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Revised edition

Quick report on Kubo and Yamamoto’s attendance to Concomics Guadalajara. I was in line for 9 hours plus two more for their short Q&A and am objectively dying, sorry for typos 

ETA: When I wrote this it didn’t occur to me that it would get hundreds of reblogs before I ever got to fix it, now my half-deceased incompetent typing will live on forever *sobs*

  • I arrived at 6:30 am and there were already people in line jeeesus (lots were coming to see a youtuber though)
  • Gonna spare you the deets on the awful people in my surroundings thank @yuurinikiforov cos I screamed at her for hours

ETA: I just realized this sounds like it was Ally making me scream but in fact i tumblr-screamed at her to prevent from unleashing my frustrations on the gross fujos that surrounded me. Thank Ally because she got to read all that nervous-wreck garbage and y’all get to be spared

  • I had a two-day ticket so I was allowed in half an hour earlier and if not for that, I probably would’ve missed on the autograph line. They had space for 50 people (plus 200ish that had bought the express pass which was super expensive). I was #45. It took less than three minutes since getting inside for all 50 spots to be taken

(this was the line after three minutes. I was too lazy to take pics of it later, but it got to be around 5 times this at some point.)

ETA: According to Con staff, since the lines were very well organized, they actually got to sign quite a bit more people than the originally allotted 50. The Queens are so kind. 

  • No photos, video or sound recording of The Queens allowed, except for this one taken by Con staff. They were giving away those postcards for the filthy casuals people who didn’t bring any official merch for the sign

i’m mostly kidding about the filthy casual thing bc I hate fandom elitism but there were a lot of people bringing FANART PRINTS and I wanted to gut them

  • Kubo would quick sketch a character of your choice. I chose Victor bc I love how she draws his huge heart mouth
  • I was able to tell Sayokan how grateful I am from the bottom of my heart and that I’m looking forward to the movie and she said thank you and that they’re workinng hard. I died. ETA: I wanted to say so much more but I was so nervous my Japanese came out really garbled and we didn’t have much time. And I didn’t get to say anything to Kubo because I didn’t want to distract her from drawing ;—;
  • Sayokan has a beautiful smile and I love her

ETA: She also had an aura like Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada, twenty years younger: A STRONG woman who takes no prisoners and is fabulous af. I love her with all my soul.

After the autographs, The Queens had a short stage appearance

  • There was a cosplay contest and the winners would get to sit in the front row for The Queens’ presentation. I didn’t take any pics but the standout for me apart from a flood of gorgeous girls doing Eros Yuuri, was a pair of girls doing Lilia and Yakov. The announcer clearly didn’t watch the show and botched Lilia’s last name, but the cosplayer had the attitude 100% on point.
  • Something I hate is people who say Yurio stressing the u, it sounds so wrong and a lot of people today were doing it and driving me mad
  • The stage was packed af
  • Kubo drew quick sketch of Victor while she and Sayo answered a couple of questions. They will post the video later today

ETA: Here’s the video

  • Audience Questions logistics wasn’t very well prepared and even Kubo asked how it was gonna work. I was embarrassed for the lack of planning. In the end those that were lucky to be close to the stage got to ask the questions. Lia was praying for no stupid questions pls.

Q&A (translation partially mine partially from the interpreter)

1. What were your expectations about Mexico and have those expectations changed now

Kubo: I haven’t gone sightseeing yet but it’s my first time in Mexico and I didn’t expect so many people. [The people/audience] feels four or five times warmer than japan (make of that what you may, Japanese people say that about us a lot) Sayokan didn’t answer

2. Dumb question that has already been answerred in interviews about whether Yurio was planned to win from the start. As we know, yes, pretty sure both of them have said it before.

Sayokan added that his character development wasn’t completely planned though, and he evolved a lot during writing.

3. Which word do you think of when you thibk of Yuuri and Victor 

Sayokan: Love (愛) 

Kubo: She didn’t talk to the mic and people were still screaming about 愛  so Ididn’t hear what she said but the interpreter said she said Friendship. My queens get your story sraight pls

HUGELY IMPORTANT ETA: Other people that were there have confirmed that Kubo gave a long answer that included 断ち切れない絆 “an unbreakable bond” and didn’t say anything about friendship. There was a telephone game going on because there was a JP-ENG interpreter and then an ENG-SPA interpreter and I don’t know how or why the latter got “friendship” but please take this into account, I don’t want people to hate on Kubo because I wasn’t close enough to hear her answer and the Spanish interpreter botched it.

