this is by far my fav pic


Happy release day everyone!!! 

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

“You’re toxic i’m slipping under…”

ayyyyyy Altean!Lance and Galra!Keith are by far my fav thing in this fandom!!
I decided to finally sit down and finish this pic, it’s been sitting in my folder for almost a month. Also, I’m still workin on those outfit asks… just wanted to get some finished work up :3C

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"Poppy". just that, Poppy, i adore your fan art, that jhin was beautiful, but what caught me off guard was that pair of cute yordles, not for lewd, bit for those bright colors you gifted them, so far my fav pic is poppy's rear view, and that, i love your art, keep going and have these happy vibes *finger guns*

This is so nice, I don’t really know how to respond! ;__; But thank you so much, I really appreciate it! <3


Forgot to post my fav photos so far of my aesthetic!Pidge so here are some highlights of my cosplay shenanigans✨ the photos have captions im such a brat

The first pictures were from Anime California 2016, the last two were two pics I tweeted from Akibafest 2016 (i’m @striderincident on twitter btw)

My amazing Shiro is @tsundirk, my fellow Pidge is @thehellashota, the Keith and Lance in the last photo are @kurovexx and @umetaaro respectively 💚💚💚 If you see yourself in the Garrison Trio photo lemme know!


●○◎◉ XX00 FOLLOWER GIFT ◉◎○●

This was so cute I had to convert it. 
Comes in all original colors. The blk swatch was too blue top pic so I added a black swatch made by my fav @talesofascrewup bottom pic. The hair does clip if the head is turned too far but the adult version does this as well sooooo….. 


You can grab the adult version here.
Credit: LeahLillith

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I just love kyungsoo's habit of cleaning jongin's cloths of imaginary lint T_T #ExcuseToTouchJagi #BaeIsSoFineHeCan'tHelpButTouch

It’s a habit…

Ohh what’s that on ur face.. oh it was nothing just wanted to touch my best bro’s face.

Bro, lemme fix ur mic.

Distance can’t separate us..

The fact ks bit his bottom lips in all pics???

So husband material.. Oh sorry. Best bro material.

Bro, your hair.. so soft hahahahah

My fav moment so far u.u

It seems like ji has the same habit….

Did he just zipped ks’s pants???

Idk what happened here… so yeah. lol

Bros goals. Only bros. Bros forever.

i don’t know what it is specifically about erasers (except they’re cute, miniature, nice smell, makes me think of productivity = positive feelings) that i can’t get enough of but i took a pic of my collection of fruits so far (excluding the new gen of 3D puzzle erasers) and its my fav category of eraser ~ will i ever find a raspberry eraser???


Happy BFSN loves!!

I’m stuck at dress rehearsals while trying to write my final anthropology paper, so I don’t have much time for selfies :(( so instead here are some pics of me at Joshua tree this last weekend! but not worries, I’m still watching the finale, even if it’s hella late.

I think this might be my favorite season so far! It’s a close tie with season 2, but depending on how tonight’s finale go, season 4 might just top it! So many good, memorable eps in this season that I can’t pick a fav. I’m glad I got to watch this with all of you, and I hope we all survive the hiatus. I can’t wait to watch the finale with you all! p.s where does this season rank for you in comparison to the others? just curious

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