this is basically just quotes about him that make me really emotional

Say That Again

Summary: Soulmate AU. Everyone hears a key word or phrase in their head from their soulmate, something only heard in person when the moment is right.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, that’s basically it

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely wonderful talented @bladebarnes’ 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was 35. quote: “Say that again.” I saw Baby Driver recently and couldn’t get the diner thing out of my head.

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So I have decided to post all the facts and hints about Connor Murphy’s past that are shown in the musical. It’s hard to make out considering people in the fandom usually focus on the lies Evan tells to figure out Connor’s personality.

To get this conclusion (which I will post in a second) I literally skipped all scenes concerning Evan’s lies and went directly to the Murphy family and what they say. None of these facts/hints involve what Evan said about Connor.

First of all, I’ll say now that I have put my own interpretation on each of these facts.

And so, I will put all FACTS in BOLD.
Anything out of bold is my own interpretation and how I see it to be. It’s up to you to agree with me or disagree.

First, I will post my conclusions on each family member, and then afterwards, I will post the reasons for each one.


Zoe was an emotional and verbal abuse victim. There is no evidence of physical abuse, although there were threats that could have potentially led to that. She has all the right to not grieve over Connor, in all honesty, she could have sent him to the police for what he did, but as an abuse victim, that is very hard to do. Connor was probably the cause of most of her insecurities and she hated him for that. The unhealthy habit of taking out his anger on the nearest person to him probably made him lash out at his sister whenever he had a panic attack. Judging by how he really did care enough to keep the creepy letter about his sister, written by Evan, in his pocket for 3 days before he committed suicide, it’s safe to say that he really regretted being mean to his sister and actually cared about her.

Connor’s mom, Cynthia

Connor’s mom was a woman obsessed with reputation. She’s known as the rich man’s wife, and wants more than anything to be a regular family. But because her son had mental illnesses, her perfect image was ruined. She acted as though she was there for him but when it came down to it, she did nothing. She pushed for therapy but after a while, her husband took him out of it because “it wasn’t worth the money,” and she basically went, “welp, I tried.” I will quote what I say later: Connor’s mom might not actually be sad that her son is gone, but rather, she’s ashamed that her family actually doesn’t care. It seems like Connor’s mom is filled with regret for not being there for her son, and she’s forcing her family to act like they regretted it too, because that’s what a real family should have been like. But this is only a personal theory.

Connor’s dad, Larry

Connor’s dad might be one of the main sources of his depression. It is very obvious to me that Connor’s dad believed him to be a disappointment. He didn’t grieve for his dead son and only played along to make his wife happy. He’s annoyed by the whole situation. It even seemed like he hated the fact that there was fake remnants of his son in Evan. Almost like he wished Connor wasn’t friends with Evan so he could just forget all about him and not need to deal with it. At some point he was a kind father. When they went to the orchard together for picnics, it seems like they were a happy family. Connor’s dad had played with their toy plane together and had some great memories. The whole family practically forgot about this, though. Connor’s dad didn’t cry at his own dead son’s funeral. I think that sums it up.

Connor Murphy

Connor was a complicated person. He had many different mental illnesses. I could research which ones he probably had, but there’s probably already a post somewhere on it already. One thing for sure, is that he was unstable. He might not have been like that his whole life, but at the time of knowing him, the time he was briefly alive in the show, he was incredibly unstable. Everything and anything could set him off, and he probably hated that about himself as well. Pushing away everyone near him that could possibly help and hating himself for doing so, spiraling himself into a closed minded world of self-hate and regret, which is something that many people can relate to, including me. He did a lot of horrible things to his sister and to his family. I don’t blame his family for not actually grieving him, he was a really bad person. The problem is, he could have been a good person as well. He had all the potential to get better. He talked to Evan, probably wishing to say sorry about pushing him earlier in the hall. He was trying, he wanted to try. He wanted to get better. He just gave up too soon.

This post is very long! I’m sorry. If you’d like to read more, I’m putting the reasons I’ve come to these conclusions under the cut.

Remember, ALL FACTS ARE IN BOLD. Anything else is my personal interpretation.

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Sherlock Series 4 as “Epic Theatre.”

Largely inspired by @toxicsemicolon‘s theatre related posts- here; here and here

“Why would you do this, this pantomime, why?”

Mycroft’s anger is in response to Sherlock creating a theatrical performance, a lie to scare him. The mention of “pantomime” makes me think of false stories, and many metas have been written on the unreliability of series 4 in general, to not take it as face value: it’s a false story, all smoke and mirrors.

What if we take Mycroft’s words as both literal and symbolic, though? Sherlock Series 4 is both literal theatre and a constructed false story.

toxicsemicolon’s posts are mainly about Sherlock and the Theatre of the Absurd (to me, it’s like ‘what would happen if Sherlock suddenly made no sense, the point is there is no point! etc etc). And I was taking a screenwriting course, and something called Brecht and Epic Theatre was mentioned. I didn’t know what it was, but it sounded interesting, so I looked it up!

^This video really helped me start understanding it- I’m by no means an expert! This quote from it was particularly helpful:

“And we’re not meant to sit comfortably and predict what’s going to happen, because that’s not what this play is about. And I think the more they throw in things that are unexpected, the more that they shake you up when you feel like you know where this is going.

Basically, I think Series 4 is showing what happens when the normal ‘rules’ of the story we’ve been watching no longer apply. Now, we’re in the land of (UNCONVENTIONAL) theatre, and reacting in similar ways to how the first audiences of the theatre of the absurd and epic theatre reacted: disorientation, confusion, resistance. 

Introduction from wiki:  Epic theatre (German: episches Theater) is a theatrical movement arising in the early to mid-20th century from the theories and practice of a number of theatre practitioners who responded to the political climate of the time through the creation of a new political theatre. These practitioners included Erwin Piscator, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Vsevolod Meyerhold and, most famously, Bertolt Brecht.

Shared elements in Epic Theatre & Sherlock

While not invented by Brecht, the Verfremdungseffekt, known in English as the “estrangement effect” or the “alienation effect,” was made popular by Brecht and is one of the most significant characteristics of Epic theatre.[7] Brecht sought to “re-create the relationship between the actor and audience as dialectic” so that the audience would not longer “willingly suspend disbelief.”[8] The Verfremdungseffekt makes the audience feel detached from the action of the play, so they do not become immersed in the fictional reality of the stage or become overly empathetic of the characters with the hope that Epic theatre will turn “the spectator into an observer” and arouse “his capacity for action, force[ing] him to take decisions.”[9] 

This is what The Final Problem is all about to me. We’re encouraged to no longer view this as a ‘normal’ episode, to pay attention to the discrepancies- for example, the glaring ‘missing 10 minutes’ of John’s therapy appointment, and him apparently being shot by a tranquilizer gun. (x) And, there’s the general dissonance in tone of the entire episode- things that would normally give us a poignant, emotional reaction such as the burning of 221B are handled poorly (see If you want to make me laugh OR cry then do one, not both!This makes us resist our usual willingness to “suspend disbelief”, distances ourselves from emotionally investing like we usually would. 

And, that turns out to be a good thing, because now, we shouldn’t be emotionally investing in these particular portrayals of our usually beloved characters. They are deliberate caricatures of themselves. Turns out, that’s also part of Epic Theatre, specifically the way the “alienation effect” is achieved: 

Some of the ways the Verfremdungseffekt can be achieved is by having actors play multiple characters

This doesn’t happen quite literally in Sherlock- as in, say, Una playing both the role of Mrs Hudson and Norbury, or something like that. Rather, because our emotional investment has been removed, we are able to see the characters as stand ins for Something Else. For example, Mycroft is no longer ‘Mycroft’ but a stand-in for Mark, the writer watching his own creation crash and burn, and get high-jacked by The Final Problem story. 

More techniques:

rearrange the set in full view of the audience 

And yes, this one does quite literally happen. Our “set” of 221B is destroyed, and the audience gets to see it, “the stage”, re-made in front of their eyes:

And our own set designer of Sherlock, Arwel Wyn Jones, gets to have a cameo there- again drawing attention to the very fictionality of the show itself, its own set designer is doing work in front of our eyes that is usually reserved for off screen/on stage.

“break the fourth wall” by speaking to the audience.

Well, this phrase is definitely taken to the extreme… see this post:  Sherlock breaking the fourth wall by LITERALLY BREAKING DOWN FOUR WALLS AROUND HIM.

Lighting can also be used to emulate the effect. For example, flooding the theatre with bright lights (not just the stage) and placing lighting equipment on stage can encourage the audience to understand that the production is merely a production instead of reality.

Such a moment happens in The Six Thatchers, where we see a camera in the right-hand corner of the screen as John confronts Mary:

Seen more clearly in this post.

For more posts showing how S4 draws attention to the very fact that it is FICTION, see:

Deciphering Mycroft at the Movies

Remind you of anything? A facade? (Please let the projector light be our smoking gun)

