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The Ghost and Mr. Baggins by bilboo

They say that everything can be cured by saltwater - sweat, tears or the sea. Bilbo Baggins chooses the last option, taking his recently orphaned nephew and moving to the charming Oak Cottage, overlooking England’s grislier shores. The house charms him instantly, and though he knows nothing at all about the sea, or about making ends meet on his own so far from everything he’s known his whole life for that matter, he’s quite determined to stay, and see his nephew get better, odd sounds in the night be damned. He’s living in a modern world, after all, and the nonsense he’s been hearing about the house being haunted by its former owner, the mysterious Captain Durin, is just silly superstition… isn’t it?

Ayo-Everyone~ My name is M.B., and since the age of, maybe, five? I knew immediately that I wasn’t sexually or even romantically attracted to only one gender. As I grew older, met knew people, explored a lot of other possibilities; I realized, at the beginning of my late teens, (18) I was not what I identified as: Bisexual. In fact, I was confused for the longest time about labeling myself that because I knew that I was attracted to transgenders, androgyny, intersex- basically, a whole fucking lot that confused the hell out of me because I was never taught the differences between sexualities. It was either, Straight, Bisexual, or Homosexual (Lesbian) for the majority of my life. Until one day, I came across some artwork for the different sexualities and gender fluidity. It made me think about a lot and a few days later was when I came out to my best friend after realizing the truth, who then happened to also be pansexual. I know that labels aren’t really important, but It makes me feel great to be able to identify as something with so many other people as well. Thank you peeps!!~ 

  • Me:Talks about thing I like
  • RL friends:I don't really care. Let's talk about things I like. They're a lot better. I mean, the things you like suck.
  • Family:God, you're a geek. Why can't you like normal things? Now shoo, I have more important things to listen to.
  • Internet friends:I know, right? I love that thing too! I'm so excited!
  • Me:Talks about feelings and personal problems
  • RL friends:Oh, okay, but that's not /that/ bad did I ever tell you about the time that this one thing happened to me and it was 3290259059059x worse?? Why don't we talk about my feelings? They're more important.
  • Family:Oh god here you go again with your teenage angst! Please shut up already.
  • Internet friends:Oh my god. I am so, so sorry. Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it? I sort of understand in a way, but this isn't about me, it's about you. Just remember that it gets better. Don't give up, please. I believe in you.
  • Me:Talks to internet friends
  • Family and RL friends:Why do you go online and on your phone so much? God, what are you, antisocial? What's your issue?
  • Internet friends:Don't worry, I'm here for you. I wish I could hug you right now.

Last night, I had the honor of being invited to Taylor Swift’s after party for the Billboard Music Awards. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I was very excited. I was even more excited because it was my 25th birthday.

Again, no idea what to expect, we arrived at the party and the first person I saw was Taylor. Taylor f*cking Swift. I died. We all died. The whole group. WIthin minutes, she came over to all of us and hugged us all. YES. HUGGED. I HUGGED TAYLOR SWIFT. The BIGGEST POP STAR IN THE WORLD. AT HER PARTY. ON MY BIRTHDAY. (Is this real life?? Just checking)

As it was my turn to meet her, someone had mentioned it was my birthday that night and she wished me a happy birthday. We had a brief conversation (basically me thanking her for allowing a peasant - like myself - to be allowed to come to her party - because she’s a queen, naturally). 

Shortly later, I went over to the photo booth section to wait in line to take a few photos in front of it - where she was - and as I was watching, I thought to myself “this is my chance to give my best friend his own photo booth experience with her.” So I went up to her, after building my courage up, and said “Hey Taylor, my best friend is your biggest fan and I just wanted to see if I could surprise him and tell him you will take a photo in front of the photo booth.” Instantly she said, “Yeah! Go grab him!” So I did. And he was LIVING. 

After he took his photos with her, she offered the chance that I could get in and take a few with her. I was incredibly nervous, and all the poses were her ideas. I just went along with them the best way I could without being too embarrassing. AND THEY TURNED OUT AMAZING. I’ve always seen Taylor have these photos at her party and I ALWAYS thought to myself - I WANT ONE OF THESE. And I got one. On my 25th birthday. WITH TAYLOR SWIFT.

