this is becoming a problem oops

okay so, I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this idea, but what if the Ravenclaw door that demands riddles instead of passwords only asked questions that the recipient has it in them to figure out?

Like, I mean, a lot of people who would fit in Ravenclaw aren’t necessarily going to be good at wordplay. If I weren’t Slytherin, I’d be Ravenclaw most likely, and heck, I’m terrible at riddles. Also, the riddle is supposed to be challenging, what’s challenging for an 7th year might be impossible for a 1st year. Not to mention all the riddles that might require knowledge that muggleborn students wouldn’t have because they reference things common to a wizard upbringing

So I mean, what if the knocker is sort of like the hat and is capable in some fashion of asking personalized questions. One person might get a standard word play riddle (ie “what’s the longest word in the english language? Smiles, because there’s a mile between the first and last letters) while another person might get a logic riddle (like the sheep wolf cabbage river crossing problem) and maybe yet another person will get a straight up math problem or a riddle referencing their best subjects. 

I just think it would be nice, because the goal with the knocker seems to be challenging students on their knowledge and wit, keeping them on their toes- not about expecting ¼ of the student body to have the exact same knowledge base, experience, and specific facet of problem solving

Unintentional Chapter Two: Phone Calls

Chapter Summary: Things have been strange on set since you’d filmed those scenes with Jensen. Things get heated during a convention.

A/N: I just wanted to say this now, this story is going to involve a lot of cheating. I do not condone cheating in any way, this is simply for the purpose of fiction <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Phone sex, language (including dirty talk, but I guess that kind of goes hand in hand with phone sex?)

Word Count: 2.3k (oops?)

Unintentional Masterlist

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You were still aching for him. You pressed your legs together to try and help with the need for friction. There was lots you and Jensen needed to talk about. But you just, couldn’t. Then it would become real, and that would become a problem; and you had to avoid becoming the other woman at all costs.


Over the next couple of weeks, things had been…awkward between you and Jensen. No matter what you did, you couldn’t get him out of your head. You’d lie awake at night, watching old gag reels and outtakes, just to see him. Your heart would skip a beat when you saw him smile; and your breath would slip away when you heard his laugh.

You’d also been avoiding Misha and Jared. At least when Jensen wasn’t around anyway. When the four of you were together, there was too much goofing around to give either of them the chance to ask you about anything. They didn’t know about what had happened on set, but they could tell that something was up.