Not important ETA: A girl close to me was yelling “Victuri” like she hoped they’d answer that and I was facepalming hard

Kubo also asked (in Japanese) if anyone understood Japanese, it wasn’t translated and a good dozen of hands shot up. She was surprised. Some folks screamed abd she said 落ち着け. One or two continued screaming so obviously they didn’t understand Japanese lol

4. Stupid question about whether they plan to develop Otabek and Yurio’s relationship. 

Sayokan said they hadn’t fully decided on how everything’s gonna end in the movie so can’t say yet but look forward to the bonus on V6 (the interpreter said V3 and I wanted to gut him). Hoes I like Otayuri but stop trying to shove it on The queens’ faces pls

5. Do you have plans for a special chapter about the Lady skaters? 

Sayokan said it’s definitely something they’d love to do but right now their focus is on the boys abnd finishing their story. Best answer for me tbh besides Sayokan’s 愛 cos I wanna see Mila skate soooo bad.

ETA: Forgot to mention this but a lot of people were chanting “Boda! Boda!” (wedding). Kubo asked what it was that people were chanting and the interpreter told them. Someoene else is reporting that Sayokan chuckled. There were two tall dudes in front of me so my vision was very obstructed and can’t confirm, but neither said anything out loud in response to it

  • Sayokan threw some gifts at the audience but My Queen is no pitcher and I was too far back so didn’t get anything *sobs*. Some were prints or maybe postcards but no idea of what exactly.

And that’s it! Theyll be signing more autographs and have another stage appearancw tomorrow but I can’t stay so someone else will have to report it whilst I die.

TL;DR I love them and my calebdar looks even more beautiful and I never thought that was possible and I’ll cry about this day for the rest of my life.

PS I’ll fix those typos when I’m not utterly destroyed
PPs: I have no shame so I wanna plug my cute Victuri Tangled AU it’s really cute and it doesnt have typos promise, please read it

daziy  asked:

That ask about your not capitalising the regular names of the aliens got me thinking.. Any ideas on what human scientists name the aliens' species scientifically?

So… Going down the taxon levels (pun not intended), I’m pretty sure that all the aliens we see in Animorphs are Animalia kingdom given how much they all tend to move around and react to the environment, which would make them by default Eukarya domain.  Within the Anmalia kingdom I’d be comfortable saying that andalites and hork-bajir are almost certainly Chordata (Cassie kills a hork-bajir by breaking its neck, and at one point Ax mentions his back legs “collapsing” after a fall breaks some internal bones in #8, both of which suggest the existence of spinal cords), whereas yeerks are probably part of the Mollusca phylum and taxxons might be Arthropods given their number of legs.  We know that taxxons eat, of course, and #43 strongly implies that they poop, so I’m a little more confident in that one than I am with the yeerks - after all, yeerks are solar-powered, and on Earth that only happens with plants and bacteria, never with animals.  (All right, now I’m kind of headcanoning that each yeerk is a single GINORMOUS bacterium cell, but there’s really no basis for that in canon.)

Of course, all of this speculation assumes that ALIENS HAVE CELLS WITH NUCLEI, which is already a pretty big jump, but the very fact that all these species can walk around on Earth without spacesuits (except the yeerks, who I guess kind of use humans as spacesuits) suggests that at the very least they can do something meaningful with oxygen and/or nitrogen and/or carbon and/or argon when they breathe.  We also know that they can’t just skip breathing, because there are mentions of Marco successfully strangling both taxxons and hork-bajir, whereas #29 establishes that yeerks can’t “breathe” unless they’re in some kind of liquid and MM4 hinges partially on Ax not being able to breathe underwater unless he’s in morph.

Moving down to class, I’m pretty comfortable putting andalites down as mammals: they have warm blood (#29), they’re covered in fur (#1), they perform complex brain operations (#29), and it’s strongly implied they make little andalites through birth rather than eggs (AC).  None of the others fit into classes that well, given that taxxons have too many legs to be insects or arachnids and too much variation in “leg” shape (everything from tiny hands to cone-shaped pods to segmented leg-limbs) to count as Diplopada, yeerks absorb all their energy from their sun (which rules out their existences as actual slugs), and hork-bajir have too much exoskeleton in combination with bipedalism to fit most vertebrate classes.

So I think I’ve talked myself into the hypothesis that class would be the taxon where the poor confused biologists of a post-Animorphs Earth would have to start making up names.  I’m not sure if it would make the most sense to have a new general class called Extraterrestria (or something) as a preliminary “junk pile” category before the evolutionary ancestry of these species could be established thoroughly enough to make more nuanced categories more feasible, or if it would instead make sense to establish a taxon above domains that accounted for Terrestria vs. Extraterrestria.  Either way the issue of how to define “species” would inevitably get complicated, given that right now the rule of thumb is “Can they make babies together?” and Tobias’s existence would imply that humans are a subspecies of andalite (or vice versa) until everyone could agree on a new rule.  Heck, if we count Seerow Hamee as well, now andalites and hork-bajir and humans are all the same species, and while I love the diplomatic implications of that idea it wouldn’t be particularly informative for anyone trying to study aliens systematically.

