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I Just Found Out Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Pumpkin At All, And My Whole Life is Basically a Lie | Food & Wine

Humans of the Internet, this is why it’s important to read the ingredients on your food!

(This article is hilarious and extremely well written btw)

But in all seriousness, the laws on food labeling are still pretty loose, in the United States especially. So as heart breaking as it can be you have to actually read what your favorite foods are made of.

This has been a Kate PSA

  • Me:Talks about thing I like
  • RL friends:I don't really care. Let's talk about things I like. They're a lot better. I mean, the things you like suck.
  • Family:God, you're a geek. Why can't you like normal things? Now shoo, I have more important things to listen to.
  • Internet friends:I know, right? I love that thing too! I'm so excited!
  • Me:Talks about feelings and personal problems
  • RL friends:Oh, okay, but that's not /that/ bad did I ever tell you about the time that this one thing happened to me and it was 3290259059059x worse?? Why don't we talk about my feelings? They're more important.
  • Family:Oh god here you go again with your teenage angst! Please shut up already.
  • Internet friends:Oh my god. I am so, so sorry. Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it? I sort of understand in a way, but this isn't about me, it's about you. Just remember that it gets better. Don't give up, please. I believe in you.
  • Me:Talks to internet friends
  • Family and RL friends:Why do you go online and on your phone so much? God, what are you, antisocial? What's your issue?
  • Internet friends:Don't worry, I'm here for you. I wish I could hug you right now.

Everyone is mad about the Xkit guy basically being forced off tumblr, but the more posts I see on the matter, I get the feeling we’re mad for the wrong reason.

“Damn it, idiots flung around a rumor and Xkit Guy had a breakdown and now my xkit won’t be updated. Damn it, this new tumblr update will just be sucky forever. We brought this on ourselves.” Is basically how I read these posts.

We should be saying “holy shit this website singlehandedly destroyed a man’s life because of unfounded rumors of sexual assault which is a SERIOUS THING but now this guy, who was INNOCENT, had a mental break and nobody on this website is facing any actual repercussions for something that, anywhere else, is a crime. Because false testimony/accusations is a crime.”

But nah lets just care because tumblrs broke again and he’s the only guy able to fix it. That’s why we should care, right?


i am a terrible perfectionist so i have spent all evening working out distances and travel times in thedas

(above map is super big & hd so click here to zoom)

one box = 35 miles

35 miles ON AVERAGE, in fair conditions/flat ground =

  • 2 days walking
  • 1 day on horseback
  • ¾ day in a carriage
  • ½ day by ship (or less)

reasoning & mathsy bits under the cut

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Nerd HQ Panel: A Summary

*Jared and Mark talking*

*Jared and Mark talking*

*Jared and Mark talking*

Jensen: *silence*

Jensen: *silence*

Jensen: *silence*

Jensen: *silence*

Mark: “I never thought I’d say this but, I miss Misha.”


*Jared and Mark continue talking*

Jensen: *pouty silence*

adele was in tears when she was thanking her team, first person justin hugged was his manager scooter and he pointed at him and thanked him again on stage, meanwhile s*mon stood there with a sour on his botox stuffed ugly face pointing that invisible gun on them while liam had to thank their awful ass team for basically making their whole life miserable :) anyway my point is, i cant fucking wait for s*mon cowell to burn in hell :)


Last night, I had the honor of being invited to Taylor Swift’s after party for the Billboard Music Awards. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I was very excited. I was even more excited because it was my 25th birthday.

Again, no idea what to expect, we arrived at the party and the first person I saw was Taylor. Taylor f*cking Swift. I died. We all died. The whole group. WIthin minutes, she came over to all of us and hugged us all. YES. HUGGED. I HUGGED TAYLOR SWIFT. The BIGGEST POP STAR IN THE WORLD. AT HER PARTY. ON MY BIRTHDAY. (Is this real life?? Just checking)

As it was my turn to meet her, someone had mentioned it was my birthday that night and she wished me a happy birthday. We had a brief conversation (basically me thanking her for allowing a peasant - like myself - to be allowed to come to her party - because she’s a queen, naturally). 

Shortly later, I went over to the photo booth section to wait in line to take a few photos in front of it - where she was - and as I was watching, I thought to myself “this is my chance to give my best friend his own photo booth experience with her.” So I went up to her, after building my courage up, and said “Hey Taylor, my best friend is your biggest fan and I just wanted to see if I could surprise him and tell him you will take a photo in front of the photo booth.” Instantly she said, “Yeah! Go grab him!” So I did. And he was LIVING. 

