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Steve walks into the workshop and stops in his tracks when multiple Tonys turn to look at him. They’re all the same but different as some are taller, have blue eyes and different hairstyles. But they all have one thing in common.

They’re all gorgeous. 

Steve rubs at his eyes in disbelief before staring at them wide eyed. 


Then Tony, the one that he knows and is familiar with, grins and waves. 

“Hey, Steve! I’ve just found out that more than one of me exists.” 

It becomes too much. 

Steve passes out. 

Apparently Alex mentioned in the stream that he sees older Dipper as an adventurer type, somewhat like Indiana Jones (although I think he’d have more in common with Nathan Drake personally)? If so, then yes, good, very good, that headcanon gives me life. Although I hope Mabel gets in on that too, because the twins becoming an adventurer/treasure hunting/supernatural mystery seeking duo together in their future is easily my favourite headcanon of all time, that’s what I’ll always see their future as, ain’t nothing gonna take that away from me, you’ll have to pry this hypothetical future from my cold, dead hands I tells ya!

kenma isn’t good with words, it’s not that hard to tell. 

he describes days as they go, some days are red days - crying, panicking, chest aching and straining from his heavy ragged breaths that cause his head to become all dizzy and to become someone distant, someone that isn’t him. red days aren’t as common anymore.

there are orange days as well. where he will talk if he needs to. don’t touch his hands or hair too much, especially lev of all people. 

some days are green days, where he will smile and laugh quietly and even made snide comments about lev when he messes up, where he will give a few extra tosses for his team mates and go as far as to turn his game systems off for an hour or two when kuroo is there and play multiplayer games with him (but he really does need to finish that annoying level…)

and because he’s not good with words, people tend to get confused because when they ask ‘what is kuroo tetsurou to you?’ he always replies with a simple ‘kuro is my green day’.
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1. Where Your Heart Is 

    Words: 154k

Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.

Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process.

2. Photograph

     Words: 207k

Harry steadies his jaw. “What do you want from me?”

Louis’ bottom lip wobbles. “I’m not gay.”

“Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?”

And at that, Louis seems to completely lose his shit. He rushes towards Harry, banging his fists on Harry’s collarbones in a frenzy, and begins yelling– “I hate you! I hate you! I fucking hate you so much!”

Tears are rushing down his cheeks, and then he’s shoving Harry away, drunk out of his ass, causing Harry to stumble back a bit. Louis then begins to clutch at himself, fisting his own clothes to his chest, dribble falling from his mouth, his arms shaky and his back hunched.

“Fuckfuckfuckufkcufkc!” He spits, face contorted, hands trembling. “I hate you!”

“No, you don’t.” Harry steps forward, face concerned. “You don’t hate me.”


An epic love story in which Harry is too in love for his own good, Louis is in denial of his sexuality, and they write songs instead of actually talking to each other.

3. Fire For A Heart 

    Words: 43k
    *Check Tags

The Grey’s anatomy/Chicago Fire AU no one asked for where Louis is the captain of the firefighting Squad 78, Harry is a surgeon, Zayn is Louis’ second in command and Liam is the rookie. Niall and Sam are Harry’s fellow residents and have their own affair going on.

Tumblrs: @tvshows-addict, @anhcor

You know what fucks me up? Damian sketching Alfred in a moment of repose. 

It’s not very common for us as the readers to see Alfred doing something not Batman/Bruce/Crime fighting related and Damian’s tender moments are rare too (but becoming more frequent).

Can you just imagine Damian looking over at Alfred drinking tea and catching that moment with his pencil. Of all the things he could create and he makes this, for himself. We get two equally nice things here, Alfred relaxed and Damian showing such affection in this little act.  It’s nice to see Damian doing something so soft.

Can you imagine how much this child loves him. How much he appreciates Alfred for all of his patience and warmth? I’m crying.

Yuki Judai is one of my favourite characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise. Not sure how different he is different from the English version (as Jaden Yuki), but I quite liked his simple-minded nature. Yes, he’s rather too optimistic at times. Nevertheless it still made me think as someone I’d like to be friends with. 

And then the last two arcs… I can ramble about that all day, but they were probably the reason why I like him so much. [MINOR SPOILERS] It’s not common where you see the optimistic and laidback main character being questioned about his inattentiveness. And as the story gets darker, I never expected Judai to become more cynical and edgy. The development itself probably made me like him much more than just your usual edgy character [MINOR SPOILERS END]

I think it’s kinda interesting how three of the fanbase’s most common criticisms of Jotaro during part 3 (he’s almost a Gary Stu, he’s too stoic, and Star Platinum: The World was a gigantic asspull, all of which I agree with to an extent) are turned completely upside-down in part 6 (Jotaro becomes part 6′s damsel in distress like Holly was in part 3, his difficulty communicating with other people is a big reason his family life went to shit and Jolyne grew up hating him, and it turns out time-stopping made him super weak since he couldn’t spam it like Dio could)

Part ½ of my artistic contribution to Aria-Lerendeair’s Story :D

Title: Straight As A Bendy Straw
Author: @aria-lerendeair
Artist: freckledandfeathered
Rating: Explicit
Wordcount: 44,500
Summary: In a world where finding your soulmate has become almost common, Misha and Jensen grow up together, both of them wishing with all of their hearts that the other was their soulmate.  As the years go by and neither of them end up finding their soulmate, Jensen wonders if he’ll ever meet his, and Misha wonders when Jensen is going to get a clue. This leads to revelations and a happily ever after was far too long coming.