J2 PhxCon 2017 Gold Panel
  • J2 are matching in black. 
  • They were sent the s12 gag reel for approval. Jared: It sent me into like…you know where there’s a YouTube rabbit hole where you’re like, oh I’m gonna look at that video on that one thing, four hours later *clicking away* Jensen at YouTube: Stop suggesting videos for me to watch!
  • Jared wanted to watch the other gag reels and is sad because he can no longer do the scream he does at the end of the s1 gag reel where they start screaming in the wrecked Impala. He tries but the scream doesn’t match. Jensen: There’s a lot of things you did in s1 that you can’t do now lol. 
  • Jensen does a Swedish accent. 
  • They’ve never been cussed out so much before after a finale: “YOU KILLED EVERYONE”
  • Jared and Jensen followed the Twitter reaction to the finale while flying. All the sad emojis.
  • Jensen on the s12 finale: “It’s a slaughterfest!” 
  • J2 are teasing a fan who was raising their hand to ask a question and then did a double take when they were actually picked to ask a question haha. 
  • At some point a fan talks about how Sully told Sam he’s not dad, he’s not Dean, “you’re Sam and Sam is awesome.” She loved the quote, hit home for her. Jared gives a shout out to Richard Speight Jr. for directing that ep. Fan asks if there are quotes that have hit home for him. Jared mentions quotes about who you are similar to that one. Mentions “Sam Fucking Winchester” and Jensen pretends to look shocked that he said fuck so Jared rubs his arm to console him lol. Jared says he has received a lot of support from friends and family, has heard a lot of things that make him feel better. All about being who you are, basically. 
  • Jared talks about how badass Gen is to talk about Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign in front of the Texas Congress. 
  • After a fan asks about it, Jared tells the story about how Tom Welling tried to get into his house where he was storing his stuff years ago but Tom forgot the code. “There’s Superman in handcuffs.” 
  • Fan asks a question about how Jared deals with depression and anxiety at work. Work is an escape for Jared. It’s the quiet moments when his mind will start going, so that’s why work is an escape. When he’s around friends and being challenged, knowing he’s part of this family and part of something that has helped bring others support, helps bring him support, it helps him deal with it. 
  • He said he gets a high from being able to create. He and Jensen were talking about 12x22. Says the scene with Jensen where they are trying to break through the wall and sit down and talk, they made that special and he’s proud. J2 are really proud of that emotional scene in that ep. 
  • Keep moving your feet. Do something small like smiling will help you. Change everything about what’s going on to make you happy. 
  • Jared: Crazy may be out there but I’ve only had wonderful experiences with fans. 
  • Jared loves hearing about the connections that Supernatural has made for people. Jensen loves that it’s unapologetically inclusive. 
  • Jared just helped Jensen with a word he couldn’t come up with. 
  • The boys start talking about wrestling. Jensen would tag team with the Rock so he could be in awe like “Wow..” he wants to meet him and shake his hand and collapse (tap out lol). 
  • Jared would fight/wrestle naked because nobody wants to fight the naked guy :P
  • J2 haven’t pranked each other in awhile. Jensen teases about a years long prank that Jared doesn’t know about, Jared cracks Jensen up when he says he is Jim Carrey in The Truman Show (context for those who haven’t seen the movie: x). Jared does mention spraying his cologne in the car to annoy Jensen, though haha. Jensen was pretending to choke.
  • The boys are teasing each other about their antics while driving in to the convention this morning and being adorable. 
  • If they could listen to any CD from any band over and over without getting sick of it, who would it be? Jared: Pearl Jam’s “Ten.” Jensen: Zeppelin’s Greatest Hits. Jared: Beatles Greatest Hits. Jensen: I’d also take Stones, “and say what you will but The Eagles.” Jared, who was nodding along to the list, puts his hands in the air: “Who’s gonna say otherwise?!”
  • JJ is really into Elton John right now. Jensen: Thank God. 

Info via: Michael, Fangasm, Sarah MarieCelebrateSPNSil’s livetweet list


There was a lot going on Friday the 13th… Most of us probably missed something. So what I’m trying to do here is gather tweets and Tumblr posts of the lucky ones who got to have that experience. Basically these are just some of the impressions and important information people were able to share with us. If I missed something important, please feel free to point it out and I will update… Also, and I think I speak for everyone, huge thanks to all of you who answered all of our questions and shared anecdotes from this event. We really do appreciate it.

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anonymous asked:

I didn't have a tumblr account in 2013, so I have no idea how the fuck a 53-year-old Sci fi show became part of something as cringe as "superwholock". I mean, I watch Sherlock but damn this match makes no sense. Could you explain to me how it happened please???

Honestly? I don’t know exactly.

I was never really a part of SuperWhoLock, and I don’t think I was on here for the origins either, but whenever it was that I did get on here, I was just a passionate Whovian who also watched and liked Sherlock (these days I’m pretty indifferent about Sherlock one way or another, and give as few shits about Supernatural as I ever did).  

BUT, I’m gonna see if I can try and work out/theorise how SuperWhoLock rose and fell, if only to try and make the point that Doctor Who never deserved to be lumped in with it. Feel free to challenge any points I make, because I’m guessing here. 

although, frankly, this idea of cringe culture is kinda snobby and gross. let people like shit, damn, if they’re not hurting anyone or trying to say Supernatural is the best show ever, who gives a fuck, honestly

Firstly, the thing about Doctor Who is that it has been around for literal multiple decades. Almost fifty four years. It has been around since before some of our parents were born. 

Doctor Who fans were around long before the internet was invented. They were here before, and will be here long after everyone has forgotten what the hell Supernatural ever was. Doctor Who fans are now the ones making Doctor Who. They were the ones who, when it got cancelled, created an entire thriving Audio Drama business through the love of it that still existed everywhere, and they are the ones who brought it back and now create it. They’ve never let it die. 

You know why? Why Doctor Who’s endured, and is so passionately loved by so many, and before all this mess wasn’t any more cringy than being into Star Trek? Because it’s good. 

It is a flawed show, of course (always, somehow, in some way, in ways that vary across different eras), but one that is good in a reckless, nonsensical, optimistic way. No matter the ups and downs of its objective quality, it’s never really lost its heart. 

It is a show with a protagonist that uses words/intelligence/compassion over violence to fight, a show that focuses on telling hopeful adventures that can be watched by children and also inform them of some of the harsher aspects of the world in an interesting way.

Also, it’s always been quite progressive. It had the first female drama producer at the BBC, and a gay Indian director. No one wanted it to succeed and it’s a miracle the show ever got off the ground. 

People like to talk about the “screaming Classic companions” but you know what? Fuck that. The Classic ladies were all wonderful, including the biggest screamers. Susan? The Doctor’s granddaughter, genius, with telepathic abilities and a whole lot of heart. Mel? Computer programmer aka fucking smarty pants, who once flipped the Doctor over her shoulder, and was such a genuinely nice person that it was genuinely impressive. Zoe? Adorable 60′s companion who canonically had a higher IQ than the Doctor. 

Doctor Who ladies have been awesome since the beginning, and calling out misogyny from the beginning. 

(It ALSO had errors of its time, especially an Orientalism issue that is pervasive through a lot of older sci-fi, that can’t and shouldn’t be forgotten either. But that’s for the most part irrelevant to this discussion other than the general whiteness which is still obviously a problem albeit one the show is slowly working on.)

The reboot then brought in (some, not enough) queer characters and main characters of colour, etc, and its general diversity has only been getting better and better on that front for the most part, especially in the last couple of years. 

But anyway, how the hell did it get mixed up with the whole SuperWhoLock mess? 

Well, the reboot brought in a whole new generation of fans, and only got bigger and bigger and bigger, and was peaking RIGHT about when Sherlock aired. 

The Doctor Who and Sherlock crossover is easy enough to work out; they had the same headwriter(s), and they’re both about neurodivergent (coded??) genius white guys that theoretically have a kind of unconventional attractiveness to them. You can see how they drew in the same crowd. 

Now, how the hell Supernatural became a part of that, I’ve no idea. I’ve never been a Supernatural fan (even if I did watch the first four and a half seasons once, more or less enjoy them, but also not find them massively interesting). 

But I’m going to assume it’s because it again involved white guys with Big Emotions, that the fans could thirst over, who were undertaking some larger than life shit. 

My theory is that it, at least partly, was the White Male Slash Fandom. 

You know. That group of mostly straight girls who treat shipping conventionally attractive white men like a fetish and a kink to explore, who will ship basically any two CAWM under the sun if they so much as look at each other. I imagine the Johnlock crowd overlapped with the Destiel and Wincest crowd, and Doctor Who, since it had Ten/Simm!Master (and Eleven/Rory to a lesser extent) as well as some nice hetero ships, kind of got dragged along because almost everyone in the Sherlock fandom was probably in the Doctor Who fandom too. 

You can kind of see how it fits. The Supernatural gang and the Team TARDIS are big damn heroes with a lot of heart, while Sherlock fulfilled the ideal levels of pretentiousness that we all go through in our teenage years. 

Of course, then everyone realised that Supernatural kinda sucks because it’s an incredibly white, incredibly male, incredibly STRAIGHT show that just queerbaits its audience and doesn’t know when to call it quits, and so everyone started jumping ship. 

Then everyone looked at Sherlock, either went “this has its issues but it’s still fun”, “this is QUEERBAITING TOO, WHY WONT JOHNLOCK KISS, FUCK MOFFISS”, or “this is also incredibly white, incredibly male, and incredibly straight, so fuck this also”, and that was it for Sherlock and general opinion too. 

(For the record: Johnlock was not queerbait. Johnlock was an expression of Steven Moffat’s own very intimate, but platonic, friendship with Mark Gatiss, and they explicitly told everyone they were not gonna make it gay. And then the toxic ass fandom, deluded out their minds, started sending Gatiss - an actual gay man - abuse about being “an honorary straight” for not making their fetishised fictional relationship canon, at one point literally the day after the Pulse massacre. Seriously. What the fuck. Never speak about it being queerbaiting ever again and leave Mark Gatiss the fuck alone.) 

Now. Doctor Who had meanwhile been dealing with the changeover of the showrunner. 

Series 5 went down pretty well for the most part, but a lot of people had their issues with Series 6 and Series 7. The fandom had kind of gotten too big, for a show this unconventional. To the point of a lot of people not being able to deal with the distinct change from the style of Russell T Davies, because they weren’t really aware of how the show needs to reinvent itself constantly even on a stylistic level. Because they were treating the show like any other show, when one can’t really do that. 

It was all kind of a mess of:

  • very mixed fan reception on Series 6
  • Series 7 being on the weaker side (not as weak as some people who missed the whole point of Clara’s storyline make it out to be, but weak nonetheless, though Moffat has admitted to this and explained it was because he was under so much pressure about the looming 50th anniversary, and like, fuck, fair enough)
  • people being pissed at Moffat for Sherlock shit
  • Russell T Davies having done quite a few things in his era that are questionable from a wider Doctor Who standpoint, which Moffat as the Ultimate Who Fan didn’t go along with, only to then receive hate from people who were convinced that if RTD did something it must be right, because they haven’t seen Classic Who or apparently bothered to do a couple of google searches to educate themselves
  • plus, a few of Moffat’s quotes around 2012ish got taken out of context because he’s a sarcastic little shit who runs his mouth
  • and so people got the idea that Moffat’s a narcissistic misogynist who “loves white men”
  • also people confused “plot hole” with “is going to be explained later” and complained about him having plot holes in series 5-7 when really it’s just that he was waiting to tie up all the loose ends in Matt Smith’s finale episode

Anyway, thus began the popular - to this day! - sentiment of thinking that Moffat is one of the worst things to happen to television, or at least Doctor Who (and Sherlock Holmes). 

And so, that was the “downfall” of Doctor Who and SuperWhoLock, so to speak, as all three shows were written off by the wider Tumblr/nerd community as being incredibly cringy. 

Now, to examine it from today’s view, in light of recent series/opinion about the series/the female Doctor reveal. 

The problem is, the general attitude about Moffat - who don’t get me wrong, is far from a flawless writer, or person - has literally reached the point of mass delusion. It’s very clear that literally thousands of people have a completely fictionalised version of him in their heads. 

How do I know this? I saw someone say that a female Doctor was a “defiance of everything the Moffat era stood for”. 

