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219. One of their years at Hogwarts, Fred and George suddenly became best friends with a Slytherin student in their year. The other students were surprised, they had never heard of Gryffindors being friends with Slytherins before, only of them being rivals. But, with Fred and George’s daring and ideas and the Slytherins intelligence and cunning the trio was amazing. 

That year, the twins pranks became drastically better. The pranks were more thought out, more frequent and had a higher success rate. The Slytherin was amazing at seeing which pranks would work, how to make them even better and what was missing. Students and teachers at the school were hopeless, and every day the pranks and jokes got better. Fred and George’s grades also improved. The ambitious Slytherin would always made sure the three of them did their homework, and would never leave any homework undone. 

Basically, the Weasley twins with a Slytherin best friend were the best! They had so much fun, and helped shatter old stereotypes. 

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I had a dream where Jensen and Danneel adopted me and I was basically having the best week of my life with the padackles but then I woke up and I wanted to cry. At least I can count on IKYW to keep imagining though :'D


Papa Jensen and Momma D is the actual dream ugh wow

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Pomps 49 with tom talking to his parents about a dinner with marco and tom parents and with them being so awkward

Sure I can! I hope you like the story! I used Tom’s parents from the proo, who we suspect is his mom and dad.

I had a few new heacanons for Tom’s family. Basically, everyone tried their best but the family is severely dysfunctional. Everyone has their own problems that results in more issues and instability, even thought they all try their best to make it work. Tom’s dad has his anger issues and trouble communicating. He sort of has no filter. Maybe an undiagnosed mental issue. And Tom’s mother isn’t always there, and we all know Tom has his own problems. But they’re all good people who try their best, but no matter what they do they can’t mesh. It’s nobody’s fault, sometimes people aren’t meant to be a family. And no matter what they do they’re a broken family. I know it’s sad but hey.

I didn’t mean for anyone to come off as mean, they just deal with their own personal problems.

“I don’t want to screw this up.” Tom told his parents. He was putting plates and silverware out on the table. His mother and father were across from him watching their son run around in a panic. Tom’s father looked at his wife, concerned a little nervous.

“You don’t HAVE to introduce him to us.” Lucifer tried, rubbing the back of his head. He clapped his hands together and there was a little burst of fire between the two, signalling that he was happy. “Here’s a good idea! How about your mother and I leave and-”

“Dad, no.” Tom spoke. “This is how relationships work… not just me and Marco… but all of us too. You’re supposed to meet the people I love and we’re supposed to support each other.” Tom continued. Tom stopped and looked at his parents.

“Who told you all this?” His father asked.

“Marco did… you should see how he and his family are.” Tom spoke. Tom’s father flew into a rage and his eyes lit up.

“Well you aren’t a PART of that HUMAN family!” He hissed. Tom growled.

“I never said I was!” Tom shouted back. The boys continued to scream at each other. “I do love this family!”

“Well if we aren’t good enough for you then go back to Marco’s!” His father spoke.

“I never said that! Stop putting words into my mouth!” Tom screamed.

“Elkvinyic!” A screeched foreign word cut through the yelling. Tom and his father stopped and looked up at Lilith, Tom’s mother. She shrunk her form down to stand at eight feet tall, to comfort her family better. Lilith began to scold them in ancient Enochian. Tom and Lucifer exchanged looks and Lilith huffed at them.

“Tom I…” Lucifer cut himself off.

“You can’t just say you’re sorry, can you?” Tom snapped.

“Tom!” Tom’s mother barked his name in Enochian. It sounded much different in his native language. The ‘O’ sounded more like a ‘U’ and the ‘T’ like a ‘Z’.

“Right… it’s fine, dad let’s just… this night is important to me.” Tom continued. “Just one normal night is all I want. No fighting, no yelling. We’ll talk and LISTEN to each other like a real family.” He spoke, and turned back to continue setting up the table. Lucifer looked away, a bit hurt.

“Does he not think of us as a real family?” He asked his wife. Lilith sighed and spoke a few words in Enochian.

“We’re a broken family… we’ve been broken for a long time… and it’s all our jobs to try and fix that. He’ll come around in time… but don’t push or force him. He’s allowed to be angry at the situation we’re in, it’s hard on everyone.” She spoke. Lucifer took a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay, let’s… take it one day at a time. This night is important to him, let’s do the best we can.”


