this is basically what ive been telling people but in a less cute way

Who is Kai?

♡ Kim Jongin

♡ “Nini”

♡ The biggest chicken lover after sehun

♡ Also the maknae

♡ V I S U A L

♡ dance line

♡ Unique voice

♡ Also raps in some of their concerts

Worships loves dogs

♡ P E R F E C T  H U S B A N D  M A T E R I A L

♡ i really don’t know where to start this boy is too perfect

♡ We all know exo is made of visuals

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♡ but he is a legend

♡ Many people criticised him for his dark skin including his members

♡ Which is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen

♡ He is so unique in every possible way

♡ He is literally art

♡ his pouty face

♡ his resting bitch face

♡ his sleepy face

♡ his angry face

♡ his smiley face

♡ his hungry face

♡ his “told ya” face

♡ his proud face

♡ his scared face

♡ his surprised face

♡ All of them are art

♡ All of them are handsome

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♡ He looks good in every hair colour

♡ Photo shoots are made for kim kai

♡ Model material

♡ So perfect

♡ His lips are amazing

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♡ As well as his face

and ass

♡ He is a gift from above

♡ He is really cute

♡ another cinnamon roll from exo

♡ is so giggly

♡ but so cute

♡ forgot his members name on a special press conference

♡ soft

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his smile melts my heart

♡ He is a plushy giggly lovely kid

♡ should be protected

♡ and he will be

♡ he is a cute child sent from above but

♡ don’t be fooled so easily


♡ He knows what we want

♡ he gives us what we want

♡ He is one of the rudest members

♡ He has to turn every and anything into something rude

♡ he ain’t joking around with that blindfold

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♡ he is literally an exo-l’s dream and nightmare

♡ his hip thrusts 

can get you pregnant

♡ ive been waiting for that child’s support since 2014

♡ his body waves are so smooth and hot

♡ He knows what he’s doing

♡ Is dirty-minded

♡ Sehun and kai went to a chinese mukbang show as guests

♡ And the lady made a dick joke and kai was the only one who understood while sehun was the innocent baby

♡ Is really goooooood at smirking

♡ Has the best smirk

♡ Exo-l have been suffering

♡ He can ruin your day with his smirk

♡ he can make your day with his smirk

he can basically fuck you up

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♡ he is an angel and the demon himself at the same time

♡ And remember

♡ Even if he’s not ur bias or bias wrecker

impossible lol

♡ Or even if u don’t stan exo


♡ The real dancing king

♡ him,lay and sehun slay every exo-ls life

did we have a life tho?

♡ nope thanks to exo

♡ His moves are smooth af

♡ He was literally born to dance

♡ His body is capable of moving so professionally

♡ he also works hard for it

♡ His best friend except the members

♡ Taemin

I hear people screaming yaaaass

♡ There’s this soft friendship called

♡ Taekai

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♡ It’s the best friendship ever

♡ where one of them films the other while he’s crying and telling him to stop

♡ Also where one of them dances less boldly so the other gets as much attention

♡ “Pretty Boy” by kim taekai

They’re seriously so pretty wtf

♡ They’re both rude fluff balls

♡ He also has a good relationship with nct’s ten

Exo has the best relationship with nct since nct is their child

♡ Taekai’s photo shoot was ranked as one of the sexiest photo shoots ever

since they’re both rude af

♡ Which brings us to Krystal

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Bitch get  out they’re having a moment

♡ They’ve been dating since 2015 but they broke up last month

I don’t want y’all to hate me but i dislike jung sisters and i didn’t like the two of them together from the beggining so “told ya kai”

♡ P.s. Kyungsoo was so happy and laughing,having the time of his life before the day the break up was announced

He knows it


♡ A hoe for ksoo

♡ They have the best married couple award along with xiuchen

♡ Kai like to eat—>kyungsoo loves to cook

i hear my kaisoo shippers

♡ They’re so adorable

♡ They’re the perfect match

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he wants to eat him

♡ kai has so many ships and they call baek the hoe of the group lmfao

♡ Let’s ship him with food as well

♡ He loooves food

as much as he loves ksoo

♡ Chicken is his life goal

♡ Fried,boiled,in any form

♡ the love of his life after ksoo and dogs

♡ I love the way he eats lol

♡ he eats like its his last meal

♡ A soft baby appearing

♡ Since we shipped him with like 8773839 things and people 

♡ Ship him with dogs

♡ He absolutely loves them

♡ another member of exo who’s love is a dog i mean chanyeol and sehun

or multiple dogs

♡ His dog is the biggest one out of all the dogs members have

♡ he also has lovely relationship with his members

♡ Especially with sehun since they’re both maknaes

♡ But also with any other member

♡ wants to a part of the beagle line

♡ is a secret member with sehun

♡ Chan and him had a car date where they went to a gaming centre but there wasn’t enough place

