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Happy release day everyone!!! 

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

Here it is: I LOVED that episode. It’s one of my fav so far. If there’s anyone to be mad at, it’s the marketing team, not the writers or producers.

I don’t think they disrespected Malec by not showing the sex scene. The Jace/Seelie scene was totally in character for Jace and although it could have been shorter, it shows how he copes with pain and everything he is dealing this. 

What would showing the Malec scene have added? Softness? We’ve had that. We’ve seen them growing closer. We had the gift scene. The kiss on the balcony. The Magnus/Maia scene (which is everything I needed in life) and the Alec/Izzy scene (which is also everything I needed in life). I don’t need to see more than that.

Also, if you really think about it, all the “sex” scenes (if you can call it that ‘cause, come on, this is not HBO) were random hookups (Meliorn/Izzy, Simon/Maureen, Jace/Seelie lady) that can’t even compete with the development and care we had for Malec. The sex was just that: random, casual. And the fact that they showed how Malec grew to the point of taking that next step was enough for me. I don't need to see more than that, than them actually getting there together and not casually or randomly like sex has been in the rest of the show so far.

And I loved that last Malec scene. Magnus was worried about losing Alec if they were going too fast. Alec reassured him he wouldn’t. That WAS communication and yes, it could have been longer, but it was clearly consensual to me (“not that I’m complaining”).

The only one I blame for this whole fiasco is the marking team who gives away way too much and gives us high expectations and doesn’t leave any room for surprise.

There. I said it.

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starting after the 4x03 hand snuggle scene except clarke asks bellamy to stay with her? :)

Because of Bellamy.

Thanks for the prompt anon. It’s one of my fav bellarke scenes ever and adding up some only made my heart warm up for them. Also s/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic again <3 (There will be a second part soon guys! Just wait for it!)

We are still breathing.

Clarke drops her gaze from Bellamy to the list again, staring at her name adorning far bottom of it. She is on that list now, she is going to be saved, along with Bellamy. Then she feels Bellamy’s hand on her shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

It’s in that moment that Clarke realizes that she is not saved along with Bellamy. She is saved because of Bellamy. And with that realization, memories of the numerous times Bellamy saved her life come flooding back. He has saved her from too many times to count, from anything from traps to grounders and now he’s going to save her from the second apocalypse, too.

She lifts her hand up and give his hand a squeeze too, then tilts her head and rests her cheek on their clasped hands, showing how grateful she is to have him by her side, now more than ever.

“Get some sleep.” Bellamy whispers some moments later and Clarke lifts her head up again, letting go of his hand and looking up at him. He is staring back at her with the same sad smile he’s worn since they discovered that Jaha’s bunker wouldn’t save anyone, and that the list would have to be made after all.

Clarke gives him a nod and his hand releases her shoulder, the weight of saving the human race returning heavier than before because now, she must carry the weight of forgiving herself and keep living with the decisions she’s made.

She watches as Bellamy steps to the side and heads for the door and worry washes over her face. “You can stay.” She says quickly, making Bellamy to freeze and turn to look at her. “If you want.” She adds waveringly.

Bellamy just stare at her, studying her to find what is bothering her. “Clarke…”

“I just don’t feel like being alone tonight.” She interrupts him, eyes dropping again to the list still on the table.

Bellamy gives her a sad smile again, only this time Clarke doesn’t notice it, eyes glued to the list in front of her. With a sigh, Bellamy walks back to her and lifts the list from the desk, folding it in half and setting it down underneath. “We did the right thing, Clarke.” He whispers. “Let’s hope that we don’t have to use it after all.”

Clarke stares deep into Bellamy’s brown eyes, wondering how can he comfort her like that, how he can find the right words to take some of the weight off of her shoulder when she need him to. How he can still be so strong after everything he has been through. How he still has hope.

“Are you staying?” She asks some moments after, standing up from the chair she was sitting on. The nod she gets from Bellamy warms her heart.

“I’ll take the couch.” He prompts. “You take the bed.”

Clarke wants to protest, she doesn’t want him to have an uncomfortable sleep on the couch so she can sleep in the first place. But she knows better to fight him on that. He would prefer sleeping on the floor over making it slightly awkward for them to sleep next to each other on the bed. So she just nods her head in agreement and walks pass him, making her way to the bed in the far corner of the room.

She turns her back on him and she can hear him taking off his gun belt and jacket as she does the same. Once out of their boots too, Bellamy and Clarke sit on the couch and bed respectively and glance at each other.

“Do you want me to turn off the lights?” Bellamy offers.

“No. I- I prefer to sleep with the lights on.” She tells him, trying to hide her vulnerability.

