this is becoming quite a theme

I fail to see how further dereliction of duty by quitting and becoming a monk or something would be redemptive for Jaime, but rectifying his mistake of fifteen years ago by getting his ass up and doing his damn job as Lord of Casterly Rock is not. 

Y'all, really: this is his redemption. The moment when he decided to quit moping about things he cannot have - like his sparkling clean reputation and the vast and particular potential of his pre-Kingsguard days - and working with the material of his life *as it is now* is the point of the damn character. 

THIS is how Jaime fits the theme that Varys and Tyrion both emphasize. The world doesn’t want a noble Kingslayer/heir to Tywin any more than it wants a courageous Master of Whisperers or a noble and kind “Imp.” It is useless - worse than useless, *self-indulgent* - for Jaime to sulk about not being regarded the same as Arthur Dayne. Taking his toys and retiring from the world would be further self-indulgence. Is that not what he’s done for fifteen years now? Retired from the world, from making hard choices? 

Jon must be a bastard. Tyrion must be a dwarf. Varys must be a eunuch. And Jaime must be the Kingslayer. He must be the man who defenestrated Bran, who slept with his own sister, whose father architected the Red Wedding. No matter if he means them sincerely, the world will never see him as a man who will uphold vows of honor. But they will believe that man’s *threats*. That is what Jaime Lannister, age 33 - an age incredibly ripe with symbolism for a male character written by an author from the Western cultural tradition - has to work with. And when he chooses finally to give up childhood foolishness and work with it, he begins his real redemption. 

I’ve thought for some time that Jaime’s journey was something of a pre-series Aral Vorkosigan one (and when I reread the Vorkosigan series, I wonder if Aral|Jaime is as intentional as Miles|Tyrion). And as we know the big lesson in life that Aral had to learn:

Reputation is what other people know about you. Honor is what you know about yourself…There is no more hollow feeling than to stand with your honor shattered at your feet while soaring public reputation wraps you in rewards. That’s soul-destroying. The other way around is merely irritating…Guard your honor. Let your reputation fall where it may. And outlive the bastards.”

Jaime’s choices to act honorably must not be dependent upon other people believing he is honorable. That’s the lesson of the siege at Riverrun. If he believes in what he’s doing, if he believes ending the siege quickly without bloodshed is a worthy goal, then it’s a worthy goal whether he comes out of it having improved his reputation or not. And in fact, has he not worsened it? Now there are multiple witnesses to his threat to murder a baby. But Jaime had to learn to accept that. He will be regarded by all but his innermost circle as vile and dishonorable no matter what. He has to get up and go to work every day anyway.

Little change of plans

Since I spent the last days in bed coughing, I had a bit of time to do some research on podcasting, and I found a neat way (at least it seems so) to set up an audio-podcast (like quite some people in the past suggested) without too much of a fuss.
This all will of course not interfere with my video-plans (of bi-monthly short photography related videos on my YouTube channel), but the audio-podcast, which will of course also deal with photography related themes, might become reality much earlier than originally planned.

So far I have already put down some topics to talk about, but of course I’d be more than happy for ideas, suggestions, and hints what you all are interested in. There are no stupid questions or questions that seem too basic or too complicated, okay? Please either comment on this post or send me a message.

Thanks a bunch!

Ok also completely unrelated: I have never seen a Jewish person wear a Hanukkah sweater in my entire life. That just…does not happen. At least in my experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that people headcanon characters as Jewish but it feels like people much prefer to shoehorn the traditions they know about into their drawings to keep with a Christmas theme rather than do a quick google search to see what Hanukkah traditions actually look like. It’s like saying “they’re jewish, so they put a menorah on top of their tree instead of an angel/star.”  Or “oh Jews say that Judah Maccabee comes down your chimney instead of Santa.” It’s just a very blatant (though definitely unintentional) misunderstanding of the culture you’re trying to depict. I guess it isn’t quite as bad as those examples and I’m sure Hanukkah sweaters have become a thing for some people but it’s very decidedly not a Jewish tradition. Just one more thing we’re stuck doing to share in some of the fun that the rest of the western world gets to pretend everyone has.

(But seriously, that’s just a personal pet peeve, I’m not calling anyone out or saying it’s ~problematic~. It’s just a me thing.)

