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Dating Tom Holland Would Include....

  • Constantly bickering with Harrison on who Tom loves more. 
  • Always winning these fights
  • “Sorry mate, but have you seen her? She’s absolutely stunning.”
  • Having all sorts of adventures with Tom and Harrison
  • Because let’s face it, wherever Tom goes, Harrison follows.
  •  But never really minding because as long as Tom is around, so are you.
  • Tom always making sure that you’re okay. 
  • “You sure, love? Okay. I just want to make sure my girl is happy.” 
  • Him wrapping his arms around you every chance he gets.
  • Calling you every kind of cute nickname in the book because he can never just pick one.
  • “Babe, love, doll, sweetie, beautiful, gorgeous, cutie, honey,” All of them.
  • Sometimes finding himself just staring at you because he can not believe how lucky he is to have you.
  • Having to break up Tom and Harrison’s arguments on who loves you more. 
  • “Enough, you two. I swear you guys are like little kids fighting over a toy, and I am NOT a toy.” 
  • “Course you’re not, babe. But, I do love you more than Haz.” 
  • “I know you do. Why do you think I’m with you.” 
  • Tom leaving you with little notes that he placed everywhere.
  • “Hey babe, I love you!”
  • “Did you know you’re amazing?”
  • “You’re my girl, don’t ever forget.” 
  • “Call me when you find this!” 
  • “I could stare you forever.” 
  • “You’re the first and last person on my mind.” 
  • “I miss you.” 
  • Tom begging you to go with him everywhere because he just doesn’t want to leave you. 
  • “Please come with me.” 
  • “No, Tom. I have to work-”
  • “-but, I’m Spiderman. You don’t have to work.” 
  • “Did you just seriously use that line on me?”
  • “Did it work?” 
  • “Absolutely not, you dork. I love you, I do but I promise I’ll come visit. Okay?”
  • “Fine, but you better.” 
  • Always, always feeling guilty because you know that sometimes he gets a little bit of anxiety and stressed and you seem to be the only remedy. 
  • Flying out on the next flight possible.
  • And immediately all the stress and anxious thoughts are thrown out the window the minute he sees you. 
  • Him always whispering in your ear, “Thank you.” 
  • Always reassuring him that he’s earned all the success in his life.
  • Sometimes feeling a little scared that he’ll forget you with his oncoming fame. 
  • Tom reading you like a book and breaking these thoughts from your head. 
  • “You do know that I love you right? And that I wouldn’t be here without you. I’d be a wreck if I ever lost you. Don’t ever think for one second that I could make it without you.” 
  • Feeling reassured until the next time you felt scared. 
  • Tom always going above and beyond in his gifts for you on birthdays, anniversaries, and just because he want to’s. 
  • Him surprising you with a vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. 
  • Following him basically anywhere and everywhere because he will literally get on his hands and knees to beg.
  • Forcing you to play basketball with him even though you know that there’s a reason why you’re not a pro basketball player. 
  • But always seeming to win.
  • Knowing that he lets you.
  • But never questioning it because it was his way of spending time with you.
  • Spending time with his family.
  • Because in a way, they’re your second family.
  • Tom’s mother commenting on how happy she is that Tom has found himself a wonderful girl.
  • His father agreeing one hundred percent and cracking jokes as to when they should expect the wedding.
  • His brothers always teasing Tom about how much you have him wrapped around your finger.
  • Blushing because you would never want him to be “whipped”, but it’s nice to know that you have that power.
  • Tom clapping back with, “At least I’ve got a girlfriend.” 
  • Laughing when they’d all get into a wrestling match.
  • “If I win, [Y/N] is mine!”
  • “No, if I win, [Y/N] mine!”
  • “Bloody Hell! You gits think you’re actually going to win? [Y/N] will always be mine, whether or not I do lose.” 
  • Going to the gym with him.
  • Getting distracted because by God those muscles should be illegal.
  • Him knowing it and teasing you about it.
  • Always getting back at him by doing anything and everything that shows of your figure.
  • Tom throwing down his weights and attacking you with kisses. 
  • Him always being respectful of your boundaries. 
  • Never pushing you to do things you don’t want to do. 
  • You loving him for it.
  • Knowing that you will eventually let him but just not right now because you’re not ready.
  • And him being perfectly okay with that.
  • Sparring with him.
  • Tom being beyond impressed at your skills.
  • Telling you everyday how much he loves you.
  • Begging him to take you to go get icecream even though he can’t really have any.
  • Scolding him when he says, “fuck it,” and gets himself some. 
  • “You’re trainer is going to be pissed.”
  • “So what.” 
  • Shaking your head and enjoying your icecream date with him.
  • Taking Tess out for walks together.
  • Taking a million pictures of her because she’s just so damn cute.
  • Lazy days with Tess
  • Cuddling the poor dog into suffocation until she can’t take it anymore and leaves.
  • Leaving you two clinging onto each other.
  • Tom leaving trails of kisses along your forehead.
  • Holding you tight.
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms. 
  • Waking up in the middle of night, panicking because your parents are going to freak out.
  • Tom shooting out of bed to get you home.
  • Him trying to help you sneak into your house without your parents waking up.
  • Him mumbling that the two of you should just move out together.
  • Telling him that it would be a good idea but to talk about it later.
  • Tom always gushing about you in interviews.
  • Always being his plus one to the films you want to see.
  • Introducing you to your favorite actors.
  • Getting embarrassed when Robert Downey Jr. finally gets to meet you.
  • “SO, this is the girl you never shut up about? It’s about damn time I finally meet her. [Y/N], it’s so lovely to meet you. I feel like I practically know you with the amount of stuff Tom has told me about you.” 
  • Also getting a little embarrassed but not as embarrassed as when fans stop you on the streets.
  • Getting panicky because you’re just waiting for the hate.
  • But being surprised when it’s nothing but love and awe.
  • Agreeing to take pictures with them and asking to take one of them so you can put it on Instagram as well. 
  • Speaking of Instagram, Tom is forever posting sly pictures of you. 
  • You are literally all over his page.
  • But, it’s okay because he is all over yours.
  • You’ve been trending on #couplegoals for days
  • Threatening Tom with his life if he doesn’t stop posting the selfies you send him. 
  • Him not caring.
  • “I’ll take my chances, babe.”
  • Getting him back on snapchat with the crazy filters.
  • Agreeing to tone down the embarrassing pictures. 
  • But one or two always comes leaking out and you are forever mortified. 
  • Starting a prank war. 
  • You always seeming to have better pranks.
  • Feeling bad and deciding to call it off but not before Tom gets you really good. 
  • Laying out under the stars and talking about the future.
  • Telling each other that as long as you have each other, the future can bring whatever it wants.
  • Tom surprising you with a promise ring. 
  • “We’re both still really young and I know a lot of people our age are getting married but I just can’t imagine getting married at this moment. But at least with this, it’s a promise that you will have my last name, just not right now.” 
  • You accepting it because there is not a damn soul on this earth aside from Tom that you could see yourself with.

So this is one half of my submission for the @obikinbigbang 2017! (I have a companion Obi-Wan piece coming but unfortunately that won’t be ready for the deadline.)

Here is Anakin as the tarot card ‘The Fool’! It’s based on a fic by @grayjedii so you’ll have to read it once it’s posted to decide if I did her writing justice 😋 FYI: It’s more ‘inspired by’ rather than ‘directly illustrative of’! I wanted to give the impression of fate and destiny and forces beyond his control deciding his path for him.

One of the traditional roles of the witch is to act as the bridge between worlds, to mediate between spirits and humans.

This has been a part of my practice since I was a little girl keeping the peace between the ghost who lived in my house and liked to play bored pranks and the rest of my family who were not nearly as amused by those pranks as I was. 

I find that there’s a considerable amount of fear surrounding this sort of work, people are afraid of running into “bad” spirits or attracting spirits that have malicious intent. Having worked with my fair share of spirits who, at first glance, appear to be bad or malicious I can certainly understand this fear. From an external perspective these beings are just plain scary!

In my experience this fear of “bad” spirits is the spirit workers worst enemy. And it’s not the fear itself but the judgement behind the fear that causes the true problem.

About a year ago I had a friend who was being plagued by a spirit that had attached to her like a leech, draining her energy and causing her to have an obsessive preoccupation with another person that was quite out of character for her. She had tried many different ways of ridding herself of it but could not for the life of her shake the thing so she came to me for help. One look at this spirit told me something was amiss, this spirit was clearly hurting her but it didn’t seem angry or hurt.

It seemed desperate.

I tried a few gentle methods of removing the spirit to no avail, this sucker was intent on staying attached to her. After several failed attempts we finally managed to remove the spirit through fairly aggressive means and trapped the spirit in a container so that it wouldn’t return to her. 

