this is canon as far as i'm concerned

But if Ranger’s Apprentice or Brotherband Chronicles ever became a movie or TV series (I personally think TV series would fit better but w/e) -

think of the reaction gifs. We would become the monarchs of the Done reaction gifs. Halt would have the best deadpan expressions. Hal would be the master of eyerolls.

Think of the crack vids (and if you don’t know what those are, pick a popular show or tv series and Youtube “___ crack”). Alyss would be constantly subjected to having ‘Girl on Fire’ played whenever they were on screen. There would be endless loops of “SAIL” playing any time one of the wolfships turned up. And of course ALL the lampshades hung over ALL the UST.


Lego Star Wars: The Resistance Rises | Hunting for Han

believe me when i tell you that you 100% need to watch this in its entirety right now

No Offence But

As of yet, there is nothing in Star Wars to imply that Poe Dameron has an interest in women.

but why does everyone say that emison is an original couple? emaya was canon before the first emison flashback. as far as i’m concerned, emaya is the original couple, not emison


It is practically canon that Toph is genderqueer as far as I am concerned. She aggressively rejects (borderline despise) any form of femininity (and deeply resents how it has been imposed on her), she’s absolutely ecstatic to see she’s played by a big tough guy in The Ember Island Players, and in the comics outright says she doesn’t see herself as a girl. In The Chase, when Katara says she’s happy there’s another girl in the group now, Toph’s immediate answer is to prove her wrong - she’s actually one of the guys, thank you very much:

I think she’d identify either as a boy or agender (if she thought this whole gender thing was rubbish anyway). If that’s truly the case she seems to have never “come out”, but there are countless reasons she may have chosen not to (which is why I’m saying “she” btw, other than that’s the pronoun used in the show - I feel like Toph as long as she didn’t transition would actually prefer that).

(Ofc I know tomboys aren’t necessarily dysphoric but Toph explicitly says she’d rather not be a girl.)

What I've gathered about The Cursed Child so far

Everyone who went to see the preview play is ecstatic because it was brilliantly performed with a gorgeous set, but almost everyone who only knows the plot through hunting spoilers is flipping the fuck out because the plot is batshit insane.

Alright, to make this as clear as fucking possible, once and for all.

  • I removed the Archive, because I felt like it. That should be my only explanation; I hoped it would all just be forgotten, and I could move on. But no. Suddenly, it matters.
  • My Archive was never canon, so removing it shouldn’t be a big deal, in my opinion. Someone else made a 90-page timeline; I believe it was canon (as far as is concerned) , so, if it’s not enough, then it’s not my problem.
  • I’m not putting it out in public again. Want an Archive? Ask your own Archivist, Scriniarii. Ask the timeline’s creator. Ask Adam, he should have those things, he made the series after all. Don’t ask me. It’s not my problem.
  • Let’s be honest. You called me an asshole, anonymously, so you wouldn’t have to deal with the possibility that my friends or I would respond to you personally. Bravo. Here’s a star, you brave little soul.

Cabin Pressure 30 Day Challenge: Day 2 (3?) - One of your headcanons

Martin is very good with his finances. Sorting, saving, paying, balancing, you name it. He is very meticulous about what goes where, and consistently puts money away in a savings fund, just in case. He is never late or short or rent, a trait his landlord is fond of, and he knows exactly how much needs to go to what (rent, food, gas, bills, etc). He is excellent at fixing things, either around the house or like, with his van, which saves him money, and his attic, while not huge, is practically a tasteful and space saving IKEA example of good interior design. The man is the definition of organization and quite proud of it.

He put himself through 7 tries at being a pilot and presumably isn’t swimming in debt, since he has a busy unpaid job and wouldn’t be able to afford that if he had loans, and he is excellent at balancing a checkbook. He could balance MJN’s books if Carolyn would ever let him near them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he has a lot of cash to burn…


I still wonder why the hell they deleted this barely 2-minute scene of Padme being a badass.

Oh wait. I do know why. :/