Victuuri Week Day 8 Notice

Hello everyone! We hope everyone is having fun with the week so far! The Week isn’t over yet and the Moderator Team is still looking forward to seeing more of your amazing works!

In regards to the rest of the week, there’s been a change when it comes to the Day 8 (Valentine’s Day) prompt. It has come to our attention that it’s been quite difficult and/or restricting for those trying to create content based solely on series material (eg. graphics, metas, etc) and would like to widen our scope and propose a prompt for the day. This prompt would be Life&Love.

We realize this is a very late change, but we hope this will help inspire more people to become involved with the Week! Of course, you are also free to continue submitting pieces with the theme of Valentine’s Day as the Day theme does still count as a prompt in and of itself.

Also, as a reminder, we will be accepting late submissions for all days for 48 hours after the event has ended. So even if you haven’t submitted something for Day 1 and would like to, you still have time!

We’re not done yet, everyone, so let’s continue Making History!

Later, as the 1970s came to a close and the 80s began to come into view, Talking Heads, fronted by David Byrne (who had Asperger’s Syndrome, and was able to make interesting music which lead to be the foundations of 1980s music style) released Psycho Killer. Continuing on with the theme of Indie music becoming its own genre, with its own stylistic features and its own niche following, Talking Heads produced music which influenced lots of recent indie bands, such as Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, and solo artists like St. Vincent, who likes to be quite artistic and different in the way she composes her music. 

In western culture the story of Icarus does not come up all that often; but when it does I find it is very often used in the context of reminding someone of the consequences of “flying too high”. 

But like so many of our most common phrases the meaning has become confused over time because thats not quite the whole story. Icarus was warned by his father both against flying to high AND to low (sea spray would make the feathers heavy and he would not be able to fly). There are a lot of themes and threads in this story, not to mention many varied interpretations have been made over the years but this part of the story was probably a narrative aimed at illustrating to youth the dangers of being either too ambitious nor to apathetic in their lives.

Or at least that was my Greek Myth Professor’s favorite theory anyway. Me I just love a good story. 

Imagine Sam and Gabriel becoming all fiercely competitive with each other, quite eager to win the “best uncle ever award”, and spoiling Dean’s and Castiel’s daughter to the moon and back with fancy presents and awesome trips to the zoo or theme parks and generally trying to outplay each other, determined to give their little niece the time of her life (and finally make the ultimate win!), and Dean and Castiel watching the whole thing unfold in front of them from the background, smiling amused and wondering when they should tell their brothers that in a few months their family’s going to grow once again and they’ll additionally have another kid to coddle.

(I posted this to twitter, so I figured that I’d post it here too along with the full soundcloud description)

Please excuse the bad phone-recording quality and the very last-minute track cover. I came up with the idea for this song back in December of 2015, and finished it in April of 2016. It took waaaay longer than it should have, haha. This song originally started as a theme song for the character Iris from a webcomic called @neo-kosmos. (Look it up– you won’t regret it!) It eventually evovled from a simple theme song to a song documenting the timeline of Tye and Iris’ relationship, from first meeting to last meeting. Since it’s been quite awhile since I finished this (I am only just posting this now), I feel like the song has become kind of it’s own thing, rather than just a theme for a comic I enjoy. However, I will never forget where it started!! This is dedicated to the awesome creators of Neokosmos, Shelby Cragg and Amber Rogers!! And last but not least… I hope you enjoy what I spent so much time on! I’m really proud of it.


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[1/2] Enstars: B’s-Log July 2016

Released in May 2016. A short story project with the theme of “Class Outing” that commenced from Feb 2016 issue (released Dec 2015).

This month features 3-B students going to the aquarium!

Also more of Mr. Alex, the game planner.

Kanata: Puka, puka…♪ The aquarium is so much fun, there are fish everywhere…

I see dogfish sharks, Japanese armorheads, and Atlantic footballfish…♪

Rei: When it comes to fish, Shinkai-kun becomes very lively, as if he is no longer the same person.

I don’t dislike the aquarium, either♪ This place is quite dark and it shelters me from the scorching sunlight. It’s very comfortable here, I would hate to leave this place…♪

Nazuna: I’m kind of the opposite. It’s not like I’m scared, but I can’t calm down… I can feel something’s gonna pop up from the dark and it worri—

Leo: Wahahahaha, wahahahaha. Wahahahahahaha!☆

Nazuna: What the!? Wh—–wh-wh-wh-what are you doing, Leo-chin! You almeows gave me a hurr addack!