“Tom! I’m so happy you invited me over.” Marco grinned and hugged the demon close. Tom wrapped his arms around Marco. “I was so confused as to why you didn’t want me to meet your family.”

“I didn’t not want you to meet them.” Tom assured. “We’re just demons. There’s a bit of a cultural barrier and I wanted to make sure you guys both understood each other before putting you in a room together.” Tom laughed.

Lucifer rolled his eyes across the room. “Now my own son thinks I’m stupid.” He huffed. Lilith looked at him and groaned. She responded still in Enochian.

“He doesn’t think we’re stupid, Lucifer!” She snapped. “He’s right. It’s confusing to both us and the human. When was the last time you even went to Earth?” Lilith asked.

“Our honeymoon.” Lucifer reminded.

“You attacked a cab driver!” Lilith hissed.

“I don’t care what dimension we’re in, nobody puts there hands on my WIFE!” He growled.

“He was helping me out of the cab. It’s something men on earth do for women to be polite.”

“Well that’s just stupid, you can get out of a car by yourself.” Lucifer grumbled.

“Mom! Dad!” Tom’s voice cut through. He stepped away from Marco for a minute. “You guys promised not to fight. Remember? You said you’d be nice to each other?” He asked, glancing over at Marco, who waved a little nervously.

“Of course dear.” Lilith spoke. “Now, come with me. I’d love to speak with Marco and need you to translate for me.” She told her son. Tom smiled and the three demons walked up to Marco.

“Marco, this is my mom.” Tom motioned to her. Marco looked up at the huge woman and held out his hand. Lilith let her hand down and Marco shook her pointer finger. She said something in Enochian and Tom looked at Marco. “She said it’s lovely to meet you, and that you’re very handsome.” Tom laughed a bit.

“Thank you, Mrs. Lucitor. It’s nice to meet you.” Marco grinned. The woman said something else and Tom translated.

“She said you should call her Lilith.” Tom told him. Marco smiled and the demon woman motioned for them all to take a seat. Lilith said something else. “She said she’s sorry you had to see her and my dad bicker, but she says you’ll understand once you’re married.” Tom told him. Marco laughed and Lilith smiled. Happy her little joke worked at lightening the mood.

“Well, thank you for having me over.” Marco smiled, as Tom got up to get the dinner. He took advantage of Tom being out of the room. “Does he ever talk about me?” Marco asked. Lilith and Lucifer stopped and exchanged looks. “I just want to know because… I tell my parents all about Tom… I… they make fun of me for being crazy about him.”

“You tell them about Tom?” Lucifer asked. Marco nodded. “And how do they feel about you… dating a demon?” He asked. Marco smiled.

“Oh they adore him!” Marco assured.

“Humans? They love our son?” Lucifer asked.

“You say that like you’re shocked.” Marco was a little weary.

“Well of course I’m shocked!” Lucifer spoke. “I just, Tom is a demon and… humans and demons don’t click. I wasn’t even expecting YOU to like him. I mean look at him, how could you?” He admitted.

“W-what?” Lucifer turned around when he he head a little voice in the door to the kitchen. Tom was standing there with a hurt look. Lucifer froze as soon as he realized the poor way he worded his thoughts.

“No Tom, I didn’t mean it like that.” He tried.

“So you just think I’m unlovable? That nobody could like me? I mean how could they!?” Tom hissed, mimicking his father’s words. He gritted his teeth and turned away, marching off. Tom’s father just watched him go and he sighed, putting his head his hands.

“I can’t believe I did it again…” He groaned. Lilith seemed torn between going to check on her son or speaking to her husband. Marco shot up and ran over to where he saw the demon run off.

“Tom?” Marco called gently, opening up the door. Tom was on the balcony, with his legs dangling off and he was playing with his thumbs. “Are you okay?” Marco asked, sitting on the railing next to Tom. The demon sighed.

“I ruined this whole night, didn’t I?” Tom asked.

