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OMGGGGG. I read your meet and greet post. First, it's AWESOME you got to see him, and so wonderful that you wrote your experience down so we could enjoy vicariously! Now to the point: I AM SO GLAD HE ALSO THINKS THE "Gina was real" line was dumb!!! I know it was a sad moment, but I BURST out laughing when the scene happened and Bellamy said that, and then I had to pause because I kept giggling, and afterwards I felt so GUILTY for it bc most ppl were empathetic and found it so sad.

Thank you! It truly was absolutely lovely, I just wish it had been longer! (I don’t really get nervous around celebrities but there are definitely some I click with more than others, and I definitely clicked with Bob.)

I just find it hilarious that he quotes that line at almost every con but he thinks it’s dumb hahaha

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Hello babes! Gina and I decided to host a tea awards because we both love tea and because why not haha so we are very excited to represent to you all, the Tea Awards by Voquecity and Tauah.


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Hey Lovelies!  Hayl, Gina, Dea, and I have collabbed to make the coolest quad christmas awards you will ever reblog (name a more iconic quad than us I’ll wait hahahah)!  We would love it if you could participate in this because It’s super cool and we want to show your awesome blog to Tumblr.  Here are the rules and such:



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  • best posts (x3) - Oh Holy Night
  • nicest blogger (x3) - Little Drummer Boy
  • best overall (x3) - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Elle’s favorite (x2) - I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
  • Dea’s favorite (x2) - All I want for Christmas is You
  • Gina’s favorite (x2) - White Christmas
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Good Luck lovelies!

Elle, Dea, Hayl, and Gina xx

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bellarke + "we’re secret friends with benefits and you accidentally wore my shirt to to the party so you’re pretending you came as me and it turns out your impression of me is on point and you know me better than you know myself are you sure you’re not in love with me??" come on, you can do this.

The whole thing had been Clarke’s idea. The party and the sex, that is.

Bellamy had been a lot easier to convince for the latter because it seemed like a good idea at the time. They were both single and a little buzzed, both reeling from their respective breakups from Gina and Niylah. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, one of those you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours sort of situations. Easy and uncomplicated and fun.

And it would have been, really, if it wasn’t for the small, niggling fact that he’s been half in love with her for years now.

He should probably— he knows he has to tell her already, but the thought of jeopardizing everything they have leaves him cold. It’s stupid and irrational and immature, but it’s Clarke, and he just knows that losing her would be unbearable. It’s easier, at this point, to actively not think about it. Which works out for him, at times.

Then their annual Halloween celebration rolls around and everything, quite literally, goes to shit.

Mostly because Clarke appears to have forgotten that they’re celebrating it her apartment this year considering she gets the door in nothing but her underwear and his shirt.

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I just need to quickly say

That I finally got around to JTV 3x03 and I sincerely appreciate that Jane’s first time isn’t this magical, earth-shattering experience despite it being with her husband, a man she clearly truly loves, because it’s realistic; this is perhaps the most realistic episode about the first time that I’ve seen on television particularly on teen dramas because the first time is awkward and you can have complicated feelings about losing your virginity even if it’s with someone you really love and it does take a while to know what you like and I was just very pleased with how well it was done.

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Love your blog! Do you have any blog recommendations for someone starting out and needing some inspiration, food and exercise wise?

Hi! Thank you so much :) I can definitley recommend a few blogs! Of course, you can also look through people I reblog from because they’re all great! 

Sorry if I left out anyone! I know I’m forgetting a few, but reblog this and add your name if I didn’t mention you!

Welcome to the fitblr community!!!!

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What do u think is Raven's view on grounders? She is the person who has the most reason to hold a grudge against them: being falsely accused/tied/cut, losing finn, having to suffer bone marrow removal due to lexa making deals with MW, losing gina (a close friend with whom she had more chemistry than her official bf). Do you think if she was in bell's shoes she'd also massacre 299 warriors? Do you think she shares Bellamy/Pike's views and would approve of their actions if ALIE plot didn't happen?

i havent been able to get to any asks lately, because life loves to get in the way, which means i am sort of out of the loop with analysis and stuff, but this question got me hooked because I know for a fact that others here have thoughts on this too so i’ve sat down and thought this through a bit for myself and i’ve come to the conclusion that she definitely would have shared pike’s view (probably not fight with him on the field though because of her leg/chronic pain) if she hadn’t been so disconnected from the political themes in arkadia (which was due to the whole CoL/ALIE storyline), and here is why:

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I'm Extra and I love angst so a concept: instead of Gina, Amy is the one who gets hit by the bus. How do you think Jake would react?