As in, the same Moffat era that, in the last three seasons:

  • explicitly made the genderfluidity of Time Lords canon (Dark Water/Death In Heaven, World Enough And Time)
  • changed the Master into a woman (Dark Water)
  • had the now female Master refer to becoming a woman as an “upgrade” (The Witch’s Familiar)
  • had a companion’s whole storyline be about “becoming the Doctor” in her own right, with her getting a whole episode of her pretending to be the Doctor, and her flying off in her own TARDIS with a companion of her own in the end of her final episode! (Flatline, Hell Bent)
  • had ANOTHER companion’s storyline end with her immortal space girlfriend at the console of the TARDIS, offering for her to travel through all of time and space with her in a direct parallel to the Nine/Rose offer from the first episode to the reboot (The Doctor Falls, Rose)
  • had a Time Lord regenerate from a white guy to a black lady onscreen just to FINALLY shut up people who said race/gender changes couldn’t happen (Hell Bent)
  • had the Doctor positively reacting to the suggestion that he could be  - or had been - a woman, multiple times (Death In Heaven, World Enough And Time, The Doctor Falls)

Moffat’s era has been statistically proven to have shifted public opinion in favour of a female Doctor (ask @scriptscribbles, if you want proof), thanks to the above. 

Simm!Master:She? Is the future going to be all girl?” 

Twelve: “We can only hope.” 

Also, Moffat wrote Lumley!Doctor in The Curse of Fatal Death in 1999. He’s been pushing for a female Doctor for 18 damn years. 

So, the idea that anyone thinks he’s against it, as opposed to having explicitly worked to help make it happen for years, shows that the general opinion of him is literally a mass fictionalisation/delusion

(It’s just one example, but there are hundreds of others, like how everyone seems to think he thinks of himself as The Greatest Ever and having a huge ego, when he’s literally one of the most self-deprecating people ever, if you watch him in an interview. He’s openly admitted to mistakes he’s made on his time on the show, such as the way he handled the scene at the end of Flesh and Stone, and how Series 7 wasn’t his best because of the pressure he was under about the upcoming 50th anniversary; he is aware of his fallibility.) 

He’s not a perfect person, or writer, and no one knows that better than him. There’s a lot of critical discussions we could have about his writing, and there are a fair few actual problems with it, just as there are in the RTD era, and every damn era of Who that has existed. I’m not saying everybody has to like it, because every era of Doctor Who is down to personal preference, and that’s fine. There are plenty of rational, well-informed people, fans and otherwise, who have their -often sound - reasons for not liking Moffat and/or his era of Who in general. I am friends with some of them. 

But those rational, well-informed people are like, 5% of the people who otherwise make up a sea of loud, ignorant delusion that condemns Doctor Who under Moffat’s direction and downright refuses to acknowledge some of the amazing stuff it’s done in the last few years. 

(Like, Series 10 featured a black lesbian co-lead who got a happy ending, leaving the Moffat era finishing strong on six canonically sapphic women, four of whom are still alive, none of whom died pointlessly or without agency, and three of whom are immortal or close enough, in a time when all other TV sapphics are dropping dead like flies. It also had the Doctor punch a racist in the face and comment on how history is whitewashed, and had an episode slamming capitalism. Plus, the finale canonised that Time Lords don’t view gender the same way, reinforcing canon genderfluid Time Lords.)  

Between his second and third seasons of DW being divisive and/or a bit weak, all the Sherlock shit going down, and the fall of Supernatural, and the issue of people taking RTD Who as the baseline for everything Doctor Who when they really shouldn’t have, anti-Moffat sentiments got so big that masses of people fell off the show, and continue to refuse to acknowledge that he might have done anything worthwhile with it since they left. That he might, as a person, have developed and improved. 

And so, that is potentially how Doctor Who got lumped in with SuperWhoLock, labelled “not progressive”, and considered “cringy” to this day. 

Or at least, that’s my theory, as someone who wasn’t really paying a lot of attention, but knows her Doctor Who. 

Fuckboy! Lai Guanlin

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.”

  • Guanlin is the student athlete type of fuckboy 
  • Takes advantages of his popularity as the star player in the basketball team to pick up girls 
  • Girls dig it when he approaches them after a game, sweaty yet hot as hell in his basketball uniform and asks for their number but they don’t realize that he also simultaneously ask 5 other girls before them
  • Text them for a day or two before making out with them and proceeds to just stop any contact with them
  • The locker room is also off limits at certain days after practices cause Guanlin uses it for his makeout session 
  • He’s the type to like a no strings attached relationship because he is super busy with practices and always has a competition every week and leaves him super tired for anything else
  • But he meets you one day during a basketball competition
  • You were the cheerleader captain of the rival team and Guanlin thought you were extremely hot and wanted your number lol
  • tbh you had no idea who he was when he asked you so you said no
  • He was offended for moment cause well, he wasn’t used to being rejected when girls in his school always welcome his presence with open arms 
  • But it was mainly because you just had 0 interest in a relationship and boys in general
  • You were more focused on trying to juggle your studies, sports and social life altogether
  • Also, boys in your school were super afraid of you despite your looks & personality because of how scary you are as the captain of your team
  • During practices, you did be yelling at your girls to be tighter so they wouldn’t fall off during stunts and by yell I mean full on shouting 
  • but they still love you cause you were a super good captain and always buy them food after practices 
  • ok so back to the plot
  • Guanlin basically made you promised him to give you your number to him if he wins the game
  • You had a lot of school pride in you so you were super sure that your school was going to win so you agreed to it, thinking it wasn’t a big deal
  • During the game, Guanlin kept glancing your way, even throwing a few smirks & winks to your direction
  • but what Guanlin got back was a look of disgust and he was like wtf why
  • You were seriously not impressed cause shouldn’t he be more focused on the game instead??? 
  • At the end of the game, unsurprisingly your school had won the match and you went to congratulate Seonho, the captain who was also one of your close friend
  • “Dude what did you do to attract Lai Guanlin’s attention? He literally just came to me and asked for your number.”
  • “Did you give it to him, Seonho?”
  • “UHHHHHHH sorry gotta go - “
  • That was how you ended up with an unopened text from an unknown number after you went back home saying he was Guanlin and asked if you were interested in watching the game he was playing next week 
  • you scoffed at his straightforwardness but decided text back saying that you wouldn’t go unless someone you were dating was playing
  • which he replied asking if that was a challenge 
  • You said yes * proceeded to tell him that however, it was impossible to get you cause he did have to stop his current ways and you know actually pay attention to the actual dating part 
  •  giving assurance to yourself that a fuckboy like him would have no interest in doing a thing like that & proceeds to leave you alone
  • That was the start of how Lai Guanlin, went full out to pursue you
  • He was determined to show he could win anyone, including you
  • every single day, he did walk over to your school to walk you home
  • At times, he did bring you a snack or even coffee 
  • your heart soften at the amount of effort Guanlin put to everything 
  • Gifts from were always something related to the sports you did
  • small things like sports tape and an energy drink with a post it note that had your name was always on the bleachers 
  • he did also send motivating quotes to help you get through the day
  • many people actually thought you two were dating considering that you were a lot happier and well, the locker room suddenly became vacant
  • it wasn’t long before Guanlin actually realized his feelings for you
  • he liked the way you laughed, a lot, it was something he was so tempted to set as his ringtone
  • how bright you got when you explained to him how you managed to hit this really difficult stunt 
  • You never flirted back with him, you were just honestly being friendly and he liked that
  • Conversations with you only made him focus and think and you and only you
  • It was never like that for other ppl and you were the only thing in his mind
  • You never treated him like he was the ace of the basketball team, more like just, Guanlin as himself
  • He could behave freely when he was with you, being a bit more childish than usual & you never judged him for it
  • He decided to text you to meet him at park nearby so he could honestly sort out all the swirls of emotions in him 
  • “I don’t really know to break this to you but I actually really like you and I’m not doing this for the sake of bragging. I just want you to know that so you could consider my feelings to you again.”
  • *cues awkward silence*
  • You couldn’t believe our ears like was this actually happening???
  • You decided to screw everything you knew about love and just went to kiss him on the cheek
  • “I don’t even know I like you too, idiot.”
  • people like to call you two the modern day Romeo & Juliet cause you guys were indirectly ‘rivals’ when you guys started dating
  • but everyone in you & his schools basically shipped you two? During games, your team would even tell you it was okay to cheer for Guanlin 
  • gives you lots of back hugs and posts a lot of photos of you on his Instagram
  • a super cute sports couple who just supports each other in every way possible
  • he tries to teach you basketball but ends up with you two giggling and sharing kisses
  • also being each other prom dates is a thing so you guys have two different proms to attend lmao 
Yes Sir Part 2

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part Two: You’re Mine 

Professor John Winchester x Reader

Read Part 1  Series Masterlist

Reader’s affair with Professor John Winchester develops. Emotions run hot and so does the smut.

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport‘s Birthday Challenge. Happy Birthday dahling! My prompts: Jealous sex. Horror movie: Psycho. Quote: “You heard me. Take. It. Off. Now. ” This is also for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfiction Challenge- “Lonely Star“ by the Weekend. Prompts and lyrics are bolded. Gifs aren’t mine. WC: 4977 | On AO3 

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, Oral sex, Anal play, minor breathplay, language, alcohol, so much dirty talk, unprotected sex, fluff- so basically, my usual. Enjoy! xoxo

“C’mon, go out with us on Friday.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna hit up a friend’s birthday party and then the bars. Get in a little trouble maybe?”

I giggled at my two male classmates who were lounging on desks across from me. They were flirting, coaxing me to go out with them that weekend. I flirted back, smiling even though I knew I probably wouldn’t go. I’d known them all year and they were both cute. And a girl has to have a little fun, right?

Problem was I didn’t really want to go out with them. I already belonged to someone else.

I was having an affair with my college professor. Might call it foolish, perhaps even illegal. But the only trouble I wanted to get into was with Professor Winchester.

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anonymous asked:

Could you list you favorites smut fics of sterek? You seen to have a pretty good taste.

There is no way I could choose and rate my favorite smut fics. There are just way too many but here is a long list of the best. Hope you enjoy!

Over the Threshold by alisvolatpropiis

This is the last time,” Stiles declares, just before he attacks Derek’s mouth with his, the kiss fevered and desperate, his long fingers jabbing roughly into Derek’s abs as he tangles them in his shirt. He pulls him close and walks them away from the front door, and in his hurried clumsiness, Stiles’ nose smashes Derek’s glasses into his face, hard enough that they smudge against his eyelids. It should be annoying, but like everything else about Stiles that should be infuriating, Derek can only find it hopelessly endearing.

That’s the thing about love, he supposes, even a love he won’t fully admit to himself, let alone to Stiles.

