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Atobe Keigo - Charm Point wa Nakibokuro (Tenipuri Festa 2016)

A bit of a preview while the rest of the show finishes encoding.

Yare! Do it!! was my favorite song of the weekend overall, but this one made the transition to DVD way better - listen to just how ridiculously loud the audience was Σ(°д°lll) Tenipuri fans are intense, yo.

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Telling us you kissed her in a cliche way and not telling us the cliche way is homophobic

Okay, before i tell you y'all should know that the day started with me walking into a door when i saw her. She saw this and so did her sister, so 10/10 smooth af start. 

I went and hung out and distracted her while she was at work because it was a slow day and its her dads shop so slacking off was totally fine. We chilled, teased and flirted and there were a shit ton of missed kissing opportunities and when i had to go we had a real awkward kissless goodbye, like a way too long, perfect moment for me to kiss her but instead i left(??????) goodbye. and as soon as i got out the door i was like ‘what the fuck why didn’t i kiss her’, ‘what the fuck why am i leaving’, ‘what the fuck I’m turning my (slightly tipsy) ass around’ and i went back to her and walked in, she was like ‘wow back so soon, what did you forget this time’ and my extra mother fuckin cliche movie scene ass said ‘this’ and kissed her. I kissed her. Thankfully the store was empty because neither of us are out (except to her sister) because i fucking kissed her. and then i got in trouble for getting home like an hour after i said i would (because kissing a girl for the first time then leaving immediately is v hard and impossible) but who cares because i fucking kissed her

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Art is the one thing that is mine I'm a very lonely person by nature I hid myself often and deal with a lot of anxiety over trying to be perfect, but the real me is literally a quiet home body with her pencil and sketch book, but I was never allowed to be that in my family, I turn 23 in October and I think I want to pursue art full time and start a business maybe sell on Etsy or something but I feel too afraid of failure and rejection

And she was rejected. Tons of times.

But because she kept trying, you know what happened :)

Unknown has given me...

… Unknown happiness

… Unknown banks of feels

… Unknown depths of horniness

… Unknown levels of love for a title so unknown.

Damn you Arashi and especially you Sakurai Sho!

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