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chensung!skinship headcanons
  • they hold hands so much it’s almost impractical
  • chenle definitely makes the first move
  • he’ll grab jisung’s hand 24/7 and just hold it forever
  • it’s impractical but chenle honestly couldnt care less
  • chenle the type to drag jisung around
  • jisung the type to be dragged around willingly bc it means that chenle will hug him afterwards
  • we’ve all seen chenle throw that tantrum when he couldnt get his rameN AND IT WAS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD
  • everytime he throws a smol tantrum park jisung is there 2 save the day !!!!!!!
  • gives chenle a kiss on the forehead and lets him sit on his lap until chenle becomes less salty
  • jisung has to kiss him every few seconds so chenle doesnt get wound up again
  • chenle acts like he’s still salty when he’s not so jisung keeps him on his lap
  • and jisung knows but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (coughs creds to @flawlessjeno )
  • jisung !!!! wraps !!!!!! his arms !!!!!!!!!!! around chenle when he sits on his lap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc he’s so tiny and jisung has 2 protect him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he becomes 2 flustered to think of anything besides jisung (●´ω`●)
  • chenle likes to plop down on jisung’s lap and go on his phone and ignore everyone for 50 years
  • like oop there’s no seat?? nOooooOoOOo PROBLEM I HAVE JISUNG
  • jisung has this overwhelming urge to like protect chenle 24/7 so he always has his arm around him if theyre not holding hands
  • chenle,,,,,,,, just falls,,,,,,,, into jisung’s arms,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and chenle just !!!!!!!!!!!! drowns in him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chenle is so smol and jisung is so tol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • chenle has to tippy toe to wrap his arms around jisung’s neck im jS
  • this isnt kinda skinship-y but jisung is vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv protective over chenle
  • and loves likes it when chenle wears his jackets and hoodies and sweaters and clothES IN GENERALLY
  • jisung the type to bury his face in chenle’s neck when chenle’s sitting on his lap
  • ive mentioned this previously but like
  • whenever they have lil sleepovers, chenle just clings onto jisung like a koala bear and jisung just freezes up bc he doesnt know what to do
  • !!! sometimes !!!!!!!! chenle sneaks over to jisung’s room and sleeps with him 
  • and whenever he does, jisung’s usually really sleepy and just out of it
  • and whenever he’s really tired and doesnt fully know what’s going on, he hugs chenle like he’s a lil teddy bear and they just fall asleep like that
  • forehead and cheek kisses !!!!!!
  • kisses on the lip are a rare thing
  • only happens if chenle’s feeling spicy™️️ 
  • jisung the type to squish chenle’s cheeks bc he looks like a lil puffer fish 
  • jisung !!!! the type !!!!! to !!!!!!! hold chenle’s face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when they kiss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • backhugs from chenle !!!!!!!
  • chenle can barely see over jisung’s shoulder but that is a-ok !
  • chenle likes kissing a pouty jisung
  • pouty jisung only occurs when he gets jealous
  • which is like whenever someone gets 2 close to chenle
  • pouting chensung that makes everyone feel weird bc maknae line is no longer sunshine
  • whenever jisung ignores chenle, chenle throws tantrums to get his attention
  • and sometimes jisung just drags chenle onto his lap without thinking bc he’s so used to it and they just make up because of that
  • but other times jisung has like 1% willpower and continues to ignore chenle
  • which makes chenle cry
  • and then jisung has to hug him and put him on his lap and tell him how much he loves him until chenle stops crying
  • chenle probably sniffles a lil after he stops crying which makES JISUNG STOP BREATHING
  • jisung the type to kiss chenle after every sniffle
  • chenle the type to sniffle just so jisung would kiss him
  • sleepy hugs!!!
  • whenever chenle is tired out of his mind and about to pass out, he’ll drape himself over jisung and jisung will just hug him until he falls asleep
  • and whenever jisung’s tired as fuck, he’ll lean against chenle and chenle will throw his arm around him and just kiss his temple and just aH MY HEART
  • sleepy !!!! k i s s e s !!!!!!!!
  • jisung will give chenle lazy forehead kisses that chenle treasures more than he’d like to admit
  • sleepy hugs consist of jisung burying his face into chenle’s neck and chenle drawing random patterns and shapes on jisung’s back
  • c u d d l i n g
  • cuddling rarely happens bc it’s usually one sided (coughs aka chenle hugging onto jisung like a koala bear like i said earlier)
  • but sometimes jisung just really wants to cuddle his bf and just be able to kiss him and tell him how cute he is every 3 seconds and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jisung’s favourite way to kiss chenle is when he wakes up really early accidentally and chenle’s still in his arms
  • and he’s asleep like a lil baby
  • and jisung plays a game called ‘how many times can i kiss chenle’s cheek before he wakes up’
  • i am melting (●´ω`●)
  • chenle the type to melt under any sort of affection ??
  • like jisung will be hugging him and he’d just melt into his arms and just forget the world for a bit and jisung just goes ?????
  • chenle !!! doesnt let go !!!! of hugs after !!!!! jisung lets go !!!!!!!
  • chenle’s entire body just relaxes after jisung hugs him
  • like the first time chenle just melted into jisung, he freaked out 
  • sometimes jisung will be playing like league or overwatch or w/e and chenle will just sneak up to him and plop down on his lap
  • bc then jisung will go “CHENLE I JUST D I E D
  • I GOT D E L E T E D
  • and chenle just finds that so cute so he’ll be like “i had nowhere else to sit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
  • “i dont see any couches idek what ur talking about (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ”
  • and then chenle ends up clinging onto jisung for dear life as he witnesses jisung die multiple times which ends up in jisung throwing a tantrum
  • how the tables have tabled ??
  • “your neck is more comfortable”
  • in all honesty jisung loves chenle more than any video game
  • especially more than fucking league of fucking legends that awful piece of shit game why cant i fucking uninstall it ive been playing this goddamn awful game since season 5 and i still have it on my laptop+desktop and i played it like yesterday and it’s made me want to kermit so many times fuck that game im so fucking angry just typing this
  • chenle is smol enough for jisung to just pick up and run i just hope u know that
More VLD Theories/Headcanon

Dave (hubby) is dragging his feet to watch VLD season 2 (we both agree it feels rushed), so I told him about the Slav prison break episode and Lance voicing his insecurities.  And how he voiced them several times.  That’s when the theories started.  We ended up writing out the majority of Season 3, Jen and Dave style.

What if the Black Lion accepts Keith just fine and the Blue Lion accepts Allura, but Lance can’t connect with Red.