The Awkward Moment by stilinskisderek

…when your sister sets you up on a blind date with the one night stand you hooked up with three weeks ago who vanished without a goodbye leaving you pathetically heartbroken.

Maybe by MellytheHun

Tumblr Prompt:

my fave overheard on campus moment of all time was the two guys who sat behind me in pop culture theory

as class was starting one of them was like “so… do you want a blowjob after this” in a rly bored voice, and then the second guy was like [pause][dejected sigh] “yes”

Little talks by Vendelin

“Your favourite is here,” Danny says, smirking. “I tried to steal him away by giving him some extra attention, but he just looked uncomfortable.”

Stiles snorts, though he’s secretly pleased by his regular rejecting Danny. “He always looks a bit uncomfortable. I bet he’s married with a kid and a permanent guilty conscience when he’s here.”

It had been quite the surprise for Stiles to realise that he had a regular. A pretty young, hot regular, on top of that.

In which Stiles is a stripper, and Derek is the always-polite regular at the club where he works.

Moved on from Whispers by wishingonalightningbolt

He’s not dumb. Out of everyone in the school, Derek is second in grades only to Lydia Martin, and the only reason Stiles is third is because he’s taking more APs than Derek, so his grades are suffering the slightest bit. That’s why Derek knows, when Stiles arches an eyebrow at him, why what he said was so incredibly dumb.

Stiles didn’t break into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He broke into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom while Derek was in it, because—because of reasons.


Stiles is tired of pretending like and Derek don’t want each other.

The One Where He Pitches And Catches by mikkimouse

Derek entered the conference room, spotted the table with “M. P. Stilinski” on it, and stopped short.

Oh fuck.

It most definitely was not going to be fine.

Sitting on the other side of the table was the most attractive man Derek had ever seen, with whiskey-colored eyes and pale skin with dark moles speckled across his jawline, moles Derek was very familiar with because he’d spent two hours last night drunk out of his mind and licking them.

R U Mine? by blackstar

It hits him like that - in the middle of fiery hot sex with Derek one night that he’s in love. It’s not lust and it’s not a crush anymore, he’s very much gone on this man above him, who is now stopping his rushed efforts to bring Stiles pleasure in order to look slightly concerned.

Never Been by Lenore

Stiles gets snared in a virgin trap. Derek to the rescue!

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12x10 - “Pterodactyl Screeching into the void” - Part 1

My title is borrowed from @postmodernmulticoloredcloak comment on my crazy blogging after first watching this episode earlier. I feel like it is a fitting title for how this episode made me feel. To clarify, these are very very happy pterodactyls.

Steve Yokey wrote this episode and he appears to have well and truly taken up the gap left when Robbie Thompson sadly left the show. In fact this episode to me channels the ghost of Robbie in many different ways. From the fanfiction-esque moments of poor suffering third wheel Sam, to the meta nod to Charlie Bradbury, there is much of Robbie to be found here. Basically, it was bloody perfect.

I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come. Yokey has picked up the characterisations brilliantly, and seems to have an understanding of what the fandom desperately craves in terms of Castiel, his character, his personality and his development. I adored his sass in this episode. Some other writers *cough*bucklemming*cough* struggle to really capture Castiel’s sass and humour. Showing their lack of understanding of Castiel’s persona and his intelligence and instead writing him in a way that is jarring and sometimes basically stupid. Castiel is far from stupid. In this episode he was written perfectly, in a way I haven’t seen since Edlund’s time. Is that a sweeping statement? Maybe. But I’m still riding my high so let me have it this time.

This episode gave us three of my favourite things. Badass and Sassy Castiel, Overprotective grumpy husband Dean, and poor long suffering brother Sam. (baring in mind this is how they are usually written in fanfiction nowadays this is exactly my jam and I am so so happy to see it play out on screen. Seriously who sold their soul to Crowley for this episode?)

This review will also be in two parts. Because I have so freaking much to say about it.

The first part will focus on destiel, the second on everything else including Castiel’s emotional arc (as separate from destiel), his relationships with angels, angels and gender and Lily Sunder’s character.


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anonymous asked:

can you do a haikyuu (or bnha) fic rec :'D

Sure, I can do both! Buckle up kids, it’s gonna be a very long post! (Putting it under a read more not to clog up your dashes!)

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taylorslistofexlovers  asked:

There is a kevineil drOUGHT right now can you please make it rain (heh see what I did there) fluffy headcanons thank

I’m sorry its legitimately been like… 2 months since you sent this but HERE WE ARE, kevineil + fluff!! (throwing some under a cut bc it got away from me a bit)

  • an exy movie comes out, “the blind side” style. neil and kevin are so excited about it they actually skip night practice to go to the midnight release.
  • they even get sodas. kevin day drinks soda. this is how serious they are
  • the whole thing is emotional and dramatic and neil loves the shit out of it. he probably tears up at some point which is wild bc he doesn’t cry (except during sex, whoops)
  • kevin just complains out loud the whole time about how unrealistic it is
  • “he made that shot from past half court with NO OPENING! it was impossible. did you even see the angle?”
  • afterward, the two of them are so fired up that they end up going to the court at like 3am
  • kevin spends an hour trying to make the ‘impossible shot’ (he eventually does)
  • neil: “you said it was impossible” kevin: “well, no one else would be able to do it”
  • ok, moving on

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sweet lies

summary: He dodged the subject of his career as much as possible but he still had to lie. Until he finally decided to tell you about it all.

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

pairing: park chanyeol x fem reader 

genre: angst, fluff, smut, mob! au 

word count: 3k

warnings: mentions of blood and violence, fingering 


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Reason #13: Where is Jon’s “heart in conflict”?

Let’s play devil’s advocate here and say that J/D shippers are right and Jon was actually madly in love with Queen Dracarys…let’s imagine this to be the case…

Then how come we don’t get to see Jon expressing any kind of inner turmoil or struggle, or indeed any sort of regret or reflection about the fact that his decision making progress might be in some way blinded or influenced by his feelings for Dracarys? He knows what became of Robb who had an extremely similar kind of scenario going for him…Jon knows and he REMEMBERS…

And yet, IF - as some Joncarys shippers might argue - Jon was (like Robb) so incredibly taken with lust love and doesn’t give a shit about the North, his family, or how his people will react to his bending the knee, basically throwing all of them at Dracarys’ feet “out of love” - then WHY do we never see him express this in any shape or form (a simple “I love you” anything approaching this - that is not ‘boat banging’). The scene leading up to the boat bang could have done this SO easily: Jon comes to her, he tells her how he feels, she assures him that they will find a way to reconcile their love with the expectations and fears of the Northerners, they kiss, they bang. End of story. 

But nope. Jon hesitates, but we do not know why - and if his hesitation was indeed Jon’s only moment of thinking “Keep the North or Bang the Dragon?” and then deciding “Fuck it, imma get me some dragon ass!” this would be the worst two second conflict played out silently in the dark, making Jon seem more lecherous than Pycelle and at the same time more stupid than Robb…

Why is the only conversation Jon and Davos have about his “feelings” for Dracarys Jon assuring Davos that No, he is NOT interested in her, even if she’s beautiful, he is all consumed with worrying about the WW and the North. Why is there no scene where Jon tells Davos that he is in love with her - and that he is not SURE what what to do, that he is losing sight of what is right or wrong to act, or that he must try to be both ‘true’ to the North and ‘true’ to Dracarys - his supposedly ‘great love.’ 

Why is Jon so SURE that he knows what he’s doing and that he is in CONTROL of the situation, to the point where he pulls moves in the dragon pit that NO ONE understands, but that leave him still with the upper hand. 

GRRM is often quoted by fans with his great love for “the human heart in conflict with itself” which is supposed to be at the core of his story of ice and fire…

So…why do we not get to “see” Jon’s heart “in conflict with itself” when there is so much to be conflicted over? His family, his honor, his loyalties, his home, his father’s legacy, his brother’s mistakes, his “Sister” whom he swore to protect, to not let anyone touch her again, his beloved other siblings whom he thought dead (that scene alone: that “non-reaction” of Jon’s to Arya and Bran’s arrival at WF had me think “Is this all we get in terms of Jon’s inner world - no joy, no feels, nothing?”) 

If I had to describe Jon in S7 in three terms they would be: (in)control, guarded and Knowing. 

We all know that IF Jon had gone the EXACT same path as Robb (KitN - then falling for the “wrong” woman and prioritizing his relationship with her above all else) it would not only paint the entire show and its writing as repetitive and unimaginative to the tenth degree BUT it would also reveal Jon to be by far the DUMBEST character on the entire show, someone who still believes that it is ok to think with his dick rather than his brain while he full well KNOWS that doing so has cost his brother his head and his title, broken his family, enslaved the North to the Boltons and Lannisters and broken his family’s legacy and all their alliances in the North. MORE SO: Jon not only has the warning example of Robb, hell, he FELT the KNIVES going into his body, he EXPERIENCED the consequences of unreflected actions based on emotions rather than rational thought. 

Jon, too, is a SLOW LEARNER. But he LEARNS. 

We know that if Jon was truly in love with Dracarys he would have been seen to SUFFER some kind of conflict of “home” or “heart” and we would have known about it. It would in fact have made the entire supposed “courtship” a lot more credible if we had been able to really see inside Jon’s head and heart in this season and seen the struggle there regarding Dracarys and regarding the North that he seems to just have flung at her as if it mattered nothing to him. 

Jon gave Dracarys the North when he did not need to do it, when in fact, in a situation where it made zero sense to do it. He called her Queen when he need not have done it, because she already saved him and his men and said she believed him. These are things that only two sorts of people do: 

Someone who is so thirsty for dragon ass that he can’t contain himself and spills his sudden, uncalled for effusions of loyalty to her like verbal diarrhea…

….or someone who knows exactly what he is doing. Someone who has much more at stake than just who will sit on the stupid iron chair. Someone who is *desperate* to secure the usage and power of three nuclear dragons; someone has spent all his waking time planning to defeat the Night King, the White Walkers, all their zombies, to save his home, the North, his family, his people(s) (meaning the Northerners AND the Wildlings) from almost certain death. Someone who has thousands of lives, men, women, children depending on him, looking to him, trusting him…

As Sansa once said: “Jon is Jon.” when explaining to Brienne why she trusts him so implicitly and assuring her that he will “protect” her. Always. Now, Jon may or may not become known as “Aegon” at some point, whether we like it or not. But of one thing I’m convinced: 

Jon IS Jon and he will NOT be Robb Stark 2.0. 

If Sansa tells us this, I believe her. 

The Signs As Chloe Bennet Quotes:

Aries:  “Chris Evans. Chris… both Chris’ would be nice. And Scarlett. And Loki!! I would like to- NOT LIKE THAT!  …perverts ……..well maybe.”

