this is bullshit

  • I just watched NU'EST (Pledis trainees) first performance on Produce 101. It hurts so much to see them like this.
  • It hurts seeing Kahi crying because she feels so sorry for them. It hurts to see them cry. It hurts to hear them say "It feels like we kind of failed, well the company (Pledis) sees it that way" and the most hurtful part when Baekho said "I want to be like them, like I.O.I and... like SEVENTEEN". WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON PRODUCE 101, THEY'VE BEEN IDOLS SINCE 2012. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS PLEDIS?!?!?!


when people say 13 victims, they aren’t denying that Eric and Dylan suffered, were victims of bullying, had mental illnesses etc  It just means they weren’t victims ON THE 20TH OF APRIL 1999. That’s all they mean by it. 

13 innocent people who DIDN’T WANT to die had their lives stolen from them. 

Have some fucking respect and remember that.

There is still hope for Ymir?

Like we haven’t seen her dead body, she still can be alive right? I mean like Eren was eaten on cam and he came back. There is still hope. I will not accept this death before I see it on a PANEL. Yes, she was captured but we haven’t seen the body or that she was eaten. Everyone can tell fairy tales!

Incorrect Quotes #02
  • Luffy: Torao I can't sleep.
  • Law: *hands a blank piece of paper*
  • Luffy: What's this?
  • Law: The list of fucks I give.
  • Law: *gets the blank piece of paper again, tears it to pieces, and lets it fly with the wind*
  • Law: Oh no, that was the last fuck I'll give.
  • Law: So sad.
  • Law: You can probably cry yourself to sleep now.

You wanna know why people went crazy when they made The Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver on the side of hydra and/or its allies despite having been completely divorced from the Magneto/Mutant story line b/c copyright?

Because now Marvel Comics thinks its a great idea to have Magneto join/help Hydra.

These things aren’t divorced from each other. And yes, it IS the same dude who made Captain America a nazi.

No, this SHOULD NOT surprise you. Now I’m off to unsub from basically the rest of my marvel lines and write a long letter to Marvel telling them about all the money they aren’t getting from me.

Yondu would have fucked errbody up in Infinity War.

I’m still not over his death…I thought the ship would just suddenly appear and save them like in the first one (Peter/Gamora). Literally his ashes were being sent off into space and I was like “THIS CANNOT HAPPEN”. How dare you make me love you and then you fucking die! ALSO BRING PIETRO BACK GOD DAMNIT! SO HELP ME! Phil Coulson survived! Come on now!

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Ugh I’m so upset with Netflix. The first day I found out they’re taking The X-Files off on April 1st the next day I find out Bob’s Burgers is getting taken off April 17th and today I find out Soul Eater isn’t even on there anymore and that’s my favorite anime. Like wtf.

I blame the government. They don’t want people watching the X-Files because they got too close to the truth.