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I think that one of the biggest moments in passing from adolescence into adulthood is the realization, when you go from believing, “my parents are wrong about everything” to thinking, “wow my parents were right about sO many things”

this in no way means the reverse isn’t an equally big “ah ha” moment: “I thought my parents were right about everything, but now I see they’re wrong”…..sometimes that’s how it goes. but I think it’s probably a little of both with one outweighing the other

the point is it’s important because no matter which way it went for you, it’s not simply a moment when we begin to question authority (most kids are good at that), but it’s a much broader inflection point in our lives where we begin critically thinking about *why* something is right or wrong

when we get to this point in our lives, hopefully it allows us to see our parents as nuanced human beings with flaws who are (if you were lucky) also capable of great wisdom

I’m hopeful that when I become a parent I can teach my children as well as my parents, grandparents and all my elders taught me

ooc:: this is how I picture Gaston would look if, by some miracle, he survived the fall ( years later mind you ). Sans one arm, covered in scars – and really rocking it.

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Do you have any favourite ships from SU?

not really?? i never thought of a favorite, because as the story progresses, so does the character’s relationships and I end up shipping everyone with someone else (i.e I shipped Peridot and Jasper, then Peridot and Pearl, then Peridot and Amethyst, and then Peridot with Lapis)

But if  I had to choose a fav, it would probably be StevenxConnie

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Let's not forget that Han was a criminal and a smuggler and probably killed hundreds of people during his career. Same with Lando. And watch Clone Wars...every Jedi in that show is murdering people left and right, including the "heroes" Anakin and Ahsoka. Luke almost killed the Emperor while Emperor was unarmed. Rey tried to kill Kylo. Finn killed hundreds of people on Yako

This Anon: Maybe the real villains are the people who kill bad guys in order to protect the galaxy from evil menaces who wish to bring harm on innocent souls? Makes you think. 🤔