Leo: “Almeows”…? You’re like a cat! …Are you, actually!? Ahaha, you’re funny! I like you, I love you! ☆

By the way, who are you?

Nazuna: Did you forget again!? That’s awful, Leo-chin. I am your classmate, Nazuna Nito. Don’t forget anymore, okay?

Leo: Uuh… Nazu. You’re all right with ‘Nazu’, yeah!?

Nazuna: Not ‘Nazu’, I shaid ‘Nazuna Nito’! Why won’t you wemembel…!?

Kuro: Calm down, Nito. Getting worked up only makes you stutter everywhere.

Nazuna: Kuro-chiiin…. Do you remember my name, Kuro-chin?

Kuro: Well, otherwise I wouldn’t have called you ‘Nito’. Gee, you’re a guy, don’t cry like a baby.

Nazuna: Ahaha, Kuro-chin is so strict… But, I guess it makes me happy that you treat me as a guy. Unlike someone, who treats me like a child…

Wataru: Oh? Did you call? You did, did you not? Then, I shall answer you!

Amazing! Wataru Hibiki is here, yours truly…☆

Nazuna: Wah, don’t take pigeons out at an aquarium! You’re bothering the other visitors!

Kuro: The moment I heard that we were going out with this line up, I expected some kind of a mess, but I didn’t think it would go out of hand this badly.

Well, I don’t hate this lively atmosphere…♪

[edit] Rei calls Kanata “Shinkai-kun” and not “Kanata-kun”, I’m sorry for anyone who’s read it;;

Valkyrie pages (basic info, nothing really new) and Mr. Alex giving tips for  beginner players after the jump.

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But seriously, among all the things related to the Batman history and mythology that the Lego Batman movie parodies, sends up or deconstructs, the one thing I appreciate the most is how it makes one of its central themes to satirize (sometimes really viciously) one aspect of the modern characterization of Batman that I find increasingly irritating as time has passed.

Specifically, the tendency among modern depictions of Batman to exaggerate the “brooding loner” part of his character to the point that he actually becomes quite unlikeable. Too many writers and artists have taken that aspect to such extremes that he essentially becomes the same character of the movie, except played completely seriously instead of for laughs: An emotionally stunted and extremely egotistical man whose life is so dominated by the trauma from his childhood, that he is trapped in a self-destructive loop, as he is completely incapable of forming lasting interpersonal relationships, and deliberately acts like a jerk in order to push away the people who care about him.

I have seen several justifications for this, from the logical (“it’s understandable that he has issues with relationships, given he saw his parents die at a very young age”) to the somewhat narratively defensible (“Batman comes as more heroic when he sacrifices his personal life as Bruce Wayne for the sake of his crusade against crime”) to the completely puerile (“Hey! Frank Miller did it in the Dark Knight Returns and given that we still worship that miniseries we have to ensure it becomes the final point of the Batman mythos, no matter that we are missing the actual point of the Dark Knight Returns in the process").

The problem is that, when taken to the extremes that some creators do, it becomes difficult to root for Batman as a hero, for the reasons that the Lego Batman movie so aptly enunciates: “You might not be a traditional bad guy, but you’re definitely not a good guy”. In that sense, I’m actually glad that his character arc here is about learning to move past that self-destructive phase.

Besides, as this movie itself shows, Batman doesn’t lose any of his coolness when he lightens up once in a while.

titan!Eren AU

Ok so human-form titan!Eren keeps several of his titan-form features like his hair, eyes, and ears, and of those, only his ears give him away his true nature.

When he was a little child those ears were disproportionately big for his size, but eventually he grows into them and they stop looking quite so silly/cute and start looking more regal.

Which is a running theme as Eren matures over the course of several years right in front of Levi’s eyes. It takes him a long time to notice, because his platonic relationship as Eren’s guardian/mentor is so deeply engrained. The little feral child he took in flourishes into an attractive adolescent and then into a very handsome young adult. Everyone else notices this long before Levi does, though what doesn’t escape Levi’s attention is how Eren is quickly becoming a distraction to the young recruits whenever Levi brings him to the field.

It’s annoying as fuck, because those recruits should be focused on Levi and what he’s saying, not gawking away at Eren. Why yes, Levi supposes they are probably fascinated by the famous human-shifting Rogue Titan, but…what’s that, Petra? What do you mean they’re not staring at Eren because he’s a titan?