  • The poor kid is already questioning his place on the team and now Red Lion is proving his insecurities
  • There’s an entire episode with Lance trying to be accepted; Red stays silent
  • Keith tries to “help” by giving Lance advice
  • It makes him feel worse (Obviously. Really, Keith?  Really?)
  • Allura is stressed because they can’t form Voltron and they’ve gotten word from the resistance of a new Galra leader.  She doesn’t have time for this shit.
  • They’re all really on edge because Shiro’s missing and they had JUST gotten used to their roles when they lost Space Dad and had to play musical lions.
  • Keith and Lance have an all-out fist fight.  Lance fights with all he has and looses.  Like, dude, you’re fighting a guy that lives for battle.  His solution to every problem is to stab it.  Keith wasn’t even trying, really.  Red is not impressed
  • Cue Lance becoming really depressed.
  • Coran takes Lance out on a Wacky Space Adventure™ to get his mind off things, and subtly reminds him that he wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for Lance.  
  • They have to be rescued from their Wacky Space Adventure™.  Oops?
  • Allura starts lecturing Lance on being more responsible and Lance just breaks down.
  • She’s like “screw this” and brings him on board Blue with her for the ride home. 
  • Cue Blue (and Allura) reminding him of all the awesome stuff he’s done.
  • Lance and Allura bond, because they’re really more alike than Allura cares to admit.  
  • Lance: “Why don’t you pilot the Red Lion?”
  • Allura: “I was close to it’s former Paladin. I couldn’t handle it emotionally.”
  • Lance sees Allura’s insecurities and Allura sees past the boisterous, flirty personality Lance uses to hide his own.  
  • The four lions (Red’s still in the castle) are attacked by a Robeast and are forced to land on an unoccupied planet.
  • It’s not unoccupied.  The Galra (Lotor) set up a trap and hid a fleet on the planet.  The Robeast was just meant to herd them there.
  • The lions are separated and systematically hunted down and attacked.
  • They can’t form Voltron minus one lion.  The castle ship has arrived and is helping the best it can.
  • Lance is feeling completely useless, completely helpless and doesn’t want to loose his family.
  • He ends up outside of Blue (Allura kicks him out when she decides to go on a suicide mission to attack a big-ass Galra ship on her own).
  • He sees an army of Galra soldiers marching past and decides “FUCK IT” and goes out to fight on foot, guns blazing.
  • RED LION NOTICES and comes to the rescue of her reckless blue son.
  • They form Voltron and win the day.  The End.


A Messy Post of Klance AUS/Headcanons/Prompts

Courtesy of the Klance BB discord. We’re a mess. Feel free to draw inspiration from this, regardless of if you’re a bang participant or not. This is perhaps the first of some indeterminate number of these.


- Musicals/Movies/TV shows/Games/Books:

- Whispers of the Heart (Studio Ghibli)
- In the Heights (Musical)
- Miraculous ladybug
- Young Justice
- Danny Phantom
- Lolirock
- Pokemon
- Digimon
- Ninjago
- Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go
- Firefly
- Attack On Titan
- Power Rangers
- Zero escape
- Supernatural (the tv show)
- Supergirl
- The Uglies Book Series (With Lance as Tally)
- Life is Strange
- The Forbidden Game (trilogy of books written by same brain behind The Vampire Diaries)
- Magic School Bus
- Magic Tree House (With Pidge and Matt as the siblings,)
- Spirited Away
- Artemis Fowl
- Steven universe
- Futurama (Lance as Fry and Keith as Leela)
- Bones (Keith as Brennan and Lance as Booth)
- Star Wars
- Star Trek
- Mythbusters
- Emperor’s New Groove
- Road to El Dorado
- Ib  
- Mad Father
- My Little Pony
- Saved By the Bell
- Assassination Classroom
- Yuri on Ice
- Evangelion
- Undertale
- Inkheart
- Gundam
- Zoids
- Hannah Montana (Keith can pop and lock it)
- Phoenix Wright
- Big Hero 6
- Dangan ronpa
- High School Musical
- Madoka Magica
- Love Live
- Beauty and the Beast
- Prince of Stride

- Modern Setting

- Netflix cartoonist (where Lance makes Voltron, the hit cartoon)
- Educating Keith on memes
- Fun times at a local Fair
- Flower shop
- Tattoo parlor
- Long Term patients in psych ward (this has terrible angst potential)
- Coffee shop
- In foster care
- Book Store/Library 
- Soulmate
- Prom
- Sailing
- Actors
- Book writer
- Rival Gamers (just angry yelling over mics)
- Speedrunner gamers (always trying to one up eachothers times)
- Bad boy/nerd boy
- Single Parent

Legitimate alternate universe (post-apocalyptic, alternate planets, etc.)

- Super hero
- That good ol’ fallen angel and demon trope
- [S2 SPOILERS] Blade of Mamora/Altean (bonus points if it’s switched up)
- Mermaids (always the way to go)
- Soulmate
- Life swap/personality swap
- Character swaps with another universe (either time travel, other dimensions/parallel universes, or other storylines AKA books, movies, etc.)
- 80s Voltron swap
- Dimensional Rift via wormhole
- Timetravel
- [S2 SPOILERS] Keith fails the BoM test
- Magic AU
- Age swap
- Lion swap
- Reincarnation
- Supernatural au (vampire, etc. not the tv show this time)
- Dark end au
- Someone gets turned into small child (shiro) (isn’t he already six?)
- Ah yes the classic Hades/Persephone au
- Role reversal
- Good ol’ fantasy au