She left, happy to be free of the leech. Many spirit workers would leave it at that, the spirit was clearly causing harm and would stay in the container indefinitely or be destroyed. As a mediator however, one party walking away happy while the other is still seething is not a success. 

And so, I set about working with this spirit, trying to unravel its story and understand why it had acted so aggressively toward my friend. 

After a time it came to light that this spirit was completely unaware that it was hurting anyone.

What I discovered (and later verified with my friend) was that the spirit was actually the father of the person she had been obsessing over. He had abandoned his son early in his childhood and then later died. After his death this abandonment weighed on him so much that he returned to his son and attempted to prevent anyone else from leaving him. The result was of course disastrous, the son had a string of tumultuous and painful relationships that had left him even more emotionally battered than before but the spirit of his father was so lost in his guilt that he couldn’t see that. 

He had regressed, as spirits often do, to a state of hyper-emotional existence. This guilt was so all consuming that it became who he was, his singular motivation, and it blinded him to any evidence that his actions were harmful. 

At this point, my purpose with this spirit became obvious, I had to help him see the error of his ways and release the guilt and sense of obligation that had kept him tethered to his son. It took time and effort but eventually I was able to calm him out of his hyper-emotional state and show him the truth of what he had been doing. After this realization the spirit changed completely, he was no longer riddled with guilt and shed the years of internal torment that he had been carrying with him. He appeared and acted exactly as I expected he must have when he was alive. He was rational, a bit apologetic but otherwise very amicable and he quickly left this world for the next soon after.

Of course, not every harmful spirit is like this. Some are simply mean, I won’t deny that, but I would wager that far more of these “bad” and “scary” spirits are simply hurting or misguided. 

Judging spirits or magics as “bad” or “evil” does no good for anyone. All it does is assign a preconceived set of assumptions to something that may or may not have any truth to it, thereby clouding the truth and keeping you in the dark. 

Witches are seekers of the hidden and secret, we cannot accept falsehoods based on assumptions. In spirit work and in our magical workings as a whole we must strive to seek what is beyond the veil of first impressions and easy assumptions. The truth that hides in the dark, hidden from the world is where true knowledge and power lies.

[TRANS] Kai will be starring in a Japanese drama called "Spring Has Arrived"

⇢ “Spring Has Arrived” information

The drama is a remake from an original short story by Kuniko Mukuda, the best Japanese screenwriter. As the writer of this story, Kuniko Mukoda’s works have affected people beyond times and border. They want this lead role to be able to - deliver that emotions, impress watchers beyond words and feel cultural differences. “Spring Has Arrived” is a ‘family’ drama in which the existence of a man changes a family. The role played by Kai is a special role in which his existence in the family is like a spring that will changed the family like a surrounding typhoon. 

The producer of ‘Spring Has Arrived’ says he wanted the character to move people’s hearts without any regards to language and cultural differences, that’s why he offered Kai this role since the producer could not think of anyone else because of Kai’s sensibility, sincere attitude and charisma.

⇢ "Spring Has Arrived” original story line

Naoko is a 31 year old single sales clerk who works in a departmental store in the underclothes section. She is nothing special and constantly lies about her family to people around her. In reality, she lives with parents who works part-time and a sister who is a hikkomori (person who avoids social contact). 

One day, she meets a Korean photographer named Lee Ji Won (Kai) and goes on a date with him. However, he ends up having to take her home because her leg got stuck in the taxi door after their date. Because he ends up taking her home, he meets her family. Naoko thought Ji Won would walk away when he found out how she lied about her family, but instead, he becomes close to her family and even goes on a family trip together later on. From that day on, Naoko and her family drastically changes (in a good way of course).

Later on, Naoko’s mother talks about a possible marriage between the two, but unfortunately, they decide that they were not meant for each other and mutually broke up and go their separate ways. They later meet each other on the streets by accident and happily greet each other. 

⇢ Q&A with Kai

Q: please let us know how you feel about you first Japanese drama experience.

KAI: I was excited and happy to shoot my first Japanese drama. (Unclear sentence) I would like to do my best and deliver good work to all my fans. And I think I can make lots of new friends with Japanese actors and staff.

Q: What are you looking forward to most while shooting in Japan?

KAI: it is my first time shooting in Japan so it will be different than shooting in Korea. It will be my first time staying in Japan so I look forward to experiencing different cultures and food in Japan and making nice memories with everyone in Japan.

Q: Please give a message for your Japanese fans.

KAI: hello it’s EXO’s Kai. I mainly saw you in concerts in Japan, but this time I can meet you through a drama. It’s special to me (?) though I still lack I will work hard and enjoy my shooting in Japan and deliver good work to everyone. Everyone, please look forward to “Spring has Arrived” thank you very much.

translation credit: kimkwon889496, kaaiikim, kimjoninis

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I noticed jk always tries to impress jm? Like he will do something "cool" and checks jm's reaction (except that time in bv when he flipped something i cant remember in the supermarket and failed &jm was like "yeah so cool") or when he does anything even silly to make jm laugh. Remember how he said his most embarrassing moment was when jm scolded him in that fan meeting in japan? Jk just wanna impress his crush man, he will go beyond just so jm can see him more than a dongsaeng (i think he does)

YES. He’s constantly trying to get any reaction out of Jimin, whether it’s a smile or a slap to his chest - Jungkook needs that validation and the reassurance that Jimin’s there. That and well, you know, JK likes to know that he’s the reason why Jimin’s laughing.

And on the rare occasion that JK fails to grab Jimin’s attention, you get to see really funny moments like this. Or like this..

..when Jimin didn’t look at JK’s hot selca. The disappointment in JK’s blank stare (and the fact that he froze for a split second lmao) is nearly palpable. 

And because you brought up the whole “he wants to be seen as more than a dongsaeng” thing.. It reminded me of this behind the scenes story:

Basically, Jungkook, who was wearing cute overalls, was watching Jimin getting his photos taken in a sleek black outfit (I think it’s referring to the 2016 Seasons Greeting?). He apparently looked back and forth between himself and Jimin, and then went around shouting that he wanted to do a cool concept too. He eventually got what he wanted and was super happy to wear a suit.

I mean, I’m not saying that Jungkook wanted to look manly to Jimin or whatever but… Jimin does think that JK looks very adult like and sexy when wearing a suit, so…

Sealed With A Kiss

The School For Good and Evil

Word Count: 3264

Read on FFN or AO3

Tedros understood that the battle between Sophie and Agatha was significant. He understood that this wasn’t his story and that it was theirs instead. He could accept that Agatha had struggled between what was Good and what felt right. He had felt a similar struggle, and at the end had been able to choose something that felt both right and Good: Agatha.

He hadn’t been joking with her when he said that physical cues were helpful. They had certainly had a history of miscommunication and he admitted that most of it was his fault. Still, though, she chose to stay with him and care for him. She chose to love him, and Tedros had never felt so thankful to have another human being’s affection in his whole life. The new struggle was articulation, non-verbal or otherwise, and this struggle was one that Tedros felt particularly in the weeks leading up to his princess’ birthday. 

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My Muse.

Spencer Reid x Reader

In which your paintings have finally been featured in an art gallery. Your team comes to support you and when they do, Spencer is speechless at the fact that all of your work was clearly inspired by him.

anon requested. idk how accurate this is as far as art galleries go so that’s why i didn’t talk about the setup much but i hope you enjoy this! xoxo

Originally posted by dr-spencer-reid-though

You’d been interested in art since you were quite young. Upon seeing all of the beautiful work in museums, when you weren’t working on a case with your team you were painting. 

You’d paint whatever was on your mind and so all of your work was immensely varied. There were paintings with splashes of color that were quite abstract and messy. There were masterpieces consisting entirely of dull colors such as gray, black, and white, paired with harsh lines that were a contrast the the swirls of your art on happier days.

However although a lot of your collection was unable to be clearly interpreted into one specific thing, other pieces were obviously something that you might as well have written exactly what it was underneath it. Your coworker and friend Dr. Spencer Reid, who you had intense feelings for, was often your muse. He had unknowingly inspired you, his curly hair along with his soft brown eyes and sense of style had always ignited something within you that you couldn’t quite explain with words. Your art spoke for you.

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Headcanons for the older chocobros discovering their s/o are ten years younger then them?