When Levi does finally notice how well Eren has grown up, it hits him like a freight train.

Impatient [EXO Suho Smut] (Requested)

For another lovely anon who requested a kinky and rough Suho smut. Remind me later that I have a few bottles of Holy Water saved up and that we definitely will be needing it. ((PS. I had a longer version however it was deleted when my computer decided to force quit all of my tabs [sad face] I hope you can still enjoy it though!))

-Admin Youngmi


Warnings: more dominating themes, dirty talk, toys, spanking, orgasm denial, overstimulation, bondage, and slight (another understatement) slut shaming/humiliation

Word Count: 2915

You were alone. It was always like this. Junmyeon was too busy at work, too busy making sure that he was financially stable, and too busy to realize that you were slowly becoming more and more needy. More and more wanting of his touch, his warmth breath that grazed your excitement-induced goosebumps, the way he’d play with you in ways that drove you beyond insanity. And as the stars in the nights illuminated the dark room you were lain in for the rest of the night and presumably alone for the duration of that night, your hands began to make its way down your body.

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Changing my blog

Why hello there, it’s been a while~! 

A lot of you have probably forgotten who I am–I wouldn’t be surprised if you have. The past year I haven’t been very active on Tumblr. In fact, I’d go as far to say that I abandoned it because I stopped writing fanfictions and had nothing else content wise to upload. 

However, this year that’s going to change. I’ll try and be a bit active on here, not as much as I used to be though, as much as I’d like too (Life gets busy you know). With that in mind I want to give my entire blog’s theme and content a whole new look. Basically, I’m going to start afresh. 

Right now this is my main blog and it’s mostly dedicated to fandom-related things. Instead this blog will now become a cosplay blog since I’ve gotten so into cosplay nowadays and want to progress further with it. This means that my content will change quite dramatically. I won’t reblog any manga spoilers, fanfictions, fashion posts, gothic posts, or quotes. I’ll mainly stick to reblogging gifsets, cosplay pictures, videos, fanart, and tutorials,  

And–pre-warning– I’ll be unfollowing a lot of people, purely because I want to sort out my feed. I’m not unfollowing out of spite or any hard feelings towards anyone! If you don’t like what I’m doing– or me in general– feel free to unfollow me as well, I won’t mind.  


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NAME: Please, call me Chessie.


SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

ZODIAC SIGN: I don’t really care for these… but I think a Sagittarius?

TAKEN OR SINGLE: I am taken by a sweet guy. We’re “engaged to be engaged”.


1. I love Psychology! My dream career is to become a Clinical Psychologist.

2. I am a religious Mun, but don’t let this scare you. This means that I don’t curse, I don’t do excessive-NSFW, etc. (Note: Contrary to popular belief, not all of us religious people are awful, judgmental tight-wads. Actually, judging isn’t even something we’re supposed to do. Ironic, isn’t it? So no, I’m not going to turn you away or judge you for your beliefs or sexuality or blah, blah, blah. I love everyone and I love interacting with everyone. Seriously. Seriously.)

3. I am a sucker for cats. I’m a cat mom. My son’s name is Joey. He’s a cat. Which probably explains my choice of muse. Champs is also a cat. But if you have cat pictures, I will so be that weird friend who just, like, goes over albums with you… I love cats.

2. EXPERIENCE HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): Years, but I’ve only been on tumbler for… a couple years, if that.

PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED: Tumbler, Kik, Google Docs

BEST EXPERIENCE: Um….. I grew up RPing and writing stories with two beasties. One of use wrote a friggin’ book based off our OC’s. It was glorious.

3. MUSE PREFERENCES: FEMALE OR MALE: Either or. I’m fine with either! But personally, I find male muses a little more easier to write. Not sure why that is.

MULTI OR SINGLE: Uhm… Either, I suppose.

4. WRITING PREFERENCES FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: Fluff and angst. Always. 24/7. Fluff after angst. Angst after fluff. Pls. Yes.

PLOTS OR MEMES: Either are always welcome, but plotting helps avoid confusion.

LONG OR SHORT REPLIES: It depends on what you write. I can switch from sentences to quotes to full on novella if need be. Don’t feel you need to type an essay for a reply. You don’t!