“No, no sweetie. No you didn’t.” Marco assured, putting his arm around him. “Look, you came in at a bad time… your dad said something hurtful but he seriously didn’t mean it like that.” He assured. “He was just surprised at how a human and demon could get along so well. And he stated it poorly. I swear he meant nothing by it.”

Tom nodded and kicked his feet. “I get it… I shouldn’t have been so hurt by it. I was overreacting.” He sighed. Marco shook his head but Tom continued. “I wanted this night to be special so bad and I just… I let one of the things my dad says get to me and I ruined it.”

“You have a right to be upset.” Marco assured. “I don’t really understand your family dynamic… but I’m here for you.” Marco promised. Tom smiled and put his head on Marco’s shoulder.


listen here.

NEW RULES / DUA LIPA: platonic & potential romance.

i actually want to put heavy emphasis on the video for this song as my inspo for the plot. basically what i’m looking for here is a best friend plot where muse a is trying to get over this person they’ve been with for YEARS (probably like 3+ years at least based on the attachment), and they’re leaning pretty heavily on muse b to help them remain strong and not let this person back into their life. the ex could’ve treated muse a pretty badly, kinda like the song implies, and muse b hates them with a burning passion and is always reminding muse a of why they shouldn’t go back to them. i just want a really supportive ride or die plot, and there will be times when muse a struggles and has little breakdowns over it and muse b can be there for comfort them and just be that rock for them. and idk feelings could develop eventually but? mostly i just want this PURITY. BONUS POINTS FOR WLW.


these two truly are the couple that probably never should’ve gotten together, and yet somehow they remain inexplicably attracted to each other and unable to let go. it isn’t that they’re from different worlds necessarily, but that they’re from the same world and both have the temperament of a hive of angry hornets. in short, they’re quite bad for each other, but they can’t seem to leave each other behind either. they’ve been on and off for over two years now, and muse a is exhausted on it, as is muse b. only muse b is the type of person to just up and disappear for weeks on end in an attempt to leave, ditching muse a and ignoring their calls, their texts, and any other form of communication they choose to reach out with. it gets to the point when muse a is just about to give up, and then muse b suddenly enters their life again, sending them texts, linking them to things that remind them of them, reminding them of how much they “love” them, and asking for a second chance. muse a has never failed to fall for it in the past, but this time it’s going to take a little more than a silly poem sent to them over imessage to get them to come back to muse b.

HERICANE / LANY: long distance relationship & angst.

muse a is in the midst of struggling with the loss of their spouse (utp why the spouse is gone) when they meet muse b on social media. the two begin talking immediately, and muse b notices almost right away how down the other person is. they make it their mission in life to help them learn to smile again, never asking questions about what happened and only ever being supportive. soon enough their relationship begins to develop into something romantic, and though they live in vastly different places from each other and have only had communication online so far, muse b decides it’s time to visit muse a in person. it takes a while for muse a to agree, and muse b can tell they’re slightly reluctant, but they have nerves themself and they figure that’s why. one meet up turns into another, and then another, and then another, but whenever muse b brings up the subject moving in together, muse a shuts down and doesn’t even so much as entertain the idea. the relationship goes on for almost two years, and muse b is worn thin from the sporadically on and off way that muse a treats them, trying to carry their weight without even knowing what it is they’re carrying. so they end up contacting a family member/friend of muse a who knows what happened, learning the story from them rather than from the person they should’ve. they try to talk to muse a about it, but once again they refuse. that’s when muse b decides to book a flight and pay them a surprise visit.

ULTRALIFE / OH WONDER: fluff/smut & whirlwind romance & crime.

essentially a summer love plot. muse a and muse b meet at a music festival, at random and both there with other people. at first, they don’t really like each other, getting off on the wrong foot, but since the festival lasts a few days, that has time to change. they camp out the first night with their friends, and since they’re both early risers, they end up somehow getting out at the same time the next morning, right when the sun is rising. muse a offers muse b a drink, and they go for a walk together, talking for hours before the music starts. it’s pretty much history from there, their interests coinciding, personalities meshing like they were always meant to meet each other. in short, they fell in love, hard and fast and evidently in a way that neither of them could avoid. they became inseparable even after the music festival ended, often going out and getting into trouble together, both of them high on their love and the adrenaline they get from causing mischief. only as it turns out, muse a causes a little more than just casual mischief one night, shoplifting from a corner store they had gone into for beers, and grabbing muse b’s hand to tumble out into the streets and run when the owner nearly catches them. it’s the highest either of them have ever felt together, and they can barely wait to get back to muse a’s flat before they start getting their hands on each other. from there, they decide to start visiting shops together a whole lot more, with muse a’s sticky fingers and all.