As for what the specific names of those species end up being, I bet you dollars to donuts they’d be a) Eurocentric, b) not that descriptive to the point where they end up getting revised a lot, c) kind of dumb, and d) bad fake-Latin combined with bad fake-Greek.  Since that’s the pattern taxon-names tend to follow right now.  The thing with just sort of mushing together Greek root words and suffixes to make crappy neologisms that nonetheless sound impressive (*cough* eleutherophobia is not a real word *cough*) is the number-one parlor trick of life scientists, and I have a sneaking suspicion it would persist even when describing species that have no history of Latin, Greek, or even characteristics that can be meaningfully described in Latin or Greek.  Because, well, we’re only human.

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Isn't it like, a little fucked up to still use Jamie's ads after firing her and leaving her stranded? Sure, there could be two sides to the story, but since you haven't made a statement yet, I only have hers to go off of.

1) When I employed Jamie, part of her job was to create ads, which I then compensated her for. Why should I give up the content that I paid for? Her no longer working for me doesn’t negate her previous contributions.

2) I didn’t feel the need to publicly make a statement about it because it was a personal matter. I haven’t read Jamie’s statement, but I’m assuming if it has anons coming to me, it probably doesn’t tell the full story. I didn’t “fire her and leave her stranded”. The context was that Jamie and her boyfriend had booked an airbnb for the weekend, because we had discussed how I didn’t want her boyfriend staying at my apartment. I then came home after a long night only to find her and her boyfriend had taken all of my bedding and passed out in the other room. So yes, I was pissed to come home to not only find people in my apartment but also that I had no proper place to sleep. They left, and I honestly thought that we would just reconvene in the morning and apologies would be made and everything would be fine because stuff like this happens. However, when I was cleaning the next morning I ended up finding, and having to clean up, a bunch of used condoms, which really pissed me off. I texted Jamie about it and her response was to just make a joke. By the time she came over I had cooled off and was ready to handle everything maturely, but when she arrived she did not say one single word to me and just got her stuff and left. 

And this was the breaking point for me. Everyone does dumb stuff like this, I know I have! And you get over it. But the way she acted after was really upsetting to me, and I felt disrespected. I’m not trying to victimize myself or come across as acting like I’m all high and mighty when I say all of this, but honestly I gave Jamie a lot. I invited her to come stay with me in New York, and she ended up staying for months. The whole time I treated her as my guest- I didn’t expect or ask her to pay rent, contribute to bills, or anything like that. Occasionally she would pay for meals or some groceries, but for the most part I covered most expenses. And I was more than happy to do this! Again, I’m not saying this to complain about how much of a burden she was or imply that I think she owes me or is forever indebted to me, I’m just attempting to explain the situation! 

I also paid her hourly for the work she did while she was here. She put up with me and the utter chaos that was my life and my apartment, and helped me begin to fix things and learn from the mistakes and improve. So besides having to put up with me, it’s a pretty nice work situation to be in. 

This is how I am in most of my relationships. I want to give as much as I possibly can to people and seeing them happy makes me happy. And I feel selfish even saying this, but  one of the hardest things I’ve been learning to do is to acknowledge when what I’m getting from someone isn’t nearly as much as I’m giving and I’m getting taken advantage of. Which is how I ultimately felt after she showed up and grabbed her stuff without saying a single word to me. 

I might revise this later - I’m exhausted and not sure if I’m making full sense, or coming off like I mean to. But it’s a start.

ok but please consider shipping terushima/futakuchi

after managing to convince ppl in my group chat that this pairing is gOLDEN i am here to spread the word of terufuta. ( under the cut because this post got very, very long!!! like 1,300 words long. lots of nsfw too oops ) credit goes to @sdaishou​ & @anakajima​ for supplying & building on some of these headcanons!!!! please join me in the deepest circles of rarepair hell, it’s so worth it  ( PART TWO | PART THREE )

  • they meet a practice match or something for the first time and end up getting really competitive with each other. at some point in that match terushima inadvertently calls futakuchi a pretty boy when he’s trash talking 
  • teru really does think futakuchi is pretty but never meant to say it out loud
  • futakuchi never lets him live it down
  • it all goes downhill from there
  • also pls also note that during the karasuno/johzenji game futakuchi’s in the stands watching the match clearly to cheer on his boyfriend #canon 👀 👀

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Just Friends

Pairing: peter x reader

Summary: peter and you were best friends who had feelings for each other for a long time now. You both were too scared to confess them for you didn’t want to ruin what you already had. It took him saving you and you having the weirdest day of your life to make many new discoveries.

Request: @thecoffeestudyblr :hi! I was hoping I could have a Peter x Reader one shot where the reader is super shy and anxious and she is Natasha’s little sister who is really protective of her and Peter is also really protective of the reader since they are best friends and they go to school together. I was hoping the plot would be something like the reader would get bothered by some guys on the street at night and then Spiderman would save her and she would find out it’s her best friend Peter and lots of fluff? :)

Author’s Note: it took a lot of time to post because I didn’t have much time. This might trigger some people as it has the mention of sexual harassment. It has some fluff in the end so I hope I can make it up for the gloom. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): anxiety, sexual assault, cat calling and swearing(?)