BEST TIME TO WRITE: Whenever I’m not in service or in class. Really the only problem is homework.

ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S): Nnnnnno, not really. I mean, I’m a bit of an airhead and I LOVE food. But We’re kinda different in the aspect of being uncaring and indifferent to people and using them and whatnot. I’m the ‘mom’ of all my friends. I care. I love you all.

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I’ll stick to the details rather than the larger view of how I feel the series is handling the ideas it’s bringing up. In that light, I think this is really well done. Nobody seems to know more about what’s actually going on than Intensealot. AND THE BLOOM HAS BEEN OFF THAT ROSE FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW

A recurring theme in the show seems to be that sacrifice for others is both thankless and pointless. It’s not appreciated, it’s not rewarded, and at the end of it all, you’ve only yourself to blame. Being only five episodes in, I obviously don’t know how those thoughts will actually bear out, which ideas the narrative will support.

Intensealot herself seems to be acting outside of her own truths. The thing she seems most intent on is preventing Madokusa from becoming a magical girl, which one could argue takes kindness, bravery, AND devotion. So is she contradicting her own message? Or carrying on despite their truths? What do either mean for her character?

Agree or disagree, Intenselot has a point. Giving yourself to others, doing for them, is a risk to yourself. But then to sacrifice something for someone and expect anything in return, doesn’t that pretty much violate the idea of sacrificing in the first place?

If you become a hero expecting a hero’s rewards, how heroic are you really?

Warriors Alternate Timeline - Nightkit and Mistkit

If Tigerstar’s siblings had survived, the series would of been quite a bit darker in theme.

Nightkit grows to idolize her strongest sibling Tigerkit, and follows him around everywhere. She is just so impressed with how strong he is. He finds this annoying, especially when they become apprentices. Thistleclaw however, encourages her and teaches her a lot of his teachings alongside Tigerpaw, making her a very aggressive she-cat.

She is given to Adderflight for training, which doesn’t help her as she grows more and more into a powerhouse like her brother. As an apprentice, she gets a very strange obsession with her brother. Even rivalling Darkstripes affection for the giant tabby. She is determined to make the clan see her brother is the greatest cat in the whole Clan.

Eventually Thistleclaw takes her out on a walk, just the two of them (Adderflight took Tigerpaw hunting.) and he tells her that while Tigerclaw will become a great cat, he’s going to need a she-cat in his life. One who’ll do anything to help him. He explains he’ll need a body guard, a cat who’ll do the things his brother won’t do himself. And she agrees!

She gets her warrior name: Nightfang, as she is a very skilled fighter - but not so great a hunter. As an adult, she is shown to be very angry and jealous when Tigerstar starts to show an interest in Goldenflower. Why her? She didn’t support her brothers every move, she did! She doesn’t react right away, but she sits and bides her time.


Mistkit would of gone down the other path, she grows to respect Bluefur and Whitekit, and enjoys playing with them instead of Tigerkit and Nightkit.

She eventually becomes Speckletails apprentice, and is taught to be a very good hunter, and a strategic fighter. She does become worried with her sisters.. dedication to her brother, and even brings it up with Bluefur. Bluefur becomes troubled by her behaviour too, but when attempting to speak to Nightpaw, Thistleclaw shoulders his way into the argument, and asks her what she knows about siblings, besides killing them? This breaks out into a fight between the two, which Sunstar separates, and tells the pair of them off. So Bluefur and Mistpaw leave it, with more concern building up overtime.

She gets her warrior name, Miststrike. For being able to catch and strike down even the fastest of rabbits.

She eventually becomes mates with Whitestorm, and has his kits: Shellkit and Volekit, who sadly die of kittencough not long after. Due to their grief, they stop being mates after that, but remain good friends.

She does not become aware of Tigerclaw or Nightfang’s dark deeds in the Clan, and lives a fairly uneventful life through the first series. She becomes best friends with Mousefur while mentoring her, out-sassing everyone side-by-side.

She greets Firepaw warmly to the Clan, and helps encourage him and keep him looking positive throughout his life.

She is mortified when she learns her brother and sister are traitors. She has to work twice as hard in her Clan, with everyone - including Bluestar - certain she could be a traitor at any moment. The only cats trusting her completely being Mousefur and Fireheart

She is made deputy in place of Whitestorm, and she in honoured by his decision.



is usually in on her brothers schemes, and backs him into killing Redtail.

