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Can I ask what iPhone games you have / recommend? I'm looking for some new and interesting ways to waste my time...

Oh totally! I’m a big fan of puzzle games and have found the game Monument to really satisfy both in the challenges it presents as well as the beautiful visual aesthetic and narrative that subsequently is presented between the two- well worth the base game price (as well as any in-app purchases for additional puzzlers).

A few other puzzlers I’d suggest:

  • 1010!- Tetris like, and for me it’s become super addicting
  • Color Zen- a color filler, solid background music to keep you going
  • Dots/Two Dots- an addictive game driven by connecting dots. That’s it
  • rop- like untangling rop? Well this might fit the bill

I’m also a shameless fan of ‘pointless’ games like my current favorite Neko Atsume, but the app developer Toca Boca has made so many games intended for kids that I enjoy to no end. Toca Nature, or Toca Hair Salon 2 are some of my my all time favorites to waste time without thinking much.

A few that really can’t be classified beyond just being lumped together that I’d also highly recommend are:

  • Layton Brothers Mystery Room- a crime solving addition to the Professor Layton adventure puzzle series. Totally worth it for the big and small mysteries and unique game play 
  • Broken Age (although this is also available- at a higher price point- for PC and consoles)- great call back to classic point and click adventure games. Loads of heart and full of clever riddles to solve with dialogue that keeps you smiling the whole way through
  • Attack the Light- Steven Universe RPG- a no brainer considering my strong ties with Steven Universe with @crystal-gems but it’s a highly enjoyable game, and as of writing this is currently free on iOS. If you like RPGs, or maybe aren’t the biggest fan but want to give one a try I very much suggest this one.
  • 80 Days- If you liked choose your own adventure games as a kid, enjoy the idea of Around the World in 80 Days but with ACTUAL adventure and clear writing to lead you on, or are interested in e-lit and it’s current applications/crossovers into gaming, CHECK THIS OUT. Very fun and always worth coming back to since the narrative can change on a dime (or one wrong move really)

Hope those suggestions put you in the right direction of a few games that might carry you into the new year. It’s weird, I didn’t really realize how many mobile games I had till now XD