Word Count: 2124

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

‘don’t tell me you slept here.’ Natasha sighed as she saw you sprawled on the couch with your history textbook clutched to your chest. she tied her hair up and moved towards your sleeping form.

‘wake up, (y/n).’ She shook you lightly. ‘time to rise and shine.’ She kept the textbook aside.

‘I am not a luminous object, I can’t shine.’ You mumbled and buried your face in the cushions.

‘seriously, sister? You correcting me all the time, even in your sleep, kinda hurts my feelings.’ She kept a hand on her heart in a mocking manner and you just mumbled in response. She was thinking about some other way to wake you up until she had a brilliant idea.

‘look peter’s here!’ she exclaimed.

‘what!?’ you sprang up and tried to fix your appearance hastily. Natasha threw her head back in laughter and you shot her a glare.

‘laugh your ass off.’ You muttered. ‘couldn’t you give me five more minutes?’ you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes.

‘I could have but I had two reasons, number 1, you said you wanted to revise for a test and two, peter was going to pick you up.’ She stood up.

‘yeah, yeah. I remember.’ You stood up and collected all your study material.

‘so, peter is picking you up because..’ she looked at you.

‘god, stop playing spy with me!’ you turned to face her. ‘I am your flesh and blood, can’t you trust me! He’s my best friend nothing else.’

‘okay, okay.’ She put her arms forwards. ‘relax, I was just asking.’

‘good.’ You said before leaving the common room.

You walked in the common room after finishing your morning routine. Most of the avengers were present there. You scanned the room and were dismayed as you couldn’t find your best friend.

‘sorry, kid. Your dumb boyfriend couldn’t make it.’ tony walked past you ruffling your hair.

  ‘for the last time he’s not my boyfriend!’ you before storming away.

‘yeah right.’ Tony smirked and drank a glass of water.

‘I really like the idea of them being together, they’d be really cute.’ Wanda said.

‘peter’s a good kid, I wouldn’t mind if they dated.’ Steve added.

‘you do realize that’s my sister you all are talking about, right?’ Natasha entered the room after hearing the conversation.

‘oh, don’t lie Nat! you know that they are great for each other.’ Clint said.

‘yeah, but-‘ Natasha tried to explain.

‘they even like each other! They just pass each other these glances and all the cute thoughts,’ Wanda interrupted Natasha. ‘I just want to lock them in a room until they confess their feelings!’ she said.

‘okay, let’s end it here! Just stop it!’ Natasha gave them a sharp look.

‘I ship it.’ tony mouthed at everyone making them snicker.

You were busy arranging your books in the locker and listening to some music. You always tried to busy yourself when you were feeling an intense or a mixture of emotions, it was like a way to distract yourself from all that was going inside your mind. at that particular moment, you were anxious, angry and little hurt. You had a test and you had not seen peter till then.

‘7 days.’ Someone whispered in your ear with a creepy voice. You turned around with wide eyes and a pen clutched in your hands, only to find a grinning peter. ‘aww, look at you trying to attack me with your little pen.’ He pulled your cheeks making a pink smudge appear on them.

  ‘you scared me!’ you smacked him with a notebook. ‘and why the hell didn’t you pick me up?’

‘ow,’ he rubbed his arm. ‘I had to take care of something! Plus, your ‘family’’ he made quotation marks in the air. ‘love to pull my leg.’ He said and moved closer to you. you noticed a bruise on his cheekbone when he did so.

‘how did you get that?’ your furrowed your brows and examined it by pulling his face closer too yours. while you were busy looking at his bruise, peter couldn’t help but stare in your eyes. He took in your appearance, your beautiful (y/e/c) eyes, the tiny moles on your face that only added to your beauty, those hairs that always stuck out and your rosy lips.

‘I never wanted to kiss someone this bad.’ He started to think. ‘what would her lips feel like? How would they taste?’

  ‘would you say something?’ you snapped him out of his thoughts.

‘god, you’re beautiful.’ He breathed.

‘what?’ you tilted your head and let him go. ‘are you on something, parker? I asked you where did you get that bruise.’ You said in an attempt to hide your burning face.

‘oh, that? Yeah, I-I was getting something from the top shelves for aunt may and, uh, the thing fell on my face.’ he stuttered. ‘I’ve gotta go now, bye.’ He said and left in a hurry.

‘but!’ you tried to follow him but the bell rang and you had to rush for your test.

The test that you were so anxious for had turned out to be good. You had looked for peter the whole day after that but he would always make an excuse and leave. you stopped trying after a while, you couldn’t take the ignorance anymore.

The day ended after what felt like an year. It was true, bad time passes like sand in an hour glass; awfully slow. You sighed as you closed your locker. You slung your bag on your shoulder and started to make your way towards the doors.

  ‘hey (y/n)! wait up!’ you heard peter shout behind you. you were too angry to respond and ignored his callings. ‘hey!’ he grabbed your arm and turned you around.