Oooh~ this is an interesting request! Thanks for sending it in! <3

Tagging: @itshaejinju and @blindbae <3 (and @nifwrites because… fluff!!!!). Enjoy the fluffiness my fluffy people :D

Noctis: King Noctis has always known that you are significantly younger than him, what with your adorable ways and your happy-go-lucky attitude, but when he finds out that you’re TEN years younger than him, he gets a little worried. First of all, because he’s been wearing the Ring of the Lucii, he’s aged very quickly. So, he doesn’t look like a man who had just turned thirty- he looks and feels more like a forty year old. He starts to feel self-conscious about his appearance, and you notice that Noctis begins to dress ‘younger’ in his choco-mog t-shirt and his baggy jeans whenever the two of you spend some private time together. After noticing this happening for a few weeks, you call Noctis up on his recent change light-heartedly. However, this begins a small argument which escalates unnecessarily until you’re nearing tears and Noctis is frustrated beyond belief. He mentions breaking up, because he’s under the impression that you’re just with him because you haven’t known or experienced romance with any other man. After all, you’re only twenty years old- just barely an adult. You immediately shake your head, tears falling down your cheeks quicker than previously before. You taste the salt on your lips and you sniffle loudly as you grab Noctis by the collar and haul yourself into his warm chest. You wrap your arms around his torso and press your nose against his defined pectoral muscles before shaking your head repeatedly, desperate to get your adamant refusal across to your older boyfriend.

“I don’t care about your looks- you’re the only man I’ll ever look at. I love you. Only you. Forever, it will always be you.” Noctis leans forward at your words and places a chaste kiss on your temple before nuzzling gently into your soft locks.

“Sorry. Yeah… okay. I love you too, y/n.”

You frown. “You don’t sound so sure about that, your majesty…”

Noctis smirks down at you before planting a passionate kiss on your lips, grunting softly as you pull him in closer to deepen the kiss. You’re both panting by the end of the kiss and you’re both smiling into each other’s eyes, absolutely love struck.

No further words are needed. The love between the two of you is strong- even with the age-gap. After all, age is just a number!

Prompto: Prompto thinks that you’re like him- thirty years old with a twenty year old mentality. He likes the way that you seem to be mature at one moment, and then break into unexplainable giggles the next. He enjoys going on random photo expeditions with you, and he absolutely adores the impromptu photo shoots that you beg him to take you on. Prompto has always thought you were somewhere close to his age. But when he finds out you’re a whole ten years younger than he is, he takes a second to let the fact sink in before approaching you bashfully and confronting you head on about the matter. When he asks you why you hid the fact from him for so long, you merely shrug and deny that you were hiding your age from him. You explain that your age never really came up and you had assumed that he was okay with the age difference. Your voice hitches slightly in your chest, your fragile emotions revealing to Prompto your true age, and he immediately shakes his head in regret and takes you into his warm, loving arms.

“No, no! Don’t cry- I still love you all the same! Age is just a number! And you’re so mature sometimes for a twenty year old- really! When I was twenty, I was fumbling and bumbling all over the place! You’re so amazing, y/n!”

You sniffle and hold onto your older boyfriend tighter, unwilling to let go after the break-up scare you’d just given yourself. “Really?” you ask, your voice coming out as a whimper. Prompto pulls your head up by the chin and places an insistent kiss on your tear-stained lips, licking his own lips as he pulls away and smiles down tenderly at you. His clear blue eyes are filled with adoration, and you know that his words are true.

“Really. I love you, baby.”

You smile up at him, your eyes full of adoration and warmth. You absolutely love this man.

“Thank you, my sunshine, I love you too.”

Gladio: Gladiolus has had his suspicions about your age, but he hasn’t really tried to investigate those suspicions. He was pretty sure you were of legal consenting age, and he didn’t want to make things awkward between the two of you, given that your relationship with Gladio was still pretty fresh. However, when you start to drag him along to meetings and casual hangouts with your same-aged friends, Gladiolus decides to speak up about the age difference.

“Hey, babe?” Gladio asks you, all of sudden. You stop chatting with your friend via text message and shoot your boyfriend a curious glance. You’ve noticed the way Gladio’s shoulders have tensed, as well as the way he’s staring at you so seriously with his warm amber eyes. Something about his demeanour doesn’t sit with you well, and you gulp out of nervousness.


“How old are you?” your jaw drops at Gladio’s question, and Gladio immediately shakes his head, reaching out to hold your clammy hand in his large, warm palm. “Hey, I’m just curious. I feel like I should know how old my baby girl is- I’d be a pretty shitty boyfriend if I didn’t know-”

You shake your head and interject, your voice panicked. “That’s not even, like, important! Like, nothing would even change if I did tell you my age, right? You won’t break up with me if I’m… too young, or too ancient for you or something, right?” your voice wavers, despite the smile you’re trying to wear on your face. Your palms start to sweat profusely and Gladio clasps at you hand, his grip warm and safe.

You didn’t want him to ever let go. But… if he knew your actual age…

Gladio frowned at your hesitance and immediately pulled you towards his chest, murmuring softly into your ear with his gravelly voice- his facial hair ticking your soft skin. “Baby, I’m not trying to break up with you or anything. I just want to know because… I just feel like it’s something that I need to be aware of.”

You stare up at Gladio and find yourself pressing a kiss below his ear before sighing sadly and grasping onto his jacket, feeling hints of his bare skin pressing against your clothed torso. “Twenty four…”

Gladio pulls away, his eyes wide. “Ten years… are you sure you want to be with an old dude like me?” Gladio asks, his tone full of uncertainty. Your eyes tear up at the hesitance in Gladio’s usually confident voice, and you nod your head resolutely. You lean up and place a lingering kiss on your older boyfriend’s lips, smiling slightly through your happy tears as you felt him press his lips tenderly against your own.

“Yes. It has to be you, Gladiolus Amicitia. I love you.”

Ignis: Ignis is troubled by the fact that you always dodge around his questions about your age. Given that his eyesight is pretty much non-existent, he’s not able to gage just how old you are by appearance alone. Although age doesn’t really matter to him, Ignis doesn’t want to be seen gallivanting around with a minor- that would definitely not look good for the royal advisor. So he asks you about your favourite music, your favourite food, your favourite art style, your favourite pop icon- anything that can give him information about your age.

Based on what you have answered so far, he believes that you are a few years younger than he is. But he wants to know for sure. He wants to know for certain just how much younger you are. And so he instigates his plan, late in the evening when only you and he are present in the common room of your apartment complex.

Ignis Scientia purposefully sits close to you, his thigh against yours, and his hand gently resting on your bare knee. You’re wearing sleeping shorts and a thin tank top because of the Lestallum heat. Ever since the light had been restored by King Noctis, the meteor nearby had been letting off a lot of heat. So now, even the nights were terribly humid.

Ignis traces his bare fingers along the tops of your thighs gently as he leans his head against your shoulder and sighs out loud. “I feel terribly worn out, y/n.”

You frown and tilt your head towards Ignis’, plucking his protective glasses off his eyes and smoothing down the healed scarring on his eyes with your fingers. You lean forward and press a soft kiss against his old injuries before nuzzling against the side of his head with your nose.

“How so?” you ask quietly. Ignis shrugs his shoulders and buries his face further into the crook of your neck, inhaling the fruity scent of your favourite soap and shampoo.

“I feel like I cannot keep up with your youth and vitality. I forget my age sometimes, you see. Apparently, I feel that I’ve forgotten yours too. Would you remind me of that small fact once more, dearest?” Ignis takes a small breath, noticing that you have stopped moving… and your breathing is very quiet. Ignis lifts himself off your body and smiles gently over to where he believes you are. “Y/n?”

You’re eyes are wide and your mouth is wide open. You weren’t expecting Ignis to ask about your age. You didn’t want to tell him- someone so amazing, resilient, charming, intelligent and mature would surely break up with you the moment he realised just how young and inexperienced you were. You gulp and grab Ignis’ hand in your own before squeezing gently.

“It’s rude to ask.” You say simply. Ignis sighed and shakes his head, bringing his hand up to his eyes in an uncharacteristically pitiful gesture.

“I know but… I can’t see you, so I can’t even dare to estimate your age. I just want to know because I want to love every little thing about you, dear. Please?” Ignis pleaded with you. You shut your eyes tight at his request before clenching and unclenching your fists.

You don’t know why you’re on Ignis the next moment, but your mouth finds its way onto his, and he grunts in surprise at the sudden onslaught of open mouthed kisses being delivered to his mouth by yours. He reciprocates, timidly at first, before you let out a soft moan of want. This has Ignis taking you into his arms and deepening your kisses, his tongue mingling with yours in a sweet dance. You sigh against his lips and pull apart from him reluctantly, staring at his awestruck face.

“Darling… what was that for?” Ignis asks you, his voice incredibly low and confused.

“I’m twenty three.” You admit, planting a kiss on Ignis’ jaw line. Ignis sighs in contentment and runs his hands through your soft locks.

“You certainly have the energy of a twenty three year old. I am a lucky man.”

You smile, tears filling your eyes in relief of his mellow reaction. “Thank you.” You gasp, pressing your face gently into the crook of your boyfriend’s neck. Ignis smiles against your cheek.

“I love you, dearest.” You sigh in contentment and press a kiss onto Ignis’ lightly freckled skin.

