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I'm convinced that Mofftiss don't see John as an equal to Sherlock. They don't care about his backstory, his established characterization in the books or what he's capable of doing. It is the biggest crime in adaptation history.

Yeah, I’m starting to think that as well Nonny, especially since they literally replaced his role as the storyteller with Mary. And HEY guess whose backstory we got instead? Mary. And guess who took over John’s (and essentially Sherlock’s) role as partner / detective? Mary. Like I feel like they decided Mary was indeed more important than John ever was. AND it’s even more frustrating for me because they WERE building Mary up to be an exciting villain, and instead made her a terrible plucky … whatever the hell they ruined her to be. Bleh. I fear that they really DON’T value the Holmes/Watson dynamic. Which is so bizarre given what we had pre-S4, because it WAS all about their relationship, even when Mary was there. So I don’t get why suddenly John was relegated to a side character and Mary had more screen time dead than John did in all three eps. *sighs*

So @fairylights101 was like… “what if… Oikawa in a dress” and naturally I had to jump on this idea lmao

{One-Line Prompt}

Well before I finish other work I’ve got going on, I’m in the mood for little one-liner prompts to help me pass the time! So feel free to request any fandom, character you wish, along with the number(s) you want me to write and I’ll get to it!

1) “Stop it! You know that I care about you!”

2) “I hate you!” “You love me!”

3) “Don’t you see? I’m in love with you”

4) “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

5) “That’s a lie.”

6) “Wait…are you saying what I think you’re saying?!”

7) “We’re two different people…yet we’re the same.”

8) “I just want you to love me like I love you!”

9) “T-That’s…not possible.”

10) “It’s all my fault.”

11) “I can’t give you what he/she can. But I can give you my all”

12) “Just leave me alone!”

13) “What part of ‘Get lost’ don’t you understand?”

14) “So…wanna make out?”

15) “You’re a virgin?”

16) “I would kiss you, but you’re a total dick.”

17) “Why are you so obsessed with me?!”

18) “You gotta let me go…”

19) “I can’t live without you…why can’t you see that?”

20) “Don’t you see? I can’t.”

21) “Wait what?”


23) “What are you doing? What, what, what are you doing?”

24) “THEY ARE 99¢ at CVS!”

25) “Stop breathing.”

26) “Well…that just happened.”

27) “Uh…we CANNOT tell mom.”

28) “At the WHAT and WHERE was I?”

29) “I loved once. Then I realized: Bleh.”

30) “Whatever, I’m just too awesome to handle.”

31) “You’re an idiot.”

32) “I’m YOUR idiot.”

33) “How can I repay you?”

34) “My precious, innocent mind!”

35) “You…you what?”

36) “I hate you with a passion.”

37) “Are you an angel? Good, because your horns are showing”

38) “Why are you so determined to make my life miserable?”

39) “Is it too late to say I like you?”

40) “Look at his stupid face…I just wanna kiss all over it. Why do I wanna do that?!”

Jyn Erso x Reader
Word Count: 1,110

Description: Jyn is a frequent visitor to the medbay, and with those visits come a friendship along with a little something more.

You remember the first time you met Jyn, the way she had walked so calmly into the medbay as if there wasn’t a bloody gash obscuring her left forearm. She was calm, a little lightheaded though it was to be expected with an injury as serious as her own.

She felt differently.

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It’s something of a minor miracle, Derek muses, that fingers that long can fit into such a tiny space. From his perch outside Stiles’ window, he listens as Stiles picks out chords and simple progressions, half-humming a melody as he goes along.

He hadn’t even known Stiles could play the ukulele until five minutes ago, when he caught the sound of the chords floating out from Stiles’ bedroom window like some kind of siren song. And now he’s been here for the better part of five minutes, just watching from the handy perch under said window, mesmerized as Stiles’ sure fingers pick their way across the neck of the ukulele and listening to whatever melody he comes up with. 

Derek wouldn’t say he’s stalling, per se. 

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Ahh, it’s been a while since I draw something fun, so sorry about the qualities and colour and whatever that makes you feel weird bleh 😝

But anyways, Happy Birthday little @wiishu! 🎂 Actually you know what? You’re not that smol, cause let me tell you, you got the same height as mine bwahahahahaha!

Okay what’s with that rambling, sorry about that 😅 Also, hope you have a wonderful time with ya family, so stay awesome Wiishu, as always 😉

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Hello, you're a very talented artist, I love your AUs, thank you for being you, I love your work!! I hope you have a lovely day/night/whatever, (time zones, bleh) 💜💜💜 Stay safe!!!

Awww☆ Thank you sweety ♡♡

I love her. I don’t think people really understand what I’m saying. I love her… I don’t want anyone else. I have no reason to look at other girls because the only thing I can see is her. She’s the sweetest pain I’ll ever know. And I’ll never be ready to give that up.
—  Oko Ninjah