First of all, Connie’s exuberance for sharing something she loves is so adorable. I get the same way - I recommend BoJack Horseman to anyone that will listen, will harass you for hours on end over Overwatch, will indoctrinate you into loving my favourite YouTubers - well, if you’re willing to listen, that is (Steven is definitely becoming part of that line-up, too). But if we have common ground over a show or game or whatever? Buckle up, that’s our conversation for the next 3 hours.

Two, this book has [a] a protagonist that isn’t aware they’re a witch to begin with à la Harry Potter, [b] animal familiars, again sort of referencing Harry Potter with patronuses, but probably more accurately referencing His Dark Materials, which also includes [c] the protagonist searching for their father who has gone missing. 

And three, Connie in overalls and a backwards cap, 
👌👀 ✔ good shit ✔👌 💯👌💯 👌

Where Your Heart Is by @tvshows-addict and @anhcor (155k):
Louis is ready for his brand new adventure. So what if he suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from being touched? College is going to be awesome. It has to. Karma kind of owes him right now. Forget about his overprotective mother, or Liam– his entirely too chipper step brother– or his mess of a roommate. Forget about the gloves he has to wear at all times. He’s here to expand his knowledge, write and drown himself in books – No matter how distracting ‘Hallway Boy’ may be– The obnoxious, flirty frat wannabe determined to become the bane of Louis’ existence.
Or, a college AU set in San Francisco where two lost boys who seemingly have nothing in common find inspiration, each other, and themselves in the process. 

You. Hey you! 

I don’t know what you’re doing right now, but I know what you should be doing, and that’s reading

Where Your Heart Is

cause, believe me, this fic is gonna change your life. (More under the cut |

Spoiler free


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Just because that person is disagree with you..that doesn’t mean they doesnt have a reasonable point.

The youtuber I liked is A TRANS HERSELF and she did have a valid point on certain issues if you ACTUALLY WATCHED HER VIDEO. OFc, you did not even want to listen to other opinions, instead you stay in own bubble of opinions which make you a biased person.

I am not against anyone who holds their own ideology, rather Im against an ideology who promotes violence and intolerance just like the person whos been calling me out.

Tbh I wholly support of women’s rights of having the same equal rights as men. BUT right now the said movement has become so violent and intolerant that they should KILL ALL MEN. This is what IM AGAINST WITH. GOSH

The reason I seek other side of opinions because I HAVE listen ENOUGH of what the common tumblr side has been preaching about. I need to listen the opposite views too to make my OWN judgement for this. This is how I MAKE MY own judgement instead of falling into SHEEP’S MIND which at one point IM ALMOST FALL INTO.

“So long as you believe yourself to be ‘only human’ you have accepted life in a prison cell whose door remains locked only by your own mind.
By saying, 'well, I’m only human’, you have blindly submitted to all the limitations, fears, pettiness, greed and hatreds which make the common person weak and fragile.
Most never become aware that another way is possible.
You are human, but much more, too.
The much-moreness is the vast, brilliant freedom and power which has confined itself in your humanity.
If you are willing (and not everyone is, which is also a perfectly valid choice), you can begin to explore your native powers and experience freedom within limitation. When you do this, you live fully while you are here and you are no longer afraid to die.
When you are not afraid of death but seek to live in a state of always-discovering, this is when life is transformed and you accept your birthright to choose and create in extraordinary fashion.”  
  Jacob Nordby ~

Art by Antonio Mora ~
Motion graphic effects by George RedHawk  ~

Mugiwara no Ichimi as Friedrich Nietzsche's quotes :
  • Luffy : “The lonely one offers his hand too quickly to whomever he encounters.”
  • Zoro : “I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.”
  • Nami : “One must be a sea, to receive a polluted stream without becoming impure.”
  • Usopp : “The most common sort of lie is that by which a man deceives himself: the deception of others is a relatively rare offense. ”
  • Sanji : “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”
  • Chopper : “The worst sickness of men tends to originate in the sentimental way they try to combat their sicknesses. What seems like an easy cure, in the long run produces something worse than what it's supposed to overcome. Fake consolations always have to be paid for with a general and profound worsening of the original complaint.”
  • Robin : “I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses.”
  • Franky : “Man's maturity: to have regained the seriousness that he had as a child at play.”
  • Brook : “The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night. ”

Émiko Headcanons

-they meet at the Scarlet/Wolf wedding. Émilie doesn’t mention that she’s an android even though she knows who she is. admittedly its a pretty low bar, but… they end up having a lot in common and become friends enough over the time that Iko is in france to want to stay in touch

- they do that by comming each other all the time and having a kind of long distance friendship.