“I love you too, Iggy.”

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(I'm valamerys) "There was a moment when I questioned how much of a liar Mor actually is." Hey, full offense, saying a deeply traumatized woman is LYING about one of the people involved hurting her, or faking how fucking terrified of him she is when he shows up in ACOWAR, is a really, really bad look.

Hello friend. (Sorry, I’m out at a new volunteering gig waiting for my littles parents to come grab them so I gotta copy and paste a response I wrote earlier.)

I am in no way saying Mor is unreliable in her account of her abuse. It’s totally cool if that’s what you inferred from what I wrote. I’m not mad. It’s just not what I meant.

I think where we differ, is in our interpretation of the text. I didn’t read anything to indicate that Eris saw her brutalized body and then left her in the forest. What I read was that he broke the engagement because he knew she was gay and wanted to help her. Then she was brutalized by her family and left in the Autumn Court where he was then unable to come help her. I didn’t get the impression (or remember reading) that he went to see her in the forest and then chose to leave her.

So I see Mor’s behavior as association Eris’s breaking of the engagement with the abuse she received at the hand of her family. And I associate some of what she says to Eris as her knowing he knows she’s gay and further protecting herself by helping to perpetuate who everyone thinks he is. And I’m not blaming her for that. I’d do it in a heartbeat. I also got the impression that they knew one another beyond the engagement and that’s partly why she was so effected when she thought he’d left her. It was a betrayal of friendship, not of an abusive ex-fiancé. If he’d proven himself to be abusive or cruel to her before the canceled engagement then she’d have no reason to care that he’d left her in the forest. That action would be more of a relief to her, than something to feel hurt about. So that’s where I’m at.

Not saying Eris deserves a redemption arc or not. That’s a different argument.

Hope this helps!

I don’t know if anyone outside of Croatia knows this because I haven’t seen any articles about it in foreign media, but Jamie Foxx is currently in Dubrovnik and yesterday evening he got verbally attacked in a racial-hate attack while having dinner in a restaurant. He was literally just sitting there, trying out local wines and cuisine, when those two racists attacked him. They were throwing racial slurs and God knows what else at him, before being thrown out by the staff of the restaurant. He posted about it in his Instagram story, including some videos of them he captured and his own impression of what has happened. I’m just disgusted beyond words and very much ashamed. Some media outlets are saying that the guys were drunk, but that should not be used as an excuse for what they did and said. They are an embarrassment to our country. This shouldn’t have happened. And they’ll most likely just get away with it. A fucking disgrace!!!!


“We had our chance—“

“We were young, Steve. Fifteen years ago. You know how much I’ve learned in fifteen years?” Tony shook his head. “You were never coming back, just say it.”

a scene from concatenation, my divorced stony series.  it is full of pain, you have been warned.

months ago i sent @kelslk-art a crappy sketch of a comic to see if she’d be interested in doing this, totally thinking it wouldn’t happen. instead, she blew me away with these pages!!! i’m beyond impressed and so thankful!!!

i have no words to convey my love. <3

|| Challenge Accepted || Luke Skywalker Smut

Pairing: Luke Skywalker x Reader

Word Count: 2521

Warnings: smut, swearing, submissive Luke(?)

Summary: Luke bets you, his mechanic, that he can take anything you could throw at him. You thinks he’s wrong.

Today was one of the rare days that all pilots were on base. You were taking this opportunity to make minor repairs to the pilots X-Wings, ones you’d overlooked before. Currently, you were working on Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing and, boy, was it in rough shape. Not that Luke was careless with his aircraft, but he was always so close to battles, his X-Wing usually came out looking worse than the enemy. You were just finishing rewiring some of the cables, when you hear Luke’s voice behind you.

“You know, I appreciate you doing this.” His voice is soft, but sure.

“I know. You need to be more careful, Luke, or one of these days you and your X-Wing won’t be around.”

“Don’t worry so much! Believe me, I can handle it.” Luke laughs, a musical sound. You smile to yourself in spite of your irritation with him and finish your work, stepping away from the aircraft. You wipe your hands and put your jacket back on, motioning for Luke to follow you out of the hangar.

“That’s your problem, Skywalker. You’re so sure of yourself when it comes to piloting. You’re starting to sound like Han.” You laugh at the face Luke made at your remark. The both of you soon find yourself at Luke’s door and enter.

The two of you had been friends since Luke’s arrival on Yavin IV. You bonded quickly over your knowledge of mechanics and soon, you were the only one he wanted to touch his X-Wing. You couldn’t count the amount of times you had been in his room - and he in yours - talking about anything and everything. Somewhere along the way, you found that you sought his company more and more. Butterflies formed as you spoke and sometimes you lost all coherent thought. Luke seemed to act the same way.

Your suspicions of Luke’s feelings towards you were confirmed when Han Solo marched up to you several days ago, and demanded that you two work things out and told you he was tired of hearing Luke talk about you. Disbelieving, you turned to Leia, one of your closest friends, for advice. She, too, agreed that Luke spoke of you often. And so you promised yourself you’d make the first move. To ease your friend’s pain, of course.

You sat on the couch in Luke’s quarters and took the drink he’d passed you, taking a sip and setting it on the table beside you.

“Listen, I know you’re worried but like I said, I can take anything anyone throws at me.” Luke smiles at you, and you know it’s all an act. He’s trying to make it seems like he’s not afraid of the Empire or of anything. Trying to impress you or himself or a father watching from beyond. You don’t know who exactly he’s trying to convince, but you do know that you have a perfect chance to get him to admit how he feels. Despite every fibre in your body yelling at you not to say anything, you refuse to be scared anymore. Han and Leia would lead you astray. Would they?


“You bet. I’ll be fine.” Luke pulls a lopsided grin and you smile back, a plan forming in your mind.

“I bet a ride in your X-Wing that you can’t.” Luke sits beside you, a mock offended look plastered on his pretty face.

“I accept that challenge!” You smirk, heart racing. You dig your nails into your thighs momentarily and your eyes meet his.

Luke’s breath catches as you capture his lips with your own. His lips are slightly chapped from the harsh Hoth weather - as are your own you assume - but they’re warm and you find yourself smiling into the kiss. Luke hesitantly begins to kiss you back, a little sloppy and inexperienced, but it’s a kiss you know you’ll replay in your mind every night for the near future. You guide him in the kiss, slowly and softly, like a dance. You put one of your hands on the back of Luke’s neck, fingers extending out to curl in his hair. Your nails scratch his scalp and catch some of the locks, pulling a breathy moan from his throat.

Luke pulls back from your lips, pink dusting his cheeks. His baby blue eyes are wide, lips slightly swollen and red, an obscenely innocent image. You let out a slow breath, clenching your thighs together. Tugging on the strands again, Luke’s lips part to allow a small whine to escape, his eyes falling shut. You bite your bottom lip, feeling your heart pick up pace. You’ve never met anyone as responsive to your movements as he was, and you resist the urge to pull on the hair again, just to see if you could get him to make that noise again. ‘Over and over again..’

You gently your other hand on his jaw, feeling the heated skin beneath your fingertips. His eyes flutter open, and you find yourself wondering how he’d respond to sex. You had only kissed, but he looks wrecked, lightly panting and blushing like mad. Gently, you pull his lips back on yours, scraping your nails lightly against his jaw. This kiss is better, Luke seeming a little more confident and you get lost in the motions. You feel his lips against your own, slowly, never once picking up pace. You briefly entertain the thought of what it would feel like to have him kissing your thighs. The thought has you clenching your hand in Luke’s hair a little sharper than before, forcing a high-pitched whine from the blond.

You lick at his lips, rubbing your fingers on his scalp lightly in apology. His mouth opens timidly, and you gently brush his tongue with yours. The hand that was on his jaw drops to his chest, resting on top of the heavy jacket. Luke meets your tongue next time, hesitantly brushing against yours, unsure. You release a small moan, partly to ease Luke’s mind and partly because you’ve waiting so long to kiss him like this, and he does not disappoint. You figured he’d be a little inexperienced and easy to please, coming from a planet such as Tatooine, but you hadn’t anticipated he’d be like this. He responds to everything you do, shifting his breathing, letting out the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever heard. You clench your thighs together again, feeling the weight and warmth settling between them.

Luke responds to your moan by brushing his tongue up against yours again, a bit more confident this time. The two of you continue your dance, almost lazily, despite Luke’s hints to speed up. You shift in your seat, fully turning your body to face Luke and throwing one leg over his lap. You rest mid thigh, pulling from his lips. Luke grips your thighs in protest until your lips find his pulse point. His grip on your thighs return a little harder and you feel him shifting beneath you. Your fingers find the zipper to his jacket and slowly pull it down, pushing the clothing off his body.