‘let go!’ you said in an irritated tone. ‘what do you want now?’

  ‘I wanted to apologize that’s all! I am sorry I acted that way and- ‘he tried to explain.

‘save it, peter. You don’t just hurt someone and expect them to forgive you. do you realize how hard it was for me to pass the day without having you by my side!? Maybe it’s right what Nat says, people leave, I must get used to it.’ you said and left him.

  Your mind wouldn’t shut up as you walked on the empty street. Hundreds of anxious thoughts were haunting your brain at that time. Had you overreacted? Would peter hate you now? Will he ever talk to you again? Maybe the test went bad and you were overconfident. You clutched your hair and jaw as you tried to calm your mind. your breathing felt uneven and so did your heartbeat. You knew just the place you had to go.

you took the last sip of your coffee and continued to read the book that had you entranced for so long. Anne’s Little Bookshop was your haven. Your soul felt happy whenever you went there. You always went there whenever you had a rough day or wanted to reset your brain.

‘it’s getting late, dearie.’ The sweet old lady who owned the place picked your cup. ‘your sister must be worried.’ She smiled and sat down next to you.

‘don’t worry, Anne. It’s just-‘ you took out your phone to check the time. ‘uh-oh, Nat’s going to kill me.’ You stood up and started picking all your things. Anne helped you pack the stuff and walked you to the door.

‘you had rough day, didn’t you?’ she leaned on the door frame.

‘how-, yeah, you know me too well.’ You looked down.

‘you are like my granddaughter, I ought to know.’ She straightened up. ‘and don’t worry, god always helps the ones who are pure of heart.’ She patted your cheek.

‘thanks, Anne.’ You hugged her. ‘good night!’ you said before leaving.

You walked on the empty street picking up pace. You had lost track of time and were trying to reach home before Natasha decides to get you. you decided to take a short cut and entered a dark alley. The alley had graffiti all over its walls. Some were quite unique while others made no sense. You didn’t like to pass through this area, it gave you a dark feeling.

‘hey, baby. All alone tonight? want my company?’ you heard someone speak from behind you. you thought ignoring it would be the best and walked faster.

‘hey! Where you trying to go? Wanna get in my van? I’ve got some candy for you. you can sit on my lap while I- ‘another man sneaked up from somewhere.

‘shut up!’ you snapped. ‘leave me alone!’ you turned around and decided to walk away but ran into another guy who was much taller than you.

‘now, now.’ He grabbed you and pulled you closer to him. ‘don’t play all hard to get.’ He tightened his grip. ‘ain’t she pretty.’ He ran a finger down your face. you tried to get out of his grip but he was too strong.

‘the hell she is. Get that jacket off darling, it’s blocking some great view.’ One of them, the bald one, stripped off your jacket and wrapped it around his neck. ‘I am not disappointed.’ He smirked in a sickening manner.

‘let me go!’ you cried out. ‘leave me!’ you screamed. You stomped on the feet on the man who was holding you. his grip loosened and you wiggled away. You thought you could’ve escaped but they caught you.

‘you shouldn’t have done that.’ He said through gritted teeth.

‘and you shouldn’t do what you are doing right now.’ A new voice rang in the alley.

  ‘the fuck do you want?’ he turned around to face a red figure.

Spiderman.’ You thought and a relief washed over you.

‘the girl, let her go or you might get hurt.’ He said and jumped from the wall.

They shoved you aside and charged on him. he dodged all there punches and took them down with ease. He left some stuck to the wall and others lying unconscious on the ground.

‘don’t. ever. Go near a girl, low lives!’ he growled. He picked up your jacket and hung your bag around his shoulder. ‘let’s get you somewhere safe, okay?’ he wrapped one arm around your waist and swung you to the top of a building. He sat you down and helped you with your jacket before sitting beside you.

‘hey,’ he said softly. ‘it’s over. They can’t touch you now.’ He kept his hands on your shoulder.

‘they-they tried to, their hands were all-‘ your voice cracked and tears welled up in your eyes. He forgot everything and hugged you tightly. You wrapped your arms around him and let the tears flow.

‘shh, it’s okay. You are okay. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I will always protect you, (y/n).’ he rubbed your back.

‘you know my-my name?’ you pulled back and asked with furrowed brows.

‘what? No I call every girl (y/n). ask my girlfriend, it’s a problem.’ He tried to cover up.

‘peter!?!’ your eyes grew wide. ‘take off your damn mask!’ you ordered.

‘fine.’ He sighed. ‘hey.’ He rubbed the back of his neck. You didn’t know how to react. Everything was way too much. You leaned against the wall and stared at him.

‘why-why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ you asked.