- pretty soon they both have crushes on each other. it takes iko forever to realize its a crush. but anyway they both think its Impossible, Unrequited…. its a Mess tbh

- anyway so one time, iko goes to france and while she’s there they both just sort of blurt it out. and they do and theyre like “oh my stars you too?!!?” and they kiss

-its great but they still gotta be long distance for a while and it sucks, but they could do it while they were friends and they can do it as a couple

- they comm each other all the time and make excuses to see each other whenever they can, but its still not nearly as often as either of them would want

- there’s definitely loneliness when they aren’t together but when they are they rly make up for it, just constant displays of affection… its rly cute

-it also doesn’t stop even when they actually can live together, maybe a year or two after they start dating. They get a nice apartment and later a longhair cat together and are in love forever bye

anonymous asked:

Am I the only one feeling this season is weak? I LOVED the first season; it fits together beautifully. The pacing was great, the writing was strong and the acting (especially Tom's) was so nuanced. This season, there is so much fluff (and not the good kind!) Even though I previously shipped WestAllen (among others), Iris has become just a passive love interest and damsel-in-future-distress. Gaping plot holes and cliches are too common. HR is ok, but I want backstory! Maybe it'll get better soon?

Like they say in the music industry: “You have your whole life to write your first album and only six months to write your second.” 

I think the quality drop-off is largely a product of TPTB having had years to plan out S1 (the show was originally conceived as a movie, then they had lots of development time), and then all subsequent seasons are pretty much thrown together in two weeks.

Our perceptions of S2 and S3 are inevitably going to be much harsher because S1 was so great. Not that S1 was perfect, but it had the feeling of a show where TPTB actually knew what they were doing - more like a cable show with limited episodes, where everything is planned out in advance.

S3 in particular seems to be a show that’s in flux. I would not be surprised at all if TPTB reacted to the overwhelmingly negative feedback to Flashpoint and its fallout, and retooled some of S3B as a result. Which may have led to things like “oh Caitlin has part of the stone in her closet, despite the fact we haven’t even hinted this was the case before!” 

As always at this time in the season, a lot depends on whether they nail the landing. Will Savitar’s identity / motives be a satisfying reveal? Will Iris be saved in an interesting way? Will Killer Frost’s weird split personality make any sense? Will HR have a purpose beyond being a coffee-brewing sweetheart? S1 was fantastic, S2 was “well I guess that was okay… oooh, Flashpoint!” We’ll have to see where the end of S3 takes us. (And yes, absolutely Iris needs to take a more proactive role in all of this. In fact everyone needs to take a more proactive role beyond “let’s help Wally run fast”, jfc.)

i’m thinking about madoka classpects again and i know homura is obviously a time player and all, but she also has a huge obsession with hope. homura kinda acts as this symbol for hope in how she hopes to go back and save madoka, always hoping that this time she’ll be able to find the right sequence of events to save her, but slowly that becomes an obsession, which is when hope turns corrupt, and it’s not common you see a message like “yeah hope is good but if you’re too hopeful it leads to the deepest despair and corruption”, and as madoka is a hope player and the thing homura wants to save i think its an interesting contrast, in a way. madoka is the pure representation of hope while homura is a corrupt one. She steals time and gives it to madoka as a rogue of time, while madoka is a muse of hope who is a master of all things hopeful, and as the time passed their hope got twisted. 

(oh and just for the record i’m going off of @heir-of-puns‘s choices for the girls’ god tiers here, which were rly great)

Topi’s Daily Card #930:  Koskun Falls

If you’re running white or blue, you’ll have access to Ghostly Prison and Propaganda.  In black, you have Koskun Falls, an odd World Enchantment from homelands.  It cost one more, and requires you to tap a creature in addition, but if you’re not running white or blue, Koskun Falls is your only option. This goes into any black deck really that needs it, and I’ve see many slower decks opt for this in addition to the previously mentioned taxing enchantments.  When 2 to attack becomes 4, then 6, soon you won’t be attacked at all unless it’ll outright kill you or put a serious damper.  You just have to be aware of the World Enchantment rules, and that if anyone plays something like Concordant Crossroads, your Falls will be put away.  World Enchantents aren’t too common, but it’ something to be aware of with this card.  It’s subpar when it comes to the newer cards, but if you’re looking for redundancy or just don’t have access to white or blue, Koskun Falls is your go to.

anonymous asked:

ya ur right. i'm still gonna love the adventure zone and it can be hard to take critique on things you love but ur right. I just know they really dont mean it purposefully tho, this sort of man pain is carried out in all media to the point that it becomes such a common plot device to cling to. I'm sure if griffin had realized he would have changed things up

oh no absolutely! that’s how i feel about it too. i love TAZ a lot and it still makes me really, really happy but i don’t want to give anyone a free pass on playing to tropes based in violence against women just because they make good goofs and seem like sweet boys. it’s definitely hard to see criticism of content you enjoy but that don’t mean you can’t still enjoy it.

yeah, i’m pretty sure it’s something that just flies over mens’ heads, largely, because it’s a trope they don’t have to think about much? and don’t get me wrong, i ABSOLUTELY cried my eyes out over Julia and Maureen, but that doesn’t mean the trope isn’t exhausting and offensive