Your lips travel farther down his neck, teeth scraping and sucking, biting gently and licking. Surely there will be marks along his skin tomorrow and the thought sends shivers through your body. Luke’s fingers are rubbing your thighs and you reach down to grab his hands, pulling them up to the zipper on your own jacket. Pulling away from his neck, you stare at him as he takes off your jacket. His eyes wander your body, and your fingers travel under his shirt, dragging your nails down in stomach. You feel the muscles clench beneath your fingertips, and you look down towards them, repeating the action. Luke’s hands move down to your ass and you catch sight of the tent in Luke pants.

Smiling to yourself, you pull yourself all the way up his thighs, core now resting against his bulge. His hands are still resting on your ass when you slowly roll your hips down onto his. Luke’s head falls back against the back of the couch, his Adam’s Apple bobbing as he gulps. Your mouth finds his neck again as you continue to slowly - torturously- move your hips against Luke’s. It doesn’t take long for Luke to start squirming beneath you, whimpers coming from his perfect pink lips, his eyes squeezed shut. His cock twitches in his pants as you tugs on his hair once more, and you moan at the feel of it. You can feel him pressed against you and your heart flutters in anticipation. Every time his cock moves against you, you moan quietly, grinding your soaking core down on the masterpiece below you.

Pulling away from him, your hands move to the waistband of his pants. You can hear Luke’s breath catch and his hips lift as you pull the clothing down his legs. You run your fingers lightly up the inside of his thighs, brushing your fingertips against his cock before you tug his shirt up and over his head, unwrapping him like a gift. You scratch your way down his chest, nails scraping over his nipples, taking pleasure in the racing of his heart. Your hands drop to the band of his underwear and your eyes meet his. Blue eyes blown wide and cheeks so pink it’s sinful. His lips came out of your dirtiest fantasies and what he says has you fighting yourself, tempted to ride him right then and there.

“Please..” Luke whimpers out, rocking his hips into air. He says your name and you’re in love with the way he says it when he desperate for your touch. You’re hand rests on his hardened cock, and you gently move your hand along its length. Luke let’s out a sharp breath, rocking his hips up to meet your hand. Your fingers scrape the tip of his member, feeling the wetness that has formed on his underwear. You grip him through the cloth, slowly but firmly moving along his dick. He whimpers loudly when you give his cock a sudden, hard squeeze, but go back to the painfully slow pace you’d set before.

Thanks to the feel of his cock in your hands and the noises Luke makes, you soon find yourself rocking back and forth on Luke’s thigh, desperate for friction yourself. You’re so wet now and wish you could just fuck him (God, you needed it), but you wanted to make him cum like this. Luke shifts his leg beneath you and suddenly it bounces you up, sending sharp pleasure through you. You moan Luke’s name, gripping his cock tightly, rolling your core down on his leg, feeling the pleasure spike through you.

You draw your attention back to Luke loosening your grip on him and gently stroking him. He whines your name and continues thrusts up into your hand. You pause the movement, looking into his eyes.

“Please. It feels so good when you do it.” Luke closes his eyes and lets out a cry when you squeeze him. “I need to.. It hurts, please let me..” You give him a questioning look despite knowing exactly what he means. “Please let me cum.” His voice is small and somewhat ashamed. You grind his thigh again automatically, releasing his dick. He cries but is silenced when your thumb brushes over his slit. You’d reached your hand inside his underwear, pulling out his cock. You pumped him firmly, squirming on his thigh. Luke bounces his leg again - on purpose or by accident, you don’t know - and you moan, squeezing your eyes shut. Quickly, you stand, pulling off the pants you wore along with your panties and sit yourself back where you were. Luke lets out a breath when you grind your naked core against the skin on his thigh, raising his hips up again, whimpering lowly.

“Luke, it feels so good when you do that.” You see the effect your words have on him, his cock twitching as his bounces his leg again. You grip him hard and pump his cock, kissing him slowly to swallow his cries. Your hips never stop moving against Luke’s leg and soon, you hear Luke’s breath start to stutter. Pulling back from the passionate kiss, you stare into his desperate eyes.

“Cum, baby.” Luke’s eyes are locked in yours as his pink lips part and cum spurts in streaks along his stomach. He’s thrusting into your hand, and you rub your thumb along his head until he whines and cries out for you to pull your hand away. You gently run your fingers through his cum, raising your fingers to his lips. He looks down, embarrassed, but takes your fingers into his mouth. You let out a whine at the feeling of his tongue against your fingers and pull them from his lips.

Situating yourself so you are straddling his lap once again, you take the fingers from Luke’s mouth and plunge them into yourself, crying out at the feeling. 'Finally, finally.’ Luke watches you, breathing heavy and his eyes flick up to yours.

“I want to touch you.” Your eyes widen at his bold statement and you take his hand, guiding it to your clit. Taking his thumb, you show him what you like and soon, you’re the one squirming. Eyes closed, you feel Luke’s other hand pull your fingers from your body. Curious, you open your eyes, being greeted by his mischievous smile and his fingers entering your body. His fingers are longer than yours and you rock your hips, whining at the feel of them. He pauses, unsure and you take him by the wrist, showing him. Luke gets more confident as you rock your hips on his hand more desperately and lay your head against his shoulder. You feel the heat in your stomach, anticipation building.

“Luke, please, make me cum.” Luke shifts his fingers inside you and you cry out. The wave comes crashing down over you as you repeat his name, over and over again, gripping his wrist. As your movements slow, he pulls his fingers from you and you pull them to your mouth, sucking on them much like he had to yours.

Blue eyes were locked on your lips, mesmerized by your tongue on his fingers. Pulling his fingers from your lips with a pop, you kiss him instead. Slow and loving, your tongues dance together in a way that shows that Luke has been learning. You two stay that way for a while, until you pull away, placing your forehead against his. You pull him down with you until you’re both laying back on the couch.

“You’re amazing.” You whisper to him. Luke smiles shyly and blushes slightly, thankful for your praise.

“I think you won.” He meets your eyes after a moment. “We should do this again.” You grin, kiss the tip of his nose and lay your head on his chest. You fall asleep listening to the pounding of Luke’s heart and the promise of more sinful sounds passing your lover’s lips the next time he decides to challenge you.


Brain: Shady Tevinter guy, !!evil magister alert!!
Fael: he cute tho
Brain: creators above 

am I the only one who thinks that the British male VA delivered the “who are you” line with a slightly dreamy tone?

Tag Team - Void Stiles

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader

Kinda short, not sure if I like it but 🤷‍♀️

Originally posted by teenwolfmazerunnerunited

You knew that Stiles was void. You told Scott but no one knew what that meant, therefore no one listened to you. You’d had a crush on Stiles since elementary school, and you were very close, so when he first changed it was terrifying. The Nogitsune had taken a liking to you and came out when the two of you were alone. He was supposed to come over soon and you were beyond excited to see him. You want to impress both Stiles and the Nogitsune so you’d dressed up.

The knocking at the door made your stomach flutter. “Come in!”

Stiles walked in, a goofy grin plastered on his face. “You look nice.”

“Thanks.” You pat the spot beside you on the couch. “Come sit.”

He sits beside you, putting his arm on the back of the couch.

“How are you?” You ask him.

“I’m good. I haven’t had anymore dreams.” He sits back before getting up. “I’m going to run to the bathroom, okay?”

You nod as he gets up.

When he leaves you turn the TV on, pulling a leg to your chest. You get caught up in whatever reality show was on when you hear voice.

“There she is. There’s my pretty little flower.” Void.

You look over your shoulder, the darker version of your best friend smirking.

“You look beautiful, you know.” He walks over to you and sits down.

You shrug, throwing him a sly smile. “Thank you.”

“You know, Stiles doesn’t appreciate you as much as I do. I think that should be noted.” He wraps an arm around you.

“Stiles appreciates me.” You defend your friend. “He’s just not attracted to me.”

He scoffs. “He’s attracted to you. Trust me. I can feel and hear all of his thoughts…” He puts a finger in the air. “Ah! See right there he told me I better not lay a finger on you.”

“Why are you with me? Don’t you have like some evil little secret agenda?” You look up at him.

“I do, actually. But if I told you what it was it wouldn’t be a secret anymore, would it?”

“Fair enough. Why do you only come out around me though?”

“You know what I feed off of. The amount of chaos in this boy’s head when I’m with you is enough to keep me going for the next century. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re pretty.”

“Ha. Thanks.” You looked up at him, the two of you millimeters apart.

He leaned in first, the kiss desperate. He pushed you back against the couch, his body hovering over yours. You kissed him hard, your brain sending off five hundred different alarms saying that this was very very wrong.

That was the last thing you remembered. Now, all you can see is complete darkness. You felt as though someone had turned the lights out.

Suddenly the lights were on. You were on the couch with Stiles. You felt yourself sit up, but it felt off. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out.

