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I mean, the majority of his tweets are about the band? He tweeted after the brits, for Niall's single, the band's anniversary... All his friends and family went hard during the brits with the #. What do people want?

i know i’m literally

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harry has purposefully stayed silent about his career and projects in favor of expressing his love, support, and gratitude for 1d and his bandmates, and had jeff tweet for 1d at the brits after tommy bruce followed 1d on twitter. he expressed his love for 1d in his solo photoshoot. he followed ot4 stans and larries. but people suddenly wanna say his team is feeding into the narrative and creating harry vs 1d because he wiped his facebook. "it looks bad to fans!" cos your perception is wrong lol.

they wiped 2 pictures…2!!! TWOOOOO PICTURESSSSSS!!! the page was practically dormant. it was never even utilized. take this as a positive that his team is going to actively be using his accounts to promote him to different audiences and gain more exposure…like a team should!! 

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People on my dash don't doubt Harry's love for his bandmates or his band, they criticize how his team is handling it. That's it. Or maybe you're following people who actually talk shit about Harry, in which case you're probably following the wrong people.

he literally deleted everything off his facebook,,,,,,,,,,,, how is that saying anything about 1d at all……?????????? he literally kept the link to the 1d website until he changed everything over to the white space,,,, like he is launching a solo career here,,,,, but that does not in any way suggest that he’s dissing the band or even create an allusion to such
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Supergirl Hiatus (2/27)

Today’s update: Chapter 6 of Until I Find You (Anastasia AU)
In which Mike and Kira FINALLY meet. (does this count as a spoiler if everyone’s been predicting it?)

I’ll make tomorrow’s post a little earlier.  I was out all day, but I got writing done at least.

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27 - you have a sexy accent

[As a Brit I decided to do this one kinda reflecting myself, not sure who you wanted this for but I’ve decided to go for Ronnie because I haven’t written much of her yet and she looks like the kind of girl who appreciates accents - also I’m still doing these if you want to send them in!!!]

‘Hi,’ Y/N threw a charming smile at the waitress behind the counter, ‘I was wondering if I could get a triple cheeseburger, a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake to go?’

The unfamiliar voice caused the gang teens sat in the booth mere metres away to look up. Veronica eyes shined at the gorgeous figure that had perched herself on one of the high chairs, waiting for her order.

'I’ll be right back.’ She winked at Archie, sliding elegantly from the booth as she did.

Casually she perched on the chair next to Y/N, leaning her arms against the cool metal surface of the counter, her chin sitting delicately in her hands.

'Hey Mom, can I have another strawberry milkshake please,’ she asked coolly, 'and can you put this fine lovely young woman’s order on my tab too?’

Y/N looked up curiously at the girl sat next to her, her perfect olive skin caught the orange lights of the diner in a warm sensual glow. Her ruby red lips curled into a seductive smile and her deep brown eyes shone with a playfulness. Whoever this seductress was, she had Y/N under her spell immediately.

'You really don’t have to do that.’ Came Y/N’s gentle and polite reply.

'How else would I introduce myself?’ Asked Veronica teasingly, 'I don’t think “you have a sexy accent” would have cut it, do you?’

'You could have said anything to me and I would have been flattered.’ Y/N teased back.

The cache didn’t end the war. The Spanish did. We had lost and retreated and had it not been for Billy spreading the Silver gospel the war would be over and Woodes would have had the Maroon camp hazed to the ground. The Brits were on the soil so they roughly know where it can be accessed. Likely difficult to get there though. And the Maroons would have lasted for a while but who’s to say.

I just wanted that clarified because I myself have thought of this cache as being defined in the scope of the war but honestly the pirates lost. They were ran off. By some miracle men came but these men are barely aligned and obviously greedy bastards looking to loot and rage in the face of the law.

That cache serves no purpose but to Flint and his way to have people follow him because as Dooley pointed out no one is doing it for the reason Flint is and thats something Flint knows and is more telling than anything about his motives.