Long story short, Taylor was so down-to-earth. Even with all the success she’s reached and has, it didn’t alter how she is as a person. It didn’t get to her head. She’s just like. She’s a human - who just happens to be the biggest star on the planet - and she still acts normal. No ‘better than you’ persona. A genuinely nice girl who makes you feel like you’re her best friend. Thank you taylorswift for a remarkable 25th birthday. It was everything and more. I will never forget your kindness, compassion, and welcoming persona. I love you and as cliche as this may sound, I was enchanted to meet you.

I risked my Highschool Graduation just to make a point.

In Washington state there is a project that every student must turn in, in order to graduate. It is basically just a bunch of info on how school has helped you, what your career goals are, ect. And even though i live on the more “liberal” side of WA, my town and school was extremely picky and has even failed students for this project.

I hate this project. I hate it so much that i made my opening line, “Now that the year almost is over I have thought long and hard about what my life will erect into once I graduate.” i put penis jokes and sarcasm in the whole thing. I even made a fake certificate that says im the meme queen.

I filled it with memes and a selfie of me eating pizza. And im seen as a clown type of student. I have tattoos and piercings and blue hair.

But at the end, i switched my tone and wrote this:

This project is hypocritical.
While this page is not on the required list of documents you need to have in your portfolio, it does say to personalize and make it your own. So that is what I have done, by taking any seriousness out of this project. I have presented all required pages, and then some. My point is not to disrespect teachers and staff, (I hold educators on a very high level and greatly respect them.) but to show the point that this project is is hypocritical. The base of this project is to prove that a student has been properly educated and is ready for the future. To create a facade that the school system did their job in creating little adults, so the educators feel as if they did something good. I had to fill out forms about my direction of career path, how the classes I was forced to take some how magically have guided me along this magical non existent path that I have been prepped for my whole four years of high school.
I am forced to lie about how I am a prepared young adult, and I asked multiple teachers and my old advisor teacher about what do I do I do if I am unaware of what I want to do or how any of these classes have guide me into my career and they all said it doesn’t matter, to just make something up. What is the point in making students lie and then taking credit for a great education they supposedly had. This project (while it has been shorted, and thank goodness it was.) is still a stress inducing shot to the self esteem.
The American School System is not allowed to take credit for anything I ever accomplish.
I say this whole heartedly, while I love a few teachers, and respect them for honestly caring about students, a majority of staff are just playing by the rules, even if they don’t agree with them. A young student named David Brown wrote a rap about the current education system, some of they lyrics include, “I was shown the wavelengths of different hues of light But I was never taught my human rights” and “I was never taught how to recognize the most deadly Mental disorders or Diseases with preventable causes ‘cause abstract maths was deemed more important Than advice that would literally save thousands of lives But it’s cool, ‘cause now I could tell you if the number of unnecessary deaths caused by that choice was prime”
These lyrics speak volumes for the priorities of the education system, the only reason I know all 27 amendments is because I went out of my own way to learn my own basic rights, something that was failed to be taught. Yes, I took civics like everyone else, but my teacher tossed packets and powerpoint slides at us. I dare you to take a poll of how many students even know who our vice president is.
We are not taught how to function in society or how to prepare for or even figure out what career path we want. But I can tell you the dates of every major war that america has been a part of. Students don’t know how politics work, they don’t know why they should care, they don’t understand why it even matters to have a set career goal (and honestly it doesn’t matter.) They are having their childhood wasted on stripping their creativity away and pushing them through low level education (I mean there is the option of AP, but that’s no better). The moment they turn 18 they have no idea what they are doing. Did you know that individuals ages 18-29 make up 21% of the eligible voter population, but only 17% of these individuals are actual part of the voting population, and how much of that 17% understand the basic foundation of the political parties that they are even voting for.
Anything I know, anything I ever accomplish in my life, is in no way because I was given a good education. In fact the best choice I have ever made was taking running start, because at least my last year of school wasn’t wasted.
This project is a complete lie.
You want a student to put together a book that shows that they are prepared for the real world, then teach them about it. Teach me why I should care about my future. Teach me about basic human rights. Teach me about how to prepare for my career. And don’t put so much pressure on students to pick something at the age of 17/18. I don’t even know what I want for dinner, but I should know what college I’m going to spend $60,000 on, for a major that I should already have planned. And to say that is a parents job is not the correct answer, the hard truth is some parents are absent in their child’s life, some are flat out bad parents or not even educated themselves and many students have parents who are too busy or have passed away to help them out.
I love school, I love to learn, but what I don’t love is wasting what could have been 4 years that really helped me out on trying to learn the layout of a plant cell. I can not stress this enough, you make students feel horrible about that fact that they are unaware of what they want to do, make students lie about what they want to do, take credit for a “great education” and pass them off as proper young adults who are ready for the world based on a few papers in a binder.
The directions told me to “Personalize it to make it your own” and this is how I choose to personalize my Senior Portfolio.  I have also put this in a sparkly pink binder because that’s pretty cute.
“But I won’t take it. I’ll tell everyone my childhood was wasted, I’ll share it everywhere how I was “educated” And insist these pointless things. Don’t stay in school” -David Brown