“Okay.” Bellamy nods. “Good night then.”

“Good night, Bellamy.” And with that, the two exhausted leaders lay down. To her surprise, Clarke falls asleep almost instantly.

What is not a surprise though, is the nightmare that wakes her up a couple of hours later. The first thing she seen when she comes back from her nightmare is Bellamy’s worried face, eyes wide open and concern taking hold over every muscle on his face.

“It was just a nightmare.” He whispers, cupping her cheek and tucking some stray hair from in front of her eyes behind her ear. “It’s okay, you’re okay.” He promises, coaxing her to him and guiding her head to rest on his shoulder.

Clarke lets him calm her down, she lets him comfort her for the second time tonight and she lets herself free, too. She doesn’t really realize they’re both sitting on the bed, but her arms find their way around his torso immediately and she lets the tears out without a second thought. In her cries, she feels Bellamy’s arms holding her close to him too, stroking comforting circles on her back as he whispers, “Shhh, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

She doesn’t really know how long Bellamy has been holding her and letting her cry on his shoulder, or how long he has been whispering comforting words to her before she pulls back from him. She can’t bring herself to look him in the eyes as she wipes the last tears from her own and lets go of his shirt.

“You okay now?” He whispers, hands falling on bed between them.

Clarke only nods, eyes glued on the floor. “Yeah. Thank you and…” She pauses. “I’m sorry about this.”

“Clarke.” Bellamy says and with one hand, he hooks a finger under Clarke’s chin and nudges her to look at him. “There is nothing to apologize for. We all have our moments and we all need someone when we do.”

“I know. I just- You’re probably tired from working all day and I kept you up, and…” She decides to stop talking before she says something she’ll regret later.  

“It’s okay. Really.” Bellamy insists. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Clarke stares at him surprised. Does she want that? She isn’t sure at first, but she quickly thinks it over and decides against it. “No, it’s okay. As you said, it was just a nightmare.”

“Okay.” Bellamy says lowly, not wanting to push her on the subject.

They sit in silence for a couple of minutes, Clarke’s heavy breathing finally ebbing. Neither of them want to break the silence. It’s a silence they both feel comfortable in and maybe just a little bit safe, too. It’s Bellamy who finally breaks it though.

“I guess we should go back to sleep then.” He proposes, slowly pushing himself off the bed.

“No.” Clarke protests instantly, reaching to grab his wrist. “I mean… Can you stay here, please? I don’t want to fall sleep alone again.”

Bellamy stares down at her, blue eyes pleading him. With a nod and a small smile, Bellamy climbs onto the bed and pulls Clarke to lay down with him. A moment later, Clarke has her back pressed into Bellamy’s chest and his hand around her torso, holding her close to him as his hot breath hits the back of her neck.

“Get some rest, princess. I won’t let anything near you again.” He promises, knowing that Clarke is already sleeping and she won’t hear him. Sleep comes easier for him too that night.

an anti just told me there were no kallura moments in s2 because “keith looked uncomfortable” and yet went on to count the “kl-nc elevator scene” as a romantic moment. but of course, my fav romantic quote from that kl-nc scene is “we can stay far far away from each other” followed by them arguing

I think I finally know why Malec makes me so happy, apart from it being one of the sweetest ships ever: I often tend to like characters with way less screen time than others and I ship couples that either only have a handful (like literally) of other fans shipping them, too or it is an OTP that is not canon or not endgame.

Malec was the reason I started to even watch Shadowhunters. It is what makes me watch all Malec scenes of season 2 everytime there is a new episode though I actually am still in season 1. I pretty much disliked the ‘City of Bones’-movie, I tried to watch the series more that once, but just could not get a connection to it. Then I spied Malec videos and was intrigued by them. Some lovely fellas even put entire Malec stories on youtube, editing all their so far scenes together, but as much as I am thankful for that it is not the same when they are out of context. So I decided to give the series yet another try … and eventually had to find I really started to like it. I am able to confess when I made a wrong conclusion and here I definitely did. The world in it is amazing, the plot is cool and one after the other I began to like more of the characters – especially Simon, who is my fav Xander Harris after the original one and Stiles (who I actually think is a mixture of Xander and Willow, apart from being his very special adorkable self).

I know Malec is special for so many reasons (e.g. representation-wise), to me it is what makes my fandom heart beat for yet another OTP. It makes me smile every time I see a related new gif (or even old ones), edits, fanart. It lets me be a part of a wonderful new fandom that I never would of discovered without. It helps me over the fact that my fav series Teen Wolf is a) in the last season, b) on winter hiatus, c) mostly lacks my fav character and d) just destroyed one of my two OTPs. And I really hope they do not screw up that couple here.

