really creepy because she’s very visibly young, but SHE’S STILL NOT A CHILD. By United States standards, she’s not an infant or a minor. It’d be different if she was 17 and under. Dva in actual word-of-god canon is 19 years old

Literally all of the playable heroes in Overwatch are mature and consenting adults, as far as the region I’M from goes. I personally don’t care what people ship.


Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises | Hunting for Han

believe me when i tell you that you 100% need to watch this in its entirety right now

Concept art and the story so far

Sorry guys that I lag behind with the story part of this AU! I already started with the next part but I doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to finish it soon, which is kinda a problem because I have the feeling I’m running out of time.

You should know that there are several parts of the whole story like Past (when they were kids), Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip (Present with the Totland arc) and also a seperate story with the parents.
Yeah and something in me wants to finish the present story part before the manga goes to the next arc.
You maybe already saw that I can’t draw such detailed comics and that I just draw specific scenes that are important, which could confuse lot of people (especially when you are new to this blog.
Applause to everybody who still understand this confusing mess of a story eventhough I’m jumping always between the times XD

So later I’ll do a bigger post with a timeline and order the comics for a better understanding.

But for now here is a summary about the present part till the current comic strip:

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Also on the subject of Kelsox I’d like to clarify that I still love that quote from Bill Lawrence that I posted last week particularly bc it backs up what I’ve been saying all along, which is that Kelso and Cox are super compatible and the only thing that was in the way of them being outright friends before season eight was the chief of medicine job

but why does everyone say that emison is an original couple? emaya was canon before the first emison flashback. as far as i’m concerned, emaya is the original couple, not emison

 alex/claire + canon!verse (for michaelapraht)

a rehabilitated former vampire and the teenaged runaway daughter of an angel’s vessel–alex would tell you it was fate that brought them together. claire’s not big on fate, she figures it’s more of a birds-of-a-feather phenomenon. 

either way, though, the girls find solace in each other: and it is sort of amazing to have someone who understands at your side. even more amazing that two girls as wrapped up in the supernatural as claire & alex are find any time to simply be kids, and be in love–but they manage.