this is becoming one of my favorites

I was introduced to Over The Garden Wall in 2015 by Jin, and I loved it. It’s become one of my favorite cartoons.

Never did I imagine that years later, I’d be doing a cover for the official comic by BOOM! Studios. It will be released this September. The solicitation may be found here:

This time around, my art is going to be on the main cover! And it feels surreal that the creator, Patrick McHale, saw my work. As a fan of the show, I’m very honored to have been given this chance.

I hope you guys like it <3

AOT/SNK Squad at a Party


The party was his idea. He would be the one walking around with a red cup in his hand making sure no one breaks his mom’s favorite vases. lmao tell my why he’d become the mom of the party tho. Lots of “Hey! Don’t touch that!” And “Get down from there!”


OKAy. He would have all the hoes on his dick (and i would be one of them shamelessly). He seems to be the only one to be handling the liquor well. 


He’s the handsome quiet one standing in the corner with drink in hand. Contently watching the others dance and such. Reiner would have to drag him to the dance floor and pair him up with a pretty girl (you) to dance with. He has the time of his life.


Total life of the party. She would dance with everyone but Jean would get onto her when she starts eating all the party food. She can’t handle her liquor well which leads to her getting up on a countertop and dance. Another reason why Jean has a headache.


Always on the dance floor getting turnt. He’s probably the one that dances the most. He would ask girls to dance with him and they all say yes because of his boyish charm.


Eren is the type of party goer that’s super chill about everything. He sits back and watches the crowd while enjoying the little buzz he’s got going on. He’s the type of guy to find a pretty girl and dance with only her the rest of the night. She’s one lucky bitch, right?


At first, Armin was like no fuck that I’m not going but then Eren and Mikasa pursuaded him to go. Armin would totally be the one to read a book in the middle of a party. Someone gave him a drink and he finally let loose a little bit. He’s a surprisingly good dancer.


Total babe. She would handle her drinks pretty well. She dances but only with a certain few people. One being Sasha and the other two being Eren and Armin.




 Watching over Krista most of the time. Many guys ask her to dance but she turns them all down. She’s the cool girl.


He won’t drink. If Jean is the mom, Marco is the dad. Telling Jean to chill out most of the time. A group of girls drag him to the dance floor and Marco is shook because of how they’re dancing on him. But he ain’t complaining.


Has a resting bitch face the whole time but she’s actually really enjoying herself. Guys are too scared to approach her.

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is it true that kishi said : even i can't believe how beautiful sakura has become (or something like that)

I gave Sakura, unlike Hinata, a more slender design, a pretty Onee-san. She has a long, slender neck, and as for her hair..


Yep sakura being a beaty has always been 100 % canon <3


Can we take a moment to appreciate Kirishima and Bakugou?

In the manga, Kirishima is having doubts about himself, to which Bakugou encourages him. This is one of my favorite parts of the chapter because it shows that Bakugou has really grown up as a person. Kirishima is finally getting more recognition. It’s fantastic!

Another thing I want to comment on, is that when Kirishima is fighting near civilians, he needs to become stronger and save everyone. Who did he think of? He thought of the explosive blondie~ ♥

Also, Kirishima is too cute in that last panel. ♥

So stargate is always my top favorite TV show right? But the obsession comes in waves. So for a few months I’ll be obsessed with it. Everything is stargate. For months. Then I’ll burn myself out, go to a different tv shiw, becomes obsessed with that, and burn myself with that one before moving on to the next show. The difference with Stargate is that it always comes back. Not every show I get obsessed with does. It takes a while but it does comes back.

The other day I was bit by the Stargate bug again. Its been about a year since my last big round of Stargate obsession. Now I feel the need to rewatch all the episodes and read all the fanfiction. It’s the strangest phenomenon. But one I love.

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so back to xf content: what's your favorite season finale? Why? and which one is, in your opinion, the worst (obviously not counting season 10...)? Thanks :)

Thank you for the XF ask! Yay! Okay, let’s get to it..

The Worst Seaon Finale (I’m doing it first because I don’t want to dwell on the awful): The Truth. A summary of the incoherent mess the show had become.

Favourite Season Finale: This is actually pretty tough. My first thought was Existence because of this iconic moment:

But when I think of the rest of the episode, it’s not my favourite. I wanted Mulder to be there for the birth. Mulder and Scully were separated during most of the episode. The story was weak overall. So I’m going to revise my decision to….

Requiem. I really love this episode. I love that Mulder and Scully are on the same page from the very beginning. They are intimate, bonded, happy. They poke fun at the auditors together. The lean on one another for support. They are protective of one another. And, at the time this aired, we weren’t yet beaten to death by the nostalgic parallels with The Pilot. We got Marita and Krycek. We got The Lone Gunmen. We got a good, emotional scene with Skinner. We were simply spoiled with the rich MSR:

The shoes. Perhaps my favourite moment in the whole damn series?

And this. Raw emotion. Mulder and Scully being an actual couple.

And of course, this stunning revelation, perfectly scored by Mark Snow and perfectly delivered through smiles and tears by Gillian Anderson:

How about you (all)?

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You know what, my aesthetic is watching Keith slowly but surely become more and more anxious with his anxiety and insecurities, until one day he just breaks down. I want him to cry. I WANT HIM to cry. I love him but I love it when the beans suffer. Anyway, can't wait for season threeeee :D

characters. getting. pushed. to. their. limits. is. my. favorite. thing. !!!