So thank you, Cassandra Clare, thank you Shadowhunters cast and crew for bringing Malec into my life.

NCT(older members) reaction/imagine - “You are on a coffee date and after you take a sip of coffee/cappuccino, they watch you’ve got the foam left on your lips..

Note: It was inspired by the famous “Secret Garden” k-drama foam kiss scene (Did you know Ha Ji Won is my all time fav actress? I got into k-drama because of her…I think I watched all her dramas till far). This was interesting, thanks for the idea anon! I hope you’ll like it! ♥ 

Taeil: He can’t stop but admire your foamy lips (thinking deep inside what he would’ve done if you weren’t in a public place)…He’ll play dirty and do the same just to tease you back…Now see if you like his foamy lips too…maybe he asks to be kissed :D

Hansol: What he just imagined looking at your foamy lips…you better not think about it. Maybe he should stop watching those dirty animation Yuta recommended to him, that’s not healthy for his heart. And he better pick a napkin to wipe your lips unless he wants to take you out of there and….do what he had on his mind.

Johnny:  The way you sip on that coffee, he always imitates it…but oh…damn…this time he almost shouts watching how delicious and foamy your lips look like…he quickly clears out his mind from all the sinful thoughts with a laugh and asks you to wipe your lips right now, unless you want him to do it…and you know he’s capable to play it naughty!

Taeyong: After you put down the cup, he can’t refrain himself but to let out a shy giggle…you look too funny right now with a cute small white “mustache”! He’ll pick a napkin and wipe your lips like a sweet caring boyfriend he is, still giggling and making fun of how clumsy like a kid you are.

Yuta: He takes a long deep sip of the ice coffee he ordered to cool down his hotness. He knows you are really lucky to be in a public place, because on his mind he already devoured those foamy lips…You know pretty well he’s hungry for kisses and that foam really made him go for it. But he won’t give up as later will try it back at home -be ready when barista Yuta will serve you a late night coffee latte - you know what it means!

Kun: First thing, you look adorable just a like a clumsy kid, but a deep look into your eyes it looks like you are tempting him…he’s considering if he should wipe your lips with his thumb and lick it back to tease you or to pick a napkin and wipe your lips, pampering you like a baby with sweet words…actually both will be great!

Doyoung: You have some foam left on your lips…”Watching you lick your lips makes him lick his lips too…does he think about wiping them himself? Well maybe. Looking at his restless tongue it seems like it…

Ten: He’s pouting at you as a sign, but you still won’t get it…his cheeks are already burning with embarrassment because he just had to pick a spoon to show you where do you have left the milk foam… He wants to hide behind the table because everyone around you stared at how cutely he had to act for you to wipe your lips. 

Jaehyun: “Oh look, you have something on your face!” but he won’t give you time to see where, as he’ll approach you and (kiss) lick your lips.  He is not afraid showing his affection in public, you asked for it! Well, your lips asked for…

Winwin: “You know you have something on your lips…here…no…there” he will patiently show you where to wipe your lips. But your idea was to tease him and see him getting frustrated you missed the spot. He watched too many dramas so he recalls the famous scene and he will just whisper you shyly “Don’t do this to me, people are watching, I will make sure to take care of you back at home”.

“At the End of Everything, Hold on to Anything”

So, I’ve been watching @therealjacksepticeye ‘s playthrough of “Night in the Woods” and I absolutely love it so far! These two, Mae and Gregg, are my favs. <3 This is from the bicycle scene, which was my favorite scene so far, especially for the visual effects. It was a nice little chill-out part. :)

I hope you guys like it, and Jack, if you see this, I really hope you like it too!

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What has been your fav scene in umfb&mha so far?

Hmmm, to write probably the bedroom scene of chapter 8 as it was the first sex scene I’d ever written and I nearly chickened out of writing sex scenes quite a few times in earlier chapters before I reminded myself how vital they were for the plot. I really wanted to push myself out of my writing comfort zone and do something challenging that I had never written before and that scene was a great way to do that.

But my favourite scene overall will always be the final scene of chapter 10 when Viktor is singing dark eyes to Yuuri as he sleeps and tracing patterns on his back

Lose To Win Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean (Kaga’s sexy fluffy smut)

Title: Lose To Win Chapter 9
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Her Love In The Force
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
Goto, Kaga, Ishigami, Soma, Ayumu, Namba, Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, Baba, Ota, Kirisawa

Summary: Kaga’s SMUT!!! How does he REALLY FEEL about Mika’s return? Well for a man who doesn’t talk much, I hope this shed some light.