‘okay, just listen and relax, okay?’ he tried to calm you. ‘I wanted to tell you myself so I asked them to never tell you about it. I am sorry I ruined your day, I called you beautiful and had all these thoughts about kissing you and stuff so, i-I avoided you the whole day. I was scared you wouldn’t like me back.’ He said everything way too fast. ‘and I am not trying to impress you by saving you I was truly terrified, when-when those,’ he gritted his teeth at the memory of those people. ‘ I like-‘

  You pulled him in a kiss to stop him from blurting out anything else. He felt the same as you did and it was enough. Superhero or not, you liked him either way. He was taken aback at first but soon moved his lips in sync. You kissed him deeply and lovingly, letting him know you felt the same. You both pulled back breathing heavily.

‘whoa.’ He breathed

‘I like you too, dork.’ You cupped his face. ‘for a long time now.’ You ran your thumbs on his cheek bones. ‘I can’t thank you enough for what you did.’ You looked in his eyes.

‘another amazing kiss would do.’ he wiggled his brows and pulled you closer by the waist.

‘promise to take me on a date tomorrow, you can have a thousand kisses.’ You chuckled and wrapped your arms around his neck.

‘promise.’ He pulled you in another deep kiss.

valentinedarling  asked:

What are your thoughts on the "cut what you love" idea?

Hello there! (I love your hair ♥︎)

I assume you mean ‘cut what you love’ during the revision process, right? I prefer to call it ‘kill your darlings.’ In the past I have talked about editing (or chopping) out parts of the story that may not be effective— even if you like them, or enjoyed writing them. You can read more about my feelings, here c;

Instead, I want to spend this time to tackle the misconception of ‘cut what you love.’

It doesn’t mean what some people think it means.

Those of you who have seen my Top 5 Tips For Revision know that the overall message of that post was that (during the revision process) you must be able to look at your work objectively.

That is the exact same sentiment from which the advice ‘kill your darlings’ (or the misinterpreted ‘cut what you love’) comes from. The reality is that, from time to time, we end up writing things that may not be necessary, or effective, to the story.

I can already tell that someone is rolling their eyes at me, and that’s okay~ we can all have different opinions on this. What counts as ‘important’ and ‘not important’ is entirely subjective. I get that— but during the revision process you HAVE to be able to look at your writing and ask:

“Does this really need to be here? And if the answer is yes, am I choosing to keep this passage/paragraph/element because I believe the story is better because of it… or is it because I am attached to the time and effort I spent writing it?”

That’s it.

That is seriously the key to creating the best story possible: don’t waste the reader’s time with things that are not important to the story. This is also the secret for improving pacing. Again, I can feel that some of you may be taking my words wrongly, so let me clarify as to what I am NOT saying:

  • I am NOT saying that you have to dumb-down your story.
  • I am NOT saying that you have to sacrifice your artistic vision
  • I am NOT saying that you have to cut everything that you love

What is your job as a writer? To tell a compelling story.

Let’s say that again.

What is your job as a writer? To tell a compelling story.

Let me tell you about my first book. When I wrote the first draft of Ravensgem the opening was A LOT more different than it is now. It was a long, and epic retelling of the birth of Gadeen (the fantasy world where the story takes place). It was big, and expansive, and full of magical realism. I liked it. I loved writing it. But when I started editing the book that opening stood out like a sore thumb.

I didn’t want to chop out the entire opening of the book, I mean I nearly killed myself trying to get that first line right— you know? I didn’t want to just throw all of that work down the drain…

But that was exactly what I had to do.

I gave the book time. I let it sit. I came back and I looked at it objectively. I looked at it as though it had been written by someone else. I looked at the book as a whole, and I realized that opening had to go. Yeah, it was epic. Yeah it was fun to write— but Ravensgem was not about an epic fantasy world and the history that brought it to life. It was a story about people, about a young man choosing strife over safety and about a young woman choosing love over wealth.

I rewrote the opening into what it is today. I had fun. I enjoyed it. And I created something better than what was there before.

This is the entire point of revision.

Is it hard to chop out days (if not weeks) of ‘work’? Of course— but you need to remind yourself why you are doing all of this for:

To tell a compelling story.

I don’t know about you, but I want my stories to be awesome. I want my stories to be the best they could possibly be. And that sometimes means that you have to take out the entire opening of a book and start from scratch. Why? Why do all of this? Why go through all of this trouble? Because, at the end of the day, you are doing this… to tell a compelling story.

I hope this helps! If you, or any other writerly friend, has any more questions make sure to send them my way!

Keep Writing~ ♥︎

Get the grades you want!

I’m currently in year 11 and my first GCSE exam is about 70 days away. Yes I am panicking! But that’s because I don’t want to fail and by fail I don’t mean get a D, I mean get below an A because I know and everyone around me knows that I can get an A. My headteacher once said, “If you want a D and a D is all that you can get, then you get that D” But since my year group are dirty minded we all laughed at first but what he said did make sense. Everyone has different goals and everyone is smart in their own way. GCSEs basically test your memory and ability to apply it. You should never let anyone tell you can’t get that A or can’t get that D because if you want it and you work hard for it then you can get this.