- Lance-centric

- Homecoming and meeting the family
- Insecurities
- Middle child
- Awful at singing but his hips don’t lie
- Good with children
- Amazing swimmer
- Can Hula hoop (canon)
- [S2 SPOILERS] Figured out the Keith’s galra thing in episode ten of season. Just didn’t say anything
- the handsome boi

- Keith-centric

- Neuro-divergent (ex: Autistic)
- [S2 SPOILERS] What his possible galra form looks like (if he has one)
- Tries to move back to the middle of the desert
- Touch-starved
- Has ridden a horse
- Can sing surprisingly well
- Also good with children
- Has a little sister
- Has played the fuck out of the Zero Escape series
- Unironically listens to country pop and Billy Ray Cyrus
- Eczema
- Lactose intolerant

- Klance
- Everyone else knew first
- Lance teaching Keith how to skincare and oops that was a mistake because now his boyfriend is too gorgeous for Lance to cope
- Both the guys supporting each other
- Lance constantly asks Keith if he still likes him/ still wants to be his boyfriend
- Sickfic!!!!! Taking care of each other!

- General

- [S2 SPOILERS] How to deal with Slav now that Shiro’s gone
- [S2 SPOILERS] Keith taking on leadership and needing support from Lance
- [S2 SPOILERS] Lance becomes the black paladin
- Somebody helps lance with his secret self esteem problems
- Somebody gives Keith a talk about how lonewolfing life is not cool
- Someone (Coran or Allura) gives them the Talk™ but because it’s the Alteans doing that, it’s revealed that Altean reproduction is much different from human reproduction
- They meet up with another voltron team (vehicle voltron’s a legit thing, no lie)
- Someone is a dog person and the entire team feels betrayed because I mean c’mon they pilot giant mechanical nyas not. Woofs and borks.

- [S2 SPOILERS] Kaltenecker is not actually a cow (becomes the black paladin)
- Allura goes missing. Altean princeling Lance has to learn to run the castle.
- Zarkon attacks earth.
- [S2 SPOILERS] Slav’s planet has a device that could view alternate realities.
- [S2 SPOILERS] Shiro’s a force ghost because he bonded too hard with black in that fight with zarkon. It’s up to the team to fix that 
- [S2 SPOILERS] Shiro’s twin sister shows up and is the new black paladin
- Finding a possible substitute for a new paladin for x (red/blue, who knows)
- Lance is captured and Team dynamic falls apart (even more than it already is)
- Lance and Keith are abandoned on some planet during a fight because one of their lions are injured, but the pilot of the uninjured lion’s also injured.
- Lance and Keith discovere that Blue and Red are in a romantic relationship somehow (lance is heart broken)
- Lance’s crappy flirting finally gets him somewhere, and Keith is jealous.

3 mar 2017

finally dragged myself out to the gym this morning. i’ve been meaning to go earlier bUt when your alarm rings at 4am and you only have 5 hours of sleep and you’re sooOoo comfy…
• ran for 5 consecutive min on treadmill. sounds like a lil bit but i have heart problems and i was running at a 10.30min/mile pace.
• hip (but really more like thigh) abductor 3 sets of 6 at 40 (??? i don’t remember oops) lbs
• chest press i don’t even remember how many sets or lbs im terrible
• various other machines that i don’t remember this is becoming a problem

Meeting The Team

The worst part about starting new projects, Joe had decided, was meeting the new team.

Simply because he hated the awkward phase of meeting people.

Who actually enjoyed that?

The small talk always felt forced, and the gaps of silence always hung around so heavily.

He really wished he could just totally avoid this part, and keep the same team from project to project.

But unfortunately, that was not how it worked. And so he dragged his feet into the Gleam offices to attend the initial meeting for his new project.

“Hello, Joe!” Dom greeted him with a warm smile, and Joe offered him a smile in return.


“The rest of the team is nearly gathered, just in the first boardroom.”

“Perfect. Thanks.”

“I should be in there momentarily, and then we can get started. Feeling good about this one!”

He nodded as the older man turned to start talking to someone else in the Gleam office, and Joe made his way over to the boardroom, swallowing the nerves as he stepped foot through the door and felt a couple sets of eyes turn on to him.

Lowering his on eyes to the floor, he quickly walked over to a chair in the corner. He was hopeful that during this initial meeting, he wouldn’t have to talk too much. Except to say the usual Hello, I’m Joe spiel.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he decided to check through social media whilst waiting for the meeting to start. And the sooner it started, the sooner it would be done.

“Welcome! Hello! How are we today?” Dom announced as he waltzed into the room a few minutes later. “I’ll try to not keep you all too long, I’m sure you’re busy. And ready to get started on this project.”

Knowing it would be rude to be on his phone the entire time, Joe locked the screen and finally lifted his eyes to the rest of the room.

As Dom went through his normal talk, the same one he did at every meeting, Joe scanned the faces of the team he would be working with. They all seemed friendly enough, but none of them stuck out as someone he would become really close.

Another boring project, then. He thought to himself.