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Is life and death worth reading ?

A lot of it–a lot–is a word-for-word rehash of Twilight. So you’re not getting a really “new” story here, and most of the characters are essentially the same personalities.

But the ending is markedly different–which I liked–and not just because Edythe would not be able to have Beau’s baby, and there’s a neat twist to the Volturi. I also like that there was a space for all the characters to share their backstories. It was kind of info-dumpy but it made sense within the story and my favorite part of any vampire tale is the “how did they become a vampire?” part so I liked it. A little frustrating that we got more insight into Earnest’s backstory in one book than we got in Esme’s in four (it only really gets explored in the guide), but .

It might be fun to skim through, rather than read? Unless you haven’t read Twilight in awhile, then it might seem more fresh.

Some of the characters are just different enough that they seem new, while others just sort of blended with their original versions to me and I kept forgetting they had been switched. Edythe seemed somehow distinct from Edward to me, Beau’s tone about Renee was different than Bella’s, etc, but Eleanor and Emmett are essential the same person.

It was kind of fun, if also a bit frustrating, because it is so much just a retelling of the same story. Pretty much all the same plot points happen, even if they sometimes happen for slightly different reasons (B getting attacked in Port Angeles is changed, for example). And I think everyone would have preferred Midnight Sun.

ID # 80802

Name: Olivia
Age: 17
Country: United States

I’m Olivia, and I’m going to be a senior in high school this fall. I’d love to meet some new people, and I absolutely love hearing about what general society/culture is like in other countries! Becoming globally-minded is one of the things I’m trying to improve upon as I grow up.

Music is incredibly important to me - I cannot imagine living without Spotify and concerts to look forward to. Some of my favorite concerts have been twentyonepilots (in the pit both times!), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Coldplay, Panic! at the Disco, The 1975, and blink-182. As you can probably tell, I’m really into alternative/rock music, but I’ll listen to anything. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys. Talking about music with a new friend would be awesome!

I also love painting (mostly watercolor), playing guitar, and running. I’m Catholic, and I love my faith, but I would love to talk to people with different religious backgrounds/thoughts on religion, as I live in a pretty single-minded city.

I’m not the most outgoing of my friends and definitely more of an introvert, but I put 100% effort into my relationships and would love to have a new friend(s) to write to or email! :)

Preferences: I speak English, and although I’ve been learning Spanish since 1st grade, I’m still pretty beginner, so an English speaker or a very patient Spanish speaker would be great! any gender/orientation, but probably someone 16-17ish?

Blindspot Hiatus: Day 19--Favorite Roman moment

To be honest, @blindspothiatusproject , Roman isn’t one of my favorite characters, but this was a strong moment IMO.

Totally creepy!

What it’s going to be, Roman?

Are you sure, Jane?

That moment when you realize that you can’t do it…

That moment when you realize that the gun wasn’t loaded…

And that moment when you realize that your sister hasn’t any better plans for you…

…and she becomes a stranger to you.

This is an official appreciation post for my darling @kingroun

Let me tell yo a few things about Lenee: she is one of the kindest people I ever met and has made my life so much better in the last month. I don’t really remember at what point we started to talk on a daily basis, but it has become my favorite thing and I feel like I have one of my best friends in her. Leene is always humble, yet never fails to appreciate all of her friends and send them love and encouragements, because she is just incredibly warm hearted and wonderful. She is an incredible writer with the perfect grasp on all the muses she touches, because she spends so much time analyzing and studying to do them justice. And just like it is with the good people, they burn themselves up to give others light and Lenee always does that, keeping her own struggles mostly quiet. But since she is the first one to reach out to all of us when we struggle, how we give something back? Let’s all send Lenee some love and appreciation to make her smile, because her current health issues don’t give her much reason to do so, but every hardship is easier to bear when you know you’re not in it alone.

We love you, bubba <3


I finished my Voltron: Legendary Defender set!! I will have prints available at Fanime and Animazement this weekend! Voltron has become one of my all-time favorite shows and I’ve been really excited to share these with everyone~

If I have leftover prints after this weekend I will put them up on my Etsy.

If Jane Austen wrote Star Trek:

Spock, the first officer whose advice was always effectual, possessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgement, which qualified him to be the counselor of the ship’s captain, and enabled him frequently to counteract, to the advantage of them all, that eagerness of mind in Captain Kirk which must generally have lead to imprudence. Spock had an excellent heart, positioned somewhere near his kidneys; his feelings were strong, but he knew how to govern them: it was a knowledge which his captain had yet to learn, and which one of his fellow crew members had resolved never to learn.

Dr. Leonard McCoy’s abilities were, in many respects, equal to Spock’s. He was sensible and clever; but eager in every thing; his sorrows, his joys, could have no moderation. He was generous, amiably cynical, interesting: he was everything but logical.


NEW VIDEO: “Becoming A Drag Queen” ft. Miss Fame - One of my favorite corners of queer culture is drag. There are so many ways to do drag, and there are so many reasons it’s so important to the LGBTQ+ world. While being transformed by the legendary Miss Fame, we explore the art of drag, what it means to people, and by the end, I’m ready for my Drag Race debut! Just kidding, those queens are TALENTED… but really though, I have so much respect for drag queens & what they do. THIS WAS SO FUN.