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hey im sorry about how your day has gone :( some things i like to remember about brandon when i'm upset: 1. before meeting a group of fans he was on the phone and holding a nectarine in his other hand before dropping the nectarine, 2. he had a morrissey pillow case growing up, 3. at his first concert a girl brought him into the bathroom and put eyeliner on him (he loved it) , 4. he once had his ear pierced, 5. and one day his dad walked in on him dancing to brit pop in his room.

thank u for these wonderful and cherished facts my favorite facts abt brandon are that 1. rufus rainwright wrote a song about him saying he “tasted like potato chips in the morning”and also 2. how he is really proud of doing his own makeup and also that 3. he once said that emo music was dangerous and he wanted to beat fall out boy to death and also that 4. he can’t go 10 minutes without starting internet drama bc its very relatable how he has beef with everyone <333

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yeah imo the key is that he's inspired by 70s brit rock (well, according to hdd and, i do trust them and their sources) and while i agree most ppl did expect him to make sth somewhere in the rock genre i feel like the descriptions i've seen the most are indie/folk/pop rock/1d lite and/or dad rock (which to me is like harry's best corny rolling stones impression cos some want to reduce him to a mick wannabe) but yes i think harry will rly hit it out of the park if his stuff comes off as being

+  influenced by an era not attempting to be the era and i think that’s where jeff bhasker comes into play. he was one of the main producers of uptown funk and that song imho is a great example of how a song can be a complete throwback but with that mainstream accessibility. here’s a quote from jeff that gives me hope :): “Amy Winehouse’s "Rehab” has a retro element, but it sounded so fresh, in terms of production as well as lyrical content. You got a big got a big hurdle to overcome if your sound

+ Music is innovation, so you wanna innovate to the next step and not copy something else.“ sry for the long message but jeff bhasker seems like he could rly help harry pull this off and even tho i’m scared i’m intrigued as well. also i totally agree the label is putting a lot of trust and confidence in harry’s risk taking paying off and tbh i think if it works, it’ll really work. it’s about time there was sth different on the radio, everything is the same right now

I agree. I’m interested in seeing what kind of 70s rock they’re actually referring to, because 1D cribbed a lot of 70s sounds already. Also his styling and image will contribute to how much of an imitation it seems to be. Another Man was an homage to a few different eras and icons of rock, but he probably has to set himself apart from that. (throwback to when he was rumored to be in that Rolling Stones movie. doing that would be the opposite of what i’m describing)

I do think Bhasker is gonna be a good moderating force.

It’ll be interesting to see how the song slides into the public sphere. I can’t really put Harry Styles, Savior of Rock and Roll out there with a straight face. But if he can carve out a different place to exist on Top 40, I think it could work out well.

.@Harry_Styles’ new single is said to be a 5-min record reminiscent of ‘70s Brit rock, coming 4/7: @ColumbiaRecords

Idk how to feel. Intrigued yet scared.

denugis replied to your post “@zmediaoutlet tagged me to talk about the books I’m currently reading….”

I enjoy Rivers of London a lot. I’m the opposite of you at the moment in that my fiction consumption has shrunk to almost nothing, idk exactly why, but I’ll do the meme later, even though it won’t be very exciting.

ahhhh i’m excited that you read Rivers of London! it’s the second series of peter-starring detective novels that becky has got me into (after dorothy l sayers’ lord peter wimsey books obv) (oh gosh there’s a crossover tho) (when i ran out of rivers of london books i checked ao3 but haven’t ventured into the fic yet, somebody wrote peter/nightingale fake dating (OBV) but the real glory piece is a peter/nightingale GREAT BRITISH BAKEOFF AU) (possibly only glorious to brits who know what GBBO is, @peanutbutterandbananasandwichs get back to me about this when you’ve read rivers of london ahahahaha)

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I mean 70s brit rock like Led Zeppelin or 70s brit rock like Marc Bolan I need answers

listen to me there are so many possibilities for his music!! i can see him doing brit rock but i can also see him do more of an indie vibe but i can also see him doing more of an alternative feel. he can go in so many directions (WINK WINK). i for one, am so excitedd