“Oops.” All eyes snapped to the new body that had just practically fallen through the door. It was a young woman, about his age, Joe thought. But her face was lowered as she tried looked down at the papers she had spilled everywhere. “Sorry. So sorry. My bad.”

Something about the voice intrigued Joe. Why did it sound so familiar?

“It’s no problem, dear.” Dom assured the new comer gently. “Glad you could make it.”

“I meant to be on time, but the trains…” She finally straightened herself, and Joe felt himself gasp as his eyes fell on her face.

“Ah yes, they can be a tricky thing. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Y/N. She’s come on for this project with us.”

“Hello.” She smiled and waved, and Joe knew the moment she saw him. Because she had a similar reaction. Surprise.

“Just take a seat anywhere,” Dom told her, and Y/N snapped out of her shock to nod, slipping into the first available seat. “Now, where was I…”

Throughout the rest of the meeting, Joe couldn’t stop staring over at Y/N.

What were the chances? He didn’t even know she lived in London.

And when the hell had the awkward girl he used to call his best friend turn into a gorgeous woman?

Once the meeting finally came to an end, Joe dodged Dom, who clearly wanted to talk to him, and slipped through the people and back into the office, head darting back forth to find where Y/N went.

“Joe.” She was waiting for him, a few feet away from the room they had just exited. “Hi.”

“Holy shit,” He breathed, moving forward quickly to wrap his arms around her in a tight hug. “Hi.”

He knew there was people staring, wondering why he was hugging this brand new person, but Joe didn’t care.

There was a large smile on his face when they pulled apart, and his eyes studied Y/N’s face. She was still the same, just more grown up.

“It’s been years.” He said, and she nodded, letting out a small laugh.

“Of all the projects I got put on…”

“I know.” He shook his head. “It’s insane.”

“Or fate?”

“You know how I feel about fate.”

“It’s been years, Joe! Maybe you’ve changed.”

“Not really.” Joe shrugged, “But you have.”

“What are you on about?” Y/N blushed, “And have you looked at yourself? You’ve gone through some changes.”

“You look good.”

“So do you.”

“I just…you’re here. In front of me.” He shook his head again, “This is crazy. I can’t believe it.”

“Better believe it,” She winked, “Because you’re stuck with me for a while.”

“I’m not complaining.” He replied, smiling over at her.

“Neither am I.”

“Would you complain to going for coffee with me? To catch up?”

“Are you asking me on a date, Joe Sugg?” Y/N smirked over at him, her eyes shining.

“I mean, I did say I was going to marry you.”

“That you did. I’m still waiting on my ring.”

“How about we start with coffee?” Joe tried again, letting out a sigh of relief when she nodded.

“A coffee date sounds lovely.”

Perhaps meeting this team wasn’t the worst thing in the world.

So a lot of people from Montana (me and nearly all of my acquaintances) are losing their shit that Farcry 5 is going to be in Montana. There is this weird excitement from half of us and then there is Montanans like Paris.
As someone who lives here, I’d have to kind of agree mostly because if it is that green it doesn’t stay that green. There is a very short period during spring that it’s nice and green like that. It can be two weeks to month and then summer hits and everything is suddenly on fire.
But I guess it’s cool Farcry 5 is in Montana LOL

Faking It (Part Seven)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Thank you to @therealtayliciousreads for helping motivate me to write this chapter and for listening to me ramble about all of the insanity that’s still to come. Also sorry I’m updating so late (if you’re on east coast time like me), I went to the matinee of a play today and then just couldn’t find inspiration for a few hours oops.

Originally posted by bovaria

Your name: submit What is this?

The moment the elevator reaches the penthouse you’re tackled by your sister. She pulls you into a tight hug, nearly toppling you over in the process. Luckily, Bucky is there to put a hand on your back to steady you.

“(Y/N)!” she quips excitedly as she releases you from her hold, “I can’t believe you left brunch before I got there, how dare you!” she loops her arm through yours, walking beside you into the living room. Bucky trails behind you silently, not wanting to interrupt your reunion with your younger sibling. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any more grow ideas?

Ah, nothing that hasn’t already been thought of probably XD

I do have some favorite scenarios:

-Growth from heightened emotion

-Someone having to revel they are able to grow in front of there friend to save them (The friend is perhaps both parts scared and confused at first)

-Sudden growth in the most awkward of places. Someone is suddenly filling a building

-Another growth in an awkward place, in public or with friends. Person A suddenly feels strange and they know why. They try and get far away from anyone, but there friend(s) chase them down, and see what becomes of person A

-Someone super casual with there growth, and uses it to solve problems all throughout their town. 

-Someone is messing around with a growth ray and, oops. They zap someone or themselves. In the process of the growth: The device is broken, so there’s no going back. Unless until a new one is made

-Potion making gone screwy. 

-The growth is a slow gradual one. The person is 10 feet one day. Then, 50 feet. They don’t know if they’ll ever stop. 