I willingly risked my graduation to make a point. And i just wanted to let you also know that my teachers are passing my portfolio around and reading it. My superintendent has now read it. I was unaware of this and i don’t go to school often because i take my classes at college. But i went in for a meeting with my counselor and i asked if mine was graded. She said yes. But that i wont be getting mine back for a while because the staff are not done reading it. 

She told me that during a staff meeting someone actually brought my portfolio to the meeting to talk about it. My old debate coach came up to me and said “I knew you’d do something like that. Thank you.”

The whole time writing it i felt so scared because i remember a student who didn’t graduate because she forgot to put just one paper in. My mother told me it was a really bad idea and it was not worth messing around with. The risk was not worth it.

But i have a habit of not listening. And now that i have caused a fuss in my school and even some parts of my district, I’m glad i didn’t listen


So I keep stumbling over those signal boost posts about people in need and I always try to at least reblog those even if I’m not always able to help financially. What always amazes me is that how generous and good people can be, fandom can be. It’s truly great how we can help just one person change their whole life. 

So, this is my story. A dear friend of mine, Christina, who you may also know as Pteryx on YouTube or here on tumblr, is in a bit of trouble right now. It’s a very difficult situation with her parents and her health and her goal is to save up some money to basically run away and move to another city. Yeah, it’s that bad. She’s originally from Yekaterinburg, but wants to move west, but she needs money for it since her parents don’t let her do anything and take everything away from her.

People often say, like, every dollar counts. Here’s a little math for you: right now the bus fare in Yekaterinburg is 23 Russian roubles, which is with the current currency rate is .46 American dollars. Yeah, 46 freaking cents. So, sharing even 1$ would literally get her to work and then back home and it would really make it easier for her to get through the day and at least not worry about such an essential thing.

But let me tell you about her. She’s an incredibly sweet and talented person. She’s an amazing vidder. She always creates very interesting and unique videos, and not only in one fandom, too. She’s mostly known for her Doctor Who and Sherlock videos, as well as multifandom mashups, movie videos and most recently Marvel Universe videos, especially Captain America ones. I mean, have you seen this, this or this Sherlock videos? And this Steve&Bucky video moved me to tears. She made a bunch of Doctor Who videos, like this, this or this one. I mean, I’m not even a fan of the show anymore, but Doctor Who is an amazing show visual-wise, and Pteryx’s videos are a must see for every DW fan. 