oh god okay. okay okay okay cool cool cool cool cool

let’s just. gOD okay let’s just say that it’s a similar set up: she’s out with charles and gina, except amy crosses the street with gina instead of staying up on the sidewalk with charles. amy obviously wasn’t watching charles’ text go through (granted that was partially because she was watching his phone over his shoulder) so let’s just say that she watches the text come in over gina’s shoulder

but she hears the engine and looks up just in time to see the bus barreling toward them and makes a split-second decision

she grabs gina’s arm and, with a strangled shriek, shoves gina out of the way and - well u kno what happens then

[going forward with my own personal headcanons about what happens next]

charles calls jake and he’s so hysterical that he has to scream it four times before jake finally understands what he’s saying

god like…okay jake is obviously distraught and is COMPLETELY freaking out initially, and then he gets to the hospital and has to wait while she’s in surgery and all these thoughts keep running through his head: what if she hadn’t pushed gina out of the way and gina got hit too? what if she can’t remember anything when she wakes up? what if she doesn’t know his name? what if all of this happened while he was still in florida?

listen he’s probably gonna alternate between staring at the wall like an emotionless zombie and locking himself in the bathroom where he’ll have a fully-fledged panic attack in those first few hours

but when the doctors come out and say that amy’s in a coma but she’ll make a full physical recovery and that people can go in and see her he’s the first one in her room and he doesn’t leave until she wakes up three weeks later


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Brontide, please. Thank you!

Brontide is the low rumbling of distant thunder.  Set in the same universe as this ice mechanic drabble.  Also inspired by @queenofchildren‘s cowboy!Bellamy, because that reminded me how much I love small town fics.

“It’s going to rain,” Roan warned her when walked past him in the living room of Gina’s B&B.  He was ensconced in front of the fire, cozy with a book, but she was going to go nuts if she stayed inside much longer no matter how nice Gina was.

“I’m taking an umbrella,” she said with an eyeroll.  It was his stupid fault she was stuck in this town anyway— he’d wheedled her into coming to Echo’s wedding as his “girlfriend” (in exchange for him dealing with his mother the next time she got it into her head to be the world’s biggest pain-in-the-ass-boss, and in addition to him paying for the entire weekend)– and he refused to listen when she pointed out he was shifting like a jackass teenager with his first manual.  So now they were stuck in a tiny little town and the only amusement so far was watching Roan try (and fail) to hit on the hot mechanic.  

“I’m going to go down to the garage and see how it’s coming along,” he said with would-be nonchalance.

“She’s out of your league,” Clarke said.

“I like a challenge,” he replied mildly.

Clarke rolled her eyes at him again and left, turning right at the end of the block on a whim.  She didn’t have her phone with her, but Arkadia was all of six blocks wide and four blocks long—  she couldn’t get lost.

But ten minutes later, just as the thunder that had been rumbling in the distance grew louder, Clarke looked up at the street sign and frowned.  She was on the corner of Maple and Oak, and she was sure that was where Gina’s was, but…nothing looked familiar.  She was debating between going right and left and the sky opened up above her.  Clarke squealed and tried to open the umbrella, but it was stuck.  She darted for the nearest awning while she wrestled with it, but it stubbornly refused to open.  “Goddammit,” she swore, and hit it against the railing in frustration.

“Do you have a vendetta against all umbrellas, or just that one in particular?” a voice behind her asked.

Clarke spun to find a man in a maroon sweater watching her in amusement.  He was handsome, with dark, curly hair and a sharp jawline that reminded her of the sheriff’s deputy the night Roan’s car broke down.  “This one in particular,” she said with a rueful smile.  “I’m—”

“Clarke, I know,” he supplied.  “This town isn’t exactly big, and it’s my sister who found you guys stranded the other night.  Your boyfriend’s car is going to pay for Raven’s next three mortgage payments, by the way.”

Clarke sighed, because really, she was sick of correcting people.  “He’s not my boyfriend.  We’re just work friends.”

“Work friends that go to weddings together?”

“I’m sorry, is there a hotline in this town?”

“Yes, but you don’t get access to it until you’ve lived here three years,” he threw back.  “Here, come in out of the rain.  These storms don’t last long, but it’s four blocks back to Gina’s and you’ll be soaked.”  

Clarke followed him into the red brick building and looked around.  “Library?” she guessed, because it was full of books but she didn’t see a register anywhere, and it had a general air of lived-in-ness that bookstores never quite achieved.

“And historical society.  That part’s upstairs,” he said.  “And I’m Bellamy, by the way.”