Taurus: *climbs in through car window with a bag of cookies* “Let’s go.”

Gemini: “I was just staring at mountains, and, like, getting really emotional and excited about the mountain… that did nothing.”

Cancer: “There’s this couch, guys. There’s this couch that I want. I go and take naps on that couch, but it’s… kinda not a subtle thing to steal?”

Leo: “Babes, I found the churros!”

Virgo: “Basically they pulled us-” *baby in crowd coos* “Aww, hi baby.”

Libra: “I ate a bagel while watching them make-out.”

Scorpio: “Cap’s not Hydra… [Stan Lee] doesn’t knoooow. He’s tired. Don’t listen to him you guys. Cap’s a unicorn, listen to me. I know more about Marvel than Stan Lee.”

Sagittarius: “I *snickering* did not know. You know, you’re not supposed to put tongue in there… ”

Capricorn: “Now I’m watching HD tv-” *moves phone to show 2 puppies curled up beside her* “-with the kids.”

Aquarius: “They were like ‘do you wanna be a pop star in China?’, and I was like ‘That sounds like more fun than geometry class.”

Pisces: “Pillows! For naps.”

Romione: a seven-year retrospective

I thought I’d do a retrospective of Ron and Hermione throughout each of the book series, and to chart how their relationship dynamic was changing. Warning- this is a very long post. 

First year-

Ron and Hermione meet on the Hogwarts Express at the start of first year. They don’t really get along, as their personalities and attitudes are so different. This isn’t improved by the fact that Hermione can be a bit of a know-it-all and Ron has a habit of slacking off his studies if he gets bored.

They don’t really become friends until after the Troll incident at Halloween. Their relationship improves a lot after this, although they still bicker a lot. By the end of the year, they clearly value each-other a lot, because Ron sacrifices himself for her and Harry in McGonagall’s giant chess-game; and Hermione is terrified for him when he gets knocked out cold.

Second Year-

Ron and Hermione write to each other most of the summer, and meet up in Diagon Alley. They are clearly firm friends by this point, and care about each other. Ron ends up vomiting up slugs when he gets angry at Draco Malfoy for calling Hermione the ‘m-b’ word.

On a side note, Ron is visibly annoyed by Hermione’s obvious crush on Gilderoy Lockhart (accusations that Hermione always avoided responding to), and is rather affronted when he suspects that Hermione was one of the forty-six people who send Lockhart a valentine’s card (when he asks her this, she becomes very interested in searching her bag for her timetable and doesn’t answer)

Ron is also really upset when Hermione is petrified by the Basilisk (possibly even more than Harry was), and is determined to solve the mystery of the chamber of secrets. When Dumbledore mentions that the mandrake potion was ready to be administered, Ron’s first thought was that Hermione would be okay.

In the film adaptation, there is a bit where Harry and Hermione happily hug at the end after she gets unpetrified (because they see each-other like brother and sister rather than anything else), but Ron and Hermione instead shake hands, after Ron gets all awkward. His later line that ‘they couldn’t have done it without her’ has an obvious ‘I probably fancy her’ feeling to it. It’s adorable to watch, and it was a nice addition of the films. This is before the films went full on Harmony (Harry x Hermione) shipping.

Third Year-

Ron and Hermione again talk to each other throughout the summer, and meet up in Diagon Alley. This is a bit of fractured year in terms of their friendship. They bicker a lot more than the previous year, and end up not talking to each-other over the ‘Crookshanks and Scabbers’ debacle. Harry stops speaking to Hermione as well, but the main fracture seems to be between Ron and Hermione. When they eventually do reconcile, Hermione bursts into tears and hugs Ron tightly. Ron is slightly terrified and is relieved when she lets go.  

In the spaces in-between their bickering, though, they actually spend a lot of time together. Because Harry couldn’t get his Hogsmeade visit permission form signed by Uncle Vernon, Ron and Hermione spent their first few visits in Hogsmeade as a duo. We only find out what they got up to when they tell Harry, but it does bare repeating that they do spent a lot of time without Harry around in their third year.

Ron also defends Hermione from Snape when he called her ‘an insufferable know-it-all’. But the movies lovingly replaced that with Ron pointing out that ‘he’s right you know’. Curse you, Steve Kloves…

Fourth Year-

This is the year where things really start to get complicated between Ron and Hermione. At the start of the year, there isn’t much of a change- they talk over the holidays, and Hermione stays over at Ron’s house before they all go to the Quidditch World Cup.

This is also when the gender difference between the two starts to come into effect. Ron (and Harry) are both briefly put under the spell of the Veela, which Hermione is not very impressed by. She also gets irritated when Ron gets caught up again by a Veela later on, and Ron has to be pulled away by her and Harry. During this part of the series, Hermione’s unofficial catchphrases become ‘boys’ and ‘honestly’.

Hermione gets very rattled when Ron gets momentarily dumbstruck by Fleur Delacour. She also isn’t very impressed by his and Harry’s brief conversation about girls in which Ron muttered the unintentionally hurtful phrase ‘they don’t make them like that at Hogwarts’, which is a) quite sexist b) rude to Hermione and c) means that Ron doesn’t really see Hermione as a girl at this point.

Hermione gets very upset by Ron’s attitude in the run-up to the Yule Ball and his wanting to go with a girl for no other reason except her appearance. Ron does finally realise that Ron is a girl, which she isn’t very impressed by, as Viktor Krum had already asked her to the Yule Ball at this point. Her remark that ‘just because it’s taken you three years to notice, Ron, doesn’t mean no one else has spotted I’m a girl!’ displays Hermione’s hurt feelings and confusion over her relationship to Ron.

Hermione goes to the Yule Ball with Krum, and Ron goes with Padma Patil. Hermione has more-or-less a nice time throughout most of the ball, but Ron spends most of the Ball glaring over at Hermione and Krum. He doesn’t ask Padma Patil to dance at all, and she soon leaves to dance with someone else.

Hermione and Ron then have a falling out towards the end of the Ball over Hermione going with Krum. They also have a shouting match later in the Gryffindor Common Room, ending with Hermione yelling at Ron that ‘next time there’s a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!’ and then leaving for her dormitory. Ron is visibly shocked by this. The next morning, the two are very cordial to each other- something that has caused many Potterheads to wonder whether the two of them had another talk sometime after their shouting match. I’m on-the-fence about the idea, but I can understand that it is a bit odd that they would suddenly become cordial with each-other after an extensive argument the previous night.

At the end of the second Tri-Wizard Task, Ron is kissed on the cheek by Fleur Delacour as thanks for helping rescue her sister (Ron conveniently forgetting to mention to her that he was unconscious during the entire rescue). Harry then informs us that Hermione looked furious at this, implying that (read ‘stating the obvious’) she feels jealousy when Ron is kissed by another girl.

Later on, Rita Skeeter publishes an article that implies that Harry and Hermione are dating (Hermione having mixed love potions), and that Viktor Krum asked Hermione to visit him over the summer. Ron seems very concerned as to whether she had in fact mixed love potions, and then gets very visibly freaked out when he finds out that Viktor Krum had asked Hermione to visit him. Ron drops what he is holding when he hears this, and can’t concentrate on anything else. Hermione can’t meet Ron’s eyes when she’s telling him and Harry this, and goes very red.

At the end of the year, before she leaves Hogwarts, Fleur Delacour smiles at Ron after he says that her English is very good. Hermione scowls when he does. Shortly afterwards, Krum asks Hermione if he can have a private chat with Hermione. Ron is visibly rattled by this, and tries to guess from Hermione’s facial expression as to what they were talking about. Hermione face is impassive, which implies that she declined Viktor Krum’s offer to visit him in the summer.

Fifth Year-

Hermione and Ron are on better terms this year than the previous year. Ron’s a little less immature, and their relationship was stabilised a bit.

Ron and Hermione spent most of the summer at Grimmauld Place decontaminating the house. Presumably they hung around each-other every day.

Ron gets very defiant when Hermione can’t quite believe that he was made prefect. She also turns red when she realises how obvious she is being with her confusion.

Ron and Hermione go to the prefects’ carriage on the Hogwarts Express and patrol the corridors together. We don’t find out much about what they get up to, aside from finding out who the other house prefects are.

All in all, not much progression, but this year does give us the ‘emotional range of a teaspoon’ quote, something that the fandom seems to have taken as a literal measurement of Ron’s emotional range, rather than a joke by Hermione.

Sixth year-

Ooh- here we go. This year was basically the year that Ron and Hermione got jealous over each other a lot.

Hermione gets visibly irritated by Ron’s continued dumbstruck nature towards Fleur Delacour. Having said that, Ron does worry over Hermione when she gets accidentally clobbered by Fred and George’s punching telescope.

Ron gets annoyed when Hermione praises Harry for telling Professor Slughorn that Hermione was the best in their year.

Before the Gryffindor Keeper Try-outs, Lavender smiles at Ron, who smiles back at her uncertainly. He then starts strutting. Hermione doesn’t like this, and walks off to the stands without wishing Ron good luck.

Ron gets suspicious when Harry and Hermione stop outside the main doors to argue about Hermione confounding Cormac McLaggen during the Quidditch try-outs.

Hermione gets very angry and goes very red when she points out that she was going to ask Ron to one of Professor Slughorns’ parties.  Ron is very surprised by this, and goes from sneering that she should ask McLaggen to instead saying that he wouldn’t want her to ‘get off with McLaggen’ in a very quiet voice. Ron is obviously very startled by this, and seems very pleased about this turn of events.

When Ron discovers from Ginny that Hermione had kissed Viktor Krum, he gets very angry and confused at her. Hermione is hurt and bewildered by this.

Hermione then believes that Harry had spiked Ron’s drink with Lucky Potion, resulting in his brilliant saves during a Quidditch match. When Harry later tells them that he only faked spiking the drink, Ron assumed that Hermione had no belief in his Quidditch skills, and walks off in a huff. Hermione gets upset and storms off to Gryffindor tower.

Later than evening, Ron publicly snogs Lavender Brown during the celebration party in Gryffindor tower. Hermione sees this, gets even more upset, and goes to an empty classroom to get away from everyone else. When Ron accidentally turns up in the classroom with Lavender in tow, Hermione sets a flock of birds on him and leaves the room sobbing.

Ron and Hermione virtually stop being friends at this point. Both of them are upset and confused about the other, and avoid speaking to each other. Ron spends most of his free time getting snogged by Lavender, something that physically upsets Hermione every time it happens.

Ron and Hermione are then rude about each other in lessons, resulting in Hermione crying in the girls’ toilets. Later, Hermione reveals that she is going to Professor Slughorns’ latest party with Cormac McLaggen, giving her reason as ‘she likes really good Quidditch players’. This is clearly her way of making Ron angry at her, and possibly slightly jealous. Ron goes strangely blank after she says this and doesn’t say anything.