More than that, she offers her services as an editor. She can edit pretty much anything for you for a very reasonable price. Here’s a few ideas of what she can do: if you are a film student and you need an editor for your next project, she’s the right person for you. You want to make a video present for your best friend? Great idea! Pteryx can make something very original, funny and full of love. You’re writing a book and need a video trailer for it? Awesome! You can discuss details with Pteryx. You’re a photographer or a model and want to make a backstage video of your latest shoot? Pteryx can make a very stylish and dynamic video for you. What about your latest holiday? You have bits of videos here and there and a bunch of photos? Pteryx can make a video including all of it that you can later show your friends, trust me, it would be much more interesting than flipping through dozens of photos on your facebook page :)

Also if you’re feeling generous or able to spare some money, Pteryx can even gift you a fanvideo of your choice. It’s not a commission thing per se, but I’m sure you guys can figure something out that will benefit everybody ;) The list of fandoms that Pteryx can work with include MCU, Sherlock BBC, The 100, Fringe, The Originals, Doctor Who, In The Flesh, Peaky Blinders, Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, Agent Carter, almost 30 tv shows and pretty much any standalone movie (including multifandoms and mashups), and many many more.

Here’s her paypal & e-mail address if you have any questions or in a sharing mood:

Here’s her YouTube channel

Her tumblr


Her Patreon

Please consider reblogging this and spreading the word. If you feel like sharing, it would be amazing, too, but I don’t ask more than just think about it. I mean, fandom is the second (if not the first) home for so many people out there, so I thought I’d ask you guys to help a fellow fan out.

With my sincerest gratitude,

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vulnerable aomine, akashi, haizaki and hanamiya (lmao if its even possible) feeling needy and insecure about the relationship b/c their s/o seem to be drifting away | pls give lots of cuddling and confession of emotions ;A;

OMG THESE ARE MY FAVORITE KINDS OF ASKS. i can make them suffer and especially haizadick (ʃ≖‿≖ ) ʃ WAAAAAY overboard: more under the cut ha ha surprise surprise. I’ll split them into two parts so it’s not too long :) 

Second part with Aomine & Hanamiya is here.


AKASHI: Because he was basically the king of the whole school, he has never felt insecure about anything really. He’s always known where his world stood, always steady on its axes. However, the day you entered his life, you became an unpredictable variable that he needed to know, needed to keep constant. But he knew he couldn’t. And he liked it that way. He liked the way you followed him around, asking him questions curiously with excitement sparkling in your eyes.

One day though, you stopped. He was confused. You stopped coming around to the student council room to nag him about different things, to ask him to teach you. You stopped coming to cheer for him during basketball practice. You just stopped. That was when the fear – something Akashi was so unfamiliar with – began to creep up on him. Were you drifting away? Did you find someone new? He hated that these negative thoughts seemed to fill his mind. He hated how weak he felt. He knew he needed to call for an intervention.

During lunchtime, he came up to you. “___-chan, would you like to eat lunch with me?” Everyone seemed to swoon around you at how sweet the emperor always was with you. Of course, people noticed that Akashi was friendlier towards you, showing a justified bias. Your lips parted in surprise and you absentmindedly nodded, taking his hand and following him to the student council room. Wow, you hadn’t been there in some time. After eating, Akashi paused, waiting for you to wipe your mouth before starting, “Is there something wrong?” You raised an eyebrow at him in confusion. “You’re very… distant these days.” Pressing your lips together, your eyes flew off to the window, attempting to avoid his gaze. “_____-chan.” He called again.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, turning to face him. “I just don’t want you to feel like I’m clingy and I’ve realized that I’ve been really sticky on you so I don’t want you to get annoyed with me.” You scrunched up your nose.

Akashi processed it. “Annoyed… clingy…” He wasn’t familiar with any of those because he’s never thought of you as bothersome. “Come here,” he commanded and you obliged, squeaking when he placed you on his lap, him looking up into your eyes. “I thought I had done something wrong,” he whispered, sighing to regain some form of composure. He leaned his forehead against your arm. You felt his fingers quake lightly. “I never think of you as ‘clingy’ or ‘sticky’. I think you’re wonderful and I’ve always loved the way you behaved around me.” Your eyes filled with tears. “I don’t mind your asking me questions because I love that inquisitive side of yours.” He took a deep breath, “Please don’t distance yourself from me. It drives me insane just thinking about it. If you have any insecurities, tell me straightaway. Understand?” His emperor side was back and you smiled, loving both the soft and hard sides of Akashi. You nodded and slid your arms around his neck as his circled your waist. He kissed your hair, breathing a sigh of relief.

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