Clarke dropped her useless umbrella to the ground and shook out her hair.  “I’d introduce myself, but I think that’s pointless by now.”

“It is,” he laughed.  “Want a cup of coffee while you wait?”

The library was empty, so she nodded and waited while he disappeared in the back for a minute.  The mug said Arkadia Historical Society and Clarke asked how he ended up running both a library and historical society, and he made her explain just how she got roped into pretending to be Roan’s girlfriend for a weekend.

“According to my sister, that’s like, a guaranteed way to fall in love,” he laughed.

“That only works in movies and romance novels,” she said with a grin.  “And I love a good fake-dating story, but that’s just not me and Roan.”

Bellamy arched a brow and god, why was everyone in this town so attractive?  “No?  What’s this one then?  Mysterious stranger blows into town and upsets everything?”

Clarke echoed his tone.  “Something like that.  Depends, really.”


“On whether or not the handsome librarian is single.”

For a beat, Clarke wondered if she’d gone too far, but then he grinned.  “I like the sound of that,” he said.

Part of Clarke wanted to lean forward and kiss him right then, but the sun was breaking through the clouds and she still had at least two more days to go in this town, so she saw no point in needlessly rushing things.  Instead, she straightened.  “I should get going,” she said breezily.  “I’ll see you around, Bellamy.”

He watched her pick up her umbrella and licked his lips.  “Count on it.”


One of our Vulture readers noted that they love how Suits doesn’t hide your height: You’re always wearing high heels and beautiful column dresses. Have you had the experience of shows or movies trying to downsize you?

I often end up doing most of my scenes barefoot in other shows that I’ve been in. Which, on one hand, I really miss, because being in those heels all day is not fun. But it is wonderful. It’s wonderful when you see those shots of me clicking it down the hallway from head to toe, and it’s all me. Gabriel doesn’t care for it, at all. Gabriel is used to being the tallest guy on the set, so it really messes with him, which I love. A part of that, too, is that there’s nobody above Jessica, really. She is running it; she doesn’t have to apologize for her height or anything else. So often when I do come onto another show — sorry, guys — the leading men are shorter, and it’s all about maintaining the illusion that there’s a big guy on our campus. And a lot of [the actors] aren’t mature enough to not have that be so. And quite frankly, the networks aren’t particularly thrilled about having their big guys on campus look smaller than they need them to be. But that’s changing, I think. There are a lot of power women that are working today. (x)

things that happened after the events of aaddtsotu

  • dante and ari went on many, adorable, shitty dates. dante found out it’s not just girls who like it when you buy them milkshakes
  • gina didn’t find out they were dating until she, ari and susie were talking about kissing boys and she was like “what would u know” and ari was like well, actually
  • honestly as much as i love this book sometimes i wish it was set later because can you imagine dante and aristotle’s text converations
  • dante and gina become best friends. ari jokes about dante trying to replace him. dante and gina gossip about ari a lot
  • dante is more effected by homophobic comments in public than he shows
  • they get high in the desert and make out. dante didnt expect this to happen since he kinda Broke up with his dealer but ari was like “you left him to die in an alley if you dont do this i will break your legs”
  • when they get married, dante’s little sister is the flower girl
  • ari contemplates the fact that they figured out they were gay with each other and theyre still dating. what if theyre doing the whole gay thing all wrong and they dont know bc theyve never dated anyone else? dante says speak for yourself ari, it’s not his fault u suck at being gay
  • ari buys dante a pair of those water shoes for his birthday so he can wear shoes on the swim team. dante is horribly offended
  • dante’s arms start to heal. he always had more secrets then he let on
  • dante talks about his reaction to first seeing ari got really hot with all those muscles. ari is so embarrassed
  • dante is a very demanding boyfriend. he insists that ari has to “grill him a cheese” and ari is like oh my god you lazy ass do it yourself
  • ari saved all the letters dante wrote him from chicago, even the horribly embarrassing ones. he teases dante about them later
  • they probably go on roadtrips and shit together. fucking losers
  • dante discovers how easy it is to make ari blush. he has such a good time with this
  • dante quits his job at the drugstore. his dad pesters him about getting a job. dante explains he doesn’t need a job, dad, he’ll just marry ari for the money

Okay but I just realized the s3 hug between Bellamy and Clarke is probably the first time he’s been touched softly since Gina, the first time he’s been touched with love since Octavia beat him. He’s grasping and nuzzling into her with such intensity because he’s probably starved for a touch that’s filled with love and care (even if you don’t ship Bellarke romantically, you have to see Clarke at least cares for Bellamy).
I just- he probably missed her so much and then missed feeling loved so much that he’s CRYING while they hug. And it hurts me