Background: Another 6 months later, she was back at the Tres Spades Hotel under Eisuke’s request. (Order)

Notes:  makingastar / 111archravenuelaili2104 / nyanwoof  Special thanks to these amazing friends, huge motivation for me to keep writing, plus my love for Kaga =P

Chapter 1: The Reunion
Chapter 2: RSVP
Chapter 3: Recharge
Chapter 4: Welcome Back
Chapter 5: Decision Of A Lifetime
Chapter 6: Our Story
Chapter 7: Stress Release
Chapter 8: Play Thing

Chapter 9: What The Three Words Mean 

“Because none of you bother to answer the fucking phones!” Kaga raises his voice as Goto picks up his suit jacket and avoids looking at him.

“What do you want?” You ask again, clearly annoyed. Playing and teasing you is one thing but barging into your place and yelling at you first thing in the morning when you still haven’t showered, ah uh no just no.

“Somebody has a class to teach.” Kaga glares at Goto who suddenly realizes how late it must be and rushes out the door after throwing you a goodbye.

“Okay, why are you still here?” You hold back a grin as you’re about to return a come back and call him clingy but you probably shouldn’t act too friendly around him, not when the status of this relationship remains unknown. If there’s no relationship at all then you sure as hell ain’t going to start one.

Kaga follows you to the bathroom and closes the door behind him. Letting out an exhausted sigh, you begin to undress. “Honestly, Kaga I’m tired and I am not in the mood to play. I just want a shower before going back to work.”

He watches quietly, with his back against the door and arms crossed. Glaring into the mirror, you ignore his satisfying grin and drop the last garment on the floor. You have no intention to tease him, he has seen it all. Rubbing bath soap with hot water hitting your back makes you feel incredibly good, maybe his piercing gazes has something to do with it as the steamy scene start to play in your head. How he cups your breasts and kisses them; how he remembers all your weak and sweet spot; how good he always makes you feel.

“Thinking of me?”

You let the water hit your face for few more seconds before turning around to see his vague figure through the glass. “Are you going to tell me why you are here or are you going to stalk me forever?”

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If you've not already been asked, can you please do the scene where Emma's teaching Deckhand!Hook to use his sword ;) One of my fav scene's!

oooh this moment is fantastic!

Deckhand Killian is by far, one of my absolute favourite Killian’s (sorry Lieutenant Jones!)

Look how uncertain and clueless this adorable munchkin is.

And Emma is revelling in it.

She gets to be the one with all the knowledge. 

She gets to be the one with years of fighting experience. 

She gets to educate the 300 year old pirate in things she’d learnt from him.

It’s glorious.

This time, Emma gets to tease and flirt and leave him flustered and blushing- 

Emma gets to play.

But it’s not for one-uppmanship, it’s done with tenderness.

Killian is practically a clean slate of all the things that make him brave and courageous and such a skilled survivor. 

And Emma has the honour of showing him everything he’s about.

She gets to prove just how much she knows him.



I swear, it wouldn’t surprise me if Emma pinched his cute little hiney before sliding her hand to grasp his waist, cos that’s the kind of noise he makes - AND I LOVE IT.

And Killian… dear sweet deckhand.

He probably thinks he’s in a dream. He’s stolen the most cutthroat pirate’s ship with the help of a teenager, broke into a prison, fought a dragon and has currently got the most beautiful woman he’s seen, pressed up against him and teaching him how to sword fight. 

It must be so overwhelming for him, yet he handles it like a trooper.

I love this shot.

To me, it’s a role reversal if you will. 

Emma’s in the position of supporter - she’s holding him up, taking the reins and reeling him in with seduction, showing him how it’s done, leading him - the role that’s typically left for the male in romantic situations.

And Killian is the the one leaning on her. Trusting her, hanging on her every word and losing himself in her sensuality. The role typically meant for the woman.

And while he’s completely smitten and getting lost in her beauty, she’s smiling because she knows the effect she’s having. 

It’s a role reversal and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I just had to put this shot because EMMA IS SLIDING HER ‘SWORD’ INTO HIS ‘SHEATH’

Please take a moment to think of all the sexual innuendo…

And we’re back! 

How sweet is this?

She’s telling him all about how close they are, and he’s completely besotted with this magnificent woman who charged into his life.

And Emma loves this.

She loves him.

Every version of him.

It doesn’t matter if he’s the cocky teasing pirate, or the brave romantic man of honour, or the shy & almost virginal deckhand, she loves him. However he may come. 

It’s a perfect companion piece to the ball scene in 3x21. Where Killian was the one showing her and wooing her, this time she’s showing him and wooing him.

It’s breathtaking.