Hermione later reveals to Harry during Professor Slughorns’ party that she chose McLaggen as her date because he would annoy Ron the most.

Before Harry and Ron left Hogwarts for the Burrow for the Christmas break, Lavender snogs Ron again whilst Harry is trying to explain something to Hermione. According to Harry, Hermione didn’t really listen to what he was saying.

On Christmas morning, when Ron asks Harry whether Hermione did go with McLaggen to Slughorns’ party, he is visibly more cheerful when Harry tells him that he didn’t think it went well.

After they get back from the break, Hermione ignores Ron completely and refers to him in a mocking version of the nickname that Lavender gave to him- ‘Won-won’.

This pretty much continues until Ron is accidentally poisoned by a potion intended for Dumbledore. Hermione is very upset over this, and terrified that Ron was seriously injured. Their relationship becomes a lot better after this point, and Ron shows signs that he doesn’t really want to date Lavender any more. Ron and Lavender have more of a strained relationship after he gets out of the hospital wing, and Hermione is visibly pleased by this.

Hermione helps Ron finish off his essay for Defence Against The Dark Arts, and Ron is very appreciative of this. He absentmindedly says ‘I love you, Hermione’, which makes Hermione go slightly pink. This is the key moment in the change in the relationship- they are no longer friends who like each other, but two friends who want to date the other but can’t due to various circumstances.

Ron also talks about watching to dump Lavender while he watches Hermione sorting out his essay. I see this as symbolic.

When Ron and Hermione follow Harry (who was under the invisibility cloak) out of the boys dormitory, Lavender gets angry and wants to know what Ron was doing up there with Hermione. Ron splutters a lot.

Ron and Lavender then break up. Ron and Hermione keep accidentally touching each-other during one of their classes next day, which reduces Lavender to tears. Both Ron and Hermione feel very guilty about this, although both of them have noticeably improved moods after this scene.

After Dumbledore’s funeral, Ron comforts Hermione, held her and stroked her hair. Later, Hermione grabs Ron’s arm when he asks if she’ll let him hit Percy.

Hermione and Ron are virtually in a romantic relationship by this point. They aren’t technically a couple (they haven’t told anyone that we know of) but they act and feel like a couple

 (Artwork by Catching-smoke at

Seventh year-

Ron points out that he’s using the ‘fail-safe ways to charm witches’ book that he got from Fred and George to get things going with Hermione. Later on, he compliments her on her wand-work, although for once, Hermione doesn’t really know why he’s doing it. Ron doesn’t answer her when she asks what he got Harry for his birthday, as Ron’s using the same book to attempt to woo her.

Ron comforts Hermione when Harry accidentally upsets her talking about Mad-Eye Moody and what happened to his body. Ron puts his arm around her, and gives her a handkerchief to blow her nose. He then puts his arm around her shortly later when Harry accidentally upsets Hermione again, and then reproaches Harry for this. (A very rare occasion in the books of Ron teaching other people tact)

Ron splutters when Hermione mentions that most of their packing is done, except for waiting for the rest of Ron’s underpants to come out of the wash.

Hermione and Ron fall asleep holding hands.

Hermione looks at Ron all tenderly when he’s worrying about the fate of the Cattermole family, so tenderly that it looks like she was about to kiss Ron. Harry has to remind her that he’s in the room.

Ron leaves Harry and Hermione after the Horcrux exacerbated his already dower mood. He thought that, when Hermione chose to stay to help Harry find the Horcruxes, she was choosing Harry over Ron.  

Hermione is distraught when Ron leaves. She barely talks to Harry. She spends the first night after Ron left crying in her bunk and unable to sleep. When her and Harry disapparate from the place where Ron left them, she breaks down sobbing and can’t muster the energy to perform the protective barriers around them, which Harry does instead.

Harry clarifies with Ron that he sees Hermione like a sister. He also points out that him and Hermione barely talked when Ron was gone. Ron finally conquers his inferiority complex by destroying the Horcrux, as well as his feelings of inadequacy around Hermione.  

Hermione is incredibly angry at Ron when he returns, yelling at him that she begged him to come back, and that they could have been dead for all he knew.

Ron says that he regretted leaving the moment he disapparated. When he mentions hearing Hermione say his name through the Deluminator, Hermione turns bright red.  

It takes a while for Ron and Hermione to get along after this. Hermione doesn’t do much except scowl and make angry comments whenever Ron is about. Harry points out that, when the three of them were grouped together, he felt like the only non-mourner at a poorly-attended funeral.

Ron votes to visit Xenophilius Lovegood partially to get back into Hermione’s good books. When Harry asks him about this, Ron says that ‘it’s all fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both’.

Hermione covers Ron with the invisibility cloak during their escape from the death eaters at the Lovegoods’ house. She was worried that Ron’s family would be targeted by the death eaters if they realised Ron was on the run with Harry.

When they captured by snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor, Ron yells that he should be kept and tortured instead of Hermione. He had previously tried to stop the snatchers from hurting Hermione, and had been hit in the face for his troubles.

During Harry and Ron’s time in the cellar of Malfoy Manor, they could both hear Hermione’s screaming as she was being tortured. Ron began yelling Hermione’s name, unable to think, shaking, sobbing, and being petrified that she would die, even going so far as to pound the walls with his fists. After his chains were cut by Luna, Ron tried to disapparate out of the cellar without a wand, showing how terrified he was for Hermione.

When Bellatrix Lestrange told Fenrir Greyback (the werewolf) that he could take Hermione as a victim, Ron bellowed and burst into the room where Hermione was being tortured, and disarmed Bellatrix.

When the chandelier fell on top of Hermione, Ron leapt forward and pulled her out of the rubble whilst Harry dealt with the death eaters.

Ron disapparates to Shell Cottage, and makes sure Hermione is safe and healthy before he goes outside to help Harry dig Dobby’s grave. When Hermione wobbles outside later, Ron puts an arm around her and supports her.

When Harry points out that the death eaters will know that Harry’s wand is broken by checking Hermione’s wand that they left at Malfoy Manor, the colour that had come back into Hermione’s face since she tortured drains away. Ron reproaches Harry for it.

During the battle of Hogwarts, Ron points out that they need to get the house-elves of Hogwarts to safety, as they shouldn’t order them to die for them. This is the tipping point for Hermione, who throws herself at Ron and kisses him full on the mouth. Ron responds with such enthusiasm that he lifts her off her feet. It is often considered the moment that they became a romantic couple rather than just two friends in love with each other.

This was the year that Ron and Hermione finally moved past being ‘friends who like each other’ to becoming a fully-fledged couple. It was a long journey, filled by jealousy, confusion and a lot of awkwardness, but they got there in the end.

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Thanks for reading this very long post and I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it. This is probably my biggest analysis of Romione yet. Just wanted to share all the moments that I love about these two amazing people and the lovely couple they make! 

Naruto Characters Appreciation

Gather round brothers and sisters of the Naruto fandom, because this shit needs to be preached.
There are certain characters in this show that do not receive the love that they deserve and I’m here to share who I think needs some more admiration and a round of fucking applause. Note; down to personal preference, so please feel free to share yours.
Haku – This guy has such a beautiful concept of morality around him which is to be loyal to your friend, do anything for them; but the dark twist is that he is willing to get himself killed, being completely selfless and never regarding his own desires. Yet this is the touching part. His one desire, his dream is to be used by this friend. Considers him a master. But imagine that; being so devoted to someone that nothing else matters, and never feeling afraid because they make you feel at home. This character represents the selfless outlook on life, living to help others and find happiness in others happiness. This is why Haku is my favourite character. He also has a fucking cool mask.

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Zabuza Momochi – What can I say? He’s gorgeous and was the first ever proper villain introduced to the show and manga. Sure there was Mizuki, but fuck him he was a pilot episode villain. But what’s more? Zabuza was a villain who redeemed himself. Maybe not completely, but he realised his faults and is just an over all nostalgic character. If that’s not enough to convince you – he has sharp teeth (fantastic for kinky biting during foreplay) and he’s great with kids. I can proudly admit that Zabuza is my number 1 anime crush. Ooooh how I wanna tear those bandages off and whisper “bite me stud muffin, biiiiiiteeee.”

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Sai – He is a character that can change your views on how to live your life. In all seriousness, although he has no concept of “emotions” he is actually a very complex character and is my favourite character to write about. Constantly he asks questions to find out more about the world and its many different attributes and ways of living. I find him a fantastic character because he shows that juxtaposition between innocence and selfish people. Of course, Sai is no innocent guy. When he is introduced, he comments on Naruto’s balls right away (like damn, he is my spirit animal). However, he is brought into this world outside ROOT, having forgotten about emotions so he’s basically brand new to the whole human interaction thing beside doing missions. He is always so curious, asking questions based on the values of friendship and based off from the responses from those he asks, it really goes to show how much we take the small things in life for granted. Sai makes us realise the beauty in life, that the small things really are meaningful – we just need to cure our blindness to see them.

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Ino Yamanaka – By far my favourite kunoichi if we exclude the older generation. Overall out of the women she is ranked 4th so pretty damn high. Most of the reason why I believe she needs more appreciation is because she is the Yang to Sai’s Yin. She was one of those who actually took time to talk to Sai and that’s why I called it from the start that they would end up together. With Ino’s way of living, being this very independent and outgoing girl, she would be perfect in teaching Sai emotions without coming across as well, a bitch. And may I emphasise her strength as a shinobi. During the war, she was informed that her father was going to die. She cried for less than a minute and then got over it with a snap of her fingers, proceeding onto a very important battle plan – connecting to the minds of the allied shinobi forces. Plus, we all love a scary mother. She scares Inojin with love <3 Note; Ino and Sai fucked. Can you imagine how romantic that would have been? Her coaxing him through it? *wiggles eyebrows*

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Tsunade Senju & Mei Terumi – The reason I have put them together is because it’s for the same reasons. They are both just very empowering women, inspiring also. One of my favourite fights is the Five Kage vs. Madara Uchiha. Mei’s being all awesome with her lava (her voice is brilliant – that seductive charm) and Tsunade delivers a final blow – she fucking cracks Madara’s Susano'o. Not to mention they are both Kage and the first women to be Kage ever. Mei restores the Hidden Mist’s reputation from being the “Bloody Mist” (courtesy of Yagura – FUCKING OBITO YOU CUNT NUGGET) to an “Alright Mist” or whatever. Basically, she had to pick up the pieces left by some asshole (OBITO). And Tsunade, to me – the strongest of the sannin. She is also responsible for Sakura, Ino and Tenten becoming kick ass. Tenten wasn’t her apprentice but was initially inspired by her. Note; I love Obito, he’s my favourite character (joint with Haku). My poor onion baby~

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Kisame Hoshigaki – His back story plays a major role in this. From the beginning he had been obeying rules, this strict code and always remained loyal to the mission. He killed his teammates (one whom he may have had feelings for) for the sake of the mission but the reason I admire him is because he never complains about how sad his life is. He killed is teammates like it was no fucking deal. Even the girl who possessed romantic feelings for him. Furthermore, though be it subtle, he represents discrimination that is present in the world we know of today. Because of his skin colour / origins, he is isolated more so in the Akatsuki. Every time I see him, I always get the vibe of how lonely he is and how he’s perhaps trying to fit into the world but it does not work – because of the cruel path he has chosen. To remain loyal to the mission, never let the code fall into enemy hands; and perhaps his constant discrimination and isolation is what made him choose this way of living. I got your back, Kisame. You will always have beautiful eyes to both Killer B and I.