I know lots of people say that GCSEs mean nothing and A-levels are harder, but at this moment in time they are important, you need them to move on with your education.
I haven’t reached A-levels yet so I don’t need to worry about how hard they are, sure when I get there I’ll have to work hard to get good grades but currently I need my GCSEs to even get into my A-level courses.

Everyone learns in different ways and I believe that you just need to find the way you learn and use that with revision.
The more you revise, the more you understand, the more you understand the easier the exam will be (in theory).

The way I like to revise is read a page from the revision guides and essentially dumb it down into a summary and write it out or put it in a mind map, and this is all in bright colourful pens.

If you don’t learn this way then take a test find the way you learn best because there’s no point in using methods that don’t work for you.

Also, for the last few months of year 11, just really knuckle down because after your GCSEs you have 3 months ( YES THREE WHOLE MONTHS) to do whatever you want. So just start revising and take breaks in between and in those small breaks treat yourself for all the hard work put in. I’ve seen so many people who have the potential to achieve great grades and who have the potential to go far in the future, just throw it all away for friends and popularity. Seriously when you get older you’ll end up regretting not putting in the effort, you probably won’t even be friends with the same people.
If you work hard now, you can treat yourself to 3 months of being lazy or of summer parties

I hope this helps and gives motivation to people who want to do well and get the grades they want.

Aspire to be more than what everyone defines you as.

a secret admirer

genre: slight fluff, angst

characters: jungkook x reader

words: 1,599

hello guyss i’m finally back after a long hiatus woohoo hope y'all enjoy this fic that i wrote! leave me some comments in the askbox :-)

You were finally done with your exams, well almost. You only had your physics paper left on coming monday, and it was your strongest subject, so you decided to just chill during the weekend. Your roommate, on the other hand, hated physics. He was always complaining about how he couldn’t understand the formulas and he always had trouble passing this subject. Whenever he was busy mugging for his exam, you’d be lazily lying on the couch listening to music, and seeing you like this would irritate him, a lot. “Yah, y/n, aren’t you gonna get your ass off the couch and study for physics?” Jimin yelled from his study table. “Nah, you know I don’t have to study at all to get an A+, Jiminie~” you sang. You could imagine him rolling his eyes and scowling and you chuckled to yourself. “Need any help?” you took off one of your earpiece. “I don’t need your pity, y/n, I’m getting help from Jungkook today, he’ll be coming over soon,” Jimin glanced back to stick his tongue out at you. “WhAT?” you leapt up from the couch. “Jeon Jungkook?” you blinked. “Yes, y/n, any problem with that?” Jimin raised an eyebrow. You slumped back onto the couch, groaning. How could Jimin not have known how much you hated Jungkook? He was your rival, your competitor, always beating you to things and flashing you that stupid smirk of his. You longed for the day you could wipe that silly smirk off his face. The both of you were especially competitive with each other for physics. Every time, the two of you would top the class together and occasionally, he would beat you by a mark or two. And then he would saunter past your seat, smiling smugly at you, before walking back to his. If the teacher wasn’t in class, you would have punched him right in the face, but you couldn’t afford to get detention, so you restrained yourself. Now, he was coming over to your dorm? And snatching jimin, your only student, away from you? You enjoyed the times when Jimin begged you for explanations on certain equations, but now he would be able to ask Jungkook instead. How dare he turn to Jungkook for help when you were literally staying in the same room as him? “What the hell, Jimin, why did you ask that jerk for help?” you flailed your arms in the air. “I can teach so much better than him,” you pouted. “Uhm, no y/n, 80% of the time, I have no idea what you’re saying, and you’re always so mean to me,” Jimin pointed out. “That’s because you’re too dumb to understand,” you glared at him. “See, this is what I mean, y/n,” he shook his head. You rolled your eyes, plugged your earpiece back into your ears and fell back onto the couch. If he doesn’t want my help, fine, you thought sourly.

Approximately 5 mins later, the doorbell rang, but you were too deep in sleep on the couch to notice. “Yah, y/n, go get the door!” Jimin yelled. Realizing that you didn’t respond, he sighed and got up to open the door himself instead. Jungkook stepped into the room, wearing an oversized black hoodie and rippped jeans. “Hey, Jimin,” he smiled, walking in. He stopped short when he heard snoring coming from the living room. He glanced over and saw you sprawled across the couch with half lidded eyes and messy hair. His eyes widened. “You’re roommates with y/n?” he asked in surprise. “Yeah, you should be glad you’re not roommates with that asshole,” Jimin pointed at you and wrinkled his nose. “Why’s that?” Jungkook chuckled. “She’s forever teasing me for my physics and it just pisses me off to see her sleeping over there while I’m about to break down trying to study this shit,” Jimin explained. “Well, I think she’s pretty cute,” Jungkook murmured. “What?” “Nothing, let’s start on your revision,” Jungkook quickly ushered Jimin to the study table.

