this is bucharest

The details about the protests from Romania which might have been left out of the news: people bringing their laptops out at the protest site during the day and working from there, people giving flowers to policemen and other law-enforcement agents who are tasked with maintaining order, kindergartens offering free baby-sitting for parents who want to protest, people sharing food and hot drinks, taxi-drivers giving people free rides to the protest site, people staying back and cleaning the protest sites, protests being planned in Moldova and Bulgaria in sign of solidarity, and people all over the world expressing their support.

some fun facts about the romanian protests:

the government just made train rides free for students a few days ago. hundreds of students took that opportunity to get to bucharest to protest
pubs are offering free drinks, restaurants free food, hotels free accommodation, taxis free rides, kindergartens free babysitting
police officers and guards stay in the squares to protest after their shifts are over
people in bulgaria and moldova have also come out to protest in solidarity

it’s day 6 of protesting in the cold and humanity is truly beautiful. also, romanians are savage