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It’s a shame when people bash on Sonic Adventure, a lot of the hate it gets (and there’s a TON of hate) is purely in retrospect because the fact stands that from almost every perspective, at the time, the game is freaking amazing.

The graphics, stage designs, the multiple character structure, cutscenes, speed, action, music, it’s all BEYOND impressive when compared with ANYTHING ELSE from that time, its ambition is jaw-dropping and it is downright inspired. An important aspect of gaming history that, sure, it has its flaws, but it’s really not NEARLY as flawed as people would have you believe, imo.

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I noticed jk always tries to impress jm? Like he will do something "cool" and checks jm's reaction (except that time in bv when he flipped something i cant remember in the supermarket and failed &jm was like "yeah so cool") or when he does anything even silly to make jm laugh. Remember how he said his most embarrassing moment was when jm scolded him in that fan meeting in japan? Jk just wanna impress his crush man, he will go beyond just so jm can see him more than a dongsaeng (i think he does)

YES. He’s constantly trying to get any reaction out of Jimin, whether it’s a smile or a slap to his chest - Jungkook needs that validation and the reassurance that Jimin’s there. That and well, you know, JK likes to know that he’s the reason why Jimin’s laughing.

And on the rare occasion that JK fails to grab Jimin’s attention, you get to see really funny moments like this. Or like this..

..when Jimin didn’t look at JK’s hot selca. The disappointment in JK’s blank stare (and the fact that he froze for a split second lmao) is nearly palpable. 

And because you brought up the whole “he wants to be seen as more than a dongsaeng” thing.. It reminded me of this behind the scenes story:

Basically, Jungkook, who was wearing cute overalls, was watching Jimin getting his photos taken in a sleek black outfit (I think it’s referring to the 2016 Seasons Greeting?). He apparently looked back and forth between himself and Jimin, and then went around shouting that he wanted to do a cool concept too. He eventually got what he wanted and was super happy to wear a suit.

I mean, I’m not saying that Jungkook wanted to look manly to Jimin or whatever but… Jimin does think that JK looks very adult like and sexy when wearing a suit, so…


Brain: Shady Tevinter guy, !!evil magister alert!!
Fael: he cute tho
Brain: creators above 

am I the only one who thinks that the British male VA delivered the “who are you” line with a slightly dreamy tone?


“We had our chance—“

“We were young, Steve. Fifteen years ago. You know how much I’ve learned in fifteen years?” Tony shook his head. “You were never coming back, just say it.”

a scene from concatenation, my divorced stony series.  it is full of pain, you have been warned.

months ago i sent @kelslk-art a crappy sketch of a comic to see if she’d be interested in doing this, totally thinking it wouldn’t happen. instead, she blew me away with these pages!!! i’m beyond impressed and so thankful!!!

i have no words to convey my love. <3

Let me just say, I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship- AND that we get to see the side of Pearl we never had a chance to see before. 

You never saw me in action! Breaking every rule, taking on the authorities so I could indulge in the joys of life on Earth!

And think about it, we haven’t really seen her in action. At least not without the context of being a maternal figure to Steven. We’re talking about the Terrifying Renegade Pearl, beyond the impressive abilities we’ve already seen. The Pearl who had the courage to not only learn how to use a sword, but actually use it to fight for her freedom. The Pearl who took a stand. The Pearl who proudly declared that she belonged to no one. 

Looking at her day to day life now, it’s almost easy to forget. Almost. But Pearl hasn’t. 

Instead we drove to loud music, chased a mysterious woman into the night, and broke the law. I’ve lost my edge. I should have stayed home with the puzzle.

What are all of these things to someone with her history? She had one goal: Mingle with the humans in their strange human way. Wear the pants, drink the juice, bump into them without hurting them. To be COOL. And if we know anything about Pearl, it’s that she always has a plan. Even when she says she doesn’t. So when things don’t go according to plan, it bothers her. A lot. And despite her rebel spirit, at the end of the day she just wants to be liked by the people she cares about. She doesn’t just want to be cool, she needs to be cool.

The thing about Pearl? She’s cool by virtue of just being herself.  And sometimes she even realizes it. After all:

I’ve been a criminal for 6,000 years. 

She’s still got that rebel spirit whether she realizes it or not. And when she realizes it? Nothing can stop her. She wants Mystery Girl? 

She gets Mystery Girl. And how does she get Mystery Girl?

I asked her about her hair, and then she asked how I colored mine, I told her my appearance is just a conscious manifestation of light. And she said ‘I know how that is’. Although, I highly doubt it. Oh! And then I added ‘By the way I saved your planet and your species and you’re welcome.’

By being her adorably nerdy self. Which IS cool. This is the Pearl that is starting to come into her own in her new life without Rose Quartz. The Pearl that is starting to achieve everything Rose ever wanted for her but never could while she was so devoted to her. The Pearl that is finally and truly being forced to become to own Gem. 

Don’t get me wrong, Pearl clearly has a type. But this Mystery Woman is NOT Rose. She has no expectations, no preconceived notions of what a Pearl ‘should’ be. She was just some cute girl with cute hair who went on about being a conscious manifestation of light and maybe she’s an alien? Either way she’s someone she wants to talk to again. 

It’s pretty safe to say that previous chapter of her life IS over. It shaped her, it made her everything she was until now, but starting tonight, she’s moving on. She may have lost Rose 14 years ago, but tonight marked the end of an era. Before tonight she never would have dared to have acted the way she did. With a HUMAN no less. And in the end, what got her what she wanted? By plucking up the courage to be fearlessly herself. 

I think we’re about to learn a LOT about Pearl, and see her grow more than we ever thought possible. And I sincerely look forward to it.