“She’s fighting it.” You heard yourself say.

“Let her. The boy’s fighting it too.”

You saw Stiles speak.

“I’ve missed you so much.” You felt yourself lean in and kiss him. You weren’t doing this. Why couldn’t you scream for help?

“How well can you pull off the boy?” You asked. You had no clue what was happening.

“How well do you think I can, dumbass?” Stiles smirks.

“Good. Call Scott McCall. Get him over here.”

“I love your thinking.” He kisses you again.

“We’re Nogitsunes, baby. This is what we do.” You were void too. He used you.

It all went black again. When you came to you were with Stiles again. “Y/N?”"Stiles?“ You start to stand but your chained to something behind you.

"Are you okay? I saw what happened.”

“I’m fine.” You pull at the chains. “Where are we?”

“I’m not sure. I hear dripping…hey..I heard what you said, about me not being attracted to you.”

“Fantastic.” You sigh.

“I am. I mean, it’s definitely not the right time, but I am attracted to you…a lot actually.”

“Really?” Your wrists are rubbed raw. “I mean, I kinda kissed you. It was really you but-”

“Yeah. I know. You’re a good kisser though.”

You chuckle. “Thanks, Stilinski.”

“Were we both void?” Stiles asks.

“Yeah. We were a couple. A hot and mysterious couple.”

He laughs. “I’m going to need some backstory.”


6.24.17 // 4:00pm // pentel sign brush pens

so these are my first brush pens ever and i am obsessed. i really like the size of the tips and they’re not too soft so they’re good for beginners (aka me). i’ve never really done brush lettering before, but i thought i would combine pen swatching and handwriting posts to give you this! not perfect, but i do like how it turned out :) xoxo, m

ps. i got these at target ($19.99 for 12). you can go online and see if they’re available in a store near you if you’d like to pick them up. i, for one, definitely recommend :D

pps. also they don’t bleed (but do ghost) even on super thin + cheap composition notebook paper! i was beyond impressed ;)

Peter Parker #1

A/N: Questions from the “Send in a Name


Part 2

Originally posted by adorkablesp1der

  • What were your first impressions of each other?

Your first impression of him was that he was a jerk in all honesty. You saw him listening to music with his skateboard tucked in his backpack and his hands shoved inside his pockets just making his way through school. He wouldn’t talk to anyone and quite frankly it looked like he was ignoring people and just shoving them out of the way without apologizing. You would catch him side glancing at you and you weren’t comfortable under his gaze, thinking that he was judging you. Maybe it was just you being paranoid considering it was only halfway through your first day of school, but you were still careful around him. Almost everyone here showed you a smile but not him. It was almost weird how many classes you had together so far and with only the first half of the day. You had your first two classes with him. You found it strange that someone who rubs you off as ignorant can be extremely smart considering he was in your AP classes.

Peter always kept his head down while walking the hallways, he tried to be as invisible as possible in order not to get bullied. He played his music so he wouldn’t have to hear all the rude comments that his peers made and said to him as he passed by. Most of the school jocks made sure to run into him with a hard shove. Peter would ignore it and keep walking. He carried his skateboard around because it was his way of getting home. He didn’t have the money to buy a car. He spent his money on new things for his camera. Nevertheless, skating took his mind off of things for a while. It wasn’t until his eyes landed on you in his first class that his breathing became short. His heartbeat picked up and his palms got sweaty. He hadn’t felt this way since the spider bit him. He stopped looking at you when he saw your head turn, not wanting you to notice that he was staring. He sat in the back of the lesson this time, staring at you and trying to read you. He couldn’t tell what kind of person you were right off the bat and it was bothering him that he didn’t know. Usually he can read people rather quickly but you were different.

  • How did you two meet?

You both have the same Algebra class. Peter saw you the first day of school sitting in the front all alone. He hasn’t met anyone that liked sitting in the front as well as him. Everyone sat in the back not paying attention and just talking amongst themselves. He had seen you in the halls and always took a second glance when he saw you but tried not to make it obvious that he was staring, in case anyone saw him. He adjusted his backpack on his shoulder before making his way over to the seat next to you. He slid in, keeping his head down and waiting for the class to start. You looked over at him and smiled, stretching your hand out.

“I’m Y/N.” You would look at him, waiting for him to introduce himself. He looked at your hand and fumbled for his words.

“P-Peter. I’m Peter Parker. Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He said, not realizing how red he was or how much he loved saying your name and the sound of it. All of your judgements that you made earlier in the day had disappeared, just thinking that he was a shy guy. You gave him another smile before turning back to face the front, getting ready to take notes in math.

Even though Peter had managed to talk to you it was still hard to determine what kind of person you were and what clique you would join after realizing how lame he was. He wasn’t looking forward to the moment he knew so well, but he at least wanted to know if you would go with the athletes or a beauty clique or the arts group but he couldn’t tell what you liked, not yet at least.

  • How did you guys find out that you liked each other? How long did it take for this to happen?

A few months into the school year and you had already developed a crush on Peter. You started to fall for the adorable dorky teen. After talking to him in Algebra you went and sat in the library for lunch, just studying for things that were taught that morning. You would sit down and and quietly eat your lunch. You didn’t mind sitting here in the library it was peaceful. The cafeteria was always dirty and super loud and you weren’t exactly sure where to sit considering that everyone had their own group of friends and the only person that you have actually had the gut to talk to was Peter. You never saw him anywhere during lunch it was like he disappeared during lunch and came back for Algebra. It only took the small time that you got to talk to him during your shared classes to fall for him. He wasn’t like the other guys you have met. Your mind began to wander and think about Peter instead of going over your math notes. You sighed, closing your book and grabbing your phone sending a text to your Uncle telling him that you are going to stop by his house after lunch. You continued to flip through your notes mindlessly, your thoughts still thinking about the smart charming boy. You heard the bell ring and grabbed your things, getting ready to drive over to Uncle Tony’s apartment. You weren’t a big fan of skipping afternoon classes but you also needed to talk to Tony  about the boy. You didn’t know how to tell him that you had a crush on him, afraid that it might hurt your friendship and you most definitely didn’t want to lose him as a friend. Besides, you were ahead in those classes and you hadn’t seen Uncle Tony in the longest time. You pulled into the driveway and made your way into his tower. You pressed the button that went to his apartment. Once you arrived you saw Pepper finishing up her lunch in the kitchen. You greeted her and continued to look for your Uncle. You turned some corners and ran face first knocking your forehead on someone else’s. You groaned and reached your hand up to rub your temple, where you had knocked it against the other person’s temple. You looked up and saw Peter standing there holding his head too.

“I’m so sorry.” He said, not looking up and still rubbing his forehead.

“Peter?” You asked, shocked to see him here of all places.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” He asked nervously. He nodded his head, motioning you to follow him.

“I’m- uh..I need to talk to my Uncle.” You replied, walking behind him, following him into the kitchen. He grabbed an ice pack and pressed it gently on your forehead. You replaced his hand and held it there, letting it numb the pain a little. Your heart fluttered at the sweet gesture.

“Your Uncle?” Peter asked confused and as if on cue, your Uncle Tony walked into the kitchen, greeting Pepper (who you had forgotten was there for a brief second) with a kiss and turned to the both of you. His mouth fell open and his eyes grew wide. He gasped and let out a laugh.

“I didn’t know you were talking about Y/N! I mean if you  would have given a name I would have worked my magic earlier!” You gave Peter-whose face was turning bright red- a confused look before turning back to your Uncle Tony, waiting for him to explain.

“I mean, Peter if you told me that your crush was Y/N-”

“Mr. Stark!” Peter exclaimed. You felt your cheeks burn and your lips tug into a smile. Your Uncle looked between the two of you and figured out the whole situation.

“Oops.” He said.

“If it makes you feel any better,” you started, turning to Peter who was looking down at his feet, embarrassed.

“I like you too.”

  • Who asked who out?

Peter asked you out first. A few days after finding out that you lied eachother Peter had gone over to your house with a bouquet of flowers. He hid his face, trying to hide his blush when you opened the door. You lowered the flowers and saw Peter smiling shyly at you. You smiled back and took the flowers from him, smelling them. You thanked him and hugged him, hearing him whisper in your ear,

“A flower for my flower.” He mumbled. You pulled back and looked at him, your smile growing wider.

“What?” You asked, wanting to hear the words again.

“I, uh…got you some flowers because I know you like them.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“And uh..I was hoping that you would go out on a date with me..” He muttered the last part, avoiding eye contact.

  • What was your first date like?

Peter borrowed one of Tony’s cars, in hopes of impressing you. Peter had gone to your Uncle in hopes of some advice on how to impress you. You weren’t the type to be impressed by money. Tony knew you liked gentlemen and he made sure that Peter knew that, pulling out one of his old tuxes and setting up a reservation at a nice restaurant. Peter was beyond nervous.