After he took his photos with her, she offered the chance that I could get in and take a few with her. I was incredibly nervous, and all the poses were her ideas. I just went along with them the best way I could without being too embarrassing. AND THEY TURNED OUT AMAZING. I’ve always seen Taylor have these photos at her party and I ALWAYS thought to myself - I WANT ONE OF THESE. And I got one. On my 25th birthday. WITH TAYLOR SWIFT.

Long story short, Taylor was so down-to-earth. Even with all the success she’s reached and has, it didn’t alter how she is as a person. It didn’t get to her head. She’s just like. She’s a human - who just happens to be the biggest star on the planet - and she still acts normal. No ‘better than you’ persona. A genuinely nice girl who makes you feel like you’re her best friend. Thank you taylorswift for a remarkable 25th birthday. It was everything and more. I will never forget your kindness, compassion, and welcoming persona. I love you and as cliche as this may sound, I was enchanted to meet you.

Paris Wins Life

I’ll never forget hopping off the Eurostar train in Paris and being basically dumped out into the bustling streets of the city. I honestly couldn’t breathe. As in, it took my breath away. There was a slight chill in the air, beautiful fluid French accents swirled around my head from all angles. Police cars beeped as they whizzed by. The stunning cream buildings with ornate black wrought iron balconies swallowed us whole. I put my hand on the shoulder of one of our team leaders as she began to vocalize our plan. “Hold on…just one minute.” She watched my eyes look around, taking in the architecture, the scents (also known as cigarettes), the people, the LIFE.

“Okay, now I’m ready.”

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Hamilton characters watching Hamilton
  • Hamilton:OMG guys that's me! This whole thing is about me!
  • Burr:was I really that annoying?
  • Eliza:*literally just in tears because someone told her husband's story*
  • Angelica:yup. He really hit the nail on the head with this ones. That's basically my life.
  • Peggy:guys I saw a shirt in the lobby that said "and Peggy" on it how irrelevant am I? *sees show* what. the fuck.
  • Washington:damn look at me I look fine
  • Jefferson:what the actual fuck is this
  • Madison:okay I wasn't ALWAYS sick
  • Lafayette:LAFAYETTE!
  • Mulligan, Laurens:YES! REPRESENTATION
  • Philip:dad was I really that stupid?
  • Maria:EXCUSE ME! I was a victim in this situation!

honestly hearing people constantly emphasize the importance of eye contact really fucked me up

like i’ve been told my whole life that people who don’t meet your eyes are going to be seen as untrustworthy, deceitful, willfully disrespectful, arrogant, and self-centered. and basically if people saw me that way because i didn’t meet their eyes, then i was to blame for their incorrect assumptions about me. 

usually when people said this, they’d rely on some low-key essentialist bs: it’s “natural” not to trust people who don’t meet your eyes, etc., and therefore the unfairness/illogicality of that expectation was immaterial.

it all just made me feel like i deserved a lot of the bullying/abuse i got growing up (both from peers and from authority figures.)

honestly i think its really important that we start making people (allistics) understand that making these assumptions is not something we’re just “programmed” to do. i shouldn’t have to counter these assumptions in the first place, other people shouldn’t be making them.

if me not making eye contact causes you to assume im a liar or otherwise a bad person, then that’s not my problem to solve. it’s yours. you fix it.


One of my very favorite scenes of this season was the one with Franny, Frances Conroy, as the Angel of Death in the diner. That was one of those scenes that was just thrilling to do and I loved working with her. I absolutely adore working with her. Sometimes you just have an affinity with an actor that’s unspoken and on a very human level, you connect with them. And that’s how I felt working with Franny, both years. And that scene, to me, was one of my most powerful scenes that they’d written for me. That whole sequence, going from being fired from the band to that whole discovery, it was just a great run of scenes to play, culminating in those two scenes – the one with Franny in the diner and then, discovering from the family that this burden that she had been carrying around with her for years and years and years, it was false. It had basically ruined her life.


robert’s rebellion, also known as the war of the usurper, was a rebellion against house targaryen, primarily instigated by eddard stark, jon arryn, and robert baratheon, for whom it is named. It lasted “close to a year” and resulted in the end of the targaryen dynasty in the seven kingdoms and the beginning of robert baratheon’s reign.

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Okay I ship them so much Jesus Christ. Can we go back in time, so they can make out?
—  Pewdiepie playing episode 4 of Life is Strange.