She and her brother get their own apprentices: Tigerstar trains Darkstripe, and she trains Longtail.

When Firepaw joins the clan, she is overly nice to him, so he doesn’t suspect her of any evil doings. This works untill Tigerstar attempts to kill Bluefur. In this fight, Whitestorm tried to leap in between Tigerheart Bluestar and Fireheart, and the white tom almost gets him off his aunt, only for Nightfang to leap onto him and break his neck.

When Tigerstar is eventually found out to be a traitor, she is the only one who follows him willingly into Exile. Shocking many. Not even Darkstripe followed him into exile.

They join Shadowclan, and when Tigerstar is made leader, he chooses Blackfoot as his deputy. This enrages Nightfang, and she goes and has a spat with her brother. Thinking fast, he tells Nightfang he didn’t choose her because he has an important job only his favourite sister could do: Raise a cat worthy of becoming his heir.

Excited, she laps up everything he tells her, and she goes off to think about what he’s said. He never said she had to have her own kits. Maybe she could steal Bramblekit and Tawnykit..? As much as she hated Goldenflower for taking her brothers affection from her, Bramblekit looks just like his father, maybe he’ll act like him too? Tawnykit though… Well. What Tigerstar doesn’t know what happens to the spawn of Goldenflower, couldn’t hurt him. Tawnykit would just have to have an accident… With a fox.  She arranges with Darkstripe a way for the two kits to be taken to Shadowclan, only for Fireheart to intervene when he tracks Tigerstar and Nightfang to the border with Darkstripe, Bramblekit, and Tawnykit.

Much to Nightfangs horror, Tigerstar lets them go back to Thunderclan with Fireheart and Darkstripe. Meaning she wouldn’t be able to set up anything with Tawnykit.

Realising her time to produce a healthy heir for her brother might be running out, she panics, and ends up mating with a rogue. A large, battle-scarred tom with a dark brown tabby pelt and glaring amber eyes.

She willingly helps Tigerstar with the dog pack, and even gets him to agree to go in to the camp with Darkstripe and steal his heir Bramblekit back to Shadowclan. However Darkstripe is caught, and Nightfang barely gets away unnoticed by Thunderclan, or the dogs. She lays low until after Firestar goes to receive his nine lives.

When Tigerstar joins forces with Leopardstar to make Tigerclan. Nightfang can clearly see Leopardstar is in love with her brother, and decides to invite her on a border patrol, just the two of them. Once alone patrolling the gorge, she attacks Leopardstar, taking her first life. When she comes to, she wakes to Nightfang trying to throw her over the gorge, Leopardstar breaks free. But reluctantly makes a deal with the crazed black cat - she won’t ever try to mate with Tigerstar. But heads back to the Clan, leaving Nightfang alone with her thoughts.

She ignores Darkstripe however, once he joins Shadowclan. Knowing that Tigerstar loathes him, and wouldn’t look twice in his direction for a mate.

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“Dream of the Red Chamber” theme stations open in Nanjing subway

Frescos depicting scenes in “Dream of the Red Chamber,” a masterpiece of Chinese literature, have attracted crowds in a subway line in East China’s Nanjing City, the capital of Jiangsu Province.

Nine stations in the city’s third subway line that opened on Wednesday have become quite eye-catching as the walls are decorated with colorful paintings of famous scenes from the classic novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”, also known as “The Story of the Stone.”

Written by Cao Xueqin, “Dream of the Red Chamber” is given to the world in the 18th century, which is generally acknowledged as the pinnacle of Chinese fiction and has been classified as one of China’s Four Great Classical Novels.

The novel is remarkable not only for its huge cast of characters (most of them female), but also for its detailed observation of the typical life and social structure of the 18th-century Chinese aristocracy.


8.10.16 Okay so I rotated the top photo but it got smaller?? I don’t know how I would fix it to become regular size. If you know, please fill me in. :) Anyways I really hope y'all enjoy this spread because it is my favorite so far. I went with a gray theme mostly. I took inspiration from @studywithinspo ‘s spread (if you know the one I’m talking about) and with @studyingroses blessing (basically) I’ve been using the font she uses basically everywhere. :P Featured is a Mary Poppins ticket and Lucky Romance. Okay I’ll quit rambling. Does anyone actually read this? >.<