♡ Also goes shopping with his hyungs

♡ His vlives are so amazing

♡ He didn’t know how to use it first but now

♡ he’s “kai the pro”

♡ Invites his hyungs and films vlives together

♡ He is actually an emotional kid but he doesn’t like to show his sad feelings

♡ Cried during several performances

♡ He wears his expensive ass shoes really mindlessly

♡ but its ok coz he rich

♡ also didn’t shave when they filmed 5 year anniversary on vlive

♡ had a mask


♡ He and chanyeol have really unique voices

♡ Deep and soothing

♡ “OMMAYA~~~~”

♡ His voice is not the typical KIdol voice which is so incredible

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♡ He is a soft child who’s on his way to become your ultimate bias wrecker.Send him lots of love and protect him ♡ 

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So- I read Pillow Talk and really loved it. I was wondering, do you have any Magnus heacanons that are your favorite?

that is so great to hear! glad u like it

for magnus headcanons, get ready lmao bc i have a LOT

- magnus drinks tea. more specifically chai with less milk and cinnamon (just bc i do too lol)

- harry has the tiniest hint of an accent right, so I love thinking of magnus slipping into ancient languages (which he does canonically) and never quite dropping that way of speech bc imo its cute and i love it

- religion: oh boy i’ve thought about this a lot. what I sort of despise is this assumption that Magnus celebrates christmas or just partakes in all western christian traditions bc the shadowhunters are assumed to, even though downworlders are specifically an analogy for other cultures races and religions. so by his actual age, I’d say he was probably raised buddhist/hindu or an ancient religion influenced by those two (no way my boy does not have a little laughing buddha somewhere in his loft). if it’s a modern au, I’ve really not seen much of what magnus would probably be - which is muslim. again, a mainly white fandom afraid to explore religions and cultures or hamfistedly writing about them makes for a very shallow exploration of his religion.  i assume he’d celebrate christmas with ragnor but by himself? nah, i dont see it

- now that I’m on the religion tangent, I just think about it so much. how does he come to terms with being bisexual? how does his religion (i only have knowledge of hinduism and buddhism) help or harm him in discovering that? does he ever approach religious figures (priests etc) and beg for forgiveness or change? i think magnus has definitely read the gita, mahabarata, or the sutras. I’ve read some of the gita and the sutras and Oh man is that some shit to read when you’re literally figuring yourself out from the ground up. there’s also evidence of transgender figures and same-sex relationships in these texts specifically, so he probably really clings to them

- he also had a wild-child period lasting an entire century bc like why not? flirting with married women, sleeping with people wildly older than him - just generally being reckless with substances like drugs and alcohol. he doesn’t grow out of it until much later

- also, makeup. eyeliner (or kajol) is another cultural thing for south/southeast asians. typically we’d put it on young children to ward away evil spirits. does that have any connection with how he wears his eyeliner now - which is very smudged and reminds me of how a south asian person would apply it
again, his relationship with makeup and clothes. where did his love of finery come from? the rings he wears remind of the way literally every uncle I’ve met wears rings - thick and chunky, often with birthstones. 

- i picture him as a loner type, sort of a writer (not a poet) - someone who just soaks in the details and keeps it in his mind for later

- and for magnus as a person, I’ve discussed this with @menckenschrestomethy before but like, for a very white writers room, magnus is very asian in the way he speaks. for example, he’s got this very interesting way of saying things without divulging any important information - basically how i’d share personal details myself (I won’t) 

- for example, he often just trails off and never says things ‘explicitly’ like in 2.07 when he was discussing how he felt about having sex too soon, he never says the word ‘sex’ after “I’m afraid if we…” hell, I even expected him to say ‘being intimate’ which is literally the tamest way to discuss it and he didn’t! 

- which brings me to my biggest headcanon which has so far been proven true: magnus is the most private person in the world. he just does…not….tell people anything. which I can definitely relate to, asking me to share my feelings or details is like pulling teeth. I also think he does not trust the shadowhunters (not even alec) with some of the things he’s going through, since most of s1 and s2a has been focused on alec’s side of things, i can only imagine that magnus’ main issue would be being unable to express that he needs help

and thats all bc ive hit world limit lmao but please feel free to ask/discuss any more hc you’d like! and thanks for reading pillow talk !!