this is basically what zayn is thinking i guess

lets play the trope game aka ‘filmy zaynie’

so since i got a very concerned anon after my prev post i decided to answer it with: yes another post

i have a thing for these idk dont ask

so basically anon was concerned i was leading everyone on with my ‘queerbaiting’ and how as a ‘grown ass woman’ lol i should be more careful

sure i guess..


im gonna be honest im a new ziam idk much abt liam and zayn and their backgrounds and what not to judge them well

some may be able to but im not

only reason i could judge is on the pure desi blood running in zaynie’s veins lol

now i’ve feasted my eyes on many ziam gifs and i mean many

here are some of my faves

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so heres where the trope game comes in..

you think ziam and anyone who believes in them are queerbaiting?

have you stopped to consider that a muslim desi like zayn could be queer and the impact that knowledge might have had on him?

but nvm that rn we’re gonna keep things positive

now lets establish a few things first:

us desis are such hopeless romantics thanks to the likes of many bollywood movies that we’re conditioned to watch growing up

p sure same was the case with zaynie

in this first one he’s referencing to a very famous bolly song abt friendship

in this next one hes responding to a proposal (lol) which is also a famous bolly movie title

and here’s him with the biggest bolly movie star of all time : SRK

so needless to say hes pretty into the whole bollywood scene 

now one thing abt love portrayed in bollywood movies is how everyone in love can act very cliched and what we call ‘filmy’

how about we put ziam side by side with such examples?

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Ziam Masterpost: 1 of 48943587 reasons to believe in Ziam

These two dumbasses like expressing their love by giving each other gifts such as necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accesories that mean something for them. 

So me and strangefurydream decided to make a post about most significant ones. 


Cartier bracelet

So on  February 14th 2015 on the OTRA Melbourne concert, Zayn was spotted wearing a gold bracelet. At that time he didn’t actually wear lots of gold bracelets, so that was kinda unusual.

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what really pisses me off about ppl who say shit like “i have anxiety and i still go to work zayns just lazy” is that they act like anxiety is the same for every person, and also that it’s a constant thing which is honestly not true at all and makes me feel like these people have no real experience with anxiety? like how can u say shit like that… everyone has different triggers and everyone has good days and bad days, and just because you can go to work everyday doesn’t mean everyone can or that everyone has the same job as you even, and that doesn’t make them lazy? it makes them people with an illness that sometimes interferes with their life, and if you REALLY suffer from anxiety u should know that? i genuinely do not understand ppl who say they suffer from anxiety and condemn zayn like i’m so incredibly proud of him for everything he’s done, i know for a FACT i would never be able to go on stage or do any of that bc i get anxious with a lot of attention on me. basically what i’m saying is u would think if someone has really struggled with anxiety, they would be able to empathize like a normal human being and show basic decency for someone else suffering from it but i guess not? lmao

alw4ys-you  asked:

Your tags on that post about "Zayn's" book make a lot of sense, specifically regarding SC using Infinity to hold the band hostage, but can you explain that a little more? I think what you're saying is that as long as he has the video, he has the band, because he can't release a video for a band he doesn't manage anymore. Is that correct? And if so, does that mean that there's not necessarily a contract keeping them in place; just SC's will to hold something over them? Does that make sense?

It’s basically just a guess that it’s the cause, based on the nature of what we’ve seen: something last minute and unexpected, something that does not give the band freedom to speak up against ‘the band is breaking up’ stories very explicitly since this winter, except for Liam’s solo announcement which did emphasize the band staying together but was kept at the level of a whisper, not a shout, and which largely keeps the band members promoting Syco and Modest interests (and yes I do include Modest in this category, as I think Syco would be interested in working with Modest against 1D right now, although Niall may have gotten trapped in a separate deal). And the deal is not able to keep Liam from announcing a solo deal with a non-Sony label, which is also significant.

We’ve gotten hints about an Infinity video that was never released, so it makes sense that Cowell found a way to extend the official album promotion period by postponing releasing the last single. But god knows how long Cowell can legally get away with doing that.
Zayn Malik Wasn’t Supposed to Have a Beard When He Was in One Direction
Now that Zayn is free, he can have whatever he wants on his face.
By Richard Lawson

Being in a hugely popular boy band isn’t all giggles and underpants pillow fights. It’s a lot of that, of course. A lot of that, and tour bus hijinks and tight jeans and strange new feelings. But it’s not all that. It’s also hard—difficult, really. Take, for example, the story of one Zayn Malik, who went from the group scene to the solo scene, and is now reveling in his newfound freedom. In an interview with Complex magazine, relayed to us by E!, Malik, who has released acclaimed new music since breaking free of British boy-band sensation One Direction, says that there were some frustrating restrictions placed on him when he was in the band.

Of course, he was not allowed to take a wife, and was barred from owning property. In fact, he was made to live in a small tower, located in a secret clearing deep in the forest, with the other members of the band. Well, O.K., it wasn’t that restrictive. But, much like another tower-dwelling beauty, Malik was subject to some harsh rules regulating his hair. He told Complex the following:

“There were certain restrictions in terms of the way that we could come outside of that young teen boy look. Mainly my beard, honestly. I wasn’t allowed to keep it. Eventually, when I got older, I rebelled against it, and decided to keep it anyway. That was just because I looked older than the rest of them.”

Zayn, denied his beard?? That’s outrageous. I mean, just look at his perfect stubble! Why would any nefarious band manager not want Zayn to have his beautiful half-beard? Well, it didn’t really matter, because Zayn basically got to have it anyway. Maybe there was some backstage friction, which was surely uncomfortable at first, but then it was all fine. Zayn won in the end.

Apparently there was also some issue about dyeing his hair. Zayn now sports what I guess we’re calling frosted tips, though that term is such a hideous invocation of a terrible time in fashion history that I think we should go with something else. He’s got some blond highlights on the ends of his hair. Let’s say that. Anyway, he wasn’t allowed to get that done when he was in 1D, but now he can. He’s liberated. And we’re all the luckier for it. Zayn has been freed, and now can lull the world into a sex trance however he pleases.

Meanwhile, we’d have to assume that the other One Direction boys, who may or may not be on permanent hiatus, are now free to fiddle with their own hair. If they want to, that is. I’ve got a feeling that if you were to ask them, scruffy Liam would be into it, maybe Niall too. But Louis would probably turn to Harry with a grin and say something like, “Beards? No, not for us. We’re sick of beards, aren’t we, Harry?” And Harry would smile and say, “Yep. No more beards for us. We’re done with all that.” And that would be the end of that.


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