“Money doesn’t impress her, but she loves gentlemen, especially if they are kind hearted and smart. You have a good heart Peter, the girl already agreed to a date, stop being so nervous.” Tony scolded as he finished tying Peter’s tie.

“I know Mr. Stark. I just, I don’t know she’s an amazing girl all I want is to be good enough for her.”

“You will be fine Peter. Just be yourself.” Tony assured, handing him keys to one of his cars.

“Mr. Stark, I just wanted to thank you for letting me borrow this car and for the restaurant reservations and-”

“And Parker,” Tony cut in before the boy could continue his rant.

“Yes Mr. Stark?”

“Never keep a girl waiting.”

Your first date with him was amazing. Peter may of been a bit of a nervous wreck and spilled water on the table but he was a complete gentlemen. After the dinner at the restaurant he walked you out in the nice and surprisingly quiet part of town, you two stopped and shared an ice cream. When it got cold he would give you his (well Tony’s old) blazer. You protested, saying that he would be cold but he ignored it, making sure that you would be warm and comfortable. At the end of the night he took you home right on curfew and kissed your hand. He held your hand and asked you to be his girlfriend in a hurried breath. When you said yes, before you could say anything or do anything your parents opened the door. He made sure that you got in the house safely before leaving himself, but not before fist pumping in the air, joy flowing out of him for having a successful night-besides the water mess he made.

  • What was your first kiss like?

After your first date, Peter made sure to call you, and said that he was going to be over in ten minutes to pick you up and go to a park for a little while. You agreed and went and got ready. He picked you up, being the gentleman and opening the car doors for you and guiding you through busy streets with his hand on your lower back to guide you. You were walking through the park, talking about everything and nothing. You shared embarrassing stories that you have witnessed and experienced himself. The day went by quickly and he was driving you home before you knew it. You were parked outside your house and before Peter could get out you stopped him, holding his arm, preventing him from leaving the car just yet. He turned his attention back to you, sitting back down and closing the door.

“Is everything okay?” He asked, looking at you, worried. You sighed, the butterflies in your stomach preventing you from doing something that you have waited to do for quite a while. You looked over at him and nodded, his caramel brown eyes lighting up when he smiled. You took a deep breath and planted a kiss on his cheek. You pulled away and smiled at Peter, who was in awe. He let out a nervous chuckle before saying,

“You missed.” You looked up at him confused. You were about to ask what he meant until you felt his lips on yours.

  • Who said “I love you” first?

It would be a few months after you started dating when Peter said it without realising it. You two were in school in the library working out a physics problem that had the both of you stumped. Sheets upon sheets of paper with notes surrounded the two of you at the table. You were going over the notes for what seemed to be the fifteenth hundred time. You were about to move on to the next set of notes until some scribbles on the side of the paper caught your eye. It was another equation, the equation to solve the problem! Your eyes widened and started to work the problem out with the right equation. Peter looked at you, watching what you were writing and doing it on his paper as well. You finished the paper, coming to the correct conclusion. You let out a sigh, setting your pencil down on the table.

“You did it. You’re brilliant. A true genius.” Peter let out a laugh as he kissed your temple.

“Thanks Pete but not really. I mean most of these are your notes anyways, you wrote it down you just didn’t realize you had the answer.” You smiled, looking up at him. He smiled back at you.

“But I do realise that I have the best girlfriend in the world.” Your eyes widened and you started to blush madly from his comment. You looked down and smiled, not wanting him to see how red you were. Peter was such a romantic sometimes that it surprised you how such a shy sweet dork can come up with these things.

“Next problem.” You said, trying to divert his attention back to the homework from your still reddening face. You looked up and smiled sweetly at him. His brown eyes bored into yours as a smile grew on his face as well.

“God, I just love you.” He said, turning his attention back to the physics book before he can process what just came out of his lips. You froze, your heart picking up speed once you understood what he had mumbled. You stared at him, unable to process anything, too happy for words or motions.

“I love you too.” You whispered, causing him to look up. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. His mouth fell agape. He started to mutter out incoherent words, his smile growing. He startled rambling out embarrassed that he didn’t realise what he said that you had to shut him up with a kiss, something that you did quite often (and didn’t have any problem doing.)

  • Who asked who to move in with them?

After both of you went to the college of your dreams (same college), around your junior year, Peter had asked you to move in with him. He had taken you to lunch after your classes, walking off campus to go to a restaurant.

“So I have been thinking, we have been dating for a while now..” Peter trailed off, after sitting down with you at the restaurant. You looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“And I was hoping that maybe, if you want, you don’t have to obviously, I was just thinking, that maybe-”

“Peter, your rambling. You shouldn’t feel nervous around me, I am here for you.” You reassured, rubbing the back of his hand with your thumb.

“Will you move in with me?” He asked rather quickly that it took you a minute to think and comprehend what he said. Peter took your hand in yours, squeezing it gently, silently asking you to answer the question. You nodded quickly, causing him to let out a relieved sigh.

  • What are some quirks that you love about each other?

You absolutely love how brilliant Peter is. He is extremely creative when he builds his computers and calculators and it never fails to leave you in awe at how intelligent and brilliant he is. Peter is constantly coming up with new things and ideas and it never ceases to amaze you. Another thing you love is that he isn’t cocky or self absorbed or egotistical. He knows he’s smart but doesn’t brag about it. He’s humble and that’s something you absolutely love about him.

Peter would say that he loves everything about you but if he had to choose something that he truly loves about you would be that he loves your determination and ambition. Whenever you are starting a new project in your shared apartment or even doing a homework problem that is frustrating you, you don’t give up. It makes him feel a little better and more secure that you would stay with him and not give up on him.

  • What are some things that you would change about each other (if any)?

Peter would change how worried you get when he comes home with unexplained bruises and cuts. He hates when you are worried and stressed over him and it hurts that he keeps in you in the dark about what he does. He would also change the fact that you get up before him, but only because he wants to make breakfast for him but because he wants to see your beautiful face at peace, undisturbed and wants to shower it with kisses, kissing all the nightmares and bad thoughts away.

You would change how careless he is with himself. It hurts you to see him come home late nights and all wounded. He is such a caring person but he is caring towards others but rarely cares for himself. It worries you that he doesn’t take care of himself, but that’s why you are there.

  • Who apologizes after a fight?

In the rare cases that you two fought, you would always apologize. Peter always apologized, even when it wasn’t his fault, he still did it in fears that you would leave him. You mostly fought over his unexplained wounds or why he comes back so late at night. You were just scared for his safety and when you calmed down and realise that you may have overreacted a bit, you go to your shared room, cuddle up to his side and apologize. Peter would hold you closely, kissing the top of your head and whispering to you that it was okay and not to worry. He would hold you closely, keeping you pressed against him, close to his heart.  He likes to hold you until you fall asleep. It was the only time that he would be able to see you at such peace. He would kiss your temple and try to find some sleep himself.

  • What does the other do when one of you are sick?

Peter is constantly tending to your needs. You would cough once and he would be there next to you with some cough drops. If you sneezed he would hand you tissues and hug you close to make sure that you are warm and stayed warm. When you would be bed ridden he would cuddle into you, even if you told him to get away in order to not get sick. He use Aunt May’s old soup recipes and make them for you. He would go to the store and buy your favorite treats and would give them to you after you took your disgusting medicine. He would stay by your side until he was convinces that you were 100% healthy again.

Peter never got sick. You were surprised by how good and strong his immune system was. Even when the flu season came along the times that he hadn’t taken the flu shot (much to your dismay) he still didn’t get it. So the only times you were able to take care of him was patching him up.  

  • Who worries constantly about the other?

You are constantly worrying about him. Especially when he comes home from fights and bullies (at least that’s what he tells you).

Peter worries that you will leave him. Whenever you are talking about your celebrity crushes or to another guy (strictly as friends) he worries that they might be better for you.

  • Any PDA?

Neither of you are a big fan of PDA mainly because the attention that it comes with. However whenever you guys are in public, Peter likes to hold your hand or have his hand on your lower back so he know that you are safe in his arms. It puts him at ease to know that you are close to him and that while you are close to him he will not let anything happen to you. He is at the point where he literally will lay down his life for you. You knew it too, considering that he told you one night while cuddling in bed.

It was a Friday night, and you two were watching Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. You were cuddled into Peter’s side. You were wearing his sweater and some spandex underneath. You were waiting for the laundry to be done and Peter had come by and asked if you wanted to watch Star Wars. It was about halfway in the movie where Luke was shooting at Storm Troopers Peter mumbled out,

“I would take a bullet for you. Without hesitation.”

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon?

You are the small spoon. Peter is a tall boy and it’s hard for you to be the big spoon. He loves having you close to his heart anyways because he claims that you are the one that’s keeping it beating. On the rare occasion that you are the big spoon it would only be because he was having a bad day and needed to be cuddled.

