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i’m not a huge fan of his artwork in heroes so

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hey. can u please give me a brief summary about what happened to the BAP? i liked them when they debuted, but i had severe mental illness and i came back recently and im shook. whats going on? thanks for your asnwer!

hi! so they were going pretty strong from debut until late 2014 (having comebacks very frequently, going on tours, having their first 3 music show wins with 1004) until we found out that they had filed a lawsuit against their company, ts entertainment, in november. turns out ts only just paid them for the first time in like 3 years (and that was only ~$16,000 per member in total) while ts made a lot of money. b.a.p was overworked, not given enough time to rest - some of them had developed health issues because of this - and were underpaid. so they filed the lawsuit after zelo turned 18 and were basically on a hiatus until they returned to ts ent on the 1st of august 2015. 

this shocked a lot of fans. during the lawsuit hiatus, ts played pretty dirty, postponing decisions and being really unclear about everything (probably trying to milk b.a.p dry of money for legal assistance). yongguk and zelo especially were quite vocal about their frustration with the company through their tracks ‘am 4:44′ and ‘no title’. so it was surprising that they’d go back to the company: it was said that they had reached an agreement. personally i’m not sure exactly how things are now, but at least we can assume from what we’ve seen so far that they’re being paid better and have a bit more rest time. ts still suck at communicating properly with fans though, and at promoting their groups effectively.

so anyway, b.a.p finally came back with ‘young wild & free’ on the 15th of november 2015 at their ‘matrix’ showcase, promoted that for four weeks, and won twice on music shows. they then promoted ‘be happy’ for an extra week. they then came back again in late february 2016 with ‘feel so good’, and promoted that for a month too and won once, before setting off on a full world tour - ‘loe 2016′. they finished this in august, released ‘that’s my jam’ as a single that wasn’t really promoted. they spent the next couple of months appearing every now and then at multi-group concerts and preparing for their 2nd full album ‘noir’.

before noir was released, ts revealed that leader yongguk wouldn’t take part in the promotions because of his panic disorder, and that he needed time to recover. so though he was in the ‘skydive’ mv released in november, he didn’t promote with the rest of the group on stage. skydive got one win, and then the group wrapped up the year with the end of year performances and went on the japanese tour for ‘fly high’ in january 2017 as 5 members.

now, despite the members expressing their wishes to stay in korea in 2017 to focus on domestic promotions to expand their popularity in korea (as b.a.p has generally been seen as being more popular internationally), ts announced out of the blue that they were going on another world tour. understandably, many fans, both korean and international, weren’t very happy about this - ts still hadn’t said anything about when yongguk was coming back. 

so yeah, that was all a bit messy, but now, b.a.p will be coming back as (most likely) 6 members on the 7th on march with their new single album ‘rose’, before going on a shorter tour (korea, north america and europe). please show them your love and support!!!


Less edited version of these icons

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it’s @ajax-daughter-of-telamon‘s wonderful bez!! she was a blast to draw, a nice change of pace from all the angular dude sameface most of my humanoid chars seem to have~ experimented and learnt quite a bit from this piece, so hopefully i won’t forget it all before my next doodle!!

(i’ve thrown a couple of progress pics beneath the cut b/c i liked the sketch for this piece~)

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there was a point in my life where i would just fall asleep while watching horror movies at night when i was too anxious to sleep. id watch like one missed call, the grudge, silent hill, paranormal activity, and a few others.

only now am i realizing that it was kinda weird for a little kid to feel at peace watching horror movies at night


remember the white dress i wore all through that film? george came up to me the first day of filming, took one look at the dress and said: “you can’t wear a bra under that dress.”

“ok, i’ll bite,” i said. “why?” and he said: “because… there’s no underwear in space.”

he said it with such conviction. like he had been to space and looked around and he didn’t see any bras or panties anywhere.

he explained. “you go into space and you become weightless. then your body expands but your bra doesn’t, so you get strangled by your own underwear.”

i think that this would make for a fantastic obituary. i tell my younger friends that no matter how i go, i want it reported that i drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

rest in peace, carrie fisher (october 21st, 1956 - december 27th, 2016)


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

save dan’s butt 2k17

@danisnotonfire ‘s butt got stuck in a kids ride
and i decided to immortalise it in art >:)
(ft. a great friend @amazingphil )

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Love Square Week Day 6: Kisses

I know I’m late (im still in finals) but i really wanted to do something for this one. The Ladynoir one wasnt working tho xD. Also self indulgent Marichat because i can.