-(this isn’t directly growth related but I had to say this one) some giant has been terrorizing cities. Thankfully, nowhere near person A. Person B seems all too calm hearing news of this giant. At some point, A finds out there supposedly human sized friend B is that giant. 

There are others for sure, but these are the ones off the top my head at the moment ^^

Vanilla Kisses

Genre: Fluffiest of fluffs

Rating: G

Word Count: 933

Note: Hello everyone. So Admin Thumper gave me a great idea to do a fluff one-shot/short story of Hansol when he was on the Topp Dogg Project and he started crying. We three admins feel so much pain watching it and we thought if we were in that situation we would have helped him in some way. So this is based off that with some variations. Please do enjoy! Gif is not mine, credit to owner. ~ Admin Hacker

It was a sad scene, almost pitiful. You couldn’t take your eyes off him. He wouldn’t walk away from the square in front of the ice cream shop. You couldn’t help but notice how much he was blushing and tearing up. You didn’t know what he was asking those girls but you could tell he was harmless. He seemed like he was terrified, scared. Those girls kept walking past, seeming disgusted or just completely ignoring his existence.

It wasn’t until he went and sat down on a bench, hiding beneath the shad of a tree to brush away his tears that you decided you couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. It was good timing; your manager had just told you to go on break. You stepped to the back of the shop and you grabbed a waffle cone, before adding two scoops of vanilla ice cream. You scattered some rainbow-colored sprinkles on top of it before you nodded happily to yourself. Holding the ice cream, you left the shop and you made your way to the bench that the adorable, black-haired man sat on. 

“Excuse me." 

He jumped at the sound of your voice and he looked at you with tears in his brown eyes. You felt your heart squeeze sympathetically and you bit your bottom lip. He was wearing a cute, black beanie and only one ear was bent out from beneath it. You could see it turn red when he stared at you for more than a minute without saying a word.

"Sorry to disturb you. But I made you this.” You said, breaking the silence.

He looked at the waffle cone as you handed it to him with a soft blush on your cheeks.

“Those girls were all bitches to walk past you like that. I’m not sure what you were asking them, but don’t let them get you down.” You tried to cheer him up.

He wiped away the last of his tears before a smile curled his thin lips. He started to blush even more as he took the waffle cone. “Thank you, um, ___?”

You were surprised that he knew your name until you looked down at your nametag and mentally slapped yourself. “It’s no problem. What were you trying to do?”

He cutely took a bite of the sprinkles and he licked his lips before he turned his attention back to you. “I’m from a group and I’m trying to do a mission. I have to take a selfie with a girl and give her our album. I was trying to do the mission but I was so scared and no one would stop to listen.”

You felt bad for him as you sat down beside him and adjusted your uniform. “What group?”

“Topp Dogg.” He answered as he licked off some of the vanilla.

“Oh, I’ve never heard of it before. What do you do in the group?”

“I sing and dance.” He stated proudly. “My name is Hansol by the way.”

He stuck his hand out and you took it with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, Hansol. If you want, I can take the picture with you.”

His eyes widened with joy and he nodded. “I would appreciate it!”

You laughed a little. He was so cute. He reminded you of a puppy. He pulled out his cell phone and the album. He handed you the album before he turned on the camera. You leaned close to him. He held the ice cream up while you held up the CD. With a smile the picture was taken and you went to move your hand, accidentally causing him to brush his own cheek with the ice cream. You gasped in surprise and turned to look at him with wide eyes.

The ice cream was placed on his cheek like a kiss with tiny sprinkles hidden against it. Hansol laughed, loudly and high-pitched, kind of like a witch’s cackle, but it was cute and you found yourself laughing with him.

“I’m so sorry, I can get you a napkin.”

He shook his head and he put his phone away before he used his finger to wipe the food off. He licked his finger clean and continued to do this until there was nothing left on his cheek. You chewed your bottom lip nervously as he glanced at you.

“The ice cream is delicious. It would be a shame to waste it on a napkin.” He smiled. “Also, sprinkles and waffle cones are my favorite.”

You were relieved that he seemed to have cheered up a lot since you first came over. You and Hansol stood up off the bench as he took a bite from his waffle cone.

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“It’s really no problem. Who knows, I might just become a fan of yours.” You teased.

He laughed as a blush covered his pale cheeks.

“So, you work in that ice cream shop, right?”

You nodded.

“I’ll have to visit.”

You nodded again. “Yeah. And bring your members next time.”

“Okay, I will.”

You glanced down at your watch and you gasped. “Oops, looks like I need to get back. I’ll see you later, Hansol. Ah, and please don’t cry anymore.”

He gave you a puzzled look. “Why?”

You blushed. “I like it better when you smile.“

He stared at you in surprise, speechless. You turned away quickly and rushed back inside the ice cream shop, clutching the album to your chest, hoping that you’d be able to see his smile sometime soon. 

