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Here’s a screen shot for the last anon! Zen loves ya just the way you are! ❤️
^ submitted by @mochi-monster (I only recently opened submissions - forgive me I’m a noob and I don’t know how these work). Thank you!

Also thank you @grunedesu and @detective-rowan for bringing up that dialogue option where MC is worried about having gained weight. I never picked it myself (I think I chose to whine about the rent being expensive instead), but I’m not surprised that his response is basically “OH SHUSH you’re beautiful. Be kind to yourself”~

So I Google translated the song "Sincerely Me" into a bunch of different languages and....

Connor:Dear Evan Hansen
We are animals
Everything is crazy.
Our job is not like that.
But every night I have to tell you what you think.
I’m depressed with nipples and I’m having fun.

Evan:Why are you arrested?

Jared:I mean the truth.

Evan:It must be very good. This email is a real friend. I … I want to

Connor:I must say that life is difficult for you.

Jared:It’s difficult?

Connor:This is wrong?

Jared:This is bad?

Connor:It’s difficult.


Connor:I do not have my life and so on.

Jared:Very special

Evan:Why are you getting up!

Connor:I love my parents.

Jared:Who said?

ConnorI love my parents.
But there is another war every day.
When I quit smoking
Then everything will be all right.

Jared:Drug Addiction


Connor:When I quit smoking


Connor:When I quit smoking
Then everything will be all right.
I’ll have your thoughts.
I’ll try to make it fun.
I’ll keep on.

Because everything came back
You can change it easily when you know it.
You may think that you can do what you want.

Jared:We are

Evan:I can not send it to you. I want to prove that he is a good friend.

Jared:My God

Evan:Dear Connor Murphy,
Yes, I heard the interview.
Do not take medicine.
Breathe deeply.


Evan:Upload the most beautiful photos

Jared:There is!

Evan:I’m worried about my experience in the forest.


Evan:My friend, I’m happy.
You visit.
I get it.

Connor:Hang on!

Connor + Evan:Because everything came back
You can change it easily when you know it.
You may think that you can do what you want.

Connor:My sister is sex.

Evan:What happened?

Jared:My face

Connor:Dear Evan Hansen,
Thank you for submitting the entire text.

EvanDear Connor Murphy,
I’m glad you’re my friend.

Connor + Evan:A friend is more than a friend.
Media Communication

Evan:But since we’re not gay

Connor:No, not because he’s gay.

Connor + EvanWe’re close to that.
I’m the only one who loves my father.


Evan:Come every day.

Connor:We need to improve every day.

Connor + EvanEvery day gets better.

Everyone:Hey Hey!

Because everything came back
You can change it easily when you know it.
You may think that you can do what you want.

I really like this.


I was in line to get food at this fast food place, and the woman behind the counter was about my age and very pretty so I was already feeling Very Nervous - she didn’t hear my order when I first said it, and she asked me to say it again, and one of her coworkers went “I heard him, he said [order].” I’m a butch lesbian and get mistaken for a guy fairly frequently, so I wasn’t surprised, but the woman who was taking my order (and heard me and a friend talking before we got in line, so she knew my pronouns etc) went “she’s a girl [coworker’s name] god,” looked at me and said “sorry about that,” I laughed and said it happens all the time, and she said “well I think you’re beautiful, so” and I got SUPER flustered, and when she handed me my food she said “remember, you’re beautiful” and I managed to say something like “thanks, you too,” and, according to my friend, my face was bright red, and I practically ran out of there lmao

my heart
my soul

lov u guyss mannnn

Submitter: pogipi + [pic on the artist’s blog itself]


Hey! I’m a trans boy and I’m also plus size, and I wanted to submit these pictures of me that I looked very pretty in to say to all of you that trans boys can be feminine looking, trans girls can be masculine looking, androgynous people aren’t just skinny white dfabs with undercuts.

TL;DR: all trans people are beautiful/handsome and valid. Remember that you don’t have to look a certain way to be trans.

I love you all so much, and remember today is a day to celebrate us as a community. Feel free to message me if you need anything. Love you guys ❤

- @lgbtrash

UT! Charisk with US! Charisk

Hey Damiiz! I have seen your artwork and its really awesome!! Your style is very cute and great as well as how you portray Chara and Frisk. I ship Charisk and let me tell you that you make a great and excellent artwork of those two! I really enjoy looking at your blog since you do funny stuff and sweet stuff as well. I decided to write this little story based on your UT! Frisk, UT! Chara and US! Frisk and US! Chara (since they are pretty cute). I hope you like it!

Watching and reading your work fills me with DETERMINATION!

Stay DETERMINATED as well!

To avoid confusion on the story:

Normal letters: Undertale Frisk and Undertale Chara

Bold letters: Underswap Frisk

Italic letters: Underswap Chara

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Why does the Internet show me this kind of stuff? It knows that I’m a gentle soul who cANT TAKE IT. *crying. Actual tears.*


my pen pressure is fucked sorry

imagine the esper squad calling out gross shit

- Submission by @imgay100

@uascribbles submitted this to me:

I haven’t color anything for a while now and when I saw your line art, I’d thought it would be great to use as coloring practice. Hope this came out okay! :)

Jenni replies: This is beautiful. Your colour choices make for an interesting play of light. I like how you changed up the line art colour. Nice job!

Thank-you for colouring! If anyone else would like to too, the line art is here. :)