this is canon and no one will convince me otherwise

Things that Yuri Plisetsky does on his birthday
  • wakes up later than usually and goes to the kitchen to angrily remind Yakov and Lila that he’s not doing anything today because it’s his birthday (not like he mentioned it about 500 times this week)
  • his 16th birthday so he’s practically an adult now and they can kiss his ass (maybe he says that in other words. or not)
  • reads a super nice text from Yuuko, a short message from Otabek with “so you have birthday today or not” and asking if they may talk later and then some really weird and creepy yet amusing posts on Yurio’s Angels forum
  • eats a big and against athlete’s diet breakfast that said Yakov and Lila prepared for him totally not because it’s his birthday or anything
  • gives a new toy to his cat since he doesn’t know when the cat’s birthday is anyway so they may celebrate together
  • shuts the front door in Victor’s and Yuuri faces after they start to sing him “happy birthday” in Russian
  • dies from embarrassment
  • lets them in only because they seem to carry a lot of birthdays presents with them
  • complains about every single one but when Victor offers to return them to store almost breaks his arm
  • goes to rink because Worlds still are coming and he needs to wipe these idiots out there
  • is lifted by Mila 16 times because of some weird tradition she heard of
  • swears to kill anyone who publishes a video of that on Instagram
  • skates a bit for fun
  • gets super excited seeing his grandpa watching him from the side
  • (it was a surprise that he’ll come to St Petersburg, Yakov paid for tickets)
  • eats katsudon pirozhki with his grandpa
  • shares some with anyone on rink too and they show him the super big cake they bought for him
  • eats a lot of cake telling them all how disgusting they are
  • shows his favourite places in St Petersburg to his grandpa and drinks some hot wine from him (he hates its taste but he’s almost an adult ok)
  • makes grandpa stay with him one more week
  • comes back home only to call Otabek immediately
  • tells his best friend how he’s birthday’s weren’t so bad even with all those self-absorbed morons around
  • gets excited when Otabek says he has something for him too
  • though he plays it cool
  • but then dies again realising this is a link to an actual playlist made only for him with songs produced by DJ Altin™ 
  • goes to sleep after listening to it about 17 times and calling Otabek to say it pretty decent
  • “best birthday of my life” he mutters to his cat before falling asleep
Every single pokemon character is autistic

Every single one. Like maybe there are some nts but only like one percent.

- it is a social norm to not make eye contact unless you are going to battle
- most trainers specialize in one type aka special interests
- no small talk. It is acceptable to introduce yourself by talking about whatever the fuck is in your mind and then going straight into a battle
- speaking of which, that youngster that says shorts are “comfy and easy to wear” totally has sensory issues that make him hate jeans
- random ass npcs will infodump you on miscellaneous aspects of the game. That o-pin guy in x/y totally has o-pins as a special interest
- all the player characters are partially nonverbal, they can usually only say “yes” and “no”, and they use scripts to order their pokemon in battle (names of moves and stuff like “the foe is weak! Get ‘em (pokemon name)!” No one finds anything notable about this or anything wrong with it
- the reason battling is turn-based is because many/most people have slow processing time and it’s considered honorable to respect this and allow your opponent to time to think
- the emphasis on collecting/trading and how it’s such a common hobby in that world.
- Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of pokemon, is autistic
- I’m sure there’s other evidence I’m forgetting

But basically this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise

Ryder & the Pathfinders enter a Kett base
  • Vederia Damali: Here are the charts I've compiled; we can find a way around and avoid the base completely.
  • Zevin Raeka: Perhaps we can bypass their security quietly, stick to the shadows to avoid the bulk of their forces and take out their leader directly.
  • Avitus Rix: Shoot them all. Quietly.
  • Sara Ryder & Macen Barro: *Kicks in the front door wearing shades and obnoxiously colored re-purposed Kett armor* SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS

summersaltturn  asked:

Humour me, Em: Derek wearing reading glasses on the tip of his nose like an old man.

This is 8000% canon. No one will ever convince me otherwise. 

Bonus points if Derek only wears them because they fit his post crazy-shit-keeps-happening-to-me “reading aesthetic”. 

“Who actually reads Les Misérables in Spanish, Derek? IT WAS PUBLISHED IN FRENCH!” (Comment by Stiles Stilinski, the forever baffled.)

“I read every classic in at least three different languages. I like to compare and contrast.” (Reply by Derek Hale, the frustratingly, arousingly smug. Disclaimer: these descriptors were in no way influenced or suggested by one Stiles Stilinski.)

At least, that’s the sorry excuse Derek begrudgingly tells everyone because he couldn’t come up with a better one. In reality, he found out Stiles has a thing for guys in glasses and well….Derek isn’t so good with the words and the wooing…so glasses it was. Despite the werewolf vision…which the glasses actually dull. FML.


Here some parentlock for you guys ;w; I just needed to draw some peaceful art after all the angst we’ve been trough ..
Sherlock and Rosie sleeping in his chair in front of the fireplace and John finding them while returning from going shopping..
Is swear this is canon and no one can convince me otherwise <3 Sherlock and john raising Rosie together is just too wonderful <3
I hope you like it ! <3

(click for high resolution)

di-glossia  asked:

Yoooo, "actual corpse of a boy" Kavinsky is the best Kavinsky. Sunken chest, refugee face, hollow cheeks, hooded eyes. Ronan canonically likes weird-looking dudes. K is probably TERRIFYING.


K is basically a skeleton in $300 shades and no one will convince me otherwise