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Kakuzu – Right, I’m going to say it straight out. He’s fucking hot people. He has killer back muscle, arms that flex perfectly (imagine those arms being either side of your body UNF UNF, PIN ME TO THE WALL AND RAVISH MEEEEE) and he has a temper that a stereotypical love sick teen would feel like they could change. Can you imagine trying to calm that hot junk down? Okay, you may actually die before you could even try, but if you survive long enough to put your hands on his cheeks— Okay, back to why he needs to be appreciated more. His history was fucking cruel. He failed to assassinate the Hokage (baring in mind, he must of put up a pretty good fight to be able to walk away alive) and his reward for coming back alive, with intel on what Hashirama’s abilities are (that could be of great use for future plans)? Imprisonment and torture. What. The. Fuck. It actually makes me empathise with Kakuzu. His own village tortures him which should be what another village would do if they captured you so you can understand why he killed the village elders and left. Remember, he escaped from prison – so not only is he strong but intelligent. And fun fact; those tattoos around his wrists – shows how many times he’s been in prison. He is strong as fuck, immortal and has sexy stitches that could be great foreplay (*cough* tentaclepornwhat *cough*) Basically, I just want him to be my sugar daddy

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Konan – Perhaps the most divine, serene and enchanting character. There are many religious connotations around her being an angel of death / judgement but her way of thinking it what intrigues me. She appears so monotone and unmoved by everything, all but a mask that covers up her tragic past. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about how after Nagato’s death, she ruled over Amegakure, guarding where Nagato’s and Yahiko’s bodies were and we actually see her smile as she looks up to the sky, thinking about the legacy both Nagato and Naruto have left behind. Konan fights Tobi with bravery and determination to protect their legacy and dreams. My favourite quote by her “I will be the pillar that supports their bridge of peace” and the rainbow appearing behind her was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me. To the very end, she fought Tobi, intending to bring an end to the evil he has caused – only to be strangled to death. The reason I find her death so tragic is because of how mundane it is. Many characters went out with a bang but Konan died from something that anyone could easily do, thus representing how there is no hope (at this point) at all of achieving peace and her fight was for nothing. A sad way for an angel to die

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Kabuto Yakushi – Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t like this fucker. Dislike him a lot (although I sympathise with him). He needs appreciation because of how far he had come. His past was very sad, from the moment he entered the orphanage. This may sound evil, but I love seeing kid Kabuto cry. Because it’s so fucking cute. And those big glasses- awh, baby lemme hug you. And what ROOT had done was evil yet so clever with the photo manipulation and over all, Kabuto just did a lot of shit – trying to be someone he’s not and comes to the conclusion that being himself was all he ever needed to be. A moral that all of us must follow. Note; When I first saw Nun Kabuto, I wanted to laugh but then I was like “good for you, son.” and patted him on the back (of my laptop screen.)

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So far, this is all I have. There are others that need appreciation, but those above are the ones that needed detail. Personally, I still feel characters such as Itachi and Sakura need more appreciation but maybe for another time. Feel free to add on your NCA’s (Naruto Characters Appreciation) and I’ll definitely check them out. Have a good day!

If you try and figure out the rules about creative writing, you’re going to find that established authors and editors often disagree about nuances of the craft. There are, of course, some hard-and-fast rules about punctuation and grammar, but so many rules vary from genre to genre, generation to generation, audience to audience. Sometimes there are rules that boil down, simply, to consistency

So you might even say that you have your own set of writing rules. Each and every author’s rules are slightly unique. That unique set of “rules” is part of what makes up your author’s voice.

So when are the appropriate times to break those rules, your own rules? They happen, don’t they? In my last post, I gave a list of filler words and overused words that you can consider cutting out of your writing to help sharpen it. But everything–even mediocre vocabulary, poor grammar, and repetitive structure–has a place in writing. 

Breaking Your Mold to Write Character Voice

Jordan is an author (hypothetically). She has been writing for years, gotten an English degree, read a zillion books, and written several novel drafts of her own. Over her years of writing, she has finally come into her own voice. When she writes, she no longer feels derivative or inexperienced. It’s freeing and wonderful! 

But there’s one thing that Jordan hasn’t figured out yet…and that’s character voice. Her authorial voice, while wonderful and unique, seeps into the voice of all of her characters. The result is that all of her characters, whether speaking or narrating, sound exactly the same: they sound like her.

Part of what makes a multi-POV novel come to life is variation in character voice. Part of what makes an author’s portfolio stand out is the vast scope of voices their characters use across their works. Part of what sets apart side characters as characters instead of tools for the protagonist or plot devices for the narrative is a unique and compelling voice. 

So how does one accomplish such a thing? 

Well, there are many ways. But today I’m focusing on language and syntax, particularly in the rule-breaking department. 

The first exercise you can do is take a piece of dialogue, preferably just a back and forth between two characters, and write it one way, then switch roles. Have the characters say basically the same thing, but in their own voices. 

Author Voice Conversation

R: Oh. You’re worried about me
E: I am no such thing. Worrying about you sneaking into enemy territory is like…worrying about a fish drowning in the ocean.
R: You sure seem dead set on stopping me from going.
E: We need to come up with a plan. It would be foolish to just waltz into their territory with no idea what we’re doing.
R: You’re really quite cute when you’re worried.
E: You’d like me to be worried, wouldn’t you? Just go. I don’t know what I’m freaking out about, anyway.
R: Me either. Bye.
E: Bye, idiot. Don’t get caught.
R: *sigh* Is that really what you expect of me?

There’s nothing wrong with this conversation at all. But I’m just writing as if I, personally, was speaking. I know what the personality of these characters are, but that isn’t necessarily enough. I’m going to inject a little bit of their own tics, their own backgrounds, into their speech.

Character Voice Conversations

R: Oh. You’re worried about me, aren’t you?
E: Really? Please. I don’t worry about anyone.
R: But you don’t want me to go.
E: I just…think that we need to come up with a plan first.
R: You’re really kinda cute when you’re worried.
E: I’m NOT—Grah! Fine! Go, then. I don’t know why I’m trying to help you, anyway.
R: Neither do I. I sure as hell didn’t ask for it.
E: See ya, then. Try not to get blood on my shirt.
R: Go drown in the tears of your unborn children, Tiger.

And now, roles switched:

E: Heh. You’re…worried.
R: Fuck off. I don’t have energy to waste worrying about you.
E: You want me to stay. Safe.
R: I mean…having a plan would be a good idea, but what in hell do I know? The fuck are you doing?
E: You’ve got some worry on your face.
R: Don’t touch me. Don’t even talk to me. I’m sorry I mentioned anything about a plan.
E: So am I. I’ll bring you skin of an atosh as a trophy.
R: Bye, Tiger. If you’re not back in one day, I’ll assume you died.
E: Don’t wait that long. I’d love to come back and find peace and quiet waiting for me instead of you.

What sort of things influence the diction of your characters? In example 1, R says, “You’re really quite cute when you’re worried,” whereas in example 2, she says “kinda,” instead. In both of the latter examples, R is more prone to using “fuck” and “hell.”

In one of my novels, I have two narrators: K and B. K is well-read, well-spoken and a little snobbish. B isn’t an idiot, but he dropped out of school in (what amounts to) the fifth grade. He’s spent a large portion of his life outside of society and largely lived his life how he wanted. So when they say basically the same thing, K might say,

“I’ve got this covered. Thank you, but, honestly, it isn’t anything to worry about.” 

Where B would say,

“I’ve got this. For real. Thanks.”

In general, as I write their dialogue, B uses more contractions, shorter sentences, and doesn’t use many words beyond the 1000 most commonly used. He makes grammatical mistakes (Saying “me” when he should say “I”) He has more verbal tics, “Um…” “Er–” “Well, it’s just that…” etc. K speaks with much more flowery language and tends to elaborate beyond what is necessary. This means unneeded adverbs, “moment,” “rather/quite/somewhat,” superfluous reflexive pronouns, etc. I have one character who tends to speak in run-on sentences whenever she uses the word “because.” I have one character who compulsively addresses the people he’s speaking to, so much so that other characters make fun of him for it.

These are all things that, in general, I avoid doing. But using them purposefully helps to set character voices apart. 

Narrator Voice

To some extent, narrator voice can use these same tactics. If you’re using multi-pov, especially, these kinds of nuances will help your reader really feel like they’re reading the words of multiple characters, rather than just being told they are. If you’re writing an intimate third-person or first person, these same principles can help bring your narrative voice to life, just like the words written in quotes. 

Think about these two opening lines and how the voice of the narrator gives you two very different impressions about the same event:

The sun was rising. Though the scent of the overnight dew hung heavy over our tent, the sleeping bag hugged us close together. She smelled warm, and even the scent of our intermingled sweat was pleasant in the early morning. I wondered briefly if the residual alcohol was softening reality, but ultimately it didn’t matter. I was in love.

The sun was coming up. The air was heavy, humid in the muggy morning. Our sleeping bag was wrapped tight around us, the moisture from our breaths clinging around our heads. Sticky and warm, she still smelled like sex. It was probably an objectively terrible smell, but the memories made it nice. I blinked, wondering if that last glass of wine was still hanging over me, but I don’t guess it mattered. I fucking loved this girl. 

So think about it! There are tons of factors that could go into how your characters speaks…and thus, what “rules” you break in their dialogue.