  • What does the other do when one of you are upset?

Peter goes to the store and buys your favorite ice cream, brings it home, and cuddles you on the couch, kissing your temple and asking if you wanted to talk about it. He always offered a listening ear and great advice. Other times he would prepare a bath for you and order pizza when you were done. Either way when you are upset you will get showered with kisses and hugs.

When Peter is upset you always cook him a homemade meal, his favorite (besides pizza). You would cook it up and eat with him. It would cheer him up slightly. Another thing you would do is call your Uncle Tony and ask if you and Peter could go over for a little and have Peter build whatever he wanted to. Other times you would give him a massage and listen to his problems or binge watch Netflix together, you occasionally kissing him (which he would always ask for one more).

  • Favorite Netflix show to watch together?

Definitely the Office or Parks and Rec. The family-like relationship in both shows resemble how you, Peter, and the avengers were. Even though none of you were related you still treated each other like family.

  • Who falls asleep first while watching the movie/tv show?

Peter does because the poor kid is always tired living the double life.

  • Favorite food to eat while on the couch together?

Pizza or ice cream.

  • Do you feed each other food?

It’s not really feeding each other food it’s more like sharing whatever you are eating. If you are coming home a little late and see Peter eating chinese take out on the couch you would go over and he would feed you some or you would grab a fork and help him finish the food off. Peter would eat boxes upon boxes so he didn’t mind sharing (even if he was so so hungry and there was little food left he would be more than happy to share with the girl he loves so dearly).

  • Who cooks?

Both. Peter helps by cutting the ingredients while you actually cook them. Peter has tried making meals for you during Valentine’s day but he fails miserably.

  • Who is the romantic in the relationship?

Peter is. He absolutely loves to set up candlelit dinners (which Aunt May would help him with whether it be in person or through Skype when she can’t come over). He loves making you baths and giving you gifts whether be ones he made or bought. He loves spoiling you.

  • Do you like to surprise each other often?

Yes. Peter loves surprised you with small gifts or taking you to the movies or even getting some superheroes to meet you. You love getting him new things for him to be able to build. You even had the garage turned into his own lab (with the help of your uncle of course). You would love to surprise him with breakfast in bed and even spend time with him building things (which are combining two of his favorite things, you and building things).  

  • Are there any secrets that you kept from each other?

Peter has kept the fact that he is Spider-Man from you. He told you that he knew your Uncle because of an internship. You had a hard time believing him but did anyways, knowing that he wouldn’t lie to you.

  • How did the other handle it when they found out?

You didn’t find out the way he wanted to. It was a night where you were walking home from a late night shift and Peter wasn’t answering his phone. You shrugged it off, thinking he was probably sleeping (it never bothered you walking home alone because you had pepper spray on you and Natasha taught you how to defend yourself). Tonight was different. You were caught off guard when your hear a gun click behind you. You froze, getting ready to get your pepper spray out.

“Move and I pull the trigger.” The man spoke lowly. You raised your hands up in defense. You heard grunting behind you, thuds and grunts coming from behind. You turned around slowly, confused as to what was going on. Your eyes widened as you saw Spider-Man knock out what you assumed to be the guy who held you at gunpoint seconds ago. He stood up at his full height before turning around. He started walking towards you, gaining speed with each step. You were a little intimidated by him. He ripped his mask off and before you could process that it was Peter, he was kissing you. One of his gloved hands held your head by the nape of your neck while the other wrapped around your waist, pressing you to him. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around him. When you pulled back to breathe, Peter moved his lips, continuing to kiss his way down to your neck.

“Peter-” You let out a breath when he kissed your sweet spot.

“I thought I was going to lose you.” He mumbled, hugging you a little closer and re-connecting his lips with yours.

  • Any favorite memories or stories?

Peter’s favorite memory was the night you called him in the middle of the night just because you wanted to hear his voice. You were away in London with your family over spring break and because of the time difference it was hard to talk. Peter thought about calling you but it was either too late (and he didn’t want to wake you up) or in the middle of the day (he would be worried that you were laughing with someone better than him) (he trusted you with everything, just not so much other people) and didn’t want to interrupt your daily plans. You on the other hand wanted Peter to call. So you stayed up late one night and called him when it was around lunch time over there. Peter was so relieved to hear your voice and he never felt happier thinking that you stayed up for him just to talk. You never ceased to amaze him.

  • Who curses when they stub their toe on the side of furniture?

Peter does. When it’s late at night and you are already sleeping on the couch (you try waiting for him) (and he loves it) he turns off all the lights so it won’t bother you, picks you up from the couch and takes you to bed. Sure, he has great abilities and all but his spidey senses don’t tingle when furniture is in the way. He would run into furniture, whether it be the side of your bed or door frames. He was just thankful you weren’t suffering the pain he was.

  • Who curses when they get hurt in general?

You would. Especially if it’s something small like a paper cut or hitting your funny bone. You don’t curse when you break an arm or leg. Peter finds this amusing.

  • Are there any late night strolls?

Only if you are with Peter. He will absolutely not let you go out at night alone, especially not after what happened the night you got held at gunpoint.

  • Who helps who with work/homework?

You two help each other. With homework you would help Peter solve chemistry problems and biology problems when he can’t figure them out and he would help you with physics and maths. When it came to work you always kept him company while he built things and he would listen to your work gossip and problems when you needed it.

  • How do you help each other when the other is dealing with stress?

If neither of you want to talk about it it’s cuddles, movies, take out dinner, and ice cream. Otherwise you would give massages and listen to the problems or whatever either of you have to say.  

  • Who is the early bird?

You are. Peter tries to be but living the double life really tires him out.

  • Who makes breakfast?

You do because you wake up earlier than him. He feels bad because he wants to treat you to breakfast in bed one day so he would stay up all night and make it super early so when you wake up around 7, it would already be made. After breakfast you would order him to get sleep because it was stupid (yet sweet) of him to pull an all nighter just to be able to make you breakfast.

  • What do you talk about late at night?

Problems, things that are bothering either of you, dreams, hopes, fears, and goals.

  • What do you talk about when you stay in bed all day?

You play rock paper scissors to see who will get up to get food. Either that or your take turns (Peter would get breakfast, you would get lunch, he would get dinner or vise versa).

  • Who proposed to who? How was the proposal planned? Where was it?    How did it happen?

Peter proposed. He asked all your friends and some family to see what you wanted as a little girl or what you dreamed it would be. He put weeks upon weeks into planning it, wanting it to be perfect and even bought a beautiful ring with the help of your mom. It was in Disney.

Peter took you on a car ride that ended up being a road trip to your favorite place in the planet. When  you were told, you almost started crying, you asked him to pull over for a little and he grew a little worried but all you did was wanted to kiss him. When you arrived it was empty and for a second you thought it was closed.

“I had the park closed for us.” Peter said, grabbing your hand and leading you inside. You were greeted with characters, friends and family and it was like the surprises never stopped. You saw your best friend that you haven’t seen for months and hugged her. The entire day was spent on rides and meeting characters. When the night came you grabbed Peter’s hand and ran from the ride you just got off. He was laughing and held his Mickey Mouse ears (that matched your Minnie Mouse ears) and told you to slow down.

“Hurry up Peter! The firework show is going to start!” He ran beside you as you both stood by the side of the lake, watching the night sky. Mesmerized by the show, Peter made sure you didn’t see him walk behind you and drop down on one knee. You stared at the show and was surprised to see words forming from the fireworks (you didn’t know this was possible).

“It’s forming words!” You said excitedly, talking to Peter who you assumed was next to you. You were distracted by the words reading, “Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” You were awestruck. You felt tears forming in your eyes, you looked over, but Peter wasn’t there. You turned around and saw him on one knee, you gasped.

“Y/N, I love you. Ever since I laid my eyes on you I knew that you were the girl of my dreams. You’re understanding, considerate, sweet, beautiful, perfect..the list goes on. You are all the things that it takes to be a princess. You are the definition or perfect. You made my life seem like a fairy tale and in every fairy tale a prince needs their princess. I know I’m not much, I’m more like a humble servant and all I want to do is fulfill your needs. You make me feel like a prince. Will you please be the Cinderella to my Prince Charming?” Peter bit his lip, a ring in one hand and a princess tiara in the other. You were crying too much to say anything so you just nodded your head frantically. Peter let out a sigh of relief and slipped the ring on your finger, and picked you up and spun you. You giggled and kissed him as he did. He pulled back to put the tiara on you and wiped some tears off your face. He kissed you one last time before your heard sniffled around you. You pulled away and saw family and friends with their cameras out, all crying happily.

“Now we get to live happily ever after.” You looked at Peter smiling. You kissed him once again, too happy to do anything else.