Not sure if I’m putting this coherently, but I think we all also need a little bit of hope, or at least a galvanising call to action. Apathy and negativity is draining. So…I don’t see a point perpetuating the idea that ‘no one cares about Aleppo’, when people do care- people care enough that organisations are doing work to help, which we can donate to, to support. I’m specifically talking about people not in Syria, particularly Westerners with regards to this. I do think the int’l community has failed shamefully in Syria but it’s not a situation where literally no one cares. I understand doing the ‘no one cares thing’ if there has really been almost no media coverage or any NGOs working to help, but it’s not true in this case. Many news organisations are reporting the situation; I follow the BBC and they’re liveblogging the ongoing evacuation.

Making posts just about how ‘no one cares’, idk, doesn’t it become harmful beyond a certain point, if it reinforces the apathy? By giving impression there is nothing we can do because even if we care nobody else does? I don’t think that’s helpful. Wallowing in this kind of guilt and cynicism is a waste (and a luxury we have that the refugees don’t) when small as it might be, we can do our part by donating, contacting our government representatives or spreading awareness about what’s going on. The situation there is awful, but if what we do helps at least one more person, that is going to mean the whole world to that person. In our position, we have to think ‘yes, we can help’.

November 7

ICYMI, the girls won an EMA for Best Pop Act!! 

Just under two weeks until the AMA’s!! 

Camila looks gorgeous in this selfie! 

Camila wished her friend Ella aka Lorde a Happy Birthday! 

Camila seems a little nervous about Election Day..

Normani is “With Her”!

Lauren is too! 

Ally is saying a prayer too! 

Ally was beyond impressed with everyone who put in all their time and hard work into winning the EMA!

Her dad is too cute! 

Dinah was having a blast at Universal Studios! 

Here she is annoying her brother at his football game! 

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With confetti and everything! 

{Reaction} EXO and your foreign language.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol would be amazed by your bilingual ability, the fact that you could speak so well in Korean even though it isn’t your native tongue would impress him beyond belief since he knows how hard it is to learn a new language.

Chanyeol: “Wow Jagiya, that’s amazing. Now, will you teach me how to swear in your language so I can curse at Kyungsoo-ah without him knowing?” *giggling*

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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Every time you would speak on the phone to someone at home he would always watch with admiration on his face. He would be in awe at your language and how beautiful it sounds - or maybe it’s just beautiful because of the way you say it.

{y/n}: “Why do you keep watching me when I talk on the phone to my mum, Kyungsoo? Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything about you.”

Kyungsoo: “I know… I just think you’re amazingly talented”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun would probably be the kind of person that is so set on impressing your family that he implies he is good at speaking the language when in a matter of fact he doesn’t know any at all.

Baekhyun: “Jagi I just told your parents I’m good at speaking your language so you better get the textbooks out and a fresh coffee it’s going to be a long night and they’re arriving here tomorrow at 12.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun, even though he wouldn’t show it, would be very impressed about your ability to speak in two languages.

{y/n}: “Yes I speak it fluently, and no it isn’t an easy language to learn.”

Sehun: “Give me a month, sweetheart”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Lay would be a gentleman and would probably go to the extent of learning enough of your language to have very basic conversations with you in your native tongue.

{y/n}: You really don’t have to learn my language, Lay, you’re busy enough as it is.

Lay: No, I enjoy it. Plus it makes me happy to see your face light up when I speak it” *Is a literal sweetheart*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would love the way that you peak so differently to him and would be in awe at the difference and the beautify of the unique language. At first, your Korean would be pretty broken up, so it would be hard to have conversations with him since your Korean wouldn’t be easy to understand.But Minseok being the gentleman he is would do everything he can to help you out. He’d use pictures, pointing and some sort or charades to help you communicate. However, Minseok can have very different personalities, so be prepared for his adorable encouragement (“well done, jagi your pronunciation is improving!”) to his other forms of encouragement (“Our conversations might not be big, but you know what is”)

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae would appreciate how difficult it is to learn a new language and how difficult it is since he had a lot of trouble when studying Mandarin, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t tease you on the occasional mess up.

Jongdae: “No Jagi you can’t call me Appa! No, Appa is not the same as Oppa, please don’t confuse the two.” *Would turn into a blushing mess*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao’s language isn’t the best when it comes to Korean, so he is very empathetic when your Chinese doesn’t always come out right. Knowing how difficult it is, he would always try and help you out whenever you mispronounce or use the wrong words.

Tao: “Here {y/n} try it like this, it makes it easier to write out. You’ve nearly got it though.” *Also likes it when you compliment on how helpful and smart he is*

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho would be impressed by your ability to speak both languages, and since your Korean is good, he would be happy to have conversations with you. He spend a little time learning English, so he does appreciate how hard you must have worked to get your Korean at this standard.

Suho: “You’re so amazing, jagi… maybe one day you can teach me to speak your language.”


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Luhan would come to a misunderstanding when trying to translate messages you had been exchanging with someone you were significantly close to.

“Jagi… why did you call this man butt? Do you like his butt?”

“Oh god no! Luhan its Welsh slang for a friend!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai wouldn’t be too bothered if your Korean wasn’t good, all that mattered to him was that you liked him and had passion like him. He’d fall for a girl based on good vibes and a connection, not by the way she speaks. If he likes a girl enough he will put aside differences. Since his crush has grown significantly he’s spending more time researching things to say and impress you.

Kai: “Everyone dances the same, we don’t need language.” *grinning as he pulled you into his chest and started slow dancing, swaying in the living room without a worry in the world.*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Since Kris is a master of languages himself, he would see this as a challenge to master yours. Not just for his pride and flirting skills, but also because his crush on you in genuine and he wants to impress you.

{y/n}: “Kris you’re crazy, you already speak four languages.”

Kris: “Well guess who’s about to make that five.