  • How educated or well-read is your character?
  • What influence does their culture have on their diction?
  • How wordy do they tend to be?
  • If they use as few words as possible, maybe mostly grunts, what is the motivation behind that?
  • How much attention do they like to bring to themselves?
  • How self-conscious are they about their voice? Their speech patterns? The effect their words have on others?
  • How long does it take them to get to the meat of what they’re saying?
  • How much do they make others laugh?
  • How optimistic or pessimistic are they?
  • How much do they try to avoid talking about themselves or their emotions?
  • At what point do they end a conversation they don’t like?
  • How long does it take them to get angry in a disagreement? 
  • How does anger alter their speech? 
  • How does overwhelming sadness alter their speech?
  • How does immense joy alter their speech?
  • What words do they use with noticeable frequency?
  • Do they speak differently in intimate settings than in public?

Don’t be afraid to use any and every word to give your characters their own voices. As I always say, to anyone in basically any situation: I don’t mind if you break any rule at all…as long as you broke it with deliberated intent. 

Happy revising!

Im sorry, but “ALL EYEZ ON ME” was terrible.

All of the significant details that framed Tupac’s life are so glossed over. The movie delivers in a very, “this happened, then this happened, and oh…lets not forget about this-real-quick” type of fashion. Two and a half hours is PLENTY of time to effectively illustrate the high’s, low’s and in-between’s that made Tupac the lyrical and prophetic force he became. The film never even makes mention of his mainstream role in “Poetic Justice”. Leila Steinberg, the woman who was basically Tupac’s mentor and central introduction to performance art appears for literally ONE scene. Tupac lived with Leila and her husband for YEARS. Her role in his life was pivotal to his segue into being on stage in front of mainstream audiences. How was her presence reduced to a forty-five second appearance? There’s also no mention whatsoever of the woman Keisha who Tupac married while he was in jail.

The entire production is just so singular. We never get into the mind of Tupac Shakur or delve between the layers of his fears, his internal struggles or the seeds of his unique artistry. “All Eyez On Me” is nothing more than an expensive snapshot of the headlines that most of us 30 and over are already aware of. The ONLY “detail” or tidbit of information that the movie introduced me to is the fact that Tupac was involved in a long term relationship with Quincy Jones’ daughter, Kidada. I had no idea that she was the main woman in his life up until his death.

The film is just so horribly directed by Benny Boom. It’s very difficult to believe that he graduated from Temple Universities film program. There’s absolutely no visual illustration. The narrative isn’t painted on screen. The entire script and overall production spoon feeds the audience – as if we are pure idiots. We jump back and forth CONSTANTLY between scenes of Hill Harper interviewing Tupac in jail circa 1995 and then the actual events unfolding before us as Hill & Tupac verbally discuss them. It’s juvenile filmmaking and a trite cinematic tactic.
And the ONLY real standout acting performance stems from Danai Gurira who stars as Afeni Shakur. Her facial and verbal delivery is superb in comparison to the other pedestrian players. I’m not taking anything away from Demetrius Shipp who stars as Tupac, but he seemed to merely be going through the motions during half of his screen time. If it were not for him physically resembling Tupac to the core, I would not have been convinced of the passion, the power and intensity that evoked the spirit of Tupac. “All Eyez On Me” just is not a good film overall and I would much rather see a seasoned director take on such masterful work in another box office or 6-8 part, television series release.

People are jumping on John Singleton for wanting to include a jail rape scene in his version of the Tupac story, as well as Tupac talking to a severed head, but the common, everyday individual has no idea what real life information Singleton was privy to. Tupac may have really been raped in jail, but of course, his image and hyper masculine presence forced him and the public alike to deny such claims. John Singleton’s  inclusion of the severed head and having Tupac talking to this image of himself illustrated Tupac’s love of Shakespeare and the battle of man vs. himself. I would have preferred that type of visual storytelling, as opposed to this pitiful L.T. Hutton/Benny Boom version that has Tupac randomly quoting bits and pieces of ‘Hamlet’ throughout the film. UGH!
and lets not even talk about the monstrosity that is the ending. Would it have killed the creative team to show Afeni battling with the heavy decision to pull the plug on Tupac’s life support?…or even to show Tupac laying on his death bed and shaking the mattresses with both hands clamped down at his sides because he had something he wanted to GET OUT, but could not speak? THESE are the stories that have been told by close friends who visited him between September 6, 1996 and September 13, 1996. The film should NOT have ended with Tupac’s body laid out on the Vegas strip and a slew of title cards plastered across the screen highlighting his “Hollywood” achievements. The gospel music that played beneath the ending scene was very misplaced and drowned out the heavy emotion.

I don’t care what the millennials are saying about “All Eyez On Me”. It was terribly spliced together, and in such a way that reflected a very amateur team behind-the-scenes. I saw the film yesterday afternoon at the Columbia AMC here in Maryland and I left the theater feeling extremely disappointed. “All Eyez On Me” pales in comparison to every black film released between last summer 2016 and present day. 

DO NOT WASTE YOUR COINS! Wait for this pedestrian mess to be released ON DEMAND and in DVD/Blu-Ray format.

About Greek forms of love: Please take note

{About eros and agape mostly, and how they are misrepresented, so please don’t scroll past this, I keep seeing posts about things that have nothing to do with what they mean even so many months later! This is an edited version of the original post which I wrote very quickly, so I think I did a much better job explaining the concepts this time}

OK, Yuri On Ice has a permanent place in my heart and they have done really well in their effort to portray different cultures, countries and their citizens respectfully and accurately. Also the fandom is sweet and respectful and you all do your best to portray unfamiliar concepts well, but for the most part these concepts get misrepresented. So I ’m finally writing this post to explain them properly. If you have taken a liking to these concepts and want to write fics/meta or make edits/art including them, please take note of the following. I will try to explain as much as I can.

Eros: it’s not physical attraction or “sexual love”. Eros is a passionate emotion that may or may not include sexual attraction, it’s first and foremost romantic love. You may be young and not sexually active or be in the asexual spectrum and still be in love. Basically anywhere you ‘d use “x is in love” that’s where you ‘d use eros. In love = feels eros. 

In short, eros is passionate romantic love

You can follow this up with adding the precise feelings and types of attraction x person feels other than romantic, (sensual, sexual, aesthetic, platonic attraction). The word erotic originates from eros and it often means something sexual, but that’s a possible part of eros not the definition. In modern Greek we say x is erotevmeni/os (f/m) which means x is in love, we don’t say x feels eros (sexual feelings/attraction).

That “show me your eros” line? Completely nonsensical and really irritating. It makes eros sound like it means sex appeal or “sexual love” (what the heck is that?), when it means the feeling of being passionately and irrevocably in love!! It’s the most romantic word for love!  

Examples that would accurately portray what eros means in English

“Victor is hopelessly in love with Yuuri” 

“Yuuri is so in love with Victor that he can’t stand to be away from him even for one day”

Russian team: “We are so happy that Victor finally found true love”

Yakov: “Victor, I’m glad that you found Yuuri and that you two are in love, but for the love of god stop hugging him like there’s no tomorrow and being all sappy and get your ass in the rink to practice!”

I ‘ll quote myself from another post: Someone who feels eros for another person doesn’t necessarily love them in an unconditional way, they just have strong feelings (see above) about them. How they act in a relationship largely depends on the nature of the person in question (if they are egoistical, possessive or thoughtful and respectful). 

And this is where you can find one of the differences from agape. Because

Agape: In it’s first and foremost definition it’s unconditional love. Yes, in Greek it’s also used as simply love, like it does in English, (but not always, you wouldn’t say I love this post it’s meant for people/animals, or really important to you things like “I love my job”. You’d use “really like”) 

So while it can be used as simply love, it’s true meaning is unconditional love, and it comes in every form, between friends/lovers/parents & children/family members/anyone. The best example in the show is both Yuuri and Victor being willing to give up their skating careers for the other to be happy. 

But the issue that bothers me the most is the godlike agape I keep seeing. There’s nothing about agape that relates to the christian god whatsoever. You can use it if your god means a lot to you to describe your love for him or the love you believe he feels for you as well. But that is one use out of many and it has nothing to to do with the true meaning of the word which by the way originated in the ancient times. And personally it irks me to no end to see a word that means unconditional love be used for a god whose whole legacy is allowing his believers (and everyone else) to get hurt, tortured, killed and what else, oftentimes in his name. But that’s a rant for another time.

In short, agape means unconditional love and is used to describe any type of feelings (platonic, romantic, parental etc.)

Examples that would accurately portray what agape means in English.

Yuuri loves Victor so much, that he has resolved to end his career if it means that Victor will get to return to ice skating which he thinks will make him happier than coaching Yuuri.

Yuuri’s family “We’ll support you with whatever you choose” (even if it means that they will not have Yuuri’s help with running the onsen, because what’s important is that Yuuri will be able to do what he loves)

Grandpa Plisetsky: “Pirozhki Katsudon” (really, that man loves his grandson so much that he took care of him in his old age, helped him with whatever he could, supported him, and he shows his love in that gruff manner but it’s unmistakable how much he loves Yuri and what he is willing to do for him)

Also Mila looking after Yuri, Minako supporting Yuuri, and Phichit, Yuuko and Nishigori being devoted friends that always try to help Yuuri and be there for him etc.

Also, when a person feels eros combined with agape, it is true unconditional romantic love. It’s the type of love we see in great love stories, where the characters are so in love and care for the one they love so much, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves or things important to them in order for their loved one to be happy.

In one word: Victuuri^^

Moving on to other forms of love I ‘ve seen explored.

Philia: it is indeed love between friends/friendship ie. platonic love.

Storgi: it’s not family love or parental love. It’s one way agape manifests, it is tenderness/fondness/affection. It comes in every form of love stated above. If I am feeling storgi about you I am feeling warm and fuzzy affection towards you, and if I am going to show you that, it will be with tender gestures, like a caress, a hug, a homemade meal, with my being a good listener when you need me to. I ‘ll show you by taking care of you. It is mostly used when talking about gestures rather than feelings.

Philautia: Narcissistic, egoistic, extreme self adoration, a word that is never ever used in Modern Greek and most Greeks will give you a puzzled look if you use it and will have to open a dictionary to look up what it means. The main reason it’s worth a mention is because everyone in the fandom upon hearing the definition instantly recognizes: JJ.

I’m very happy though, that even if the show didn’t portray the concepts well, they did understand a big part of what they mean so they showed these types of love it in the relationships of the anime well enough. (except for lines like “Such Eros!” -_- ) Also everyone who has tried to tackle these concepts has been respectful and done their best to portray them accurately even if they often didn’t manage to do so. I am a bit sour about the show as they should have done better research, (though I have my theories about what happened. Conservative, prudist christian “sources” that mangle the concepts to suit their lifestyle? Probably) even so, the result was so great and YOI means so much to me personally, that in the end, it’s fine :). 

If anyone needs help with understanding and using these concepts, or for anything Greek related feel free to message me, I ‘ll do my best to help you out :)