AFTERGLOW / ALL TIME LOW: fluff/smut & unrequited love/pining & polyamory.

muse a and muse b have been in a band together since they were just thirteen years old, but they have known one another their entire lives. they grew up just down the street from one another, and while in the band together with their other friends, they slowly climbed their way to success. now in their twenties, they’re internationally famous, touring all over the world and always having a good time. everyone is amicable, and the best part is, muse a and muse b have been sleeping together for months now. it’s a no strings thing, or so they say, an open and undefined sexual relationship that neither of them choose to name. often times after shows they can’t keep their hands off each other, drunk off the feeling of performing, and wanting nothing more than to have skin on skin. that’s when muse c enters the picture. muse c is also in the band, and has been pretty much in love with muse a and muse b both for years now. they’re afraid to tell them, worried that their feelings will come off as strange, or that they’ll be getting in the middle of something and needlessly embarrassing themself just to have nothing come out of it. of course, what they never expect is to be invited to join them one night after a particularly good show, muse a reaching out to them when they catch them accidentally walking in on them. muse b is following close behind, caught up in their feelings, in the afterglow of what the stage, and frankly so is muse c. they take muse a’s hand and let them pull them in.


muse a is fresh out of prison for a crime they didn’t commit when they meet muse b, a university student that transferred to a school around where they live in los angeles. they meet at a bar and hit it off right away despite muse a’s aversion to intimacy and divulging details about themself. they’re charming, and it’s easy to talk around muse b’s questions about them. it isn’t that they’re necessarily hiding anything, but more an automatic instinct to keep people at arm’s length. sadly, muse b seems to be the one person that’s determined and relentless enough to ignore that, refusing to be curved by muse a and often times demanding to know the answers to their questions. sometimes they get them, sometimes they don’t. they spend the majority of their time just driving around in muse a’s car, listening to soft music and talking, always talking, but muse b quickly grows tired of never learning anything about them, of always getting distracted with gifts and other avoidance tactics that they used to keep them away. muse b says they’re in love with muse a, and they don’t even so much as get a response, which is pretty much the last straw for them. there’s a blow out during which muse b yells at muse a and tells them that they can’t do it anymore. muse a remains silent, which only makes it worse, internally struggling with what to do, fighting with their self-preservation instinct and their feelings for muse b. it’s a week post break up when they go around to muse b’s dorm, and when they open the door to them, the first thing that comes out of muse a’s mouth is the crime they were convicted and put in prison for.

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What was starting out sugaring like for you? Any first learning experiences you'd share with barely legal SBs?

I talk a lot about the time a man tried to blackmail me with nudes, because that happened right when I started out. That was the first time anything like that ever happened and you KNOW I got smart and didn’t let it happen again. I also fucked up and didn’t know that paypal shows your real name, and gave my first SD my real paypal. He ended up being super nice and never used that info in a dangerous way. It could have ended really badly, and I immediately made a new paypal under a fake name. Those are really the only dumb things I did when I first started, and the second would not have happened if I had done more research. Basically the best advice for a new SB is to just research as much as possible, and not trust any of these men.

I realize I’ve never mentioned this before, so I think you guys should know that my brother has an OC named Jorge the Hobo. Jorge lives in a dumpster behind a hospital, gives surprisingly good therapy, basically yells everything he says, loves meat and artificial flavoring, and his best friend is a brick named Mr. Brick. He also has a theme song

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Lib is on twitter saying BCs are the only ones who voted Eliza as best actress and basically implying clexa only voted for best fandom and we are selfish. Like? When will she delete her blog? She rags on Eliza for EVERYTHING and now she's acting like an Eliza lover. Sure Jan.

She can’t delete her twitter she makes a new one everyday

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)


Everybody needs an Ignis, Ignis needs a Gladio.

“I am but a simple idiot wizard”