After about 3 hours, you finally woke up. You opened one eye sleepily and attempted to get up from the couch, but ended up rolling off and falling to the floor with a loud thud. “Ouch,” you winced and rubbed your elbow. You heard laughing behind you and assumed it was Jimin. “Shut up, you little-,” but you immediately stopped talking when you realized that Jungkook was sitting at Jimin’s table as well, and he was staring hard at the floor, trying to hold back his laughter. Jimin, on the other hand, was laughing uncontrollably and holding onto his sides to keep himself from falling off the chair. You immediately stood up and straightened up your shirt. You combed through your hair with your fingers, and slapped yourself to thoroughly wake up. “Didn’t know you came, Jeon,” you murmured, trying to look as uninterested as you could. “Hi y/n, looks like you’ve had a good sleep? I hope you can still do well on your physics exam even though you’ve just wasted your entire afternoon away,” he said teasingly. “Don’t worry, Jeon, I’ll make sure I beat your sorry ass this time,” you plastered a fake smile on your face, before stomping into your room.

A few minutes later you decided to go out to get a drink, but you hesitated. You knew Jungkook would probably throw you some insults if you walked past him, but you really needed a drink, so you took a deep breath and opened the door. Thankfully, he was busy explaining something to Jimin, and the both of them were too engrossed to bother about you. You quickly made your way to the kitchen and grabbed a can of coke, before making your way back to the couch to lie down. You glanced over at Jimin’s study table, observing what the two guys were doing. The both of them were pretty serious, and for some reason it looked pretty attractive, especially Jungkook. What the hell am I thinking? you slumped back onto the couch. Jungkook is my enemy, you reminded yourself. and I have to beat him in this Physics test. You contemplated as to whether you should study or not, but you finally decided to do so, seeing how Jungkook was so concentrated in his work. You wouldn’t want to lose to him again.

On the day of your Physics exam, you were relieved, as it was relatively easy, and you were confident that you would do well. When the teacher dismissed your class, you glanced at Jungkook. He seemed pretty satisfied with himself as well, and you started to get a little worried.

“How was the paper, Jimin? Easy, wasn’t it?” you asked as your threw your bag to one side the moment you got back to your dorm. “Yeah yeah, it’s always easy for you, smart-ass,” he rolled his eyes. “But I have a feeling I’ll pass this exam, since Jungkook really did help me a lot.” “I still believe that I’m a better teacher than him,” you said. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, y/n,” he sang. You threw a pillow over to him from the couch and flashed him a scowl.

Finally, the papers had been marked and it was the day where you got back your Physics paper. You sat in your seat, anticipating the moment when the teacher would announce the top scorer for this term. Please let it be me, you chanted in your head over and over. “And for this term’s Physics exam, the top scorer is,” the teacher paused. You held in your breath and crossed your fingers. “y/n! congratulations!” you sprang up from your seat, nearly causing the chair to fall backwards. You ran to the front of the classroom and took your paper from the teacher, before deliberately walking over to Jungkook’s seat. “In. Your. Face,” you said smugly, before turning your back to him and walking back to your own seat. You couldn’t help but break into a wide smile and squeal with glee. You felt satisfied with yourself and you were bursting with pride. “And in second place, we have Jungkook! He only lost to y/n by one mark, keep up the good work!” your eyes widened. So close, you breathed a sigh of relief. You stole a glance at Jungkook, and realized that he didn’t look mad or disappointed at all. In fact, he even looked a little glad. Strange. But you didn’t pay much attention to him, since you were too busy gloating over your achievement.

After he made sure that you’d left the room, Jimin walked over to Jungkook’s seat. “Why did you leave this question blank? You literally just taught me how to solve this less than 48 hours ago,” he asked in confusion, pointing at one of the questions in the paper. Jungkook shrugged, but didn’t say anything. “Please don’t tell me that you…” Jimin’s eyes widened. Jungkook continued to remain silent, and just smiled in response. “You’ve got to be kidding, Jeon! I know you like her a lot but you don’t have to do this,” Jimin flailed his arms in the air in exasperation. “Shut up, Jimin,” Jungkook said in a hushed tone. “If she’s happy, I’m happy, now shut up before anyone finds out.”

Maybe he was blinded by love or maybe he was just foolish but all he knew was that he loved you and he would do anything in the world for you, even if you never knew of all the things he did for you and only you.

hope you guys liked it! do leave some suggestions in my askbox on the next story plot of my ff bc my brain isn’t really working right lol and i’ll see if i can make them come true!

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I love the way you write the Amis (in all of your fics), and just the way you keep everything flowing and keep the story going just -- you're great! I would like to start up my writing again and I just feel really nervous getting back into it, especially because I felt I was "good" before but now I feel like I've gone below that level of "good" if that makes sense :'D , I say all this to ask: have any writing tips? What works for you?

hi! thanks!

ohhhh my god i wish i could be more helpful than i am about to be:

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