Man it’s really hard to explain this but I swear my aunt was the best. She had the biggest heart ever it doesn’t matter who you were if we brought you around she treated you like if you were one of her own kids. She was the life of every party whatever attitude you brought you left because she really turnt everything up and made everyone have a great time. Her music selection was one of the best and it definitely rubbed off on me cuz cmon I play nothin but slaps lol. She’d really have everyone’s back no matter what the situation was and we def owe her the best funeral arrangements we can give her. So if anybody has anything they can spare or time to throw us In your prayers for strength and power to get us through these hard times it’d be greatly appreciated. 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️ I love anybody who just takes the time to read this because I’m forreals hurt by this and I just need a ear to listen a lil. 😞

I realize there’s only about a half hour left of the 16th but I haven’t had a free moment all day- ejrgjegtregk TODAY IS MY SHE-CHEY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! My Rin Hoshizora, my Yami, my senpai, my SHE-CHEY!!! :’D All of you should give her well wishes, because she’s such an incredible person and a super important person in my life!! She deserves to have the BEST birthday and the best birthday week, month and everything! I love you, Chey!!! ;o; <33333

And my mom kept telling me to lose control, but I couldn’t until you got here. Because I know you’re watching over me. Instead of me always having to watch over everyone else. So tonight is not my last night of freedom,
it’s my first night of freedom.

i was tagged by @thatsmygvn and @brcuewyane i think this one is different than the one you tagged me in but whatever 💖

Rules: Tag 20 people you’d love to get to know better

Name: caroline
Nicknames: none really
Gender: female
Star sign: aquarius
Height: 5′9
Hogwarts house: ravenclaw
Favorite color: black and light blue
Favorite animal: cats
Average amount of sleep: 6-7 on weekdays and like 13 on the weekends lmao
Cat or dog person: cats but i love dogs too 🐱🐶
Favorite fictional characters: daryl dixon, jesus, michonne, natasha romanoff, karen page, jessica jones, jessica drew, april ludgate, gina linetti
Number of blankets I sleep with: three atm, one is an electric blanket because i’m actually 78 years old
Favorite singer/band: i love fleetwood mac, the beatles, sleater-kinney, haim, marvin gaye, zeppelin, joanna newsom, teenage fanclub, cold war kids, regina spektor omg my taste in music is all over the place
Dream trip: i’d love to go to ireland because i didnt get to go when i studied abroad. or back to scotland
Dream job: writing for a show like b99 or parks and rec
When was this blog created: i think in march?? whenever season 2 of daredevil came out
Current number of followers: 812
When your blog reached its peak: usually whenever there’s new desus or kastle stuff happening i guess?

20 is so many people omg uhmmm @daryldixonsexrobot @drcloyd @just-whelmed @frankcasxtle @cgrimes @pauljrovias @favrielle ok thats enough

ok, I did this so quick lmao @aftgomes21 thanks for the tag!!! i tag @neymvrjr @neymarspassion @rafaeloangelo @heartsoftruth

1. Nickname: Mari

2. Gender: Female

3. Height: 175 cm

4. Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw/Slytherin

5. Favourite color: Green!!!

6. Average hours of sleep: Like 7

7. Lucky number: Also 7

8. The last thing I googled: "Was Trotsky angry because Kamenev married his sister” (no joke)

9. Favourite Character: Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99

10. How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 no matter the temperature outside

11. Favourite bands/artist: Coldplay, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars

12. Dream trip: St. Petersburg and Moscow,  I’m in love with Russian history.

13. Dream job: Architecture

14. Current outfit: Pajamas

15. Following: Football blogs mostly!!

16. Posts: Football and a lot of memes, in a nutshell

17. Do I get asks on a daily basis: Not really

18. The reason for my url: My child?? My pure son?

Relationship Status: Single

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

Last Song I Listened to: ‘Carioca’ by Joe Kinni (I made a 10-minute video critiquing it and sent it to my friend, but that’s beside the point)

Last Movie I Watched: I think it was The Grinch

Last Book I Read: Woman At Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

Top 3 Favourite TV Shows: Sherlock, Psych, Brooklyn 99 (yes I am into detective stuff how can you tell)

Top 3 Favourite Characters:  Gina Linetti (b99), Percy Jackson (my son!!!), Moriarty (Sherlock)

Top 3 Favourite Ships: Amy/Jake (b99), Andy/April (parks & rec), Keith/Lance (voltron)