Sunflowers - Daryl Dixon

Anon:Can you write an image where the reader gets jealous because Daryl is talking to another woman and helping her with her aim or something? Thank you

Life’s different now in Alexandria especially with new people all the time. It’s hard trying to adjust when its no longer just you and Daryl.

Originally posted by zuffolo

You’re grateful, so damn grateful to be in a safe place with other survivors. Being around other people besides your adopted family was such a rare thing that it almost felt like a dream. You couldn’t remember the last time you had an actual shower with running water and not to mention a hot shower. You couldn’t remember the last time you laid in such a comfortable bed and when you closed your eyes you didn’t have to keep your ears open for the moans of the dead. You were safe and happy that you were safe with the person you cared most about, Daryl.

You became his muse and the one who always listened to what he had to say, whether he was angry or not. But eventually a new set of survivors also made Alexandria their home and one female got a little too friendly with your archer. Her name was Jessica and she was a babe.. Her skin was flawless like porcelain and her emerald eyes were as green as the lushest forest. Her smile could blind someone from a mile away and she had the body of an hour glass. To your disgust she immediately took a liking to Daryl and that made your gears grind in the worst of ways. The way she looked at him with lust in her eyes and her tongue as sharp as a spear when she spoke to him; not to mention the way he looked back and smiled. Jessica did not look at Daryl the way you did, you looked at him with caring eyes. Eyes that held your love for him and respect.

“Humph..” you groaned as you patrolled the fences of Alexandria. “Humph..” you groaned angrier and angrier, pacing back and forth it seemed that you were starting a rut in the wood with all the pacing. The sound of gunfire rang through the streets and drew your attention behind you, grabbing out your binoculars you searched for the source. Scoping around you found the source and it made you nauseated. Daryl and Jessica had been practicing shooting; okay that pissed you off. Leaning in closer as if it were to help your sight, Daryl slipped his arms around Jessica’s torso. His arms slinked under hers and over her breasts, his hand over her’s as he held her gun steady. That pushed you over the edge, taking your binoculars, you chucked them over the wall with anger. Balling up your fists you bit into one with your teeth and let out a muffled yell, yelling fuuuuuck in a hushed tone.

“Damn sister, who woulda knew you had an arm.” a sarcastic voice called from bellow you, peering over the edge you saw your ginger friend Abraham. He had been scouting the fences for any breaks or flaws and came upon you and your fit. “Go away Abraham.” you snapped in a harsh tone, the ginger replied with a hearty chuckle. “Someone’s wearing her pissy panties today.” rolling your eyes you ignored his comment. “Say I’ll take the rest of your shift, go calm your self down.” with a simple nod you agreed and climbed down. Abraham patted your back, giving you a thumbs up. You stormed off towards where Daryl and Jessica were practicing shooting, finding a place to hide behind a shed and eavesdrop. “Oh my gosh, you’ve got such good aim.” Jessica laughed obnoxiously. “Thanks. Lotsa practice.” Daryl replied, letting go of her arms. “See ya.” the archer grabbed his bag and left to go back home. As he was coming towards your way you got spooked and tried to play it off as coolly as you could when he bumped into you. “Y/N, what you doin?” he asked with a slight grin. “Nothing. How’s target practice with your girlfriend?” oops…did you just say that?Taken back from your harsh comment Daryl’s face was nothing but confused. “What-who? Jessica…wha?–” you cut him off with an even more harsh comment. “Don’t worry you can have sassy ass over there. Who can’t shoot for shit and will become walker lunch!” you yelled loud enough for her to hear, which she looked over in confusion. Daryl reached out to touch you, which you replied with a big middle finger in his face and stormed away. Jessica walked over and placed a hand on Daryl’s bicep “What’s her problem?” she looked up to Daryl and expected him to walk back with her, but to her surprise he just yanked his arm away and followed you. Jessica standing there in the street after Daryl left her there steamed with anger as she wasn’t the one he wanted.

Daryl found you on the back porch of your home and sitting on a swing. There you had your knees pushed up to your chest and wrapped each arm around them. You were mad, no you were pissed…no you were fucking furious. Your body shook as a mixture of anger and sadness coursed through your veins. The sound of footsteps got your attention but you were too upset to even care who’s they were. Looking down at your boots, you sat there in your own mess of emotions and didn’t realize that someone was holding out a bundle of sunflowers to you. Snapping your neck to the left, your eyes followed the hand up to who’s it was. It was Daryl, “Picked these for you.” with a slight smile, you accepted the gift and held them closely to you. “Jessica, she ain’t nothin’. I dunno why you worryin’ for.” he took a seat next to you and placed his hand on your shoulder. “Y/N. I ain’t good with these things.” your heart began to pump harder. “Me either. Sorry I–I was jealous.” you finally spat out what you felt. “I was jealous cause she’s so pretty and the way she looked at just drove me crazy.” Daryl took your arms and turned you towards him. Looking you deep in your Y/E/C with his blue orbs, “You’re the only one that I ever think about. Night and day, if anything happened to you..I dunno what I’d do..” he stared at you harder “When you said those hurt me an’ I don’t want you to think like that.” he leaned in closer to your face and brushed his lips gently across yours. Finally you had your first kiss with Daryl Dixon, your archer. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, you pulled back and smiled. “You’re perfect Mr. Dixon.” he smiled and hugged you tightly. “But Jessica’s going to be walker food someday..” you chuckled.

mental-reject  asked:

Part 1: Oops. I think it cut off I'll send in parts. Hope it doesn't become a problem. Can all of them try to kiss at once?? (Reference to ask someone made ages ago). Or pationate kisses to everyone because we saw Norman and Wirt already.

(I just imagine one of them is not gonna pull away because It’s so good, and then they nearly pass out from lightheaded ness, or they get drunk off it (like a love high. Sorry. Just my fanfic loving mind talking). Or if It’s not too much to ask, both somehow?? Idk. I know It’s a lot. I’m just dead of happiness from all of them. Best couple. Relationship goals all the way. ((I sat straight through and read the whole thing and jshdgsjn I just can’t put ino words how much I love every little detail <3 You’re just amazing!!)). I’M SO SORRY FOR INCONVENIENCE 

(It’s not an inconvenience at all!! Thank you for sending in an ask! I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying the blog!!!)

[Wirt] As for a passionate kisses… Norman nearly died from embarrassment the last time I gave him one, and Dipper’s probably not ready for one in the slightest. I mean, come on, he literally fell off the roof when it finally sunk in that we were dating!

p-aurisan  asked:

I do have another request.. what about Wendy helping Tweek feel better? I remember that part in the Creek episode where she was concerned for him when he fake broke up with Craig. c:

Wendy’s amazing! She’s always there for people who need support (or in this case, someone who’s only pretending to need it ^^).

I need to lay off the airbrushing haha it’s becoming a problem

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I am 100% for su criticism, I just want to know what your problems with the leaks are? I actually like the weird wonky new gems.

Oh, no, it’s not the new gems, I actually like them, even the caterpillar looking one. It’s more because of Lars’ arch: I can’t believe everything that has happened till now has led us to witness Lars’ hair becoming like Lion’s fur. (also I was one of those who hoped for Stars fusion oops, but it’s not that big of a deal if it doesn’t happen)

Out of My Element

pairing: klance

word count: 2.6k

summary:  What if Keith and Lance are the paladins stranded on the strange ocean planet instead? Similar antics ensue, with one small (big) problem…

a/n: This fic parallels the events of S2 Ep 13, The Depths, with some changes (also, I realize I forgot things, but we’ll let that slide easy… right?)! This is my only semi-decent completed piece in recent months and I come back not writing for sports anime (oops) Hope you still enjoy! Thanks for reading c:


The paladins found themselves in a whirlwind tumble, and before long, they were separated into what would become rather fateful pairs during the side journey (to compare the sensation, think along the lines of wiping out at the end of a really questionably safe waterslide).

Keith tried to regain his bearings as his lion slammed, with as much a lack of grace as an extreme amount of force, into a watery planet, a situation that no doubt left him feeling winded. He turned on the external lights as he warded off the dizziness, silently looking out for the chance that any of the other paladins had landed nearby - or, just a little better than that, spotting a local resident who might just know how to blast a huge robot lion back into space.

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mingyu || when he, a vampire, has to control himself while being around her

first svt scenario since i have slipped into the diamond life and didn’t update the blog for centuries! this one might have been slightly rated but idk mahn.

pairing ; mingyu x oc
genre ; fluff
words ; 1700+

No one knew of Kim Mingyu’s true identity. Not only his friends, but also his own precious mortal girlfriend, Kwon Mirae.

Everyone thought a vampire was nothing but a mythical creature that only appear in fictions and books, but Mingyu knew better for he was one of those admired movie characters.

Being able to keep his dark secret for over a century in the human world, Mingyu felt proud and secured – until he met a person whom he never thought would have made him feel sinful for being a blood-lusting creature.

Kwon Mirae.

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Solangelo Canon: ♡

♡ - (another) romantic headcanon (bc u can never have enough cute solangelo): when they first start going out, nico isn’t sure about public dates bc he still feels self conscious about being gay and doesn’t want his happy moments with will to be ruined by some judgmental jackass. eventually, though, he agrees to go out to lunch with will… and then to the movies… and then to a midnight walk in the park… and then to a nice dinner… and he slowly but surely becomes more comfortable with public hand holding and hugging until he reaches the point where he has no more fucks to give and his general attitude when he’s out and about with will is “hell yes im dating him and the only reason any of you have a problem with it is bc youre jealous”. legit nico is now so proud to be dating that beautiful man,,,

ask me for headcanons!